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Chile DISASTER Epicenter can be used to Locate a TRANSFORM, offshore, to find the Next disaster.

SUMMARY: Four cases have demonstrated that a DISTANCE of 10,000 km (quarter of Earth's  Circmference) connects VOLCANIC EXTRUSIONS, or Volcanos, with other CATASTROPHES! This connects GEOMETRY with DYNAMICS, and we will try to determine the PHYSICS of this finding.

Quake EPICENTER, near the town of Lumaco:
A 10,000 km line locates an associated Disaster Zone near Samoa and the Tonga Trench:
Chile YOUNG and old Transforms:
TRANSFORMS "tell the story" and we will ferret it out!

Searching the PINK LINE, there are significant TRANSFORM FAULTS offshore Chile, in the Eastern Pacific:
The Tonga Trench and VULCANISM occur on the West end of the PINK LINE:
Which is MORE LIKELY? Stay tuned!
Pink Line passes through an ellipse previously isolated, below:
ENLARGED to see Older Transforms; the 1024 km line fits the BINARY Progression, and it will be explored:
Tropic of Cancer is near (Parallel) to E-W Transforms:
Seamounts are RISING near the Tropic of Cancer:
ANGULAR SHIFT is 30 degrees, making a 12 sided Polygon; a Jerk to the West is found at 78W:
Above Jerks, shifts, and Rotations create Earthquakes, but are distant from Islands, and create NO DISASTERS. Shift to the West is magnified:
Again, with a Figure 8 forming, across the Divider:

INFLECTION is closer to 11 km, and this SUBJECTIVE Shift indicates Faster Earth Tides at Latitudes greater than 40.25S! 23.439 Tropic of Capricorn + 16.811 degrees yields a POSSIBILITY of the Moon's libration lower limit of (28.584- 10.29)= 18.294. Pluto's 17.141 is closer, as is one of the Asteroids at 3AU distance (Earth to Sun= AU): 
Above Diagram was formed by Piotr Deuar.
Similar SHIFT as above, occurs East of the big island of Hawaii, and this accompanied by EXTRUSIONS:
CHANGING SCALE, orthogonality, to Chile offshore, is obvious:
The west ANOMALY from Chile (understanding) cannot be improved, since it is all underwater (NOT where it can be monitored)!
COMPARE to the May 31/2015 Oregon OFFSHORE:
Above, the 5.4 Magnitude Epicenter is 13 km off a MAJOR TRANSFORM, and it lies 10,000 km from the below Seamount- near the Phillipines:
OFFSHORE Phillipines will jolt the sea bottom SEAMOUNT:
We'll have to choose a MORE SIGNIFICANT Quake, with 7 Magnitude or Larger!
POSSIBLE DISASTER Sites (Seamount Eruptions):
Emperor SEAMOUNT CHAIN, which is the MOST LIKELY regularly-moving Dynamic:
HI-Emperor Chain (44.4N Latitude shown) is a feature at least 80 m.y. in AGE, and the Kimmei 40-41 m.y. Inflection in it occurs at the most significant angular shift. The Polar shift of 3.6 degrees (1/100th of a Circle, and a shift from Lomonotov to the active Gakkel Ridge of 400 km) is correlated with this Inflection. This is only reported by myself, and is considered very Tentative! Crossing this Chain is considered the likely location for a future LATERAL SHIFT (Heat and Earthquake-prone). 
Kimmei Seamount location lies to the South at 33.6N 171.37E, some 10.8 degrees, or 1.2 multiple when divided by 9, and lies 1200 km to the South:
Note that the Conversion of Meridian degrees to distance (111.111 km/degree) is Simplified by: degrees x 1000/9, where 108/9 = 12, and multiplying by 100= 1200!
Let's look at Seattle OFFSHORE, for Diagonal Transforms, to see whether the Great Quakes yield a CYCLE!
Puget Sound, near Vancouver Island, is the greatest Risk for Quakes nearby:
Then along the San de Fuca Channel, near the spit:
Next, are several along the Aleutian Chain:
Pacific locations are MORE DUBIOUS (Japan, near the recent Tsunami):

Mauritania Richat Structure:
Mauritanis at 16,000 km from Iceland:

Distances of 10,000; 16,000; 20,000 km are precise FRACTIONS of the Circumference of the Earth: half, .4, and .25 (inverted: 4 , 2.5, and 2). Do these have relationships to Solar Masses? If so, they would relate to the Asteroids, after Mars with 1.88, and before Jupiter, with 11.86 Yearly Ratios.
An Engineers View of DYNAMICS of the Universe:
 All following analyses proceed with the Assumption that the Rules of Gravitation (known or unknown) are the same for Earth-small scale, SS; the Large Scale-Solar System, LS, and the Very Large Scale-SPACE- VLS. Google Earth may be used for SS, Planetary data for LS, and less reliable are Astronometric data for VLS. Features found for Earth include:
1. Arcs and Spirals following Milankovitch's Axial, Precessional, and Elliptical cycles- including their Harmonics- e.g. 100 k.y., 10 k.y., 1 k.y., and 100 years. 
2. Earth Tides: 10.24 mm/year and Larger- according to the Direction; this involves Errors, but I have been consistent with these Magnitudes- even though further work may find the errors Significant.
3. Between a Rise and a Sink there is a TRANSITION ZONE- called a Linear, and this broadly, is a Straight Line on Google Earth (becoming crooked by later developments)! Example is the Hurricane Fault.
4. Reversal of Earth Tides occurs with Subduction, such as the Cascades- moving easterly with Time; so far, this is caused by the Moon- which is Retrograde, rising 50 minutes later each day, relative to our Sun.
5. Rising Spirals are rotating CCW (counter-clockwise), and they develop a Hole with gravitational waves- which is later and Secondary; and,

6. Combination of 2 Spirals (Rising or Sinking) results in a Partial Figure 8, OlO, on Google Earth- e.g. the Mississippi River at the New Madrid giant Quake of 1811-1812, at the Junction of 2 Rivers.
Chile continued, with a 6.8M Quake, on 7 November, 2015:

Red Line, passing through the 6.8M Chile quake of November 7/2015 above, is 10,000 km to the Tonga Trench:
SCARP shows the drop Inland, equivalent to a Vertical seafloor (Tsunami) DROP:
Boat was washed inland (Notice the small scarp):
6.8-magnitude quake hits off Solomon Islands, USGS says

The Moon is approaching is NEW MOON status (November 11/2015), where we will watch for SINKHOLES to develop; before that- on 6 to 7 November- there wil be a Close Alignment of 2 duos: Quarter Moon plus Jupiter, and Mars with Venus (our Closest neighboring Planets). Tomorrow, watch for Shearing action (Transform faulting to produce small Earthquakes or "Jerks"! As usual, I cannot predict both the Time and the Location, but a method of using "INTERSECTING LINES of Known (Historical) QUAKES" may improve the Locations (but Not the times)! 
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Waning crescent meets king planet Jupiter as dawn breaks on the morning of November 6. It meets the queen planet Venus on November 7. 

As PREDICTED on G+ several days ago, the Earth experienced a minor (6.8M) Quake (Coordinates 30.906S 71.544W, at 36 km Depth) at 7 November 2015: 07:31:43 UTC- Universal Time! Epicenter time: 04:31:43, near the City of Coquimbo, Chile (295 km NNW of Santiago.

Quake of 11 November/2015:

 This has little to do with the Geologists IGNOMINIOUS PLATE THEORY; rather it is shown by the Boundaries of the Constantly-subdivided MiniPlates, namely TRANSFORM FAULTS! These Transforms are easily-seen offshore, and they continue as SCARPS onland. Look at the Map provided, and you will see faint indications of Ranges to the NE and Transforms to the SW.
 Although this technique predicts QUAKE TIME ONLY, the extension of the Exact Compass Bearing (within 3 decimal places- possible on Google Earth) 10,000 km, will locate a Catastrophe at either end! This is a QUARTER of the Earth's Circumference- such that a Lateral Transform _ becomes an l, for a Rotation of the Crust 90 degrees! Earth is divided in Quarters (360/90= 4), and a Lateral Fault is seen as a Vertical Extrusion (Volcano) 10,000 km distant! There will be a Quake on one end and a Volcano on the other. Now, you have to know WHERE to start, and the Line must be started at a Termination point. Continue the Transform Line to the SW, until reaching a known Anomaly; then reverse direction (Parallel) to the 10,000 km Termination. The present Quake will lie somewhere on the last line.
 Geologists would be Positively-served, if they dropped the Plate Theory, ignore the tendency to refer all this as Astrology, and RESTART! This is all re-presented in: 
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Strong earthquake along coast of central Chile on November 7, 2015 (6.8M,North of Santiago. Same approximate region as much more powerful quake, two months ago. No tsunami warning.

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