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A LaGrange Equilateral Triangle of 10,000 km Side length and 60 degree Corner angles can be placed from Hawaii to Iceland's Bardurbunga active Volcano, and to the Antilles' Martinique 1932 eruption. This Quarter of the Earth's Circumference is the Largest that can be made of the 16,000 km (Craton's fractions in a Hemisphere) on Google Earth, following the 1.6 ratio exhibited there. Considering that the length must be a constant Fraction of the Circumference, and that Iceland's eruptions are moving Northward (while Hawaii's are Moving Southward to Loihi), is there a Shortening in the Pacific Ocean (where Transforms and Depth increases allow lateral Shrinkage), or is the Earth's Diameter Increasing?

SUMMARY: Expansion and Westward Movement of Features on Earth are OFFSET, partially, by Contraction and Eastward movements, elsewhere. Slicing (Laterally) along Transform Faults exhibits movements in both directions, and the Net Movement must be found by the Change of Width of the fault zone. Narrowest part of the Transform is the Youngest end of the Fault. CATASTROPHES are separated by 10,000 km- for Quakes, Transforms at Iceland, Tanguska "Blowdown" and Hawaii TRANSFORMS. This 10,000 km is a Quarter of the Earth's Circumference, and is revealing that GEOMETRY plays a role in placing CATASTROPHES!

Below is the 10,000 km Line from Hawaii's Mauna Loa to the Antilles, which crosses the Haiti 2002 Great Earthquake and the Chixculub KT Extinction Site at 90.6W Longitude:
The LINE, shown in Red, is an ARTIFICIALLY-PRODUCED trace between 2 Volcanic Sites: Antilles and the Big Island of Hawaii. It crosses the Haiti Quake Epicenter, within 10 kilometers:
Notice that the Coastline makes an Orthogonal, 90 degree, "Jerk", which I have found at the Sumatran Krakatoa coast. Lateral Jerks are NOT Necessarily related to Vertical Faulting (normal faults), to Tsunamis, or to Scarps! 
Other Workers are found at the
Offshore Reef is located at 90.6W Longitude, 80E of the Natural Prime Meridian, NPM, at 169.6W. 180/80= 9/4= 2.25 ratio, between 1.88 Mars and 2.5 Jupiter- possibly related to a Trojan "Hilda" Asteroid.
The Gulf of Mexico is Expanding, as is the Atlantic, and the ONLY locale with possible Shrinking along the LaGrange Line is in the Eastern Pacific- where Transforms allow Lateral Shift:
RULE is that the Direction of movement along a Transform is shown by the "Spear, or Arrow" of the Narrowing! Of course, the Opposite side, relatively, is moving in the other direction. Transforms are shown as being Parallel to the RED LINE- which is the LaGrange 10,000 km Side.

ENLARGING, to see whether "BUCKLING" occurs in the Transform itself:
RED LINE shows alternate Rise and Sinking, which is SIMILAR to that of the Basin and Range, NV, where the Ridges SHIFT to the East with Time! This causes Extension for Basins, and VULCANISM in the Valleys, but an Increase of Ranges- BUCKLING- to the East with Time!
Iceland is an Island, where the Latitude is "fixed" by Gravitational LOCKING, with the Island expanding along that Latitude, Laterally:
Transforms oriented towards the island are NUMEROUS- moving N60E from the Northermost MAR E-W transform:
Latest Volcano is Barderbunga, at 64.641N 17.528W Coordinates:
Above Linear slices are assumed to be TRANSFORMS- which are more difficult to trace on Land:
Since Iceland is EXPANDING, the farthest Transform to the West should be the YOUNGEST:
Red lines are 10,000 km separations of Iceland to other CATASTROPHES! Look more closely at the PARALLELOGRAM formed:
Above PARALLELOGRAM is 26 km on a side- which is a DEVIATION of .26%; this is partly my personal ERROR of not following the Transformd precisely, but ignorong that- what are these ALIGNMENTS REVEALING? Look more closely at the Volcano location:
ROCKING of the young Volcano affects the PARALLELOGRAM; does it Jostle a Location 10,000 km Distant? Why does it NOT AFFECT the Hemisphere of 20,000 half Circumference? Stay tuned!

Iceland to Andes Quakes is 10,000 km, to the Chile BORDER:
PATTERN OF 10,000 km LINEARS to Iceland:

Digital Photos show this BUCKLING, for the Santa Clara "Blue Clay", Utah:
Santa Clara "Concreted columns":

Triassic Chinle "Blue Clay":
LOCAL PHOTO of Spring, in Green:

GRAND VIEW to North:
Santa Clara WAVES:
Blue lines show the ANGULAR ORIENTATION of the moving "Blue Clay" from the Center of Emergence (Spring, at Sink, surrounded by the outwardly-moving Waves).
Gravitational INFORMATION from Space.
Jupiter's Great Red Spot, GRS, with a CONJUNCTION of its Europa Moon, changes the LaGrange 4 body to a 5 Body Solution, since the added Gravitational ATTRACTION has shifted the Equilateral Triangle to one with 45 degrees for one Angle! This may account for the Angles shown above! View GRS, Europa, and the Triangle resulting from the Interaction:
Above Photo is INVERTED, but this doesn't affect the View of the Triangle Corner angle change (45 degrees)! Stability is RETAINED, LONGITUDINALLY, and this gives a Hint for the LaGrange Mathematics.
Fractures in Chapel Street trace alnost N-S, 176 degrees, as shown:
ARC of the Blue Clay SCARP does NOT expand to the South, but does encroach to the North- causing some houses to be CONDEMNED!

Google Earth View:
Photo views to the NW, and BUCKLES trend E-W, across the Diameter of the ARC.
A concreted Parking Parking Area allows the Public to visit this EARTH TIDES EXHIBIT!

CYCLING in the North Atlantic is Greater along Meridians:
Buckling does NOT OCCUR at the above 10.6N Latitude, in the Atlantic! Rather the ORTHOGONAL presentation is exhibited- showing that the Atlantic is EXPANDING E-W!

Change of Distance along Latitude Parallels is near 1/10th that along a Meridian! This is NOT VERY ACCURATE, since only one cycle is shown Vertically, as compared to 17 Laterally!

1. Santa Clara Arc is expanding to the North, while remaining Static to the South;
2. Buckling (Compression) is offset by expansion at Springs;
3. Wave Length is Shortest at the view above, and it "Dies out" to the South, and,
4. Wave Length (most Obvious) is near 1 meter!

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