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Figure 8 CREATION at the INTERSECTION of the Hurricane FAULT and the Virgin RIVER:

The Hurricane Fault, Hf, is an ARCUATE Feature occurring at the edge of the Colorado Plateau, CP; it is one of several Large Faults developing at million year INTERVALS. These are separated by approximately 20 km, and have INFLECTIONS, such that they appear to be related to a Meridian of Longitude. Hf at Hurricane City occurs at 37.2N 113.278W, and is peculiar since it is related to mathematical pi, which is equal 3.1416. Fractures near the Town of Virgin may be HIKED, to visualize the SLOT CANYONS:

360/113.278= .3178= pi/10, within my measurement error! Location slightly Eastward yields the more exact pi: 360 x .31416= 113.098, or .28 Longitudinal degrees Eastward (about 16 kilometers, near Virgin Town).

This Location is related to an ARBITRARY Reference system. It is 56.5E of the Natural Prime Meridian (which does have Physical Value- the RATIO of 360/56.5= 6.372, and will be retained for POSSIBLE Relation to the Moon's 6.68 degrees TILT to its Equatorial Plane: (5% difference):

 The Virgin River exhibits a Partial Figure 8 immediately DOWNSTREAM of Hf:

The Virgin River can be accessed at the CONFLUENCE TRAIL, entering via Center Street, crossing Hiway 9, in Laverkin. The Trail exists at the end of Center Street:

An abandoned power station is shown above and below; it is shown at the Hard Mesozoic OUTCROP as a barrier for the Water Flow, allowing a a PRESSURE HEAD:

The hard rock UPLIFT occurred at an INTERSECTION of two Shearing ARCS, and the SMALLER Virgin Arc eventually SLICED the barrier.
Digital Photos, taken in the Virgin Canyon:
Descending from Center Street, Laverkin, UT Trailhead:
Above is the Trail, bordered by Mesozoic Strata, which have DIP near 5 degrees, which is the Moon's Inclination (5.145 degrees) along a N-S Orientation MERIDIAN. Below is the next encounter- a FAN-SHAPED column of Basalt; this indicates that the Basalt ROTATED since emplacement, about 1 milion years AGO, if the Lava flowed from Ivin Knoll- the OLDEST Volcano in the Series (basalt immediately Lying atop the Sedimentary Rock column indicates the SEQUENCE):

Turning EASTWARD, the Basalt displays an INFLECTION. This divides the ROCK into 2 arcs- which may be used to calculate DIAMETERS of both, the RATIO of which is determined by the Planetary YEARS/Earth year. Mars has 1.88 years, and appears to be the APPROXIMATE RATIO! This cannot be  measured more accurately; below is shown
a Google Earth View:
Digital photo VIEW:

VERTICAL FLAT Scarp can be MEASURED for Angle CHANGE to the next Vertical Scarp, and the change is 72 degrees (a fifth of a CIRCLE, indicating a PENTAGON, HORIZONTALLY):
INFLECTION above is shown on Google Earth:

Hiking further to the EAST, there are  other ANOMALIES:

Above UPLIFT is on the south side of the Virgin River; it BORDERS the  Virgin River DOUBLE-MEANDER, or Partial Figure 8 (known, artificially-created, as an ANALEMMA- a SUNDIAL Representation:
Pah Tempe HOT SPRINGS is nearby, on the EAST side of Hf, the Hurricane fault:
Pah Tempe is CALCULATED to be 3.6 k.y. AGE, with nearby VULCANISM 100x this age!

 This is usually presented for the Moon/Sun RATIO= 2.16:
Continuing, for the UPLIFT:
Above photo shows the CROSSING of the VERTICAL UPLIFT at the Virgin River; this is EXTREMELY HARD ROCK, but it occurs at a CROSSING of 2 SLICES, where the INTERSECTION has accellerated the EROSION of the BARRIER:

Immediately to the NORTH is the OPPOSITE: GOUGE!
The Virgin River exhibits another Partial Figure 8 at the Grand Wash FAULT, about 40 km from Hf:

The FORWARD "S" is REVERSE to normal, since the area is SINKING; this occurs for a CROSS FAULT shown in red (it is younger than the LARGE FAULT to the east):
 Cedar Pocket, above, and I-15 Freeway below:
The SPREAD is shown below, from Google Earth, for the SEPARATION of SUCCEEDING or Preceding VULCANISM, from the YOUNGER CRATER Hill (to the EAST)):
MEASURING from the Hurricane Crater, on the edge of the Virgin River, the SEPARATION is 21km, for a Literature AGE of  100,000 years:
There have occurred 2 ERUPTIONS at Crater Hill, as shown by the DRAINAGES (2 photos above) from the DUO.
Sullivan Knoll digital photo:
Confluence BASALTS derive from the Sullivan Knoll (.25 m.y. youngest), Ash Crater, Radio Tower Mound, and EARLIER- the Ivin Knoll of 1 million years AGE. Use the CEDAR POCKET Rise as a GUIDE to Mounds which are a portion of a Figure 8:
The VERTICAL SHEAR is shown with this small Fault on the I-15 Feeder at the right side, for the Park access:

These Partial Figure 8s are common for River MEANDERS, but they are UNCOMMON for Stationary (BUT precessing) LOCATIONS, and for those DOUBLE MEANDERS which are ALMOST COMPLETE, as is the CASE of the Hf COMPANION:
This set of MEANDERS is ROTATING, since the OUTSIDE LOOPS of  both Bends are ERODING; this creates an EAST MOVEMENT of the river at the TOP MEANDER, and a WEST MOVEMENT for the Bottom Movement. This RESULTS in  a CW Rotation (SINKING)! It is now apparent that EROSION is responsible for the ROTATIONS, and this will be MATHEMATIZED in a succeeding Submission (Trigonometry can be used with the Sine or Cosine FUNCTIONS!).

REVIEW of the N-S REFERENCE, along 169.6W Longitude (Arbitrary for Greenwich, Natural for the Diomedes DIVIDER of the Pacific Ocean). The Pacific is SHRINKING east to west, but ELONGATING (N-S) into the Arctic! Simultaneously, the ATLANTIC is SPREADING E-W to maintain the TOTAL OCEANIC AREA!

FIGURE 8 RELATION to Gulf of Mexico and Hudson Bay:

RATIO 1.539 is close to 1.543, which is DIFFERENCE between 6.68 and 5.145 degrees, for the Moon's difference between the Tilts to the Ecliptic and the Equatorial Planes!

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