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ANALEMMAS of Whidbey Island (Bridges of Island County) demonstrate the CLASSIC results of GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL INFLUENCE on EARTH STRUCTURES: Rotation, shear, Protrusion of TITS (TOMBOLOS), and rising-sinking of the CRUST:

Whidbey Island is an ISOLATED CRUSTAL BLOCK- separated by sea water from neighboring islands and the WA mainland. It is developing now- since the ICE AGE- and is generally no older than the 2 m.y. ELTANIN EVENT, which produced the elongation from north to south (NOTE the measured time interval and the EXPECTED DIAMETER of 2.048 km- 2 m.y.- where the ERROR of 5% is displayed. This may mean that the GLACIATION FEATURE is ON-GOING, or it may be merely the error of the process. This is shown for the whole island, which is oldest at the north and which is still elongating in this direction (map oriented with north to left- rotated 90 degrees CCW, for maximum presentation):

I am taking one feature/frame, so that the DETAIL allows MINIMUM ERRORS of PRESENTATION. ABOVE, the combined Oak Harbor and CRESCENT HARBOR to the east are shown- divided by a USED-TO-BE TOMBOLO (Naylor Point). This feature has risen with REBOUND, but the ACTIVE SHEARING FRACTURES may be viewed just behind the NAVAL COMMISSARY. These continue to break the concrete roadway, and trend E-W. Notice that the next TOMBOLO to the east is not included in this ELLIPSE, and it includes an IDENTIFYING SPLIT in the mid-section- showing the LATERAL FAULT ORIENTATION.

The AGE can be calculated, using the diameter (E-W YIELDS THE MINIMUM- PRECESSIONAL, while the N-S YIELDS the MAXIMUM, due to the COMBINED AXIAL + PRECESSIONAL):
An OBLIQUE VIEW allows a 3D perspective:
A DIGITAL PHOTO shows the FAULTING ORIENTATION in the SMALLER TOMBOLO. There is a small vertical dispacement, but the main movement is LATERAL (note the near-horizontal shear features). Not only may the compass bearing of the fault be measured, but the IRON-STAINED HOST ROCK may be viewed (note the ARCUATE VERTICAL FAULTING):
Finally, a HIKE ALLOWS a PEEK INTO THE CAVE formed from Lateral SHEAR:
The next SMALLER DIVISION of the ISLAND'S ELLIPSES-ANALEMMAS is shown below. The aim is to show you how an ellipse develops, first with an AXIAL ROTATION (FOLLOWED LATER by a PRECESSIONAL TILTING, IRREGULAR FEATURE- such as the Basin and Range vs. the Colorado Plateau, CP). These penetrate the older, and later are themselves PENETRATED by YOUNGER ANALEMMAS:
All this is DUPLICATED IN THE DAILY MOVEMENTS of the SATELLITE WEATHER CYCLES. Below is shown how a penetration of a small PHALLUS-LIKE LOW PRESSURE CELL develops within one day into a YOUNGER ANALEMMA (Figure 8)- I call this BIRTHING:

NOTE the progression of a SIMPLE PROTRUSION into a FIGURE 8 ANALEMMA, in ONE DAY:

NOTE: The future of ANALEMMA LATERAL ROTATIONS may be determined by finding the daily shift of LOW PRESSURE WEATHER SYSTEMS on satellite photos. There is 365 x 1 million to one (365 m.y./day of WEATHER CELL MOVEMENT), for movements from one day to the next (365.242 days/year x 1 million). The views within a particular day can be viewed ONLY for about 8 hours (1/3rd of a day) due to the sunlight putting GLARE (in SPACE) on the TV SCREEN view. It is better to watch the satellite at the same hour each day. Then, in one 24 hour day you can find the change for some time interval in the FUTURE! For example, for the 2 photos below, the ANALEMMA near ANTARCTICA (west, in the Southern Ocean) has “STRAIGHTENED” in 10 days, yielding the TIME NECESSARY to develop the LINE ISLANDS and its counterpart in the SOUTHERN OCEAN. A GEOLOGIST SHOULD INQUIRE: "How can we see FUTURE EVENTS with this event happening IN THE PAST?" (The answer is: The forward end of the FEATURE relates what happened in the past, and the older part LOOKS TO THE FUTURE towards the FORWARD END):

Notice the CHANGE from an ANALEMMA (PROPELLOR-SHAPED), to a LINEAR in 10 days:
The LINE ISLANDS are in the N. HEMISPHERE,and the counterparts (Easter, Christmas I. etc). are in the south:
 The location prior would have been (possibly) eroded to later re-form. Consequently, the PRESENT PEAR-SHAPED BULGE has developed since the  EVENT and its ASSOCIATED TIME HARMONIC! Now I must "ferret out" a method for determining the particular harmonic: 365 m.y, 36.5 my. 3.65 m.y, 365 k.y, 36.5 k.y (approximately a 41k.y. MILANKOVOTCH CYCLE), 3.65 k.y., 365 years, or 36.5 years.

 A start for this CALIBRATION is with the ZION NP, UT SPIRAL, which I have already solved for the TIME INTERVAL INVOLVED. It is 1-2 m.y. in its development; since I viewed this in just one day on the earth satellite, this is equivalent to 1day of ATMOSPHERIC TIDES/1 m.y. CRUSTAL TIDES (365 million to 1).
 Another case is that for the CP-B and Range 41 year AGE DEVELOPMENT; again this 1 day spiral occurred for the 41 equivalency (41 m.y x 365 days/year = 14,960 million to 1, or a 40.96 RATIO HARMONIC). This is better, since the 41 m.y. TIME INTERVAL OCCURS REGULARLY (82, 123 m.y. etc):
FOLLOW THIS DEVELOPMENT and you will see how the CRUSTAL FEATURES are developing similarly to the WEATHER CELLS- THEY RISE-SINK, ROTATE, and SHEAR on a DAILY BASIS. THERE ARE HARMONICS for this, and we will view kilo-year movements (one thousandth harmonics of 365 k.y. or smaller one ten thousandths- 36.5 k.y. approximately one MILANKOVITCH AXIAL ROTATION; this would be 1521 years INTERVAL/hour of VIEWING TIME):
Photo of ENTIRE LENGTH of Whidbey and Camano Island, with NORTH TO LEFT:

Island County includes Camano Island, and FORTUNATELY includes the HALF ELLIPSE of 1 m.y. shown in RED:
This is ANOTHER CASE of a SPIRAL, and in this ROTATION of 100 k.y., it is a SPIRAL DOWNWARDS for the seawater part and UPWARDS for the CAMANO LAND RISE (notice the 4 quadrants: Camano rise vs Skagit Bay sinking and Silver Lake PROMONTORY vs. Saratoga Passage sinking). I have a collection of these- including the ZION NP, UT RISING SPIRAL:
Continuing with the Whidbey-Camano- Skagit SPIRAL. Why is ZION Rising, while Skagit Bay is sinking? The ANSWER IS: ELLIPSES OUTWARD from the SUN and the FULL MOON PRODUCE SLOWING-EXTENSION, while the NEW MOON-ACCELERATION PRODUCES COMPRESSION, on a kilo-year TIME BASIS!
NOTICE LARGE TIDAL RATES at EDGES,and SMALL near the FULCRUM of the 1 m.y. Spiral. This confirms (with the CROSS-CHECK of rates, by DIAMETER, ROTATION CENTERS, and distance between fulcrums) that this is the CORRECT PROCEDURE (ALSO THIS CALCULATES THE VARIABLE ROTATION RATES, by noting that there is a GRADATION of RATES BETWEEN SUCCESSIVE CIRCUMFERENCES of rings within rings):
I had assumed that Penn Cove had ROTATED SUBSEQUENT to the 15,625 year HARMONIC, but this analysis shows that it had been forming since the 100 k.y. TIME! These rotations are gradual, with the termination near the 15,625 year AGE:

 The SPIRAL slicing Camano and part of Whidbey Island indicates that the TIDAL RATES VARY with distance from its FULCRUM! I have refined this calculation to show the location of the large and small rates. It varies according to the QUADRANT of the ELLIPSE. It has the 40mm/yr. rates at the SW corner, with the SMALLER 5 mm/yr. in other QUADRANTS!

 This has been checked by analyzing ARCUATE FEATURES near the ELLIPSE EDGE, to determine whether my INITIAL ASSESSMENT was CORRECT. There were initial ERRORS, which indicated that the 1 m.y. ROTATION was ON-GOING. This was correct, and it appears that the ICE AGE REMAINS!  My conclusions overall are that the EVENT CONTINUES until 2.048 m.y. have elapsed (2.15, according to the GEOLOGISTS’ RADIOACTIVITY MEASUREMENTS).  Considering GLOBAL WARMING- an ARTIFICIAL MODIFICATION- we should discount the process, but the SPIRALING FINDING should be VALID!

 Referring to WEATHER SATELLITE DISPLAYS, there do occur spirals, and we should try to determine their CONTRIBUTIONS. Photo below shows that ANALEMMAS (FIGURE 8s) occur, and have two separate ARCS- LUNAR and SOLAR- so that there is always a SEPARATION of the Spiral into 2 parts:

EXPANDING , to see the details of the Spiral over ZION NP, UT:

  This presentation of the ZION SPIRAL indicates that this is the most significant of those FEATURES which are "RISING IN OUR TIME"! Possibly I can find one over NW WA Whidbey Island, to indicate the PROPORTIONAITY for that which is LARGER IN EXTENT (Whidbey is about 50 miles N-S, compared to ZION of 20 miles: 2.5 to one, which is in the Planet Mercury ratio of earth/mercury orbit time= 4.17, inversely .25 HARMONIC: 

STAY TUNED, since there is a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of INFORMATION AVAILABLE- not only by hiking the beaches, but with that shown on GOOGLE EARTH!

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It is understood that CRUSTAL ROTATIONS develop ANALEMMAS- figure 8s- on land (which is elevated above sea level). This occurs with the OFFSET of LUNAR vs. SOLAR TIDES, where LAND TIDES form ARCUATE LAND RIPPLES yearly. The classic case is the COLORADO PLATEAU, CP and the BASIN and RANGE in the western USA:

Notice that the ratio of the PRECESSIONAL CYCLE to the AXIAL is 1.6 (1.62?), for the CP/B and R diameters, as occurs with most cases investigated for the CRUST, ATMOSPHERE, and LOOP CURRENTS in the sea circulation; there are exceptions- which when investigated yield new information about GRAVITATIONAL INFLUENCE.
Seamounts in the Pacific Ocean floor indicate that there is a periodic “jerk” forming a circular path (with others), to allow a view of the ROTATION. This yields a TIME INTERVAL (ARC diameter/tidal friction RATE in mm/year), when the correct CRUSTAL BLOCK QUADRANT is determined. Other circular arrangements of sub-sea volcanoes include those within the HOURGLASS in the central north Pacific:

A larger view is shown, to determine whether rotation rates are greater for larger ARCS, as occurs for Skagit Bay:
INDEED, the TIDAL RATE is near 30, as compared to 1.9mm/yr for the GREAT WAVES INSIDE the PACIFIC HOURGLASS (near Hawaiian Islands)!

The NW corner yields 20.48, while the SW corner exhibits 30.72, with other quadrants yielding 10.24 mm/year rotational movement. As with water tides, the transition is gradual at the junctions of two quadrants, so that there is uncertainty for the border zone, and checks must be made using other calculations to determine the “in-between magnitudes”. A case we can investigate (on a small scale, where the feature can be hiked and photographed) is that of Cornet Bay- near the Devils Mountain, Whidbey Island, WA great lateral fault:
Cornet Bay and adjoining Skagit Bay are both salt water shallow basins, so that the shallowest seafloor DEPTH cannot readily be evaluated. Both would be expected to be sinks, filling by siltation, so that this may result in a RISE (as it becomes shallower), or a SINK (as the introduced mass causes the total basin elevation to lower (DIASTROPHISM to geologists). This is indecisive, and further complicated by the notion (unproven) that a layer of seawater interferes with the LATERAL GRAVITATIONAL MOVEMENT of the shallow crust (absorbs the mechanical shove- so to speak). What I am investigating is the exhibition of ANALEMMA DEVELOPMENT DOWNWARDLY!
Can gravity operate oppositely to that normally experienced- that is, moving away from the sun or moon? Is there some arrangement of the two bodies, so that one body attracts EARTH MASS (CRUST) toward the center of the earth?  YES!

The answer to the question concerning how this transpires: this is the NORMAL GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION of the CENTER of MASS of the earth for its outer layers. As the earth increases size (diameter, as it moves further from the sun) it creates grabens and sinkholes; these are filled with sinking mass in a CORIOLIS ROTATION CW into the earth. This results in an ANALEMMA DEVELOPMENT (such as the Cornet-Skagit Bays) of two circular sinking rotations- one slower than the other. The only new feature is that NOT appreciated by the GEOLOGY CULTURE- that of ROTATING SINKHOLES, such as Florida circular sinks (swallowing autos, houses suddenly- leaving vertical round openings). This is also the case for the round vertical opening GEOLOGISTS have termed a METEOR CRATER! I have found that this and the nearby STONEMAN LAKE ANALEMMA, Dante's descent, and others on the MOGOLLLON RIM are circular shear-executed sinkholes.
Although Dante's is closed, I have fished for brook trout (char) in Lake Stoneman, below, and occsasionally "bagged" a goose in the south end shallows:

CENTRAL PACIFIC tidal rates vary as they distance the crustal block edges from some CENTRAL FULCRUM:
Near Hawaii (NE, near Midway Island), there exists a shearing rotation- developing since the 256 m.y. PTr EVENT. This results in a variable TIDAL FRICTION RATE, such that there is minimum tidal influence near the center of rotation (FULCRUM), and MAXIMUM at the largest shearing ARCS (diameters). A similar result occurred at the Dugualla-Skagit Bays subsea location, where CRUSTAL MASS rotated around some central focus. This is interpreted to occur during the ICE AGE, where the EARTH attained a larger elliptical orbit, slowed with its wider diameter ORBIT, and expanded its radius.
Now, view the LARGER ARCS formed by the intermittant "JERKS" of the GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL SHOVE of the SUBSEA CRUST:
Notice that there is a "PARALLEL-NESS of the WASATCH LINES (in white), indicating the CORRECT PROCEDURE.


Buckles in walkways exhibit a RARE PHENOMENON: an ARCUATE PUSHING UP of the artificial N-S slab, having formed within 20 years. This 2 cm rise indicates a rate of 1 mm/year. this is not very reliable, but agrees with the 1/2 to 1 mm/yr. I have found at the Colorado Plateau, CP:
GOOGLE EARTH shows a plan view:

The answer to the question concerning how this transpires: this is the NORMAL GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION of the CENTER of MASS of the earth for its outer layers. As the earth increases size (diameter, as it moves further from the sun) it creates grabens and sinkholes; these are filled with sinking mass in a CORIOLIS ROTATION CW into the earth. This results in an ANALEMMA DEVELOPMENT (such as the Cornet-Skagit Bays) of two circular sinking rotations- one slower than the other. This also creates CIRCULAR FEATRURES such as METEOR CRATER, AZ and other CIRCULAR SINKS (Dante's Descent and Lake Stoneman), along the MOGOLLON RIM where there is great GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL SHEARING MOVEMENT.

We will investigate Cornet Bay further, by hiking its perimeter, appraising the COASTAL ANOMALIES-INFLECTIONS, and determining whether the indicated WASATCH LINES are correct.
Below interpretation should NOT BE TRUSTED, since the tidal flow channels are so faint! I will try to ENLARGE for better view:

This is TOO SUBJECTIVE, for eyes needing cataract remedial! The IDEA is worth exploring!