Sunday, October 4, 2015

Comets, such as 67P, reveal the Figure 8 configuration.

Comet 67P, on July 14/2015:
Rosetrta DIVIDER:

Figure 8, at Grapevine Wash, Jn (Jurassic Navajo), UT:
Figure 8 at Horseshoe Bend, AZ:
Figure 8 in SPACE:
Back to Comet 67P; divider occurs between 2 Orbs, of differing diameters:
Ceres, the Asteroid is being surveyed by Dawn, is shown with its WHITE SPOTS, to determine whether a Figure 8 occurs in a Polygonal Crater:
A development of white spots is forming on tdhe right side of the Dawn Photo:
Center and features to the right (East?) are enlarged:
Inside the HEXAGONAL Crater:
Watch for FUTURE Increase of white spots to the right East)!

July 23/2015 Photo does NOT show WHITE SPOTS! These are SHOWN BELOW:
August 6/2015 photoexhibits an ELLIPTICAL CRATER, with raised WHITE SPOTS in 2 parallel linears; we'll WAIT for further Magnification.
Above appears somewhat TRIANGULAR, but not equilateral!
LATEST CERES PHOTOS, with a HEXAGON and lower round crater- making a Figure 8:


Mars Crater, with a Hill and Sink (Valley):
Mars Gale crater has a HEXAGON- shaped hill (5 linear Slices, with an irregular close Wobble), situated next to a Sink (Arcuate Valley)! Looking closely, you will see a SLICE through the middle- a clue that this is a young RISE. The Age could be calculated (referenced to those on Earth), by the Equation: Time Interval= Diameter/Mars Tidal RATE, which needs a Rate as yet UNKNOWN! Considering that this is equivalent to a Milankovich 41 k.y. on Earth, with a 1.88 earth year- the TI would be 76 k.y., as an APPROXIMATION.
 Considering that the Middle SLICE as having occurred Subsequently, , the AGE is older than the 76 k.y., and a MORE CORRECT AGE requires both the Measured Diameter and the MARS RATE (being close to Earth, this might be estimated at 16.24 km/m.y., if to the South).

1. exhibiting HEXAGONS, can be treated similarly to Earth (ignoring the ignominious Plate Theory);
2. Rises and Sinks- within the Crater- conform to the Figure 8 Development within 100,000 Mars years.
3. Age of the Rise could be calculated by use of the Crater age/Inverse Ratio of the Diameters, and,
4. Smallest POLYGONS- within the Rise- may be measured and calculations made for the Latest Mars Chatter= d{d(Acceleration)/dt}/dt= d(Jerk}/dt. 


Harold Overton said...

What is a Figure 8 (sometimes Similar to an ANALEMMA)? Two Craters Side-by-side, are Not necessarily both from strikes; one is likely a Lateral Arc reacting Gravitationally to the other! LG is due to the Orbitting Tangentially of a Solar System Mass occurrence near the orbit of the Body being Impinged (Ceres, in this case)! This could be another ASTEROID, or a Comet,, or Planet!

Harold Overton said...

Error! Planet was Mars, for the Planet being Impinged!