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There is more to Earth’s Gravitation, than Newtonian Equations! Vulcanism is a Feature which is related to the LaGrange Equation of a Stationary Location for a Mass positioned in space, where there is Equal Gravitational Attraction between Earth, a Hilda Asteroid and Jupiter.

SUMMARY: LaGrange EQUILATERAL TRIANGLES, with 10,000 km Sides, SHEAR LATERALLY along a side, to produce Great Earthquakes (such as Haiti's 2010 Richter 7 Quake with 160,000 dead)! LaGrange Point #1- the Longitudinally Stationary Iceland's Bardarbunga VOLCANO, is the HEAT PRODUCER from Moving Borders at {10,000 (sine60)/86 km per m.y.}= 100.7 m.y. TIME INTERVAL. Both have LATERAL MOVEMENTS, with Basalt rising from Depths no deeper than 30 km. Kilauea is a young Eruption, after the INFLECTION at Maui.

The MOST OBVIOUS Vulcanism occurs at the Hawaiian Islands and Iceland. Searching for the LaGrange EQUILATERAL TRIANGLES yields a start  at the Maui INFLECTIONS:
Maui, HI, exhibits a MULTI-SET of Transforms, indicating that a SHIFT in the Track occurs there! Below is shown the 10,000 km Side of the LaGrange TRIANGLE, from Kilauea to Bardarbunga VENT, Iceland:
Iceland VIEW:
Small ERROR of 9.43 km/10,000 km yields a .1% variation, which is found from the combination of my Measurements and Personal translations!
Viewing the EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE, with 10,000 km Connection of the 2 Eruption spots, yields the Conclusion that BOTH are created by Gravitational FRICTION of a Stationary Location with moving BORDERS!
NEXT 10,000 km Side:
Windward Islands move South-EASTWARD:
These Islands are VOLCANIC on Origin, with recent ERUPTIONS! Although the path is ORTHOGONAL, THE TREND is clearly related to the LaGrange TRIANGLE.
ANOMALIES along the 10,000 km LaGrange TRIANGLE from Kilauea to Bardarbunga:
Cabo St. Lucas
NOTE the Orthogonally-arranged Trench, above, which terminates at the PINK LINE. Cabo St. Lucas also shifts near this Latitude!
Another anomaly exists along the Transform east of Kilauea:
ERROR of the process is shown for the 2 Transforms followed by the 10,000 km-Sided Triangle (50 km/10,000= .5% variation)

ENLARGED, to find a Parallel Feature in the Pacific East of Kilauea:
Major ANOMALY is at a 15 degree ANGLE to the smaller Parallel Feature! A Great SHIFT occurs in the VICINITY, with 2 PERPENDICULAR ORIENTATIONS!
This occurs at the ENLARGED Coast line:

11.11 km Red Line is the TOP of a Faint ELLIPSE, indicating a ROTATION East of Kilauea! Previously, on other Triangle SIDES, there occurred DRAINAGE SHIFTS along the Path; here, the SEAMOUNTS have shifted!
VIEWING the EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE formed by the 10,000 km Lines, from Kilauea to Iceland, and finding the THIRD SIDE:
ANGLES are difficult to Maintain on Google Earth 2D surface, and there is a SIGNIFICANT DIVERSION shown ABOVE! The West Coast of South America, at the base of the ORB, is the indicated third side, and we will MAGNIFY:
 10,000 km line from the SA bulge to Kilauea DOES NOT FIT, and we will return to the Antilles.
Cabo St. Lucas, along the 10,000 km line, exhibits the Tropic of Cancer:
Antilles show the N-S Width of the ANOMALY associated with the 10,000 km-sided TRIANGLE:
10,000 km from Martinique to HI"
Above separation of Martinique (Mt Pelee last 1932 ERUPTION) to Mauna Loa is 9947 km (,5% variation from Triangular SIDE LENGTH). 
BIG PICTURE of the Separation:
ANGLES must be Measured from the Same "Starting Point", since they are distorted on a 2D Earth, for a 3D presentation! Above shows the SUCCESSION of Triangles for the Vulcanism of SIGNIFICANT ERUPTIONS known in Modern Times!
Search for ANOMALIES along the path:
Haiti Quake of 12/Jan/2010 produced 160,000 deaths near the Capitol of Port au Prince:
RED LINE is the Triangular 10,000 km SIDE, which has a 10 km ORTHOGONAL Coastline (NOTICE the "Jerks")! Expect MORE LARGE QUAKES along this Red Line, which is SHEARING LATERALLY, while producing LATERALLY-FORMED VULCANISM at the Iceland Point #1. This shows the CONNECTION of now-quiescent Mauna Loa to the ACTIVE Icelandic Bardurbunga vent!
EXPANDED, to determine the Proximity to the LaGrange 10,000 km Line:
NEXT ANOMALY lies at the CHIXCULUB site, along the 89.6W Meridian- which is 80E of the Natural Prime Meridian, NPR, and 22.4N; the 10,000 km SIDE is the Red Line:
KT Chixculub Location to the Haiti SUPERQUAKE is 1841.59 km. Zero Reference for Quake TIME yields 1841.59/28.775= 64 m.y. I am WORKING BACKWARDS, to arrive at the expected AGE! This would be appropriate, should the Direction of MOVEMENT be to the WSW, and seems INCORRECT! Keep this OBSERVATION in the back pocket!

The CHIXCULUB EVENT is touted by the GEOLOGY CULTURE as a Meteor Strike- causing the Dinosaur Extinction; but it occurred over a TIME PERIOD of several million years, indicating that this was NOT a "STRIKE"! Cycle was that of 64 m.y. in the SERIES: 1024, 256 (PTr Orogeny), 64 (KT), 16 (Columbia Flood Basalts), and 4 m.y. at the Byam Martin opening of the NW Passage! NOTE the "Quartering of the Time Intervals" which correlate with the LIBRATION, or "Rocking of the Moon"!
LaGrange SIDES create TRANSFORMS, Above.
Searching along the North-going Red Line, there are NO ANOMALIES until reaching Great Bear Lake, and then there is ONLY a Parallel indication:
There are NO other ANOMALIES, and the Bardarbunga VENT is moving Northward from the OLDER intersection of the LaGrange TRIANGLE!
Search has found that ANOMALIES are ASSOCIATED  with TRANSFORMS (being Parallel), and this indicates that they occur in RELATION to each other!
A general OBSERVATION: Although Iceland is Longitudinally STABLE, the Vulcanism is moving Northward, while the Hawaiian Extrusions are moving SOUTHWARD (Loihi is the latest- being south of Mauna Loa).

1. VULCANISM is produced by Lateral Shear at Moving Boundaries, along a LaGrange Linear! 16,000 km is the LARGEST (creating almost Stationary CRATONS), while 10,000 produces Lateral SHIFTS! Transforms are created by LATERAL SHEAR.

Saturn, with HEXAGON North Pole, in Atmosphere:

EarthSky presentation of the current El Nino, I am following carefuly- since I lived in the NW and now the SW (both of which are being affected considerably)! This 2 to 7 year Phenomenon has shifted the Precipitation Pattern for both Bangla Desh-India and the desert to the Wet terrain of the USA! This Counter-Clockwise rotation (of both) is separated by 9000 km, and  yields new clues about Global Weather changes- as shown 
 Atmospheric TIDES are similar to Earth Tides, in that the RISING low Pressure systems and cells may be easily seen on the weather channels presented
LO is seen as Rising clouds, since DAMP AIR is lower in Density than dry air; High pressure exhibits open spaces, and cannot be analyzed with your sight!
 NOTE: water has Molecular weight of 18, compared to 29 for 80% nitrogen-dominated air, and addition of water vapor Decreases the weight!
 Weather is Globally-connected, and what happens in one part of the Hemisphere is offset somewhere else! Equator is a DIVIDER, since there is No Coriolis at the exact 0 Latitude, but this boundary oscillates with the INTER-TROPICAL FRONT!

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