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Archipelago Development (portions of ANALEMMA-Figure 8s), with Less than .093 degrees Variation, occurs with the regional ROTATION of Earth's Crust- forming islands in the Shearing, Expanding, and Extension process (as TIME enlarged the ARCS). Is this the case for Mt. Olympus, WA, and the array of islands in Puget Sound to Vancouver Island, Canada?

Beneath the Epidermis

 Layer by layer in the Womb, 
Unwinds the long, long strand of Life
 Passed through Eons of Galactic strife,
Restless cutting as by knife,  
 From what becomes the incubating Tomb!

 The germ from the nurtured vessel passes
Upward, toward the energizing LIGHT,
 With unceasing DIRECTION, not from fright,
Displaying determination versus Might, 
 But against all raw mechanics, yet emerges now at Last.

The Universe ignores it, being of sound mind;
 But Life diffuses through the Veil,
With a plaintive most recognizable Wail,
 Careful to record the book, the Tale
Of Carbonizing, Hydrogenating, the Oxidizing kind!

Alongside this Unfolding germ, there is great Restraint
 Solar bursts, magnetic fields, unyielding heat;
Yet like the sperm, the upward drive, by beat, 
 Continues unrelenting, ne'r to admit defeat
Into the Outer Realm, most free of taint. 

The three realms: Micro, Macro, Mega seem not to care;
 Blissfully ignoring their companions of the State,
They each pursue the drive- their enduring Fate,
 Ionic, not IRONIC, alongside the Newtonian Slate,
Using multi-dimensions for their domain in the lair.

Finally, MAN emerges to lustily declare:
 "Mine is the only way, what else to ask?
The Intellect reveals the vital TASK.
 And we toast this with simultaneous cask
Of self-imposed delusion, that we care!

What is the GOAL of the relentless germ?
 It has avoided the pitfalls of the realm-
The Black Holes, the staggering losses at the Helm
 And similar to the Oak tree and the lofty Elm,
Continues on its way, boring deeply like the worm!

On top of all this, sits the Man
 Who can be undone by dust or lint,
Whose INTELLECT betrays the hint
 That lowly bacteria without relent
Will finally witness the overcoming Ban!
                    Harold L. Overton

Above Google Earth photo has a PINK Arc, selected from Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, Vancouver Island,and  continued along the border of Lakes, Bays, and Features I have photoed and HIKED on Whidbey Island, to determine ARCUATE shear of cliffs, beach sediments, and valleys. Below, this is shown again, to NOTE the contrast between the Olympic ROTATION and the older arcs shown on the Continental SHELF (32 vs 9.8 m.y. a 3.3 to 1 ratio):


Although the PRESENTATION is somewhat SUBJECTIVE, the ratios and waterways are CORRECT, and indicate that the Eocene to Miocene field measurements made by Geologists are not violated. Age 19 m.y. sandstones have been catalogued- which are the youngest rocks found! Oldest found in the FIELD above the basement are Eocene, near 32 m.y. and the Olympics are considered Post-Eocene. 
This movement to the East, called SUBDUCTION by the Geological nomenclature, transpired as EASTWARD Earth TIDES shoved near shore sediments on top of older rocks. The line of Cascade Volcanoes occurs N-S, indicating that the Moon's selective GRAVITATIONAL SHOVE dominates the Sun's 7.2 degree TILT Cycle of W-East movement along Latitude Parallels (the Moon operates Meridianally, the Sun along Latitude parallels, and lesser gravitational entities along DIAGONALS, according to their Inclinations above the Ecliptic Plane). The result is a gradual movement to the ENE, as shown by drainage patterns on the west side of Mt. Olympus:

What is the PRACTICAL SIGNIFICANCE of all this? The 7.2 degree TILT axis angle of rotation for the Sun is indicated, but NOT its Cycle Precessional Time (which is near 80 m.y.)! This makes the analysis of the 3 segments shown south of Mendocino, CA, correct for all SEGMENTS south of the SUBDUCTION zone for the N-S Cascades, but INCORRECT for the segment including Mt. Olympus! Why? Because the Moon effects Meridianal changes; and with the Sun, the changes occur along Parallels of Latitude. Calculations for the above segment indicate a 130 m.y. time interval- which would be the Cretaceous Maximum Temperature interval. Since we are now entering an accelerated "Warming cycle", this N-S exhibit of Cascades indicates that the START of the next NATURAL warming cycle is at hand!
  Another CONCLUSION from this is that the Sun and Moon have approximate EQUAL INFLUENCE in the mid-latitudes, but not for the 40.44 to 47.64N Latitudes (of the Cascades). Why? Because the Sun cannot directly (overhead) attract the Crustal portions above the Tropic of Cancer at 23.439N Latitude! This zone of 800 km, a N-S 7.2 degree segment, calculates a longer TIME INTERVAL than the 3 segments from Mendocino to Loihi Volcano (the latest, at 400,000 years incipience). The long ERUPTION SEQUENCE of Kilauea and South Hawaii can be a RESULT of the sharp turn to the west to produce Loihi and current ERUPTIONS!

MEASUREMENTS from Whidbey Island to the FOCUS at Mt. Olympus yield almost 10 m.y. for the ARCS expanding around this Mt. Olympus RISE to produce the Archipelago of Vancouver Island to the islands in Puget Sound. This compares with the INITIATION of the Mt. Olympus rise at 32 m.y. that is noticed in sedimentary sandstones at 19 m.y. AGE. I have found this before, that the Moon-Sun attraction of Local Crustal mass is at least 2 million years in development TIME (refer to my previous submission for the Grand Canyon- a 2 m.y. feature), where EXTRUSIONS (Volcanoes) precede the sedimentation. The 13 m.y. TIME INTERVAL for this case indicates a lengthy sedimentary BASIN development (SINKING) before the later UPLIFT and extension of the ARCUATE DIAMETER of the rotation and arcuate Enlargement creating the Puget Sound ARCHIPELAGO!

CHECKING the accuracy of the ARC scribed onto Whidbey to Vancouver Island, to determine its APPLICABILITY to the Expansion Time of the Mt. Olympus uplift (for the case of the Admiralty Point and Seattle Pacific University lowlands, in middle Whidbey Island):

Detail indicates E-W FEATURES, above, and diagonals, below:


Another ANOMALY to incorporate is the peculiar IRON SPRINGS emmision from the Penn Cove south side, a N-S Meridianal feature:

The HOLE along a N-S slice, or meridianal feature:
Across the Penn Cove waterway along the MEREIDIAN is another SLICE:

The pink line is the 32 m.y. ARC aboute Mt. Olympus, and it will be checked against other measurements OFFSHORE:


TIDAL MOVEMENT RATE, from offshore activity west of Mt. Olympus to the peak is 4 mm/year, and this indicates that Mt. Olympus is near the present FOCUS; this is the influence of the Sun plus Moon attracting at right angles to each other, as the offshore basin was shoved onto the older sedimentary bedrock! Considering that the curvature should more likely be ELLIPTICAL rather than circular, this is the best that can be shown for the tools avaiable.

I will CHECK other faulting, which I have hiked and MEASURED, on known FEATURES on Whidbey Island, in a separate (automatic, or Emmanuel?) transmission.

AGAIN, the pink line is the 32 m.y. ARC about Mt. Olympus, and the MOON/SUN RATIO is calculated near Hancock Lake, W.I. (2.19 vs. 2.16 for other cases, including the Literature).

 The Double Bluff protrusion into Admiralty passage is another indication of an ANOMALY inserted into the Mt. Olympus rotation (a "TIT" within a SINk):

This will be pursued in a SUBSEQUENT Blog SUBMISSION!

Higamus-Hogamus Category
The famed Japanese astronaut Giganto Wunzo picked his way laterally across the sheer sandstone cliff. One dilatory motion, and it was almost certain doom with a fall on the jagged basalt outcrop 200 feet below. While two hungry ravens eyed this prospective mid-day meal from their vantage point on the cliff edge above, the sallow countenance of the wily flyer grimaced.

 He was thinking of the sordid details of his entire existence, as his whole life flitted before his eyes in the shape of rectangular cartoons: how he had corrupted the morals of the half-caste Ofelia, by not realizing that her private parts sloped on the diagonal; how he had shabbily treated his hulking bronzed assistant Fujigmo, by tossing him scraps of one sort or another throughout their tenuous encounters; how he had emasculated his partner Dorkus Maximus, by entrapping him in a bizarre relationship with the eunuch Mariko.
 Giganto tensed as he psychologically prepared himself for his next furtive step. One unthinking detail and it was curtains for him. As he inched his way across the vertical cliff, fragments of sandstone crumbled and fell among the basalt boulders, leaving a trail of skittering pebbles. He thought of himself being similarly pulverized, since there seemed to be no further avenue for either descent or ascent back up the deteriorating cliff face. But suddenly his cellphone rang out the rare Beethoven melody, which signaled that something ominous was being messaged onto his voicemail- something vital!
 With the one free finger left to him, in his precarious stance, he furtively punched the single button which would vocalize the information- possibly yielding the only instruction which would indicate the way out of his life-threatening position. 


To be continued in a subsequent submission!

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