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The South Atlantic Ocean exhibits SPREADING to the South, and is a “HOLE” sliced by the Mid Atlantic Ridge, MAR. This is second in size to the MAR in the Northern Atlantic, where the curvature does NOT ALLOW the analysis of the Larger Spreading Zone! The FEATURE should enable the Figure 8 movements to be correlated with the Hole and Slice Phenomenon.

Above is the smallest, and below is the LARGEST easily viewed Hole,  of Hudson Bay (with James Bay SLICE):

 The SLICE and “HOLE” phenomenon is demonstrated at Quail Lake, Hurricane, UT. The feature derives from an Anticline, formed by Buckling (created by Earth TIDES). Rises of the Earth’s Crust become closer to the Solar masses which created them, and the Anticline SPREADS- opening a Fracture Zone parallel to the Axis. This Fracture continually lengthens, and this is the SLICE. Eventually, erosion and Water movement downhill allows Stream Capture- which forms a CONTINUOUS Water COURSE! Spreading orthogonally creates an ELLIPSE or “HOLE”:

Visualize the above km feature enlarged 10,000 times, and you have the North Atlantic. Below is a Digital Photo, where you are looking NE to the Anticlinal AXIS:

COLOR CODE is as follows: red, for COMPRESSION or Rising; blue for EXTENSION or Sinking; black for FACTUAL Information; Pink for scenarios; yellow for location or OUTCROPS; green for measurement, and white for N-S linears.

 An ANALEMMA- a Sundial's Artificial Figure 8- is the PATH exhibited by the ORBIT of one Solar mass (Body, Planet or Asteroid) around another in an ORBITAL year.
A Figure 8 is shown for the million year formation of a Level Playa, after an UPLIFT in the NV Basin and Range Province:
Cathedral State Park, NV displays a million year AGE lake bed, composed of Bentonitic sediments from nearby EXTRUSIONS, below. Note the Lineament ORIENTATIONS:
Photo above shows a Half  CIRCLE, a start of the Figure 8, requiring more than a million years to complete!
Above is a digital Phito, taken to view the N-S Ridges which ALIGN with the N-S Valley (SLICE). Below is a Closeup, showing the RECTANGULAR display:

The ANALEMMA is exhibited in Rock OUTCROPS, such as the Jurassic Navajo, Jn, sandstone; the RATIO of the 2 Diameters is approximately 2.16 for the Moon/Sun attraction:
From the TOP, North is at the Bottom of the Photo:
Google Earth viewed above, from the NORTH. The west side of the Figure 8 is FULLY-DEVELOPED, and the WEDGE separating it from the east is developing into a Younger RISE, which will become another Figure 8, at Right Angles to the OLDER. These can be studied on a daily basis with SWEATHER CELLS, where the movement in an hour's TIME is Eqivalent to 10 million years:
North is shown at the Top ^ A nearby Figure 8, which is simply two HILLTOPS:
Another HOLE which can be hiked in the Zion NP east Pools Trail. This has the smallest Fracture, with Erosion greatest on the right side:
Larger SCALE shows the Timed DEVELOPMENT of a Figure 8, in one million years of Time (reversing the OLDER original East Tides):
Planet MARS also exhibits the Hole-SLICE phenomenon, But it should NOT display the Figure 8, which pertains to the Sun and Earth's Moon Gravitational influence:

The Mid Atlantic Ridge, MAR (light BLUE), is a DIVIDER between Africa-Europe and North- South America. It SHIFTS DRASTICALLY at the Equator, allowing an ANALYSIS of the differences creating this division:
The EQUATOR is a LINEAR FEATURE, and it separates 2 CONVEX ARCS- which indicate SPREADING or lengthening N-S of the Atlantic Ocean (meaning that the MOVEMENT is toward Iceland)!

Previous VIEW of the Equatorial TRANSFORMS, below, is superseded by the view above:

South Atlantic, below the Equator, exhibits a N-S averaged LINEAR (Meridian) for a division of roughly HALF of the Atlantic (until reaching a Major DEPARTURE between disturbed or Silted ARCS):
The MAR is shown in BLUE, to accentuate the DEPARTURES from a N-S Meridian, above; below is a southern PORTION, where the MAR starts to Jerk LATERALLY, rather than form more NORMAL DEPARTURES:
These TRANSFORMS, their Separations, and the CRITICAL COORDINATES are the result of EARTH TIDES, which derive from SOLAR MASSES attracting portions of the Earth's CRUST during their Inclinations from the ECLIPTIC PLANE. N-S Meridianial changes occur due to Moons, while others result from the Sun and Planets, planetoids, and ASTEROIDS:
The Northern portion indicates that a RISE occurs at Ascension Island, for an ANOMALOUS EXTRUSION. This is south of the Equator, and combines EXTENSION and Consequent VULCANISM:
LOOK at the Lateral Figure formed by the MAR; it is a presently-forming Figure 8:
Anomalies in the South Atlantic, forming a Figure 8, are subtle and SUBJECTIVE; they indicate INFLUENCE by ASTEROIDS, by the measured similarities to inclinations between Mars and Jupiter:
ENLARGED; look at the portion Containing NO Transforms, for a measured Figure 8 (showing the LOWER Termination missing!):
Above shows 2 trials, to determine which Measurements"FIT" the Solar Bodies DATA (other than Moons).
The GREY siltation ARCS are due to DISTURBANCE, where there is ANOMALOUS Lateral movement or RISE (Continental Shelves exhibit this SILTATION also):
The OUTLINE of a SINK, which encompasses 2 Polar Shift CYCLES (80 m.y. for two 400 km shifts of the Poles, e.g. Lomonotov to Gakkel Ridges), is shown below:
Above, the DIRECTION of Movement is to the East, for the Divider Direction (Convex to east, follows the RULE that Tides move in the CONVEX DIRECTION). Convexities above and below this divider indicate movement to the West- which is the case for SPREADING!
Notice that St. Helena and Asencion Islands occur along Significant TRANSFORMS:

Apparently, EXTRUSIONS occur where there is a Combination of a TRANSFORM and a "JERK", or change of Earth's Acceleration, d(acceleration= dv/dt)/dt, such as would occur with a SEAMOUNT:
The "BIG Picture"of the South Atlantic Ocean has a FIGURE 8 from Coast to Coast, with the TRANSFORMS showing the Divider. This, subjected to Mathematical analysis yields a RATIO of the Diameters of 1.101, which is the aphelion/perihelion RATIO of the Ellipse of Jupiter!
Above ANALYSIS must be checked independantly, with a LARGE VIEW:
Look at the LARGER VIEW of the MAR, for Both the North and South Atlantic:
Atlantic Ocean, above, shows that the Upper portion of the Figure 8 is TILTED down to the west; the SLICE occurs in the Lower (south) part for this 5058km/29.22 km per m.y.= 173.1 m.y. Feature, where the Binary numbers yield (128 + 32m.y. + 8 + 2 + .5+ .125+ .0312+ .0078+ .00195)= 170.665, for 1.5% difference:
This may be visualized by noting that the Atlantic, plus the Ball of Africa, is similar to a "KEYHOLE", where it forms a Figure 8!

A Check against these CALCULATIONS may be made by using the OBSERVATION that the largest WESTWARD SHIFT of the MAR is seen at 1.2S Latitude, in the Atlantic. This indicates that there is a division of the Earth at 91.2/88.8= 1.027. The Binary Theorem uses 1.024 as a BASE, and this indicates the .3% error of this appraisal! The MAR at 1.2S is shown below:

The Red Sea exhibits a 60 degrees VARIATION from E-W, and this by Trigonometry requires that the {Latitudinal distance}/(.866) be used to find the Polar distance. Above photo shows that the CALCULATION yields 10,000km, as contrasted to 10,133 km for the N-S Meridian at the MAR, or 1.3% variation (the ERROR of my use of 18.98 Divider at the N30W Corner!
Red  Sea is a DIVIDER between the Libyan desert and Arabia, calcilating 2.19 for the Ratio of DIAMETERS, which may be the Ratio of Moom/Sun, calculating 2.16 from 5 other CASES:
Detail shows the LgGrange TRIANGLE:

This finding that the Crust of the Earth has a Division at 1.2S Latitude Strongly indicates that there is MORE MASS in the Southern Hemisphere! Though most of the Continents occur in the Norther Hemisphere, they have a lower Density than Oceanic Crust! This mal-distribution is PROBABLY the reason for the Australian Complex shoving to the North (in order to offset the INSTABILITY deriving from excessive Mass in the South). 
Considering that the Binary BASE= 1.024, solving the EQUATION: {90+ x}/90- x)= 1.024, yields x= 2.16/2.024= 1.06719368 and NOT 1.2 degrees! I have generally found a SIMILAR RESULT- that the BT is useful for quick results and for easily rememered Math; BUT it always has a small error, or glitch- such as the loss of part of the Figure 8. Google Earth yields an Excellent CHECK upon a Beautiful Theory!
The ELLIPTICITY of Jupiter is .06487, which in EQUATION form is: Focal Distance/Major axis length. This is .06487 for the Ellipticity from the Literature x (9.681-5.885) km, the Maximum- Minimum distance from Earth= 3.796 x 10exp8 km. This is multiplied by the Ellipticity .06487= 2.462 x 10exp7 km, to be compared to the Major AXIS of Jupiter= 7.7867 x 10exp8 x2, which is altogether is .0158. After subtracting 1.0 from the measured 1.06719= .06719 or approximately 4x the Jupiter calculation of .0158! This FACTOR of 4x makes it appear that this is on the RIGHT TRACK, according to the Binary Relationship of 1, 4, 16, 64, etc.
Other Literature citations use 1/16th for jupiter's Ellipticity, .0489 (NASA), and 1/21. These are widely varying, and I will have to use INPUT from Google Earth!

ICELAND is an Island which is located at CRITICAL Coordinates (65.4N for the SW corner, and 24.6W Longitude), remaining Astraddle of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, while enlarging with VULCANISM.
 Historically, Iceland has experienced Eruptions in the Mid to Western Half, developing "TITS" at the NW, SW, and NE. It is currently active, with Bardarbunga extrusions (64.641N 17.528W Longitude). These extensions are SIMILAR, on a reduced Scale to the North American ORB, with Alaska, Mexico, Newfoundland, and Florida (youngest) protruding outwardly with Time. The references for the Critical Coordinates are Mendocino, CA at 40.4N Latitude (difference of 25 degrees, or 3.6 Ratio, 1/100th of a circle), and the Prime Natural Meridian at 169.6W Longitude, or 145E of it (360/145= 29/72= 1/2.48275). 2.494 degrees is the Inclination of Saturn, and 2.5 is the Ratio of Jupiter's Mass to all other Solar Planets and Asteroids, and should be considered a Key Gravitational Feature! 
 The Orientation of Fractures, producing extrusions, is a CLUE to the Extension of the Various Tits, and this can be viewed on Google Earth:

An EQUILATERAL Triangle may be Measured, using the Red Sea at a 60 degree angle to the North Pole, the MAR at 1.2S Latitude, and the North Pole, which has an eastern side length of 10,000 km (quarter of the circumference), and the western line protrudes through Iceland, which remains centered, and Stationary with Time! Case Histories indicate that Jupiter and Venus are the Dominant influences on the EXTENSION of the Atlantic, as shown by the Inflections on the MAR. It is expectd that the Hilda Asteroids inflict a similar triangle of Gravitational Attraction towards Earth, in conjunction with Jupiter.

The Scenario is that the Mid-Atlantic ridge is formed by the Paucity of Mass noticed in the Orbiting Asteroids (on the side opposite the Sun from Jupiter). More succinctly, the Atlantic is expanding westerly, while deepening its Hole! MAR is the SLICE, through the Elliptical Hole.
MAR Below must be RECONCILED with N-S Meridians:

Returning to the Tonga TRENCH:
The drive of the Tonga TRENCH indicates that the ORIENTATION is near 12 degrees (10 to one Multiplier) from N-S as shown in the following Google Earth view, BUT the Trench is ARCUATE, and the angle Precesses with Time. NOTE that ALL  Angles PRECESS, in the Solar System, and should you watch the weather LINK, you will see the SPIRALLING- indicating angle change, on a hemispheric SCALEhttp://www.goes.noaa.gov/index.html

Searching for the Usual Figure 8:
The INFLECTION in the Figure 8 is seen above, and the Mars Divider is shown below:

Viewing the Half distance from the Red Sea to the MAR (8000/2= 4000km), the SLICE is seen as a SINK with a Figure 8 distorted in the Grand Erg Western desert:
The GREEN LINE divides the SINK into a half Figure 8 at the top, and a set of CONCENTRIC arcs at the bottom. I have made an ERROR, and the Figure 8 with 1.81 ratio is shown below; the Mars 1.88 years ORBIT is pertinent:
 Above SINK-SLICE is Not the dominant case; it would be the Qattara Depression shown below:
DETAILS show the Figure 8 for Qattara:
The RATIO relates to 3.4 degree InclinationVenus.

Whereas the Moon and the Sun are the DOMINANT Agents for the SHRINKING Pacific, Jupiter and RETROGRADE Venus create the ANOMALOUS Atlantic SPREADING (containing the E-W EXTENDING MAR)!
Venus Transit across the Sun:

Analysis of the Entire Atlantic Ocean Basin makes use of the FOLLOWING OBSERVATIONS:
1. The West Coast of Africa is PARALLEL to the MAR in the southern portion (ignoring minor SUBSEQUENT events and Curvatures);
2. Southern Atlantic is EXTENDING in both East and West directions, vs moving WESTWARD for the portion north of the Equator;
3. Northern ARC extends from the Red Sea to the MAR, for a DISTANCE of 9644 km, requiring 400 m.y. to form (Africa is Much OLDER than 400 m.y., and this TIME INTERVAL is that since the Spreading started at the West Coast of Africa, roughly 3000 km spread over 400 m.y, which is =7.5 km/m.y., or mm/year):
4. The North portion of the Figure 8 encompasses the Sahara HIGH Desert to the Deep MAR. hence is TILTED DOWN to the west (follow the Blue ARC to the Black ARC- which is the MAR);
5. The SLICE of the southern MAR divides the North  ARC in a 2.206 Ratio of East/West parts (N/U incination= 2.29). You can now see that the ARCS above the Equator form a SINK to the West and a RISE to the East:
This ANALYSIS has incorporated Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus, where U is RETROGRADE and possibly causes the Equatorial TILT at .77 degrees (Uranus Inclination to the Ecliptic Plane) DOWNWARD to the West Movement!
6.  The Atlas Mountains have FORMED  at the NW CORNER with this EXPANSION of Africa, and this will be shown at the end of this submission. Meanwhile, look at the Google View without my scribing:
Now you see that SHEARING OCCURS at the GREY siltation, and that TRANSFORMS (E-W slices) are enclosed by non-shearing sea botton, Notice the occurrence of a HALF ELLIPSE (Horizontally, terminating at the west with a smaller beginning Figure 8-siltation) lying west of the MAR. This is OVERLAIN by an intermediate size circular REGION of Transforms; the LARGER enclosing the smaller is shown below:
Though the upper LARGE TRANSFORM is formed by Jupiter (11.86 ratio is Earth years/Jupiter ORBIT, both dimension-less), the small Figure 8 has the Moon/Sun's ratio of 2.177.  I expect 2.16, and am accumulating data for an AVERAGE (so far it is 2.15 to 2.195)!

How are the 2400 km of The Atlas Mountains, with 5 separate SEGMENTS, connected to the MAR?
The RULE is that the CONVEX ARC shows the direction of movement; it is NW for the arc facing the Atlantic (where a smaller Figure 8 is being formed, in BLUE, at the edge of the Continental SHELF):
Above Partial 8 allows a determination of the Relation of the MAR at the Movements of the NW Coast of Africa:
The RATIO of Separations is 1.86, which is the Inclination of Mars from the Ecliptic Plane. Different SEGMENTS of MAR are effected by different Planets, Planetoids, and Asteroids for the smallest! In this CASE, MAR is scribed by Mars!

The ANALYSIS, using the SLICE and Hole Phenomenon, has been shown for the Continent of Africa. This is as far as can be shown on 2D Earth, since a larger view requires three Dimensions!
There is a method of investigating the Hemisphere, including the BULGE of the South Pacific, but this involves the RISE accompanying Extrusions (Volcanic Islands), and is shown by the PEAR-SHAPED EARTH, but first we can look at the boundary of Africa and Europe:
I have selected a Measurement from the Red Sea to the MAR, where it accentuates the INFLECTIONS of both! This line (in Black) is 8000 km in Length, and it is a MULTIPLE of the 800 km fiftieth of the Earth's CIRCUMFERENCE. The Blue line is the Northern BOUNDARY of the Figure 8- which is separated from the South portion by the Equator. The South Atlantic is the smaller "HOLE", with the N-S Slice, and the North Atlantic is an Arc moving westerly (a WESTWARD-MOVING sink, divided by the MAR- ARCUATE, in broad perspective).
Viewing the Red Sea more closely:
The Red Sea is a DIVIDER, between the two parts of a Figure 8 for the Egyptian/Arabian deserts. The RATIO of Diameters is 1.198, and the INTERVAL TIMES for the 2 parts is shown below:
The ratio for the 2 deserts' diameters is 1.917, near the Moon/Sun RATIO. This pertains to the Red Sea divider, and it appears that the TRANSITION ZONE is wide (with added chance for ERRORS)! The OSCILLATIONS in the Red Sea (Cycles of 23.71 m.y. each- which is 1000 x the Precession of the Equinox) hint at the Sun's cycle of Precession, which I have calculated at 7.2  x  4 segments= 28.8m.y. for the same number of cycles (20% difference). This is mixing the Sun and Moon cycles, and it appears that the Sun determines the CYCLES of the Moon!

What have we found here? 
1. The second LARGEST FEATURE on Earth is a Continent, and this occurs as a Figure 8, for the Africa-Atlantic Ocean DUO;
2. The South half of the Figure 8 is smaller than the North HALF, and the Ratio of the two parts is less than 2.0;
3. The North part creates the Atlas Mountains, where Acceleration, dv/dt, "Kicks Up" the Ranges, much like your Auto kicks up Gravel to the right when you suddenly Accelerate to the Left (informing me that Rotation is CCW, to the Left);
4. South America, at north Chile, in the Southern HEMISPHERE, moves similarly (note the CRITICAL COORDINATES),
 and North America does, at Baja Norte, 
This region is ANOMALOUS to Santa Barbara- the TRANSFORM from Hawaii transits here:
Inflection shown below is MOST LIKELY the location of the 800 km long Coastal RANGES and of the ACCELERATION of the Tidal RATE to produce the "kickup" of the Mountains (similar to the Atlas Range):
DOUBT is produced by the many anomalies in this region of Inflections, Transforms, and Faulting! I expected that the critical 30N latitude would occur, but it is almost 500 km to the south.

Europe at Poland, 

BUT Australia, at its SW corner, 
is Much MORE Exaggerated! I will determine the Dominant FACTOR; and
5. There is SHEARING-EXTENSION on both sides of the northern ARC, and this REQUIRES that Movement west of MAR be faster than that to the East (but still westward), and that the Red Sea be moving Eastward, compared to Africa which is moving westward! This "fits" the DIAGRAM of Earth Tide RATES, where the NW corner has 20.48 mm/year, NE has 13.86 mm/year, and 10.24 mm/year for EASTWARD Movements (derived from Trigonometry, with ONLY 3 magnitudes shown per Quadrant- with obvious small ERRORS).
Hawaii-Emperor SEAMOUNT CHAIN:

REFERENCE for Inclination ANGLES from the Ecliptic Plane:
Review of QUAIL Lake, to find SIMILARITIES with the Atlantic Ocean EXPANSION:
1. Overall, the LARGEST Movement of Quail Lake is to the WEST (note the CONVEX arcs on both sides, pointing westward), as is the Atlantic; the South Quadrant, similar to South Atlantic, is SPREADING both to East and West (Reference the "TIT", south of the white LINE);
2. There is a Geologically-determined THRUST FAULT on the NW side of the lake, and slickensides at the Quail Creek Inlet, showing that the Rotation is CW (SINKING);

3. Atop the West Ridge, the Harrisburg BENCH shows a NORTH displacement:
4. The Quail Creek INLET should be similar to the ICELAND split in the MAR trace, yielding GOUGE in the Quail case and EXTRUSION in Iceland formation; this will be pursued in a separate submission!
5. The AGE of the Quail Lake SPREADING is found by: TIME Interval= Width/17.48mm/year= 515m/17.48= 29.46 k.y.(the 40 k.y. Figure 8 is still in progress- PRESENTLY forming).
COMPARE Quail Lake to the HOLE-SLICE for Whidbey Island:
The HOLE is in BLUE, with the SLICE in White:

ENLARGED to find the youngest FEATURE, the 80 k.y. Peninsula:
Digital PHOTOS show a "HOLE" or Kettle SLICED by a N-S Meridian, creating a SLUMP:
Photos were made Oct/2104:
The "Big Picture":
These photos show the UNIVERSALITY of the HOLE-Slice Phenomenon, from a 100 meter CASE to the Atlantic Continental 10,000 x Harmonic; now,
RETURN to the Bulge Analysis:
PEAR-SHAPED EARTH, at the South Pacific:

REFERENCING the Gulf of Mexico and Hudson Bay "HOLES" RATIO:

HUDSON BAY, with RATIO OF 1/1.539 TO the Gulf of Mexico:

NOTE, here is a VISUAL METHOD that you can use to compare EARTH TIDES to Ocean Tides, by watching the coming and going of SALT WATER, as it oscillates at the Beach while you fish for Salmon:
Starting with the Full Moon, where the Moon and Sun are on OPPOSITE Sides of the Earth, note that there are 2 MAXIMUM Ocean TIDES DailyAt FULL Moon time, at 9pm (Moon is completely ROUND, since the exactly opposite Sun shines on it with NO interference from Earth Blockage, except for an Eclipse), the Maximum Moon high tide occurs (called OPPOSITION of Sun and Moon). Within a few hours, the ocean will have advanced to your Beach Position at its Highest Elevation! Time has been allowed for the DELAY in reaching your fishing spot, because of constrictions in the PATH (such as narrow inlets).
12 hours of Elevation CHANGE, from the lowest level, comparing Moon High Tide to Sun High Tide, will effect 2.16 times as much Height change, since this is the RATIO of Moon’s GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION compared to the Sun’s

 This is related to the Mathematical Relation: Force= a Constant x Mass of a Solar Body/(separation distance) squared, and while our Moon is very much smaller than the Sun, it is MUCH CLOSER (150 vs .3844 x 10exp+6 km, with a ratio of one 390th! The square of this MULTIPLE is 152,270, for use with the Newton Equation. Mass of Moon is 7.347673 x10exp22kg; Sun's is 1.989x 10exp30, for a RATIO of 2.707 x 10exp7. Altogether Sun/Moon Mass Ratio/(separation) squared=1.7777 x 10exp2, or 177.77 (which is a 100 multiple of the Inclination of Neptune! The INVERSE is .005625.

(Full Moon occurs on 9 September/2014, above; New Moon at 24 September)
At 9pm, two weeks later there is a New Moon, and the Moon and Sun will be in CONJUNCTION (both on the same side of Earth), and the Combined ATTRACTION will be on the opposite side of the Earth from you. This results in a LOW TIDE, since the earth has pulled inwardly from you. This is called a depression, basin, or SINK (in Earth Tides).
SIMILARLY to Ocean Tides, but much smaller, are EARTH TIDES' movements. These create RISES and SINKS with MAGNITUDES of the LARGE Viscosity RATIO of Rock/water! The resulting magnitudes are near millimeters yearly, for Rock, compared to meters 4 times-daily for water (4 x 365 days x 1000 mm/meter yields a 1,460,960 ratio).
Between Highest and Lowest TIDES for the period between Full and New Moon, the Moon follows a PATH which is somewhat adjacent to the Earth’s, and the result is SHEAR, forming CIRCULAR or Arcuate designs on the Rocks- a Partial Figure 8 (ANALEMMA).
 Tidal oscillations shown on tables are made from Historical RECORDS, since Local INTERFERENCE determines local Tide BEHAVIOR! The case of Key West is selected, September 2014, to avoid the Geometry of Bays, Constrictions, and channels.

 Key West, FL, is surrounded by sea water and has less unknown influence of local GEOMETRY. 

Comparisons are made for 3 situations:
1.     Full Moon, where the Sun and Moon are exerting Maximum ATTRACTION on 9 September;
2.     The LOW of the intervening cycle, between Full and New Moon, exhibited on 17 September; and,
3.     New Moon, where the Sun and Moon have additive Force on the side of Earth facing the 2 bodies, on 23 September/2014.

ANALYSIS finds that:
a. the Full Moon has Maximum Spread of .64 meters, compared to the Sun spread of .54m;
b. New Moon has .43 and .44m Spread, or NO difference between Moon and Sun Sinusoidal Cycle height (base to top);
Above DIAGRAM (Historical Prediction) shows a ratio of .5/.22= 2.273, and a bit high for the expected Earth Tidal Moom/Sun ratio of 2.16! I am solving this feature by trial-and-error, and it calculates between 2.15 and 2.2, by CASE HISTORIES for Sand Mountain, Whidbey Island, and Zion NP!

c. There is a ratio of .44/.23= 1.91, for the New Moon NEIGHBORHOOD spread/midcycle Spread, and this is the ONLY ratio near the expected 2.16 for Moon/Sun!
I can find the RARE 2.0 ratio, with judicious SEARCH, but the tides have many FACTORS influencing their MAGNITUDE!
NOTE, regarding Rock VISCOSITY:
 Rock, such as brittle Granite in the shallow Crust of the Earth, has viscosity (or shearing resistance) of 10exp+10 centipoises, or 10 billion times water, with the reference 1 centipoise. This compares with the number of seconds in a thousand years- which is: 60 sec/minute x 1440 min/day x 365.24 days/yr. x 1000 years = 3.156 x 10exp+10 (close to pi= 3.1416). This TIME INTERVAL is the time noticed for events, such as Mima Mounds, to rise in a noticeable fashion! Mounds, when small, are expected to have significantly less viscosity than Granite, and may rotate and rise on the YEAR SCALE.

Mounds are COMMON, but NOT noticed unless Vegetation is mowed:
Growth of MOUNDS depends upon TIME and Erosion RESISTANCE; below remnant occurs in Paleozoic Rock (which is hard and COMPACTED-TWISTED) at the Virgin's Cedar Pocket at I-15 Park:

Figure 8s are COMMON, and when there is NO Vegetation, they show excellently, as 2 Hilltops:

 Venus exhibits LARGE and small Figure 8s on its SURFACE, below:
Photos from Man's artificial Satellites:
Looking at Venus's North Pole, PATTERNS consist of many Craters, and some are placed in Gravitationally-formed Partial Figure 8s (Analemmas). Note the dark-shaded almost horizontal Figure 8, below, with a RATIO of diameters of approximately 2 to 1! It appears that bombarding masses (questionable Craters) are Gravitationally-placed! We must explore the hint that comets, meteors, and circulating Masses are subject to Kepler's calculated ARCS, to FORM Mathematically-regular Elliptical PATHS:

TIME is an Artifice:

Romance, within a Moonlit Clime, fosters Lovers in our Manmade Time,
 To phrase a salubrious emotional Rhyme, in their ever-so-temporary youthful Prime.
Efforts then, being so Effective, are Timely for the Youth’s Objective;
 But to the Sleuthing Time Detective, the span of time is quite DEFECTIVE!

I perceive that the quaint Timely Interval, nevertheless is quite beneficial;
 It marks the revolution of a Solar Round, which formed a Year- the ancients found!
The Month, the Moon, with one Rotation, gave agriculture a firm Foundation.
 And a day, with an Earthly Orbit, gave daylight (and a working to Absorb it).

Although we can see the Sky’s dimension, Lightening and Mass I must also mention;
 Divulging that there is an Indention- Time, which is simply totally Man’s Invention!
Spaced in the Mind’s eye there are Frames, formed by our Emotions, without Names;
 They long reside there, Nature claims, and they determine our Future Fames!

For the Scientist and his present ilk, time is just a Bolt of Colored Silk;
 It runs through Man, like last week’s Milk, yielding an impression, just a Bilk,
Of fundamental Measures for his Science, Upon which he must place a great Reliance.
 Consequently, for all of his Clients, they must indicate a great Compliance!
                                                                                      Harold L. Overton

Geologists ignoring this, with reference to ASTROLOGY, may continue with the FUTILE use of the PLATE THEORY, but they will remain UNABLE to solve anything with mathematics! Best to swallow their pride, ignore Hotspots and Plate Theory, and UPDATE with Google Earth.

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