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POLYGONS are found in the Jn- the Jurassic Navajo sandstone- at the Border of PVM, Pine Valley Mountain! Vertical SCARPS exhibit 4 sides, but behind these- on an ERODED SLOPE- are Pentagons to Hexagons, Increasing as the slope decreases.

SUMMARY: Exemplified by POLYGONS, the Crust of the Earth is sheared by Jerks (Jerk= d{acceleration= (dv/dt)}/dt), and these may be on a Scale from a millimeter, Meter, km, Megameter, up to 40,000 km- the Circumference of the Earth! Google Earth STABILITY decreases after 16,000 km, and this is the Separation of Cratons (Australia and Hudson Bay). Understanding 3D Outcrops will help your LARGER EVALUATIONS!
 PVM has  continued the PRECEDING NE-SW Orientations, and emphasizes the CYCLIC nature of CRUSTAL MOVEMENTS! www.quadransphere.blogspot.com

Yellow Knolls, north of St. George, UT exhibits the MOST ACCESSIBLE Array, wth 4 (rectangle, or Vertical Scarp) to 6 sides (Hexagon), and possibly 8 sides- ignoring younger Fractures:
Polygon area, near St. George, UT, has Jn Mounds (MIMA Mounds) also:
Above MOUNDS are inside a Larger POLYGON, formed by the Virgin Anticline- turning at the Red Hills, which created the Leeds Volcano!
Find the PRECISE ANGLE- which the turn exhibits- so that the Number of sides may be Calculated, e.g. 40 degrees yields 9 sides, 45 yields 8, and Hexagon with 6 sides has a 60 degree "Jerk"! Vulcanism usually occurs at an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE with 60 degrees/corner!
Leeds Volcano lies BEHIND the Virgin Anticline "Hogback", above. The CRATER can be Hiked easily- approaching from the I-15 Feeder at Leeds, UT, 3 km to the East (gravel road of 8 miles).
Angles of the FRACTURES  shows the Trend of the Jerks of the Hogback:
There are ORTHOGONAL Slices across PVM- aligning with the Mogollon NE-SW Orientation:

Mogollon Rim, using the Sedona Sinkhole as a Reference (lying at the bottom of the Scarp, I have visited)- where the Orientation is within 1 degree, of PVM Orthogonal Drainage, for the Youngest portion of the Rim:

Yant Flat lies to the East, North of Leeds, UT, and it has a GREATER VARIETY of Polygons:
Above is an ANALEMMA, or Figure 8 in 3D! Below isYant, continued:
EROSION is Omni-present, but follows PRE-EXISTING FRACTURES- which are created by ARCUATE SHEAR, from Gravitational Influence!
I will HIKE this area again, to make CLOSEUP PHOTOS:
LOCATION: 37.220278N 113.472778W
The WAVE, in Jn, is famous for its DUNAL portrayals:
Sand DUNES on Mars:
Above are Barchan dunes, and Below are those farther away:

MY PHOTOS, from April 22/2015 Hike, has an example of a HEXAGON:
Saturn's HEXAGON has focused USGS attention on its Six Equilateral Triangles, and this Atmospheric Tidal Projection of the LaGrange Transform on Earth may be seen in the MAR to Iceland STATIONARY Longitude! 
Red Sea to the North Pole (an EQUILATERAL Triangle side):
 Red Sea to the North Pole to the Northern-most E-W transform to the North is the Triangle! Age of the HEAT DEVELOPMENT is solved by:
{Side length x (sine 60)/17.48}, in m.y.
Notice the Slice arcing through the Octagon- this will start a new Polygon, as it "jiggles" further! Hiking pole Reference:
PENTAGON, 360/5= 72 degrees:
Below is the PROGRESSION of Polygons from Pentagon (behind a Vertical Rectangle), to Hexagons, to Octagons at the LEVEL TOP:
Continued: Notice the Progression of Polygons from 5 sided to 8 sided, as the SLOPE is reduced to nearly LEVEL:
Comparing to a Very Large Feature in SPACE, the Figure 8 is Expanding Vertically:
There are at least 4 "Jerks" - top and bottom- indicating that Chatter= d{d(Acceleration)/dt= Jerk}/dt proceeds at INTERVALS, where Terraces on Earth lie between Jerks!
Above photo from above:
Note that the Rivulets concentrate at the INFLECTION at the 30-45 degree SHIFT (Corner)!

Viewing South to Sand Mountain:
LARGER VIEW- notice the  upside down Arc of clean ERODED sandstone, where an INFLECTION in the Rise of PVM has lessened the UPLIFT (Erosion has Lightened the Laccolith, renewing the Rise);
Monolith of Jn Sandstone:
Mounds as a 3-Dimensional figure 8:
Pine Valley Mountains, PVM, looking North:
PVM young SCARP:
PVM is a 21-22 m.y. LACCOLITH (an Intrusion, uncovered by Erosion) ORIENTED NE-SW, and it is ORTHOGONAL to the Mogollon Rim of 320 km Length. Closest Separation is 98 km- yielding 5.6 million years to form.  The Mogollon is at least 20 m.y. AGE (my calculations yield 24), or a minimum of 25.6 m.y. altogether.This is based on the age of Verde Valley House Mountain Volcano, AZ, and the Tertiary GRAVELS abutting the Rim. Below shows the Burger Peak at the edge of PVM and the closest part of the Mogollon Rim:
I Conclude that PVM is a "Rip", tracing NE to the SW (youngest), allowing MOLTEN CRUST to emerge, some 5.6 m.y. after the Mogollon Rim began forming!
BIG PICTURE is shown below:
Re-Measuring, from the Grand Canyon to New Harmony SCARP (in White)- which is near Hf, and lies along a line through the N-S Kaibab UPLIFT (Younger):
TENTATIVELY, the PVM opened on the East side, proceeded toward the SW, and is a "Rip" Perpendicular (Orthogonal) to the Fractures North of the Grand Canyon!
NE-SW trend of PVM occurred in the PRECEDING (Cretaceous to Miocene) Iron County outcrops- as a FOLD along the Big Hollow SYNCLINE axis- hence has influenced PVM and the Virgin Anticline Orientation!
The CRUST of the Earth is shifting 45 degrees, by Intervals, which is the result of GRAVITY WAVES?
Using the LaGrange EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE, and the finding that the NW-SE orientation is aligned with the Offshore CA seamounts (Jerks), PVM was heated by the 800 km and 36.5 m.y. Initiation of a Transform extending all the way to the Hurricane Fault, Hf!
Back to PVM Photos:

 This may be Shifting Mass to re-distribute that caused by Additions or Subtractions via Asteroid bombardments, Melting Ice, Earth Tidal movements, Vulcanism, or Gravitational Sinks or Uplifts!
Remember, that the Features seen at the surface are those left after EROSION, and represent Crust that has been Sheared by Lateral slicing- following paths weakened by SIDEWAYS MOVEMENTS! All of these outcrops were once covered by overburden- which has been preferentially-Eroded! Arcuate shapes are those of the Adjacent Orbits of Solar masses at small angles to the Ecliptic Plane (following their own orbital Planes)!
Look at the Trends of the Mogollon, the PVM, the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez), and the  Death Valley:
Death Valley orients to the west of N-S, indicating that it is a part of the change from NW-SE California orientation (near 50 m.y. AGE or less):
Conversely, Baker NV is near the NE-SW Orthogonal MidAge (older than DV):
Gulf of California orientation is near SE-NW (similar to the California coast):
Baja Shift appears to be of the same Age (50 m.y. or Less) as the Sierras UPLIFT initiation!
During the INTERVAL 50 m.y. to now, the Orientation of the UPLIFTS has shifted from NW-SE, at 50 m.y. to NE-SW, at 25 m.y., and finally to N-S (a Moon Dominance?).
Kaibab UPLIFT:
Basin and Range Orientations change from NE-SW in the Miocene to N-S now, at the CA border (Mammoth Mountain to Monocraters VULCANISM):
What is driving this 40 to 45 degree SHIFT? Only asteroids and Planetoids have sufficient Incliation Angles to cause 40-45 degree Shifts! This is happening CONCURRENTLY with the 16 m.y. LIBRATION of the Moon- where the Columbia Flood basalts are moving WEST! There is a REFERENCE CHANGE at Mendocino, and the action may be similar, but the reference has changed!
BIG PICTURE, showing that the Ruby Mountains terminate at the Mendocino white LINE!
Above, shows that the MENDOCINO Latitude REFERENCE is a Barrier to the Basin and Range ANGLE SHIFTS! Key to the PVM Heat of UPLIFT is the "Rip" created by the Shift! What has caused this Miocene shift- sometime before the 22 million year opening? Concurrent with the 16 m.y. Flood basalts, there was a SUCCESSION of RHYOLITIC EXTRUSIONS- starting at the OR corner at the SE, proceeding to the East- culminating with Yellowstone extrusions last!
The WHITE LINES show that the ORIENTATION of NE-SW occurs in the East (Basin and Range still forming, but the OLDEST), and proceeds to N36E at the Ruby Mountains, then 26 degrees further West- culminating at Death Valley! 
AGES Measured:
Reversal, above, shows the Initiation of a Figure 8 (by the Inflection between 2 arcs)!

PVM started after the ANGULAR SHIFT occurred; what has caused the shift? N-S  movements hint at the Moon's influence- but what was Dominant before that?
The Mogollon Rim is Roughly Parallel to the trend of the Sierras, from Mt. Whitney to Lake Tahoe at W335N. The Sierras are less than 50 million years AGE, and this yields a clue to the SHIFT from NW to N-S for the Basin and Range:
Separation of the PARALLEL LINES is 450 km:
Above, the NW-SE orientation occurs, and the SHIFT to N-S is seen west of the Sink! The MOGOLLON TREND occurs, but the SHIFT from NE-SW lies to the East! Look at Austin, NV, where there is a MAJOR SCARP:
"HOMING IN" on the indicated FULCRUM:
Above SHIFT occurs at the INTERSECTION of ORTHOGONAL Valleys! The Coordinates are 38.46N 117.345W- which is near a SEVENTH of the 360 degree Earth, from 169.6W, or the PRIME NATURAL MERIDIAN:
Use 360/7- longitude east of PNM- the Prime Natural Meridian at 169,6W, PRECISELY:
ABOVE SHIFT occurs at a seventh of the 360 degree Globe; this HARMONIC exists in Music-what about the Earth?
7th HARMONIC is a Flat Minor 7th, and was used by my BABERSHOP Group- for slightly-out-of-Harmony tones! What can I presume for the Music of the Earth? SHIFT of Features ORTHOGONALLY is certainly NOT MINOR! Earth is signalling to me about its Future, and I will "Get it, if I'm on the right WAVELENGTH!"
The Wavelength of the Spread of Mountains is shown above, and I will Measure it:
Above is NOT VERY ACCURATE, but is shows that the N-S  Valleys are NARROWER (and therefore YOUNGER) than the DIAGONALS! The SEQUENCE is: Oldest valleys to the West, Youngest at Austin (at the FULCRUM- expanding outward), and  MID-AGE to the East and  the PVM! Fulcrum is the CENTER of the Basin and Ramge- in terms of AGE!
I asked a Talented MUSICIAN for the MEANING of the 7th HARMONIC, and she indicated EXPANSION! Tentatively, I will assune that the Basin is Expanding, West of Austin, and that it forms an "EXPANDING ELLIPSE"!
Above ARCS all are CONVEX towards each other; this indicates a "CLOSING"-not an expansion! What is happening?
EXPANSION occurs with the Ridges- which are moving towards the Basin (which must be Deepening?). If correct, the expansion must be DOWNWARDS, like the Anadarko Basin, or the Basin and Range Province (on average- since the Mountains, like Mt Wheeler, are Rising); this represents a Slice into the Crust, at the Junction of 2 Drainages- an ENLARGING TRENCH! Another such trench, nearby, is the Muddy Sandstone- at the border of the Beaver Dam Mountains:
Muddy Basin has a "Hole" at the scarp of the BDM, with seeps from the Compaction of the Subsurface (with settling):
These Deep Trenches- expanding downward, while filling with Erosional Sediments- must be explored separately from the Lateral Movements of the PVM and BDM!
Calculated AGE from the Polygon Measurements is 10 m.y., compared to Miocene in the Literature! This 6 km Deep Trench has been rapidly filled with debris from the Beaver Dam UPLIFT, and is thought to be one of the deepest onland (Marianas Trench is 10 km deep, in the Pacific):
Beaver Dam Mountains ACCESS:

 This large a shift- with HEAT of Vulcanism- hints at Jupiter- with an associated Asteroid!
DIAGRAM of the Asteroid belt, lying between Mars and Jupiter (the Lagest Planet in the Solar System- being 25 x all other together:
ASTEROID- Artists Rendition:
Asteroids in a TRIANGULAR Relation are called Trojans or Greeks (Hilda- if Opposite Jupiter)- creating HEAT, when they are "Gravitationally Locked in space":
Above Hilda is Positioned across from Jupiter, by Gravitational Locking!
 Stay tuned!
 Below are some outcrops on North and South sides of the PVM Intrusion:
Basalt is atop the Claron formation of Eocene AGE, and the NE-SW trend is a FORERUNNER to PVM!
Pine Valley basalt outcrop: 
Measuring the Orientation of the younger Virgin Anticline vs that of PVM will determine the Rotation, or ANGULAR DIFFERENCE for the 10 to 20 million year Interval:
Rotation on the Large Scale is near 2 degrees, and this is very SUBJECTIVE!
PVM is "Ripping" according to the NE-SW weaknesses, and  this is superceded by the N-S  Basin and Range Orientations of the Miocene!

Canyon with POLYGONS (Scarp Rectangles):

Jurassic Sandstone, from DUNAL DEPOSITS, is hard and Brittle- consequently susceptible to SHEAR more than compression or expansion!
Red Mountain, by the Virgin River, is a KICK-UP of Jn, from a Left Turn of the Virgin ANTICLINE, creating the Leeds VOLCANO- which is the FOCUS of the HEAT produced by Shearing (Friction) as the turn is made by GRAVITATION (by  Adjacent movement Concentric with the Earth's ORBIT):
Above sandstone exhibits 2 "Jerks", which indicates 2 HEAT PRODUCING rotations- the Older being that with the Largest Diameter (one to the Right)! Time Interval between them can be Calculated with: T= (Separation in km)/{Tidal Rate= approximately 17.48 km per m.y.} for North. Estimated separation of 1.748 km yields 100,000 years. 100 k.y. is the INTERVAL between the Older eruption (60,000 years) and the Next! What can cause this 40-45 degree shift? Stink and Discolored Sediments are seen in the accompanying Photo (Dark Protrusion lying behind the Virgin Anicline in the Left Center):
Leeds Volcano can be hiked from the Purgatory Gravel Road, starting at Leeds, UT road north on I-15 feeder, about 3 km. This road continues to the Virgin River, but the Volcano lies on the right side of the road after driving about 8 miles from I-15!
Calculating the TIME INTERVAL of Red Hill and Leeds Volcano "JERKS":
Interval is 24,900 years, near the PRECESSIONAL CYCLE of the Earth (23.5 to 25 k.y.), which determines the Movement of the EQUINOX in its Precession!
Compare to the Dead Sea RIFT, which is the LOWEST ELEVATION on Earth:
Petra, Jordan:
Big PIcture:
DETAILS of Fracture Shift:

To be continued, to find the Impetus for these 45 degree Shifts!


Harold Overton said...

Hikers can view the Movement Northward, by climbing into the GAP, between the 2 Protrusions! You will walk on a Flat Surface (not level), and the TIDAL EXTENSION may be Measured! One meter, or 1000 mm, reflects the Difference between the Older and the Younger TIDAL RATES (.01 mm/year yields 100,000 years for the Older!). Illustration- NOT ACCURATE, must be Measured!

Harold Overton said...

Comparison with Musical SEVENTH is apt, and I will analyze the "Chatter of the Earth" with Math! Both chatter and jerk are TRIG functions (one is a Derivitive of the other), and are Exemplified by MIMA MOUNDS- which occur in the Jn Outcrops (photo shown in the blog, above)!