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Whidbey Island North-South Crustal Block may be used to illustrate Dynamic Features, which are much LARGER in size, BUT ONLY for Latitude separations and indications of ANOMALOUS ACTIVITY!

Whidbey Island is a N-S Model for the Americas HEMISPHERE, where Hancock Lake, below, is the Lake Nicaragua DIVIDE Equivalent, above. In this case, the Lakes show similar ORIENTATION:

Starting with Deception Pass, a TRAVERSE will be made due south, to yield the similarities of North Whidbey Island to the Hemisphere.
It must be EMPATHASIZED that this analysis and MODEL applies ONLY to Latitude SEPARATIONS for Dynamically ACTIVE Crustal SEGMENTS; E-W Comparisons or DIAGONALS across the Island are NOT of value, NEITHER is the orientation of Rises! The Latitudes of RISING, SINKING, and Laterally SHEARING entities are proposed as presented on many scales, approximately 300 to 1 for the Whidbey Island CASE.
The North BORDER of Whidbey's Block of Crust is Ala SPIT, below:
White LINE, Meridian above, is the same as the white line through Lake Hancock (DUE SOUTH)!
Starting with the DIVIDER, or boundary between North and South REGIMES (Axial, north, and Precessional, south), located at the Greenbank SCARP), LINEARS may be measured on Google Earth:


There is EXHIBITED a faint set of LINEARS (LINES on Google Earth, which are impressed by the Inclination Angles above the Ecliptic Plane, by Planets and asteroids- planetoids). These may be recognized by the Inclination ANGLE, or by the lengths, which is found to CORRELATE with the conversion of degrees x 111.111 km/degree. Cases, such as Whidbey Island, exhibit the 1/1000th HARMONIC, and the length is measured PROPORTIONALLY, e.g. Uranus with .77 degrees Inclination, has 111.111 x .77= 85.88 km for the Continental linears, and 85.88 meters for the Local case of Whidbey iSLAND (which is only 60 km N-S at its greatest MEASUREMENT)
The AGE may be calculated from the ARC, chosen from Google Earth, which is a fraction of a CIRCLE, and theTime Interval= (ARC x 360)/(degrees subtended/pi= 3.1416)/17.48 k.y. for a North-oriented ARC:

The AGE is near 20,000 years, and this is reasonable, since the Last EXCURSION of the ICE occurred 15, 625 years AGO! This calculation reveals that the Scarp and UPLIFT were being developed under the ICE, which was as much as 1000 meters in THICKNESS!

Above LINEARS show the SCARP oriented E-W, even though the Island is being subdivided N-S! Looking at the Isthmus at Greenbank (where springs and Thrust FAULTING occur near the beaches):

The line of vegetation (which thrives on sheared soil), with the LINEAR, exhibits an E-W orientation, which is the Subsurface SCARP:

 This E-W divider (partition of Axial from Precessional RORTATION) is EQUIVALENT to the Continental DIVIDER at Panama, where the feature exhibits a Major ANALEMMA (Half figure 8), at CRITICAL COORDINATES of 8N 80.6W, which is 89W of Prime Natural MERDIAN at the Diomedes:

The Hancock MERIDIAN has a TIT  on the north side, expanding the ANOMALOUS Feature from Ala SPIT:

Close spacing of the FRACTIONS of 360 degrees: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 30 and 36N or south yield CLOSE SPACING of ANOMALIES, in Central America:
A Quadrant or QUARTER of a circle, is shown for Hancock lake, indicating that it is more WELL-FORMED and older than features to the east. Since this AGE is near 60 k.y., this FEATURE has been forming during the longest TIME INTERVAL (and determines LATER FEATURES):

Hancock to Wanamaker Road lies east of Admiralty Bay- an Elliptical FEATURE:

Holmes Harbor to 6.5 km reaches Dines Point- a MAJOR deviation!

Whidbey Island is part of the Puget Sound ARCHIPELAGO; it is developing as the Olympic Mtns. rotate, SHEARING the island's west side at Greenbank bluffs, immediately south of Lake Hancock. The SCARP at Smuggler's Cove allows a calculation to find the Time Interval for development:

The Island SCARP location at Greenbank:

Whidbey Island is a PART of a larger set- that of the Olympic to Vancouver ROTATIONS:
The British Columbia ANALEMMA is an OLDER development:
Whidbey Island has developed from the SLICING (Lateral faulting) of San Juan de Fuca Strait, which is expanding from north to south:
Olympic Peninsula is extending to the NW, as is shown by the Tatoosh Islands:

Mt. Olympus:

(to the cadence of Sullivan’s “A Modern Major General”)

A Fight Song
We trod the beaches of the land, with footprints so magnificent,
We take good care and prudence, since we’re seemingly significant;
We are geological, with thoughts so ecological-
We solve the island’s many myths, with motives almost nearly always logical.

We step o’er rock and fragile stone, with boundless love resilient,
Our thoughts, forever prime, are always bordering on the brilliant-
We zig and zag, it’s in the bag, the secrets of a stratigraphic crag,
Our yards are always full of Nature’s bounteous anticlinal swag.
We look at cave and cliff, for clues that often are mysterious,
We form our explanations, which then sometimes are delirious;
We’re ever right, with thoughts so bright, the clays we test with subtle bite,
The Mastodons we lately seek, are almost always out of sight.

We sniff the waters of the seeps, which are mostly full of Carbonate,
We draw straight lines on maps, over which we then can fulminate-
We look not for the animal, not vegetable, but mineral,
We seek to find the local sense of Earthy Science-in-General.

We find the island’s many faults are certainly near left-lateral
The moraines make Points, but Heads (Tombolos) are quaintly mostly platter-al,
We are Geological, with thoughts so ecological-
We solve the islands many myths, with motives almost nearly always logical.

Our rare scientific group is most certainly gregarious;
With the exception of a stately few, they are hardly e’er nefarious-
They most certainly show attentiveness, to the total group’s inventiveness
They never forget a single clue, keeping constant retentiveness.

We’re constantly amused almost, by the manly interaction,
Of the way they stand their solid ground, while their stomachs are in traction-
While some will look at cuttle fish, rarely they’re rebuttal-ish,
They follow simply to a man, the leader’s every whim and wish.

They never waste a word or deed, showing ultimate economy;
They incorporate all useful fields, even invertebrate Taxonomy-
They map all Points, align all Joints,
Whenever it is possible, they listen to whomever USGS anoints.

We march out in the sand-filled fields, with ultimate sobriety;
Then we announce our final facts, with tremendous notoriety;
We use all of our abilities, with promising agilities
Before there is a final loss of all of our facilities.

We incorporate every certain fact, remaining ever all aghast;
With completely serious rectitude, we follow an iconoclast!
We are Geological, with thoughts so ecological-
We solve the islands many myths, with motives nearly always almost logical.

                                         Harold L. Overton

This small Island is NOT IMMUNE to disaster! Above SLUMP occurred during the FULL MOON of April/2013.
With only a MODICUM of imagination, you can see the development of 3 ARCS in the waterways of Penn Cove, left; Oak Harbor to Holmes Harbor, middle; and the separation of Camano Island by the divider between them.

 Since Whidbey Island's Hancock Lake is a DIVIDER between 2 Major Blocks of Crust, I will post several PHOTOS taken over the years, There is yearly a Major Variation in the SHEARED CLIFFS! This attests that the VERTICAL CLIFF FACES have THIN slices, which disappear during the winter storms. This THICKNESS of Vertical SLICES is a few centimeters, and the appearance changes drasticly from year to year:

DIRECTION of the "spear" of bedding points to the MOVEMENT, Southward in this case, CW with respect to the Admiraltey Bay to the RIGHT. This is also the ROTATION of Mt. Olympus, which is SINKING (eroding rapidly) now! Previously, it ROSE during the Miocene, since these are the YOUNGEST sedimentary beds found on the Olympic Peninsula. There is still RISING at the Northern portion- about the Elwha River and Olympic to Sol Duc HOT SPRINGS.
Google Earth photo of CLIFFS, with the Lake at the HORIZON:
Below shows the YEARLY SPALL, which has not yet been washed away by Monthly HIGH Tides:

Looking eastward, the THRUST is northward, creating Pre-stone, which is in my hand. These slats of rock are dark in the interior, surrounded by softer compressed SILT, and are PARALLELOGRAMS before being rounded by the waves:
Arcuate slice produces rock Hardening, above.
Rock slats (Pre-stone) above were taken from spall, shown below:

Note the similarity of the Scarp FACES, ROTATIONS, and Slices, between Pleistocene and Jurassic sandstone:

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