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Understanding the DYNAMICS of Space may be Simplified by use of Google Earth for the small scale, and by using the findings with the Solar System and SPACE

SUMMARY: Google Earth and Digital Photoes show 3 MEASUREABLE FEATURES- which may be used to Assess DYNAMICS of the Earth: ARCS and Rises (evolving to Figure 8s), Linears (straight line Transitions), and SLICES. These result from interactions with Solar System Gravitational SHEAR, Sinking, and UPLIFT. Incorporate the Solar System into your APPRAISALS! Seeimg these in 3D on Earth aids an understanding of those in 2D in Space.

Introduction to the "NEW WEATHER PATTERNS":
Global Warming and El NiƱo in 2016 has brought NEW CONFLICTS! What remains that we knew before?
A. High pressure- Clear Skies have higher Density, with less water vapor; mass rotates CW- counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere;
B. LO pressure clouds can be seen to rotate CCW, low density-since H2O has 18, and Air has 29 molecular weight;
C. Jet Stream has Large Sinusoidal Cells guiding the smaller LO cells; and
D. WEATHER is "Connected" in the Quadrant-10,000 km, with that at Britain influencing the USA East Coast cells. 

Memorize these RULES, and 

An Engineers View of DYNAMICS of the Universe:
 All following analyses proceed with the Assumption that the Rules of Gravitation (known or unknown) are the same for Earth-small scale, SS; the Large Scale-Solar System, LS, and the Very Large Scale-SPACE- VLS. Google Earth may be used for SS, Planetary data for LS, and less reliable are Astronometric data for VLS. Features found for Earth include:
1. Arcs and Spirals following Milankovitch's Axial, Precessional, and Elliptical cycles- including their Harmonics- e.g. 100 k.y., 10 k.y., 1 k.y., and 100 years. 
2. Earth Tides: 10.24 mm/year and Larger- according to the Direction; this involves Errors, but I have been consistent with these Magnitudes- even though further work may find the errors Significant.
3. Between a Rise and a Sink there is a TRANSITION ZONE- called a Linear, and this broadly, is a Straight Line on Google Earth (becoming crooked by later developments)! Example is the Hurricane Fault.
4. Reversal of Earth Tides occurs with Subduction, such as the Cascades- moving easterly with Time; so far, this is caused by the Moon- which is Retrograde, rising 50 minutes later each day, relative to our Sun.
5. Rising Spirals are rotating CCW (counter-clockwise), and they develop a Hole with gravitational waves- which is later and Secondary; and,
6. Combination of 2 Spirals (Rising or Sinking) results in a Partial Figure 8, keyboard OlO, on Google Earth- e.g. the Mississippi River at the New Madrid giant Quake of 1811-1812, at the Junction of 2 Rivers.
 Below is a LINEAR (dividing the Hurricane, UT Sand LINE). and the SINK (Sand Hollow): 
HOLE is found in a wash along the Linear Wash:
HOLE CLOSEUP (Notice the Slice crossing it- a Fault):

FRACTURES nearby show the young (less than 100,000 years) Shear of Sand Mountain:
Figure 8, or a Partial 8, is the Combination of ARCS, Linear DIVIDERS, and Slices- such as at Stoneman Lake, AZ, shown below:
Above Crater is NOT a Volcanic feature, and was researched by Northern Arizona University- NAZ- finding that it was a COLLAPSE FEATURE!
SINKHOLE at Nevada Border- South of Mesquite- Notice the INFLECTION, occurring at the eroded Slice:
SINK HOLE at Devil's Hollow- Florida Solution Cavern COLLAPSE:
Kansas Sink, with a Man Reference:
Above SINK is near the Geologic Center of the USA shown on Google Earth:
Belize's BLUE HOLE occurs in KARST TOPOGRAPHY- where there are SEMI-DIURNAL TIDES and a CONVEX to-the-East Coastline:
Above, notice the openingss- indicating ORTHOGONAL SLICES!
Figure 8 (that you might NOT recognize) exists at the Juan de Fuca channel- and this is a SLICE! This shows that the Slice at the "Turn towards Alaska" came first; the Figure 8 formed as the Strait widened N-S:
Above, the SLICE has precessed East as it rotated CCW- making an ARCUATE Channel, with the 8 below the THRUST of the San Juan Islands.
Mars Dawn crater, with a HEXAGON and smaller crater, for a Figure 8:

Dominant Features are Holes, Arcs, and Slices; all 3 occur in the Comet below!
Below is the HOLE found in Comet 67P; notice the Crater and the LINEAR (Slice), aligned with its EDGE:
Asteroid DYNAMICS, where those in the 4-6 Year Orbit category Interact with Jupiter to form TIDAL LOCKING:
Jupiter, with its GRS, is shown at the 22 degrees South Latitude:


SPACE has the Figure 8 also

Dim Figure 8 about a SUPERNOVA (look outside the 2 bright Stars):
Figure 8 with DIVIDER: 
Figure 8, above, has smaller Rings, and Longer ELLIPSES, and the EXPANSION is assumed to be due to LONGER TIMES! This is SIMILAR to Malinkovitch;'s 41,000 year AXIAL vs 100,000 year Elliptical Cycles- where the scribins may partly OVERLAP!
 Time- years since Propagation- is so far measured (Astronometrically) with SUPERNOVAE, and there may be a 550 year CYCLE- subdivided into 110 year Subcycles:
Above is Tycho 1572 Supernova- being in recent memory! Below is the Kepler 1604 SN (earlier reported by Chinese observers was at 1054AD), where 1604-1054=550 years:
Supernova of 1811?
Supernovae may be used for TIME MEASUREMENT:
The best DATING is with VISUAL SIGHTINGS- refer to the Literature for these Dates!
What has happened to the TIME INTERVAL between the PVM, oriented NE-SW at 22 million years, and the Basin and Range oriented towards N-South?
Green Lines above, show the Orientation of the two Features- separated by 450 km:

Send your photos for Inclusion- such as this "Tree Downage"!

Above may be Tecumseh's CURSE of 1811- the same year as the New Madrid Great Quake!


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I will DOCUMENT this, with New Case studies; Comments will assist this Voluntary effort!

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Last Space figure 8 has small Rings and Larger Ellipses- indicating that the PROGRESSION is from Circular to Elliptical! Milankovitch found this, also- finding that the Elliptical Cycle was 100,000 years, compared to Axial of 41,000 years, for Earth.