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Malawi, Africa- a formerly English Protectorate, Nyasaland- is on the AFRICAN RIFT (Lake Malawi), and has a North-South orientation, suitable for studying the Lunar Influence in South Latitudes.

SUMMARY: Dynamics of the Earth's CRUST is best shown for Continents, where River ARCS, Sinks- such as Lake Victoria, and VULCANISM (e.g. Goma-Nyiragonga and Kilimanjaro) form ELLIPTICAL and LINEAR SLICES. The MAR is more extensive, but it is underwater- where the Measurements are less accurate! The African RIFT may be followed from the Red Sea to Lake Malombe- where it is continuing to the South. Obvious "Jerks", Deviations (lateral SHIFTS), and Expansions E-W may be followed and Measured.
Jupiter, with its 1.304 degrees Inclination, is correlated with the VULCANISM of Kilimanjaro to Goma- to the West, via its Gravitational Positioning of an Asteroid, to create HEAT! Nyiragonga, near Goma, is the MOST ACTIVE (Jan 17/2002 last Killer), and the Tidal Movement trend is to the East, for the West side of the Rift (also for the East at Kilimanjoro). Convex arcs point to several Directions- indicating that RETROGRADE action of the Moon is involved (Moon moves reverse to the Sun by 50 minutes daily). Nyiragonga is VOLCANICALLY ACTIVE because it is at the Fulcrum of a Circular Arrangement of Hills being TIDALLY MOVED to the East, by the Combination of our Moon and a Jupiter-Asteroid 4 body Gravitationally-locked "Fix"! Our Moon inflicts N-S slices, which is the case at Lake Malawi.
Preparatory to Analysis, view the Nile River to the Red Sea ARC and SLICE:
BIG PICTURE of Red Sea Linear (which is expanding E-W, releasing Heat and Oil): 
Note the Nile Arc and SLICE of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea:
300 km Gulf Slice lies north of the Red Sea 2000km SLICE:
2000 km is a Tenth of the Hemisphere; GEOMETRY is a Major Factor in placement of the RIFTS of our Earth!
BIG PICTURE, showing how the Red Sea LINEAR is related to the ORB of Africa - pink half Ellipse (North of the Equator- which Latitude is another SLICE):
Above ELLIPSE of the Africa to Arabia DESERTS is a RISING feature- Split by the Red Sea; find the RATIO of the Distances of the West/East parts! Ratio= 2.96 or 1.96, indicating OTHER Planets than Jupiter!
Use above Ellipse, Orientation, and SLICES Features to analyze the Malawi portion of the African Rift!
Fishing and Agriculture are important for the sustenance of this land-locked country while chickens and goats are omni-present.
Namwera, Malawi, with SINK BELOW:

Anomalous HEAT should occur at HOT SPRINGS along the Extension to the South (locals will know of these):
Above is a Map- hand drawn, and I will try to dicipher it!
Springs occur alongside this road- on either side:
Coordinates of the above Location are: 

Check to see if the RIFT is extending Southward!
Lake Malawi is EXPANDING; E-W:
Above, Lake Malawi West is moving to the West, and it has SHIFTED more than 5 degrees (Asteroid, or MOON at 5.145 degrees Inclination?).
Diameters of the 2 parts of the Figure 8 are SUBJECTIVE, but this is a start to determine the Solar System Bodies which have created the GREAT RIFT; it PROBABLY is the Sun and Moon's Gravitational attraction- locally, with minor deviations creating the Bays, tics, and Islands!
HEAT-GENERATING 60 degree Corner?
Photo above lies at the POINT of EXTENSION to the South!
Analyzing the Mulanje Massif to the South- which appears to be a BARRIER to the RIFT:
North of this UPLIFT, there should be further indications of the SOUTHWARD "RIP":
The Massif will be ERODED within 3 m.y., and a Valley is forming now. Literature reports a 130 m.y. Monadnock (isolated small Mountain, or inselberg) which rose ABRUPTLY from the Plain- a Kopje. Cretaceous had SHALLOW SEAS at that time, and the Monadnock is a RISE withn a SINK!
ANALYZE the lake to the North:
Using RATIOS, the Moon/Sun is prominent, with 2.11, and Venus is indicated for the Island impetus of INITIATION at 1.59 (2.16 and 1.625 are the REFERENCES)! Ratios must be DIMENSIONLESS!
Finding the TIME INTERVAL, to form the Active VULCANISM of Kilamanjaro and Goma, requires MEASUREMENT of the Distance between them (and this yields 69.2975 m.y.):
Above is NOT the age, but it is the TIME INTERVAL for the Lake Loop Creation!
The BIG PICTURE of the Lakes around Victoria is an ELLIPSE, where Lake Victoria is a HOLE- which is INSIDE the ellipse:
Let's find the DEVELOPING part of the Figure 8 to the South (Circle or Ellipse?), but
Only a SLICE is shown (via Lakes); now a Hole (Lake Victoria, inside a Circle of Lakes and Volcanoes), and a SLICE to the South (which is NOT super-imposed over the HOLE!). Width of the lakes is brought about by E-W Expansion (Movement in both Directions, without information about which is Greater)!
Look further to the South:
North of the South African CRATON there are developing Lakes, where the SLICE divides the Main RIFT from a developing ARC!
Looking WEST of Lake Victoria, the Congo River makes an ARC to the West, just north of the Equator:
Above is the unlined river on Google Earth, and below is the Congo in Blue. The RATIO of the East Arc/West arc= 1.1, indicating the influence of Jupiter (see Jupiter's Elliptical Orbit):
While the REFERENCE for North America-USA is Mendocino, at 40.439N, the reference for Africa is the Equator at 0N and Lake Victoria; These are APPROXIMATE even Fractions of Earth's 180 degrees HEMISPHERE- showing the Small Error of the Exhibit!
Refer to Mt. St. Elias at 60N, and Mammoth Mountain, CA (1400 years ago, at 615AD), 50E of Natural Prime Meridian at 169.6W= 119.6W (actual= 119.0326W, Santa Barbara Ventura Fault is closer).
Mt. St. Elias is at the INFLECTION of the Turn west to Alaska (Bordering Canada):

West of Nyiragongo- a RISE- is the Congo, which is similar to the Colorado Plateau on the right, and the Basin and Range on the Left (except for the diminished Ratio, where USA has 1.6 for Venus)! What about the TRANSITION ZONE between?

Altogether, there is a PARTIAL FIGURE 8, oriented E-W, as with the letters OlO, found from Drainages, Lakes and Vulcanism!
Resulting Figure 8 has a Transition Zone, and the OVERALL APPEARANCE yields a tentative MODEL for the Earth, where ROTATING- SHEARING SEGMENTS create River PATHS and HEAT of Vulcanism- whenever there is sufficient SIDEWAYS MOVEMENT (lateral)! This is RE-SHOWN in the following E-W exhibit for almost all of Africa at the Equator:
Assessing the lakes MOVEMENT, to determine the ACTIVITY- view Lake Rukwa:
MOVEMENT is Fast, at 86 mm/year, and this may give a clue to the VULCANISM!
COMPARE this Couplet (Alkali Lake, Deep water Lake) with a smaller version at Lake Malheur-Playa Duo, Oregon. of a higher Dry CIRCULAR playa, and a fresh water one to its East:
Above exhibit is REVERSED, and this will be remembered as a Southern vs. Northern Hemisphere difference!
Better wifi:
Google Photos:
SHAPE is ORTHOGONAL, and is it also Upside-down, and Reversed? If so, there is too much DIFFICULTY with this Comparison!
MISTAKE may be in the placement of the EQUILATERAL TRIANGLES, which must be determined by the Movement of the Lakes (Expected to be to the West for Bukwa, and for Expansion in both E-W directions for Tanganyika)! When CORRECT, the 86 mm/year will be the Rate of Movement of the HEAT BUILDUP- "creeping to the West, for Successive Extrusions"- a CYCLE with Creeping Heat increases before a Vertical release!

EXPANDING, notice the almost PARALLEL PINK LINES (within 7 degrees by compass), indicating that the VULCANISM occurs near the Lakes, and NOT BETWEEN!
SEARCHING for signs of inter-lake Vulcanism:
NO Volcanic indications were found, and the CIRCULAR LAKE to the NW is EXPANDED:
Development of the small Lake and its tributaries from the East required 434.5 k.y.
Ratio of the 2 largest RIFT Diameters should determine the largest Solar Object creating the FEATURE! It is 1.3+ (accuracy within 4%, from my selection)- which is the Inclination Angle for Jupiter= 1.304 degrees; it is dimensionless, as is the ratio:
Geothermal MAP of Malawi:
 Figure 6: Location of hot springs of Malawi. Symbols: red >60°C; brown 50-60°C; orange 40-50°C; yellow 30- 
Malawi River Shire bridge- where Hot Springs will occur at a Tributary or at a SCARP nearby:
Tributary of the Shire is a likely Hot Springs Location:

There are several 10,000 km lines; the two RED at South Iceland is the likely next Volcanic ERUPTION, above!
Geothermal Line from Malawi to Iceland is 10,000 km/338.64 degrees by Compass:
I took Data from Gt Exploration Reports, to find the Hot Springs at Mpatamanga- where the Transforms align with Iceland's South Coast (site of the next Volcano)! This MALAWI site has no Vulcanism, instead exhibiting an Anomaly at the Shire River- probably a LATERAL TRANSFORM! 
Again, we have a Horizontal -, which is 90 degrees (of Earth's 360 degrees) removed from a Vertical I. 
Importance is that a Horizontal SLICE, of the Earth's Crust, is accompanied by a Vertical Slice 90/360, or 10,000 km= 10/40 Distant. 

Although the Moon and Sun may be forming the LARGER RIFT, the Vulcanism of Kilimanjaro and Goma is heated with the Jupiter-Asteroid LaGrange 4 body "fix" by Earth, with earth Center of Mass, an Asteroid, and Jupiter!
Asteroid VIDEO, with Jupiter in the NE corner, occasionally, with its 11.86 year Cycle.
Jupiter is at the NE corner, occasionally (outside the Asteroid Belt)!
NOTICE the Shift between the 2 lakes; this is occurring because of the REVERSAL of direction of the Earth TIDES, where the CONVEX ARCS which were pointing Westward are now pointing EASTWARD! Transition zone, which is MOUNTAINOUS, is measured for distance and AGE of "Turn around" is shown below:
Searching for GEOTHERMAL Indications between the Lakes:
ORTHOGONAL Red line shows the TIME INTERVAL and Trend of the Compression (Mountains' Grain) to the East! All TIDAL MOVEMENTS East of Goma Retrograde to the East- pulling the Crust open for Nyiragonga to ERUPT CONTINUALLY (NOW)!

The Moon "did it", and the FAR SIDE is shown below:
Above Space photo shows SMALLER CRATERS, compared to the close side, and it is expected that the POLYGONS result from Earth-Sun Conjunctions creating SINKS!

TEST of the ACCURACY of the Moon/Sun Ratio can be found with MEASUREMENTS of {(N-S)/(E-W)}. Similarly to Greenland, with its Subsurface Lake which is a HOLE- there should be Height/Width= 2.16! 
Above is by GEOPHYSICS, below is by Google Earth:

This African rift analysis is VERY SUBJECTIVE, since there are several branches (splays) of the RIFT FAULTS, as shown below (representing ENLARGING ARCS to the East):
It is DIFFICULT to select BOTH Meridinal and Latitudinal end points, and the 1600 km/740.7 width is shown below:
UNCERTAINTY is excessive- there being several SPLAYS- representing Tidal Jerks to the East, and another TEST WILL BE ARRANGED!

Lake Rukwa is younger, at 434 k.y., and has rotated 30 degrees CCW from the older Transforms:
Rotation RATE= 30/Half million= .06 degrees/k.y.- which is 2.4 degrees/Milankovitch Wobble cycle! Earth's Poles shift 3.6 degrees in a Cycle!

Searching for a better exhibit, NW end of Lake RUKWA is expanded, using a Geographic map as a guide. There are two rows of PARALLEL MOUNTAINS, between the 2 lakes:
These MOUNTAIN RANGES indicate an E-W Expansion of the lake! Using 13.86 mm/year TIDAL EXPANSION, the Time Interval = 2.958 m.y.
The 3 m.y. Time INTERVAL is repeated!
The BIG PICTURE is seen, when sinks or Depressions to the SW are incorporated:
Above DIAGONAL figure 8 is being formed! It has progressed 70 m.y. above and 30 for the lower ! Searching for Anomalies east of the Lake Malawi:
Above is the GRAIN of the TERRAIN; find its SIGNIFICANCE!

 Muchingo Mountains form a Ridge LINEAR, 1500 km length- which is a side of an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE:
BIG PICTURE of the 93.7257 m.y. feature:
White traverse is one of 1505 km at 270 degrees, West! This REFERENCE shows the influence of Earth's CURVATURE. 
Part of the 1500 km shown is NOT in the Mountains; re-measuring, it is 444.444 km for the hilly portion- yielding an AGE of 27.77 m.y. It is assumed that the Mountainous part is the OLDER!
Calculated is the Cretaceous Time of formation of the Mid-African VULCANISM. This is younger than Iceland's initial vulcanism- from the MAR!
View the BIG PICTURE. showing the various LaGrange EQUILATERAL TRIANGLES calculated. Which is CORRECT?
Nyiragonga is presently ACTIVE,as is shown for the TREND to the East, below:
HOT SPRINGS found at Nkhotakota, on the West side of the lake, at 12.916667S 34.3E, are active at 125,000 years AGE (compared to 420 k.y. for the Lake's Regression since DRYING):
EXPANSION has produced the ANOMALIES, since the 420 k.y. date:
Formation of the River system, shown above, at 422,863 years Agrees well with the Literature's 420 k.y. Regression of the Cycle of Drying (termination)!

All these calculations help determine the SUN TILT PRECESSIONAL CYCLE- which is 80+ m.y. (present Calculation increases it to 93+ m.y.)! Moon has determined the MAR Age, and it is greater! Literature reports 16 million years ago- which is the Time of the Columbia Flood Basallts, and this "fits" the magmatic sequence of Caatastrophes (256, 64, 16, 4, etc.) Time INTERVAL between 80 and 16 can be the time to initiate the Slice via the "Rip to the North"! Iceland ENLARGED:
Measurinng E-W across the island and dividing by the TIDAL RATE yields the AGE:
48.6328 m.y. is a Minimum AGE, since the Rate of lateral is excessive, and the Energy used in UPLIFT reduces that of expansion! Previous cases indicate that 2 mm/yr is approximate, yielding 249 m.y. (4 mm/yr yields 124.5- which seems reasonable; save for other Cases).

MAR is shown for COMPARISON, where the Creep to the West (followed by a 60 degree TURN) makes a LaGrange EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE- terminating at the Iceland VULCANISM:
TRIANGLE is formed by the MAR, a Transform, and England's East Coast:
ICELAND Critical Coordinates are shown below:
MAR cuts Iceland, above, and forms the LaGrange 60 degree Corner, below:

Notice that there is a GRADUAL TURN, not a sharp angle! This fits with the 80+ m.y. PRECESSION of the Sun's Tilt of 7.2 (7.25 in the Literature(! Iceland is a LONG-TIME FEATURE (Age Unknown for the incipience, but it is greater than 80 million years!).
Iceland is on the MAR- which divides the Earth; a 90 compass degrees ROTATION covers a Quarter of the Circumference (90/360 = 1/4th)- which is 10,000 km of the 40,000 km Circumference. Look in all Quadrants- 10,000 km- and there are ANOMALIES- such as the African RIFT at the Shire River (southernmost Hot Spring at a Transform), Maui Transform, Tanduska Meteor Lateral "knockdown", and the MAR at the Tropic of Capricorn!

What is the PRIME MOVER of the African RIFT and the MAR? Since the Movement is essentially N-S, the Moon is suspect, but the ORTHOGONALITY to our Sun must be demonstrated! The MILKY WAY moves overhead daily; could it AUGMENT? our Moon:
Remaining in the Milky Way System, the Big Dipper's Cup points to the North Star (Polaris), and we are getting FAR AFIELD:
To be Continued:

Dichotomy of the day:
"My Grounds are Cold, but the Coffee is Hot?"


Harold Overton said...

African RIFT is the DIVIDER for the entire Crust of the Earth! Follow it to the Red Sea, and to the China convex arc to the East- where it is results in a "Shortening of the E-W width of the Pacific, and to the Challenger 10 km depth!"

Harold Overton said...

Question: Pacific shortening E-W, while Deepening; Atlantic shallower, while moving to the West with Earth Tides- is the NET RESULT an increase of water, with Time?

Harold Overton said...

Age of the Malawi lake portion of the African Rift can be calculated via the LaGrange EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE (shown on the Google Earth photo in pink lines), where Time Interval= {(sine 60) x 555.555 km/13.24 km per million years= 36.3388 m.y. Should Lake Malawi be the youngest of the "Rip" to the south, this is its Age. This first calculation has an UNKNOWN ERROR!