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FULL MOON on 26 October, 2015 produced a 7.5 Magnitude QUAKE, in concert with the Trio of Planets at Opposition to the Moon, but in CONJUNCTION with Earth-Jupiter, Mars, and Venus occupying a CLOSE Ecliptic position to create the Attraction.

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A powerful earthquake struck a remote area of northeastern Afghanistan on Monday, shaking the capital Kabul and neighboring Pakistan. The death toll, which rose to nearly 200 across the two nations, is expected to continue  as rescue crews began to dig out survivors. Shockwaves were felt in northern India and in Pakistan’s capital, where hundreds of people ran out of buildings as the ground rolled beneath them, which lasted at least one minute. The United States Geological Survey said the epicenter of the 7.5-magnitude earthquake was in the far northern province of Badakhshan. It said the epicenter was 130 miles deep and 45 miles south of Fayzabad. Power was cut across much of the Afghan capital, where tremors were felt for around 45 seconds. Officials in the capital could not be immediately reached as telephones appeared to be cut across the country.
Afghanistan History of RECENT QUAKES:
Above DIAGRAM allow a "line of Quakes" to be formed as a REFERENCE!
Searching Quakes, I found 11Dec/2005 had a 6.7 Magnitude, 36.28N 71.11E:
10,000 km from above, is shown below in the Atlantic:
Intersection of 10,000 km Lines is the Location of HIGH PROBABILITY for the next Quake:
Yesterday: 8 Feb/2016, the Moon was New, and today the View begins to ENLARGE!
 Expect that the Volcanoes will subside, as well as the Magnitude of all those "Pesky Quakes" of the last week! There will be at least a week of RESPITE before the Full Moon of 23 February 

 How so, when our Moon merely creates "microcracks" in the Uplifts of the Earth? Microcracks- regardless of their narrowness- are the OPENINGS (Fractures) which allow other Solar Bodies to Attract portions and Laterally "slide" our Crust via Movements along their Orbiting Planes (which may be Parallel- with Shear, in Conjunction (for Uplift) and in Opposition to (creating SINKING) Planets! The New Moon is in conjunction with our Sun, while the FULL MOON is in opposition to our Ubiquitous Sun! 
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Three Rules of Thermodynamics:
A. You can't win; 
B. You can't break even; and,
C. You can't "get out of the Game"!
This KILLER QUAKE occurred at the FULL MOON, of 26 October/2015, in Conjunction with an Occurrence of 3 NEARBY PLANETS- Jupiter, Mars, and Venus (all moving ADJACENT to Earth's Orbit along the ECLIPTIC PLANE-nearly, since there is always an Inclination Angle placing their Orbital Planes away from the Ecliptic):

It just occurred to me Today- that the Separation of Quakes and Volcanoes, by 10,000 km, forms a side of an Equilateral TRIANGLE- where LaGrange has shown (Mathematically) that one side, or Transform fault (Jerking Laterally) exists Oppositely to a HEAT SOURCE (from Gravitational "Locking" of mass at a particular Latitude)! Friction with the "outside"- moving with EARTH TIDES- creates the HEAT of Vulcanism! Triangle may be considered a plate- to allow the Geologists to "SAVE FACE"!
Other Question: "How can we be sure of all this? There are 4 Bodies involved- you're hiding behind several features!
ANSWER: "Moon is in OPPOSITION to the Sun, and this creates OPENINGS (Fractures) in the Crust, while the Planets create SHEAR along the augmented openings! All 4 Bodies are NECESSARY, for this rare event with a 6 years' CYCLE!

I predicted this EVENT 22/Oct/2015, in TIME, but not in Location! According to the UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE: "You can determine one of Location and Time, but Not both!"
 November 11 will exhibit a NEW MOON, and this will yield a Conjunction of Sun, Moon, 2 Planets at an Oblique Angle (Shearing, but not Parallel as on Oct 26). This can be seen with the angle made on Slickensides- where the Main component is Downward, with one to the right- yielding a Vector like \.
 A good example can be seen at the Hurricane Fault, Hf, on Hiway Utah 9, at the Laverkin switchbacks above town (to the east), where silicated faces on Limestone Outcrops have slice Marks on them! 
SLICKENSIDES are slick on a side, are usually of Silicates (even though the Host rock may be Limestone-CaCO3), and have formed due to solution of silica with Pressure, then precipitation after stress is released! Temperature increases with the abrasion, and it contributes also.
Slicks, from Mendocino, compared to loose slats- found on Whidbey Beaches:

Let's take a case CLOSER to home: PVM at St. George, Utah- where the Orientation is NE to SW (youngest). Finding that the Southern California Garlock and other FAULT SYSTEMS form a boundary, stretch a LINE from the Tentative Boundary 800 km to the NE. This is shown as an extension of the Pine Valley Mountains:
Southern California Mountains:
Above relation shows that the ORIENTATION of PVM is that of the Southern California FAULT SYSTEM! Consequently, an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE of 800 km on a side will show a Source of Heat (Vulcanism)!
EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE is 800 km on a side (in Red), and AGE= 36.5 m.y. for Mt. Shasta  Heat Source.   PVM  heat source is related to the Seamounts shown offshore CA (Literature yields early Tertiary , or near 50 m.y.). Mt Shasta has .393 m.y. Andesites (Crustal Recycle).
Above 800 km Line  was re-run:
PVM is so wide, relative to the NE-SW orientation, that accuracy is reduced!
best portrayal is from Seamount Transforms.
Above shows the POSSIBLE ERROR!
Quakes from the Literature, with Date, Year, Magnitude, and Coordinates:
1. December 11/2005; (6.7); reported 12 Dec: 36.28N 71.11E (6.5);
2. March 26/2008 (5.0);
3. June 11.2012 (5.4M) Sayi Hazara, 100 dead, coordinates: 37.952222N 72.137778E
Sayi Hazara Quake to Intersection: 270 km/224 degrees for the 5.4M Quake:
It appears that the Lines of Transforms must be Normalized for Magnitude; use Only those within the Same Magnitude (within 1 Magnitude variation)!
Chile 6.8M Quake of November/2015:
BIG PICTURE OF 10,000 km to Tonga Trench:
TRANSFORMS nearby Chile 6.8 November 7/2015 Quake:
Antofagasta, Chile DETAILS:
November 11/2015 Quake, 6.8M:
Scarp formed, with down-to-the-sea DROP:
LONG and a small (onland equivalent to an Oceanic Tsunami) SCARP:
As PREDICTED for November 11/2015, there has occurred on the 10th, a Quake and Tsunami at Antofagasta, Chile: 22.2306S 68.705W at a Depth of 112.54 km, at 17:48:22 UTC!
 This 5.7M is not the one predicted, and we will watch for one Tomorrow.  

Pink line at Green line is More than the 10,000 km distance from the TONGA TRENCH replot:

New Moon today, but if you can't see it- that's because it's in front of our Sun! November 11/2015 is Veterans' Day and has the Sun and Moon "INLINE"!
Today, we had a Chile 6.8M quake Offshore, and I am waiting for the small Tsunami to arrive at Hilo, Hawaii. This was predicted LAST WEEK, from the expected Vertical Scarp or Sink in the ocean floor (creating a drop of the sea bottom-Tsunami! I will transfer all this- along with USGS announcements on: 

Our Moon in its Quartered configuration will approach 3 Planets in the Eastern Sky from 6 to 7 November/2015. All of these will be moving close to the Ecliptic Plane (within 5.145 degrees Inclination for the Moon- the greatest Angle of the 4), and this is the ADJACENT SHEARING mode, where they all are moving almost Parallel to the Earth's Orbital Path along the Ecliptic! This is all in the 2nd Dimension, where the distance to the 4 is not considered (3D). When the Gravitational attraction is changed to a Shearing Mode, Earth is Sheared in an ARCUATE configuration- according to the Mass/d Squared-Tripled? Magnitude. Moon has much the smaller mass, but its separation from Earth is only 384,400 kilometers (Mean distance in its Monthly Orbit), and it is Dominant in this action! Look for VERTICAL changes on Earth vs the Horizontal ones of the Full Moon (Rock fall, Scarps, and Tsunamis)! This Case has little extension of the Earth's Crust (the approach to the New Moon), and because of this fact, whatever vertical Catastrophe occurs will be MINOR! New Moon of 11 November/2015 will have the greatest chance of a Tsunami, or Scarp Formation ("Jerk")!

6.8-magnitude quake hits off Solomon Islands, USGS says

Fissure near Lysite, Wyoming presents another case, related to Lunar Tides- where our Moon initiates the microcracks, and is augmented by other features to be determined:
Fissure of Lysite, Wyoming- called The Crack- is expanding since September/2015, and has the following CHARACTERISTICS:
1. It is ARCUATE, WIDEST in the middle;
2. Widest part crosses a Valley, or SLICE; 
3. Fissure extends more at the narrow ends;
4. Crack both WIDENS and DEEPENS with time;
5. Segments SLUMP at the rims, and DROP in the center of it, and,
6. Sedimentary formations have Grey ash or Silt near the surface.

Entire feature appears to be forming a CIRCULAR HOLE- which will become a SINKHOLE in time! This is a classic HOLE with a SLICE in the making. What is the Impetus for this Sinking (Down) and Shearing (left to right)? These are both SPREADING FRACTURES and Sinking of mass! The Full Moon creates Straight-line fractures over a long distance, in a LONG TIME, as does the Sun- in an E-WEST orientation.
 This is a LOCAL FEATURE, seeing the 100 meter scale, and the Moon may initiate microcracks- but they must be Augmented by small Solar bodies, such as Asteroids! Water augments the movement, but is not the originator; withdrawal of Oil and Gas should be assessed. Alignment of several sinks will assist in the analysis!

Significant QUAKES are those bove 6.5M, in my system, and the December 7/2015 Tajikistan 7.2m is IMPORTANT!
 NEW MOON occurs on 11 Dec, and this is in the ADJACENT SHEARING mode- where Movement occurs along a Transform. The PRECISE Compass Direction along the transform- continued for 10,000 km (Quarter of a turn, or 90 degrees/360) should yield a Volcano, since Lateral is ORTHOGONAL to Vertical! Try this on Google Earth!
Is Man fowling his own Nest? Cattle- heading for the slaughter, even when in a large range, pollute their waterholes! What can you do to offset the INCREASING TEMPERATURES, Ozone Hole formation, RISING SEA LEVEL, WEATHER Extremes, and Anxiety caused by these FEATURES?
1. Walk, or ride a bicycle;
2. Raise a Garden, and exercise- while eating less;
3. Use labor-intensive activities, NOT labor-saving devices;
4. Recycle, REUSE, Revamp, and RELAX;
5. Develop HAND-SKILLS- Crafts; and,
6. Look to yourself for SOLUTIONS!

Earth Sky presents a Bulletin- showing that Saturn is now near our Moon in the evening sky, at Sunset:
 Full Moon wil occur on 25th November, in the Evening, and Saturn will Not have changed its position significantly (29 year Orbit), in the next few days. Both, in the evening, are in Opposition to our Sun- causing Extension on Earth (microcracks). 
 Opposite sky (dawn) has 3 Planets orbiting Laterally to Earth's annual path These are near the Ecliptic Plane- being removed by their Inclination Angles, all less than that for our Moon (5.145 degrees). Lateral osrbits create SHEAR on Earth via "Slicing" adjacent to its path. 
 Above observations allow determination of the Time (Date) of Quakes on Earth (but Not the location), since:
1. Opposition of Planets to the Sun creates Extension, via Microcracks; this is insufficient for Earthquakes to occur- there must be Attraction;
2. Conjunction of Planets and Sun creates attraction when Moon is Full;
3. Conjunction of Planets, New Moon, and Sun creates Sinking on the opposite side of Earth (caves, sinkholes, and valleys), Vertically, and,
4. Horizontal (Lateral) movement produces Transform faults and Quakes!
Conditions will be right for minor 
Preceding 2 months,  of October to November/2015, has shown good results- predicting Quakes, using the Moon phases and the Close Combination of two or more NEARBY PLANETS!  Our Moon yields attraction, in combination with the Sun- during the FULL MOON- resulting in MICROCRACKS in the Earth's Crust, which, with Planets' MASSES- creates Lateral Transform faults (Slippage in "Jerks" yields Quakes)! New MOON results in extra attraction- to form SINKS (Valleys, sinkholes, and depressions) on the Opposite side of Earth from the Sun! New Moon occurs 11 December/2015; look for Vertical movements then (90 degrees from Lateral, ORTHOGONAL). Follow: and

Investigating the KELUD, East Java Volcano:
Above is the Kelud location, near Malang, Jave, and below shows the 10Kkm line to Africa:

ANOMALY occurs at the Red Sea entrance- yielding a LaGrange TRIANGLE crosssing, above, and first trial below:

January 2/2016 is the Date of CLOSEST Approach to our Sun; I have viewed the Upper Limb from my AZ home-along a flat Mesa top- to determine when it was furthest South (perihelion), and the date varies (2-10 Jan, for the years 1990-94), because of Refraction and changes of its Orbit!
Conclusion: Angles PRECESS, Earth moves further from our Sun Yearly, and there is a noticeable WOBBLE (41,000 year, by Milankovitch; 40 ky by me)! Harmonic is 40 m.y. Polar Shift and Initiation of the UPLIFT of the Colorado plateau-Cp. 

This image, taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft, is the most detailed view of the moon's far side to date.

Quake near New Zealand: 5.8M, 2Jan/2016- will be used to CATEGORIZE types of Earthquakes:
A. Mass Transfer, e.g. Shift from a Crustal segment which has excessive Mass- this case;
B. Shift along TRANSFORMS- which is seen in Ocean Basins, e.g. Pacific;
C. Storms, Ice melting, Wind, and Sea-level Change cause minor quakes, expected to be < 5M; and
D. Vulcanism- which has Lava spread. 
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Preliminary REPORT on Earthquake and Sinkhole correlations with Planetary data:

No tsunami reports! Limited results for 9 Jan: quake of 5.4M, with Yosemite rockslide, while Jan 3 had 6.7M (6 days prior)- so Saturn is Not a prime mover! Jupiter and Venus (Nov/2015) in close association at 2D yielded BEST RESULTS! Mars is unknown, and I will await the Jan/2016 Landslides data by USGS.
A. Close association in 2D of 2 nearby Planets (Jupiter, Mars, and Venus) have a good Correlation with Violent Quakes- those greater than 6.4M;
B. Violent Quakes have an Association with an Active Volcano 10,000 km Distant- found by continuing their Transform COMPASS ANGLES over that quadrant-Circumference Quarter (90/360= 1/4= 10,000/40,000 km circumference of Earth) which tests Positively for 4 cases;
C. New Moon correlations with Sinks or sinkholes are Not tested sufficiently for confirmation; and
D. Volcanoes have No transform for a guide towards an associated quake- so that searches must be made in at least 4 Quadrants to make this Reverse correlation!

 The RETROGRADE MOVEMENT of our Moon- being a CWise Action, versus CCW for Earth's ROTATION (Not the orbit, although it is CCW also). Consequently, the Moon rises about 50 minutes later each day. Retrograde movement produces SUBDUCTION and Reverse Tides- although Uranus and Venus has this reverse Rotation also (CW)! Part of the Geological History of the Earth requires Reverse Earth Tides- such as the Miocene Basin and Range movements to the East (most obvious of which is Mt. Wheeler on the UT-NV border)! Most Noticeable are the Cascades' Volcanics- which are still ACTIVE- such as Mt. St. Helens during 1980! The one most arduous for me was Lassen Peak in California- which last erupted in 1921, and climbed by me in 1945!
 What does all this have to do with our Moon? The Dive under the West Coast (Starting with Mendocino, CA at 40.459N latitude) exceeds the 3.39 degrees Inclination of Venus and the .77 of Uranus- where the Moon has 5.145 TILT and 28.58 degrees Maximum Libration! Since retrograde movement does NOT occur regularly in the Geologic Record, there is still another SOLAR INFLUENCE necessary! All angles PRECESS in nature, and the Geologic rule: "the present is the key to the past" is Spurious!


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Harold Overton said...

Location may be "Narrowed down" to Seacoasts where there are OBVIOUS TRANSFORMS offshore; they will point to the Line along which Catastrophes occur! Using this Precisely-positioned Line (Compass bearing should be to 3 decimal Places), go 10,000 km to an Anomaly; then Re-starting at that anomaly Fracture (Transform), reverse 10,000 km to find the closer Epicenter or Volcano site!