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Yosemite NP, CA HALF DOME, at 37.746N 119.5329W Longitude, is a SLICED ELLIPSE of uplifted Cretaceous Granite of 93 m.y. AGE, which has risen and ORIENTED NE-SW. A Maximum ELEVATION of 1444 meters at a RATE of 1.024 millimeters yearly (Uplift minus Erosion) requires 1.41 million years for the present DOME to rise. The Valley SPLITS an Ellipse, oriented NW-SE, of 2.19 diameters RATIO, which indicates the Moon/Sun is the dominant influence.

Yosemite Valley and HALF DOME are LOCATED below, where the entire original dome OUTLINE (formed by Earth Tides) can be seen as an ELLIPSE trending NW-SE (ORTHOGONAL to the remaining half):

NOTE, here is a VISUAL METHOD that you can use to compare EARTH TIDES to Ocean Tides, by watching the coming and going of SALT WATER, as it oscillates at the Beach while you fish for Salmon:
Starting with the Full Moon, where the Moon and Sun are on OPPOSITE Sides of the Earth, note that there are 2 MAXIMUM Ocean TIDES Daily. At FULL Moon time, at 9pm (Moon is completely ROUND, since the oppositely-positioned Sun shines on it with NO interference from Earth Blockage, except for an Eclipse), the Maximum Moon high tide occurs (called Sun and Moon OPPOSITION). Within a few hours, the ocean will have advanced to your Beach Position at its Highest Elevation! Use AVERAGES; Time is allowed for the DELAY in reaching your fishing spot, because of constrictions in the PATH (such as narrow inlets).
12 hours of Elevation CHANGE, from the lowest level, comparing Moon High Tide to Sun High Tide, will effect 2.16 times as much Height change, since this is the RATIO of Moon’s GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION compared to the Sun’s.  This is related to the Mathematical Relation: Force= a Constant x Mass of a Solar Body/(separation distance) squared, and while our Moon is much smaller than the Sun, it is MUCH CLOSER!
At 9pm, two weeks later at New Moon, the Moon and Sun will be at CONJUNCTION (both on the same side of Earth), and the Combined ATTRACTION will be on the opposite side of the Earth from you. This results in a LOW TIDE, since the earth has pulled inwardly from you. This is called a depression, basin, or SINK (in Earth Tides).
(Full Moon occurs on 9 September, above (Maximum Contrast is .50/.25= 2 to 1, for the week); New Moon at 24 Sept.)
SIMILARLY to Ocean Tides, but much smaller, are EARTH TIDES' movements. These create RISES and SINKS with inverse MAGNITUDES of the LARGE Viscosity RATIO of Rock/water! The resulting Rate magnitudes are near millimeters yearly, for Rock, compared to meters 4 times-daily for water (4 x 365 days x 1000 mm/meter yields a 1,460,960 ratio).
Between Highest and Lowest TIDES for the 2 weeks between Full and New Moon, the Moon follows a PATH which is somewhat adjacent to the Earth’s, and the result is SHEAR, forming CIRCULAR or Arcuate designs on the Earth Crust's Rocks- a Partial Figure 8 (ANALEMMA).
 Tidal oscillations shown on tables are made from Historical RECORDS, since Local INTERFERENCE determines local Tide BEHAVIOR! The case of Key West is selected, September 2014, to avoid the Geometry of Bays, Constrictions, and channels.
 Key West, FL, is surrounded by sea water and has less unknown influence of local GEOMETRY. Comparisons are made for 3 situations:
1.     Full Moon, where the Sun and Moon are exerting Maximum ATTRACTION on 9 September;
2.     The LOW of the intervening cycle, between Full and New Moon, exhibited on 17 September; and,
3.     New Moon, where the Sun and Moon have additive Force on the side of Earth facing the 2 bodies, on 23 September/2014.

ANALYSIS finds that:
a. the Full Moon has Maximum Spread of .64 meters, compared to the Sun spread of .54m;
b. New Moon has .43 and .44m Spread, or NO difference between Moon and Sun Sinusoidal Cycle height (base to top);

Yosemite DOME has risen rapidly, since the Granitic COMPOSITION resists EROSION:
The original ELLIPSE of the FULL ELLIPTICAL DOME has been EXTENDED and split, over a TIME INTERVAL of 200 k.y. (a fifth of m.y.), and the various RATIOS of events are approximately 100 to 1 to 1/5, for SCALES of 1000:10:2!  Earth displays 40,000 km (circumference), 4,000 (continents' diameters), and 800 (Colorado Plateau), down to 1 meter OUTCROPS. TIMES are approximately 4 b.y., 1 b.y.(Grand Canyon Great UNCONFORMITY), 500 m.y.(Burgess Shale), 250 m.y. (Appalachian Orogeny), 40 m.y.(Colorado Plateau), 25 (Basin and Range), 16 (Columbia Flood Basalts), 4 (Byam Martin NW Passage), and 1 m.y. for the Mississippi River N-S slice.
CALCULATIONS with the NW-SE extension of the Valley (opening the Yosemite Valley), yields a 200 k.y. TIME INTERVAL for the SPREAD of the Ellipse, to open the valley until NOW! This is NOT the age of the Granite (93 m.y.), the time of the Uplift ( 1 m.y.+), nor the Time interval to initiate the entire process, after deposition! It is twice, or 2 x Milankovitch's ELLIPTICAL CYCLE of 100 k.y. This entails 2 elliptical rotations, and you can see the two facing SE-ward towards Half Dome:
The RATIO of 2.16 for Moon/Sun is still being CATALOGUED! Above the ratio is within 2% at 2.19, for this DIAGONAL for the LINEAR Slice of the Yosemite Valley.

NOTE, regarding Rock VISCOSITY:
 Rock, such as brittle Granite in the shallow Crust of the Earth, has viscosity (or shearing resistance) of 10exp+10 centipoises, or 10 billion times water, with the reference 1 centipoise. This compares with the number of seconds in a thousand years- which is: 60 sec/minute x 1440 min/day x 365.24 days/yr. x 1000 years = 3.156 x 10exp+10 (close to pi= 3.1416). This TIME INTERVAL is the time noticed for events, such as Mima Mounds, to rise in a noticeable fashion! Mounds, when small, are expected to have significantly less viscosity, than Granite, and may rotate and rise on the YEARLY SCALE. Yosemite granite can be expected to exfoliate and spall on the 1000 year scale. The SLICE through Yosemite has taken 200,000 years (more than sufficient to completely shear the original Brittle Granite).
There are SUBTLE Figure 8s, bordering on Imagination, so I make several measurements, to see which ones DUPLICATE:
The Figure 8 is INCOMPLETE, and the nearby FRACTURES help identify the Solar CYCLES responsible (Jupiter's peri/aphelion= 816,002/740,679.8= 1.1017, Pallas Asteroid I= 34.84d):

The MORE GENERAL case of HOLE-Slice, regardless of SCALE, is shown below for the Slice N-S of a Glacial Kettle:

And a Figure 8 DEVELOPMENT on a one million year Time Interval:

TIME is an Artifice:
Romance, within a Moonlit Clime, fosters Lovers in our Manmade Time,
 To phrase a salubrious emotional Rhyme, in their ever-so-temporary youthful Prime.
Efforts then, being so Effective, are Timely for the Youth’s Objective;
 But to the Sleuthing Time Detective, the span of time is quite DEFECTIVE!

I perceive that the quaint Timely Interval, nevertheless is quite beneficial;
 It marks the revolution of a Solar Round, which formed a Year- the ancients found!
The Month, the Moon, with one Rotation, gave agriculture a firm Foundation.
 And a day, with an Earthly Orbit, gave daylight (and a working to Absorb it).

Although we can see the Sky’s dimension, Lightening and Mass I must also mention;
 Divulging that there is an Indention- Time, which is simply totally Man’s Invention!
Spaced in the Mind’s eye there are Frames, formed by our Emotions, without Names;
 They long reside there, Nature claims, and they determine our Future Fames!

For the Scientist and his present ilk, time is just a Bolt of Colored Silk;
 It runs through Man, like last week’s Milk, yielding an impression, just a Bilk,
Of fundamental Measures for his Science, Upon which he must place a great Reliance.
 Consequently, for all of his Clients, they must indicate a great Compliance!
                                                                                      Harold L. Overton

Cool Clear Water, by Bob Nolan, 1936 (of a Man and his Mule)

I rise at Dawn, and stretch and yawn, and carry on, for Water; cool, clear water.
All day I face the barren Waste, without a Taste, of Water- cool water;
Keep a movin’ Dan, don’t you listen to him Dan; he’s a devil not a man, and he’ll stretch the burning sand with water.
Ol’ Dan and I, with throats burned dry, and Souls that cry, for water- cool water!
Oh Dan, can’t you see, that big green tree, with the water running free, and it’s waiting there for you and me?

I ride and sweat, having not yet et, remaining wet (salt water);
But a date palm lunch, and you a Rare bunch- of green Fodder,
Is more than a Mirage, a further barrage, for Dan (Plodder)!
Now I must get a drink, or else you will think I’m a Nodder.

Th' Nights are Cool, and I'm No Fool, but me'n Mule crave Water- cool Water;
Oh Dan, can’t you see that big green tree, with the water running free, and it’s waiting there for you and me? Cool, Clear, Water.
Keep a movin’ Dan, don’t you listen to him Dan; he’s a devil not a man, and he’ll stretch the burning sand with water.
Ol’ Dan and I, with throats burned dry, and Souls that cry, for water- cool, clear water!

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