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The Sun TILTS at a 7.2 degree angle to the Ecliptic, within .106 degrees (7.107 to 7.266 degrees; less than 1.5% UNCERTAINTY). This angle in a 88.44 m.y. cycle of 4 800 km Segments, and creates 7.2 degree SEPARATIONS of Major TRANSFORMS along Latitude lines on Earth. This is seen on Google Earth, starting with 47.6N Latitude at Mt. Olympus, WA to 40.4N SUBDUCTIONS at Mendocino, CA, to 33.2N along the Santa Barbara Garlock fault, to 26N Mexican Coast, to 18.8N near Hawaii. Total change is 28.8 degrees, yielding a drastic ANOMALY at 18.8N, west of Hawaii, for a 4 segment CYCLE. The Time INTERVAL is 88.44 million years, with present calculations, and this is divided into four 22.11 m.y. Segments. The 0 to -7.2 degrees segment yielded an EASTWARD THRUST, creating SUBDUCTION until its end. After this time, the Sierras were created in a westward Buckle, with NO Vulcanism from 0 to +7.2 degrees. There occurred another 2 segments from Midway Island, at 28 m.y. to Maui Molokai at 6 m.y. This E-W segment is ONGOING and incomplete at Baja, Mexico:

 Referenced to the Juan  de Fuca Strait orthogonal Turn, the Sun's TILT ANGLE is calculated to be 7.266, and to Mt. Olympus, WA, at 7.107 degrees. This was found at the Sebastian Bay, Baja Peninsula, Mexico, where there is influence of both Sun and Moon, and where this second SEGMENT from Mendocino, CA terminates near Earth tilt + Moon Inclination (23.439 + 5.145= 28.584N) Latitude. The Sun's TILT CYCLE has an Interval TIME near 100 million years, which is similar to the Heat cycle at a Maximum during Mid-Cretaceous. Measured and CALCULATED time cycle on Google Earth was 88.44 m.y., and was AVERAGED at 89.13 for 5 cases analyzed.

COLOR CODE: Red stands for active COMPRESSION, Blue for EXTENSION, or sinking, pink or purple is a suggestion, Black is FACTUAL, and Green is for MEASUREMENT:
Taking youngest Hawaiian Chain Loihi Volcano Latitude, 18.92N, from 40.96 million year Kimmei Seamount at 33.23N yields 14.31 degrees, for 2.862 m.y./degree Latitude change. Referencing 3 segments' Mendocino, CA at 40.44N yields 82.12 m.y. for a 4 segment Sun Cycle. This is near the 81.92 m.y.(within 1.5% variation) predicted by the Binary Theorem. Referencing Mt. Olympus, WA yields 136.56 m.y., which is near the Cretaceous (65 to 145 m.y. extent)Maximum Temperature Age- an indication that 2 cycles are being exhibited. This also suggests that Geological eras, periods, and Epochs are determined by these Cycles. 

Above Google earth PHOTO shows the LOCATION of Loihi, South coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, an underwater RISING Volcano- which requires another hundred thousand years or so to surface.

Using ARCS of measured LENGTH, the AGE of 1.725 m.y. for Big Island formation, and the RATE of movement South may be calculated:
RATE of movement, 12.79 km/m.y. (mm/year), is near the expected TRIGONOMETRIC rate of 16.24 for SOUTH-MOVING Features; this CONTRASTS with the 86 mm/yr. found from the progression further North, near Midway Island. The movement rate is normally LARGE at the PERIPHERY of an arcuate progression, and if this calculation should be accurate, it portends a SLOWING of the progression (which might occur at the TERMINATION of the Sun's 88.44m.y. total CYCLE).

A GRID is arranged, encompassing the BOUNDARIES of the Mt. Olympus, WA, WESTWARD 47.6N LATITUDE, the N-S lines of 7.2 MULTIPLES, and the south boundary at 18.8N latitude:
The WHITE LINE is the extension, locating the 4th SEGMENT (4 segments develop a CYCLE):
Below is the ANOMALY associated with the South Boundary, at the EXPECTED TERMINATION of the 18.8N latitude (Mt. Olympus 47.6N minus 4 x 7.2d= 18.8N):

ANALYZED in terms of HYPERBOLIC Math functions sinh, shown in the SIMPLEST CASE of 1/x:

A Wider  view, showing Seamount ANALEMMAS, and the disturbed sea bottom, exhibiting JERKS dA/dt, and Chatter, dJ/dt, created by ABRUPT TURNS (A is acceleration, and J produces TIC Marks) is shown below:

The QUESTION arises "Is this ANOMALY the end of the 28.8 degree CYCLE, or the BEGINNING of a new Cycle forming to the south?" Let's search 7.2 degrees to the south:

Above GRID shows NO Transform at the 800 km (7.2d) to the east, and exhibits a chain of SEAMOUNTS to the west. Disturbance is indicated westward, whle FORMING a 533km (1.5 ratio) faint transform to the east. Tested will be the PROPOSITION that the East represents a NEW SOLAR CYCLE being INITIATED. Below is an ENLARGMENT:

Above exhibits a Partial ANALEMMA (Figure 8) in the Pattern of Seamounts; this is further information suggesting that the TRANSFORM is in PROGRESS!

The Sun’s TILT cycle is exhibited from Mt. Olympus at 47.6N to 40.4N at Mendocino, CA, which is a 7.2 degree change along a N-S 800 km SEGMENT. There are four of these segments, which are exhibited as 7.2d SEPARATIONS from Mt. Olympus (Subduction to Mendocino, CA) to Santa Barbara (west TIDES) to18.8N Latitude, an ANOMALY west of the Big Island of Hawaii, and closer to the Latitude of Loihi. This has been defined by me as a Sun’s PRECESSIONAL CYCLE, for 4 segments and a calculated Time INTERVAL of 88.44 million years, m.y. You will notice that the calculations require that I use IMPROVED Numbers (RATES and Times) within this presentation! This is NOT an indication of an ERRONEOUS approach, but of increased ACCURACY, as I accumulate more data for ANALYSIS! 
What is different about the 3rd and 4th segments; are they, in turn, Subduction for the 3rd segment, and a westward SHOVE for the 4th segment?
 The 3rd segment extends from Maui, Molokai, at 21.4N Latitude, to 24.4N- where it becomes INCOMPLETE. Extrapolating, it would reach the Bay of Soledad, near Punta Pequena. There is a localized SUBDUCTION, but the activity is creation of Bays to the east, mainly.
Baja Sur: 

DETAILED, a figure 8 is shown, straddling the Latitude of Tropic of Cancer 23.43929N + Moon Inclination 5.145 degrees= 28.5843N:

ENLARGED, this shows that BOTH Sun and Moon combine to form the ANALEMMA (there is a larger Figure 8 to the west):

 The 4th segment at 18.8N Latitude extends from south of Hawaii, and south of Loihi a distance of 10 km, and 1820km from the west ANOMALY. A rate of 12.5 mm/year will require 800 k.y. to reach this location:

Look at the RATIO 2.16, found by (90- 28.487)/28.487, which yields 2.16 along the 27.481N latitude: 
This LATITUDE line is the LOCUS of INTERSECTIONS which yield the Moon/Sun ratio= 2.16. This ratio has been reported in the Literature, and is TENTATIVELY found to be accurate (BUT NOT= 2.0, which would "FIT" the Binary Theorem!).

ENLARGING, for a Significant INTERSECTION of Transforms:

East end:

Below it is RE-PRESENTED:

 The LOCUS of possible trnansforms is calculated from the Solar EQUATION for E-W  movement:
(90- 3.16)/3.16= 27.48101 degrees, using the previously solved RATIO of Moon/Sun= 2.16. 

This should be confirmed with other cases! Using only 4 INTERSECTIONS, the E-W movement RATE yields 90.1 (COMPARED to 89.874 m.y.), and this is a minimum SAMPLING- IGNORING Minor intersections. All equations of this type REQUIRE the unit 1 to be added to RATIOS and degrees of Latitude, since the Rules for Gravitational ATTRACTION found on Google Earth for mathematical solution have been "Ferreted out" (by TRIAL and ERROR).
The RATIONALE for the assumption that the 2.16 line (represented by 27.481N latitude) is PERTINENT:
1. This is an E-W Latitude Parallel, which the SUN influences;
2. PREVIOUS Cycles leave their FAINT Traces, for SUBSEQUENT Interdiction (Intersection);
3. The old traces are somewhat PARALLEL (a WEAK circumstance), and the AVERAGE SEPARATION is solved by these FEW CASES; and, 
4. The RESULT is near that EXPECTED (81.92 TO 88.44 m.y.).

The 2.16 RATIO of M/S does have Transform INTERSECTIONS!
East end, re-presented:

West end, again:

West end DETAIL:

ANGLES above are pertinent to Pluto and ASTEROIDS, leaving some DOUBT for this approach, even though the CALCULATIONS indicate nearness to the Sun CYCLE of 81.92 ( Binary Theorem) to 88.44 m.y. (Indonesia-Celebes, Sulawesi CASE)!

View INCLUDING the HI seamount CHAIN:
DETAILS show the Influence of the ASTEROID Hygiea, and Pluto (17d Inclination above the Ecliptic PLANE):

Transform WIDTH, near 16 km, may be a VARIABLE:

Although the Transform WIDTH is a significant VARIABLE, and exhibits INFORMATION, there is excessive SUBJECTIVITY in making measurements. Further, the MAGNIFICATION creates PARALLEL SHIFTS, with MEASUREMENT!

Asteroids, in terms of MASS, have Ceres, Pallas, and Hygeia in DESCENDING order:

Ceres has 10.58 degrees Inclination, and 940 x10exp18 kg mass, Vesta: 7.1d (CLOSE to Mercury's), and 28% of Ceres; Pallas: 34.8d and 16% of Ceres; Hygeia: 3.8d and 9%. RETAIN these for their SIGNATURES on Inclination ANGLES and for Relative DEPTH of influence on the Earth's CRUST. These may be EXHIBITED on above TRANSFORM departure SHIFTS!

SHIFTS shown above yield a CLUE to the EXTRUSION of Basalts at the Hawaiian CHAIN, and to their AGE, according to the MASS of indicated Solar SYSTEM Body; Moon and Sun will PENETRATE DEEPEST (gravitationally LIFT the Crust), followed by Venus, Jupiter, and others according to MASS/Separation distance SQUARED.

NOTE: The Earth’s DIAMETER is expanding, due to several factors:
1.     Bombardment by meteorites increases the MASS, but only slightly, and the Absorption RATE decreases with time, since the LARGER Spatial objects are mostly already absorbed in other Solar System bodies;
2.     The principal ENLARGEMENT is accomplished by Life and other OXIDIZING agents; as High DENSITY basalts are brought to the surface, they are filtered of their heavier Cations by living organisms-thereby decreasing the density of the CRUST as the Thickness INCREASES with TIME! Quartz in sandstones and Calcium in limestones have a smaller density than basalt (2.65 and 2.71 gm/cc versus 4 or more for basalt). Life uses the dissolved calcium in seawater to form CALCEREOUS shells, and the prior dissolved silica is re-cycled as some form of Quartz;
3.     Tidal FRICTION from the Moon slows the earth’s ROTATION (reported at 3.8 cm/year increase of distance from the Sun), and this reduces the Gravitational Attraction. A LARGER ATTRACTION yields BULGING formed by Masses rotating away from the Ecliptic PLANE, according to their Inclination ANGLES. This LIFTS a local part of the Crust, thereby increasing the local Diameter! The MOON is the primary agent INCREASING the depth of lift, followed by the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter, according to the Mass/Separation distance squared. The Inclination ANGLE/distance squared determines the ANGLE of the UPLIFT and its LENGTH, according to its MAGNITUDE: 17d for Pluto, 7d for Mercury, 5.145d for Moon, 7d for Mercury, and 3.4d for Venus, with the ASTEROIDS contributing; and
4.     OVERALL, Increased MASS and Crustal THICKNESS increases the Volume of Earth, which together INCREASE the DIAMETER!

 Below is a larger view:

The Segments of -7.2 to zero to +7.2 TERMINATE at the 18.8N Latitude, west of Loihi; how do they Exhibit SOUTH of this Boundary?

The below TRANSFORMS do NOT form an E-W Latitude line! They indicate that they ROTATE about some FULCRUM to the south, and they are TILTED up to the east about 12.5 degrees. This hints a Moon, Sun COMBINATION, since 7.2 + 5.145= 12.3 degrees (Sun Tilt plus Moon Inclination above the Ecliptic):

A transform E-W occurs at 16.4S latitude, 24 degrees SOUTH of Mendocino, CA. This is NOT in the 7.2 degrees REFERENCE, being 24/7.2= 3.333 or 3 and 1/3 SEGMENTS! A third of 7.2 is 2.4, CONTRASTED to 1.8d for the Minor Transform south of the MAJOR Mendocino REFERENCE:


Transform at 16.4N, which is 24S of the Mendocino REFERENCE, indicates that a NEW REFERENCE will have to be found; this FEATURE at 7.2 degrees south is the next location to search (16.8N Latitude):

SPACING, ANGLES, and development CHANGE South of the 16.4S latitude:
Angle is 77.5 degrees, from the West, 259.5d from the east, ILLUSTRATING that the Circular Earth is sensitive to the Measurement DIRECTION:
Using an AVERAGE 78.5 degrees, the Angle is 11.5 from E-W, and 24N/11.5d yields 2.087, a RATIO. This may help determine the Moon/Sun ratio, which I anticipated would be 2.0 from the Binary Theorem, while CASES have indicated 2.16 is more likely! Possibly the Sun is more INFLUENTIAL in the South Pacific, compared to the NORTH (there is a bulge at the South Pacific Volcanic Islands)!
The LARGER VIEW finds few transforms, and extrapolating to the East yields a Bay on the Baja PENINSULA, with a small Subduction Zone:
I will TENTATIVELY use 26.4N as the REFERENCE for the South of Hawaii; this will have to be CROSS-CHECKED with several cases for confirmation:

TENTATIVE REFERENCE at 27N 119.6W will be investigated:

Focusing on MAUI to Molokai, which has a TIME INTERVAL of 6 m.y., since inception:
 THIS Island is reported as being 1.9 m.y. AGE, BUT this is from the latest ERUPTIONS (above sea level); INCIPIENCE was EARLIER:
Notice the ARCUATE Disturbed area; this is due to SHEARING (acceleration) at the boundary between Molokai and Oahu. This can be AGE-CALCULATED:
The AGE of the Baja ROTATION may also be CALCULATED;
AGE of Molokai Calculated is  5.3 m.y. (close enough, considering my USUAL ERRORS of 3%):

Geologic Time CLASSIFICATIONS, Epochs, and the Sun CYCLES:
 Geologists classify TIME according to several methods:
1.     Fossil RECOGNITION which yields Life remains which are characteristic of a narrow time INTERVAL;
2.     STRATA correlations, which can be traced across a large distance, and which are easily identified; and,
3.     Measurements, such as Radioactive Dating, which yield a TIME interval of OCCURRENCE.
Time or AGE is classified in BRACKETS: Epochs, Periods, and Eras, in order of increasing Magnitude. The Eras include Cenozoic, Mesozoic, and Paleozoic- which feature Fossil remains (zo for zoology).
Periods include Cambrian, OLDEST, to Quaternary (originally the fourth) - which originally were related to FOSSILS. Epochs may be based on fossils or by stratum, which is stratigraphic. The last CATEGORY is the smaller of the three, and it is more accurately based on whatever can be used to make it as CONCISE as possible. Epochs include Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene- which are most accurate since they are more generally exposed in Rocks. Other categories, such as Eons, are VAGUER, and not amenable with the Sun Cycles.
The Sun CYCLE is near 100 million years, and will be refined for ACCURACY as case CALCULATIONS allow; presently it is CALCULATED to be 88.44 m.y. as compared to 81.92 by the Binary Series.
 The Sun cycle may be divided into four SEGMENTS of 22.11 m.y. and this is correlated with the Epochs:
Base of the Pleistocene at 2.588 m.y. and a thirty-secondth of the Sun cycle, at 2.76375 m.y., error of 6.8%;
Base of Pliocene at 5.33 m.y. and one sixteenth, or 5.5275 with 3.7% error;
Base of the Miocene at 23.03 m.y. and a fourth, or 22.11, with 4% error; fourth of 7.2 degrees= 1.8.
Base of the Oligocene at 33.9 m.y. and 3/8th or 33.165, with 2.17%; 3/8 x 7.2= 2.7.
Base of the Eocene at 56 m.y. and 5/8th or 55.275, with 1.35 error; 5/8 x 7.2= 4.5d, and,
Base of Paleocene at 66 m.y. (64 by Binary Series) and 3/4, with 66.33 and half percent error. Three quarters of 7.2 degrees (Sun segment) = 5.4 degrees Latitude for N-S Separation. The error becomes smaller with larger TIME Increments, because the Geologists have “rounded off “the bases (with increasing uncertainty).
 FRACTIONS of 7.2 are IMPORTANT for interpretation of the Sun CYCLES shown as SEPARATIONS of Major Transforms in the Pacific; these are as yet NOT deciphered in the South Pacific, and the fractions of 7.2 help determine Reference Latitudes (compared to 40.44N Mendocino, CA reference in the North Pacific).
The Sun TILT cycle of 7.2 degrees PRECESSES over a 88.44 m.y. INTERVAL and creates TRANSFORM Faults at 7.2 degree separations of Latitude in the North Pacific. Separation of Geologic PERIODS by 80 m.y. intervals (such as the Cambrian and the Cretaceous) should be determined! Expect the Cycle Time INTERVAL to vary as the Earth has EXPANDED its diameter.

Incremental TIMES, using 20 m.y. as a SIMPLIFIED Sun segment: Pleistocene, 2.576m.y, for .1288 ratio Pliocene, 2.742m.y, for .1371 ratio, approximately an eighth; Miocene: 17.73 m.y, for .8865 ratio (near 5/8th); Oligocene: 10.9, for.545 ratio (near half); Eocene: 22.1m.y, near a segment; and Paleocene: 10 m.y. or HALF of a segment.
 Since Geologists make these assessments as ACCURATELY as possible, these may be a CHECK on the Sun CYCLE’S accuracy! This reasoning indicates that the 20 m.y. Simplification is too small, and that the 22.11 m.y. segment is MORE LIKELY! Using 5/8th for the Miocene yields 28.37 m.y. for a segment, while Oligocene yields 21.8m.y. Continuing, the Eocene at 22.1, and Paleocene yields 20m.y! The average of these 4 epochs is 23.068 m.y., for a CYCLE of 92.27 m.y. This COMPARES with 81.92 by the Binary Series, 88.44 for the Sulawesi case, and less than 100 for the Florida Keys. Adding the Aleutian SPIRAL may give more CONFIDENCE, since it exhibits a rare GEOMETRIC half Figure 8:

 Above exhibit yields 83.82 m.y. for the Sun CYCLE, with more CONFIDENCE than for the Sulawesi case. I will search for another Google Earth ARCHIPELAGO, but this will involve the Caribbean, where it impinges on the Atlantic Ocean (with few TRANSFORMS in an E-W orientation)!

ENLARGING, for location of Transforms:

Above CALCULATIONS for the Leeward Islands yields 91.2 m.y. for the Tilt CYCLE of the Sun! There occur small E-W Transforms, but the principal exhibits are the Puerto Rico TRENCH. This is shown below:
The TRENCH is NOT a transform; it is ARCUATE, and its TIME INTERVAL can be calculated: 
AGE is 73.46 m.y. with less ACCURACY, BUT it has developed since the 91.2 Sun cycle, indicating that the SUN is instrumental in TRENCH development! This emphasizes that FEATURES oriented E-W are dominated by the Sun, while N-S features are Moon-INFLUENCED!

 The Alaskan Aleutian SPIRAL, an incomplete figure 8, is part of a LARGER Analemma. This yelds an opportunity to determine whether there is a CYCLICITY to their development. The case shown below has a MULTIPLE of 3 to 1, for the comparison of the east DIAMETER with the larger west ARC, allowing a determination of the RATIO of distances between the two figures. This case is OBVIOUSLY Exhibited for the Aleutians, but has SUBJECTIVITY for the Siberian portion (partly EXTRAPOLATED)! Ignoring this source of error, the feature may be APPROXIMATED, to be later refined for the ARCS presented:
Analemma, Asia, Aleutians: 

 Compare the Large 480 m.y. analemma with the Aleutian SPIRAL of approximate 80 m.y. TIME INTERVAL (6 to 1, on Time Interval, approximate):

 This case should be REPLICATED with other Archipelagos, such as Indonesia, Florida’s Keys, and the Windward Islands. First, there should be an OBVIOUS Figure 8, secondly, a Subduction ZONE with the CONVEX Arc, and finally, a ratio of the two diameters which is GREATER than 1.0! The RATIO will reveal information about the IMPETUS of development, For example, the 2.16 ratio hints that Moon and Sun are normal in the Latitudes exhibited. The Siberian case is almost at the Arctic Circle, where the sun has little OVERHEAD attraction, while the Windward Islands and Indonesia lie within the Tropics. Florida is INTERMEDIATE.

Analemma Navajo, example:

 ILLUSTRATING that ANALEMMAS exist on many SCALES, this is one you can hike, see the divider, and VIEW from 4 sides:

The LEVEL portion is the AXIAL, the TILTED is the Precessional (of Milankovitch's 25 and 41 k.y. CYCLES), with 5.145 degrees, when ORIENTED N-S, due to the Moon's Inclination above the ECLIPTIC:

Possibly, when the ORIENTATION is E-W (along latitude parallels), the bedding angle is 7.2 degrees; I'll find out!

N-S bedding angle above is LESS than that E-W, below (looking south into the canyon, while scarp to left is EASTWARD):

MEANWHILE, away from the Ranch;

Case of the Windward Islands: 
DETAIL, Transforms are minor, but ARCUATE TRENCHES occur:


The "Big Picture"; the ratio is 1.0 for this Tropical area, where the Sun's influence is EQUAL to the Moon's:

Florida Keys, where the RATIO= 1.15, being further NORTH:

Indonesia, where there is a SMALLER Figure 8 within the ARCHIPELAGO:

RATIO is 1.24, for this Equatorial REGION, where several analemmas are found:

A last check of the 7.2 degree separation of Sun-formed FEATURES (800km) will be done by measuring the distance between Volcanic EXTRUSIONS, specifically the distance between Mt. Lassen and Death Valley volcanoes. This is shown below:

A LINEAR from Lassen to Mountain Ranges which passes through Death Valley is 800 km to Table Top Mt:

I selected the only Mountain which occurs near the 800 km distance, but it is not an extrusion! It does cut DV, and this CONFIRMS the angle but NOT the distance:
Other possibilities include the Coast at San Pedro, south of Santa Barbara and the Garlock FAULT:

 The north end of DV is 3.6 degrees south of Mendocino, half of the7.2 degrees TILT:

DV again, for convenience of COMPARISON:

Volcanics resume in Northern Mexico, where I visited the Cerro Prieta geothermal site (Black Mountain):
Wider area, showing the Bay of Cortez:

I'll continue with this EXTRUSION later, since I have it in my notes from 40 years ago!

Geothermal power is produced at Salton Sea, and there are many sites showing unusual HEAT; the divider at the 33.2N Latitude (7.2S  of Mendocino REFERENCE) is not well defined. Salton Sea LOCATION may shed light on the vague indications:

Measuring from Mt. Lassen to the SE, there occur several possibillities:
From Mt. Lassen, measuring to the first Volcano (Cerro Prieta, in Mexico), the distance is 1200 km, PECULIAR in that it is a MULTIPLE of the 400 km BASE:

Previous HINTS have occurred on Google earth indicating that Hyperbola MATH is exhibited, above, with the ELLIPSE below:

SEARCHING near the Garlock fault:
The BEST BET is for the known Geothermal region at Salton Sea to Imperial Valley:

Above Brawley to Salton Sea geothermal area exhibits a DEVELOPING ELLIPSE within a larger ellipse; this region was FLOODED by release of Colorado River waters, indicating that it is actively sinking! This SINK within a RISE is amenable to analysis, yielding the Milankovitch CYCLE and the INTERVAL TIME: 

OBLIQUE VIEW above indicates that the basin is ORIENTED NW-SE, and this is determined by the Valley, at an Oblique angle. This may be fixed by the PARALLEL Hiwaii seamount chain:

This Parallel-ness of the Central Valley and the Hawaii Emperor seamount chain helps to understand the ROTATION of the volcanic chain around a FOCUS in the North American Continent (Canada has a larger DIAMETER and the Older CRATONS):

DETAIL, for the Center of Qsna, the quadransphere of North America, south portion:

ENLARGING, it is located near Garden City, KS:

Multi-transforms near the Tropic of Cancer:
 East of the Molokai Maui border, which exhibits CONCENTRIC Transforms, there are CONTINUOUS arcs reaching almost to the Baja Peninsula. These are LEFT LATERAL slices, which have indications of N-S extension shown below:

DETAIL below allows Measurement and ANALYSIS:

 Since these transforms extrapolate to Sebastian Bay in Baja Sur (south), the hint is that the combined influence of the Moon (with 5.145 degree Inclination Angle above the Ecliptic Plane) and the Sun (Tropic of Cancer at 23.439 degrees) determine the Bay location at a Latitude of 23.584N. This involves 2 locations, creating a PARTIAL Figure 8 (analemma, with a flat larger circle and a tilted smaller Precessional figure). These should CONFORM with the Milankovitch Axial 41,000 year wobble and the variable 24,000 year Precession, or their HARMONICS. This is shown for at least 2 partial Figures 8: 
Baja SUR:

WEST of above Baja LOCATION are transforms which will be incorporated to REFINE the Sun's TILT CYCLE Time:
 This involves the E-W line at a Latitude of Earth TILT + Moon Inclination = 23.439 + 5.145= 28.584N:
TRANSFORMS to the west are tilted, and yield ARCS, INTERVAL TIMES, and Intersections (interdictions):

DETAIL at the Tropic of Cancer, ToC:

 What determines the LOCATION and Manifestation of these Transforms? Analysis of previous cases has established that:
1. 2 convex ARCS separated by a DIVIDER indicate extension, with the movement outwardly from the convex arc;
2. Shift of the Arc start Longitude to the left of the next arc below indicates a LEFT-LATERAL Fault;
3. Separation of 2 transforms, in kilometers (perpendicular to the trace)/17.48 km/m.y.= INTERVAL TIME, not necessarily AGE. When the direction is to the NNW (this case), the divisor is 18.98, or +1.5 by Trigonometry;
4. When the slicing is ONGOING, Time Interval may equal AGE; and,
5. Truncation of a linear or arc indicates that the entity is ACTIVE and that the Time interval, if it can be established, is the AGE!
 Armed with these POSTULATES, we can now relate to the development of the Solar TILT Cycle. The ANGLE of tilt is close to 7.2 degrees, but the Time INTERVAL must be calculated: 

Above detail is presented at an OBLIQUE Angle, with that below oriented to NORTH:

Five CASES find that the separation of Transforms required 4 m.y. for each 76 km perpendicular. This indicates that MULTIPLES of 4 m.y. are necessary for the TILT Cycle. The previous 88.44 m.y. calculation for the Sulawesi case yields 22.11 m.y for a SEGMENT, and this "fits" but does NOT INDICATE accuracy. Later observations find that the TILT Cycle is closer to 82 m.y.and almost 81.92, as PREDICTED by the Binary Theorem:
Mt. Olympus DETAIL:

"TICS" are exhibited west of this location:

Tics may be measured and recognized as the 2nd derivitive of ACCELERATION, d(d{A}/dt)dt; they indicate ALTERNATE shoving to extending, leaving a SIGNATURE of the Earth 's small scale INSTABILITY!

 What initiates the MULTI TRANSFORMS? Factors include:
A. EXPANSION of the Crust of the Earth, specifically that PERPENDICULAR to the transforms. This is possibly due to increase of the Continent's width, WESTWARD, due to the SHOVE south of the Mendocino transform at 40.44N Latitude. Does this extend to the segment south of the Garlock fault? The movement, from Sebastian Bay is eastward, but this reverses to the NORTH! Reversal is indicated for the north portion (Baja Norte):
A Major ROTATION is shown above, and the extensive DISTURBED SHELF tells of acceleration of the Crust from an ANGULAR viewpoint!

B. Multi transforms indicate several attempts to shove the Crust left-laterally, and this would place Molokai to the west of Maui- which is the case: 

CALCULATIONS above yield 91.47 million years for the 3 SEGMENT  Age! This extends from Mendocino to Loihi, and does NOT INCLUDE Subduction under the Cascades!

C. Each of the 4 m.y. separations account for a separate Time Interval. The TOTAL Tilt CycleTIME must be determined!

Checking to the SOUTH, for a Major TRANSFORM:

As before, the MAJOR TRANSFORMS south of Loihi do NOT FIT the exact 7.2 degree Time Frame!

Something stopped me by a mountain stream- 
 Something which caught my eye;
A glistening fantasy of bluish light
 Shimmered with me as the water rushed by.

High on a hillside, fixing my stare,
 An infinity of color came through-
A trickling spring, arrested by fate,
 Broadcast its indigo hue.

Woven in grass by clever design-
 Its icicles showing their smile-
The fragile brooklet waited that day
 For springtime to be in style.

How curious that water crystals should stop my trek
 And accelerate my heartbeat anew,
While a million tiny pulses are locked in mid-air
 By winter’s frigid curfew
 Harold L. Overton 

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