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Sun TILT Precession CYCLE creates E-W Transforms and Subduction:

 Subduction, and the Volcanic Cascades, occurs from Mt. Lassen- Mendocino at 40.4 degrees Latitude, to Mt. Olympus, WA at 47.6N. This 7.2 degrees change is the TILT of the Sun’s Axis, and the angle Precesses over a CYCLE of 88.44 million years to -7.2 degrees, and for an inferred return to +7.2 degrees. The AGE of the most southerly boundary of subduction (an easterly TIDAL movement) is found from the Kimmei Seamount at 41 m.y. (40.96 by the Binary Theorem), which is the start of the NON-SUBDUCTION portion, until reaching Santa Barbara, CA at a N-S distance of 800 km (equivalent to 7.2 degrees). This occurs along the Midway TRANSFORM change, as a QUARTER of the total cycle (the non-subductive segment).  7.2 degrees to zero TILT is a SEGMENT, and -7.2d to zero is the SUBDUCTION segment (Volcanic Cascades, 800 km from Mt. Olympus to Mt. Lassen); with 0 to +7.2 being the ACTIVE Segment to Santa Barbara, CA. This is a total of 14.4 degrees, with the PRECESSSION creating 1600 km of movement. Below Google Earth photo shows the Olympic Mountains, which are the REFERENCE for the Focus, and the ARCHIPELAGO created by the ROTATION (Whidbey Island and north to the San Juans:

 The RED LINE is the Radius of ROTATION, and it extends to the Olympic Peninsula, for an AGE of Archipelago FORMATION of 3 m.y.:

 North of the Mendocino transform, until Mt. Olympus post-Eocene, the TIME interval is approximately of Miocene age, or 20 m.y. (literature reports 19 m.y. in sandstone by fission tracks). These two Quadrants account for a change from -7.2 to zero to +7.2 degrees, or 14.4 degrees. Should this progression continue for another 14.4 degrees in a total TILT cycle, the cycle would transcribe 4 quadrants down to 40.4- 21.6 degrees, or 18.8N Latitude. NOTE the Anomaly exhibited there (BETTER to use Segments, rather than Quadrants, until the TOTAL is determined):

The WIDTH of the TRANSFORM is a Variable, but its SELECTION is on the edge of the Google Earth's CAPABILITY:

Back to the Latitude of the Present SEGMENT:
I have labelled the White LINE as a Wasatch Line, but more appropriately, it is a LINEAR DIVIDER, formed by the COMPLETION of the Sun CYCLE! I must distinguish between an 800km, 7.2 degree SEGMENT and the Total 4 segment CYCLE. It is NOT known whether there are preceding cycles or if the 7.2 degree segments CONTINUE in the South Pacific!

A TRANSFORM FAULT is a Lateral SHEARING movement (fault which moves East or West along 2 OPPOSING sides, slicing between the 2 Linears), such as that pointing below towards the Island of Maui, indicating that an INFLECTION (an ABRUPT Angular SHIFT of the TRACK) is involved in FORMING the Hawaiian Islands. Separation of the MAJOR TRANSFORMS in the North Pacific Ocean is 7.2 degrees Latitude at the Continental Coast, or 800 km in a N-S DIRECTION (111.111 km/degree of latitude = 40,000 km circumference/360 degrees), but becoming smaller in SEPARATION as the measurement is made to the WEST. This is CONSISTENT in the North Pacific ocean, and yields vital information about the Sun's ROLE in forming these transforms, since the Sun's TILT Angle is also 7.2 degrees (7.25 reported in the Literature):

The present 7.2 degree (Axial) TILT of the Sun’s angle to the Ecliptic Plane (which is associated with a CCW rotation and an AXIS Tilted 7.2 degrees from vertical) has a Sun's, or SOLAR HORIZONTAL rotation of 14.18 degrees/Earth year; this will be INVESTIGATED for PRECESSION of its tilt angle.
 MAJOR TRANSFORM Separation of 7.2 degrees of latitude is shown for the Mendocino to Santa Barbara, CA Pacific LOCATION, in white:

There is exhibited a separation of Transforms exhibited at 1.8 degrees, and this will be incorporated.
The Coast of Chile has at least three SEGMENTS of 800 km length, with ANGULAR INFLECTIONS between them (at their common point). The South Pacific exhibits more CLOSELY-SPACED transforms, once the Tropic of Capricorn is passed:
The AVERAGE of the SEGMENT'S orientation is 7.14 degrees- which can be made more ACCURATE by magnifying the map. This is LESS than the North Pacific's 7.2, but NOT closer to the Literature's 7.25 degrees TILT of the Sun's AXIS!
Altogether, the 3 segments exhibit a FAINT "reverse S"; this is generally due to SINKING, which is the case for SUBDUCTION beneath the MAINLAND (rising exhibits a "Forward S"):

The 800 KM linears do not occur at the most obvious TRANSFORMS, indicating that they are OLDER (FAINTER) than the more stark transforms! This is reasonable, since the total TIME INTERVAL is greater than 3 x 20.48 m.y. = 61.44 million years. A complete CYCLE should have 4 inflections, or angular shifts (81.92 to 88.44 m.y.), and this is shown for the MEASURED Chile coast:

The Sun’s TILT cycle is exhibited from Mt. Olympus at 47.6N to 40.4N at Mendocino, CA, which is a 7.2 degree change along a N-S 800 km SEGMENT. There are four of these segments, which are exhibited as 7.2d SEPARATIONS from Mt. Olympus (Subduction to Mendocino, CA) to Santa Barbara (west TIDES) to18.8N Latitude, an ANOMALY west of the Big Island of Hawaii, and closer to the Latitude of Loihi. This has been defined by me as a Sun’s PRECESSIONAL CYCLE, for 4 segments and a calculated Time INTERVAL of 88.44 million years, m.y. What is different about the 3rd and 4th segments; are they, in turn, a Subduction segment for the 3rd segment, and a westward SHOVE for the 4th segment?
 The 3rd segment extends from Maui, Molokai, at 21.4N Latitude, to 24.4N- where it becomes INCOMPLETE. Extrapolating, it would reach the Bay of Soledad, near Punta Pequena. There is a localized SUBDUCTION, but the activity is creation of Bays to the east, mainly.
Baja Sur:

 The 4th segment at 18.8N Latitude extends from south of Hawaii, and south of Loihi a distance of 10 km, and 1820km from the west ANOMALY. A rate of 12.5 mm/year will require 800 k.y. to reach this location.
TRANSFORM SPACING in the South Pacific:
RULES to interpret Google Earth ANOMALIES: green measurements:
1. LINEARS, or straight lines of any orientation, determine the VELOCITY, dS/dT, allowing the Length and Time Interval to be calculated.These are imprinted by the various Inclination angles x 111.111 km/degree, of the Planets, Planetoids, Asteroids, and Comets (Keep a Table of these from the Literature). Uranus’s .77 degrees x 111.111= 85.887 km, or its Harmonic of 85.887 m/1000, allows identification of the Body, from the LENGTH measured on Google Earth. Time Interval is calculated from an ASSOCIATED ARC, with T= (arc length subtended x 360)/{Angle subtended}/pi/Tidal Rate for the part of the Compass Rose selected (e.g. 20.48 km/m.y. for the NW quadrant).
View the entire North Pacific, for TRANSFORM Separations. These vary from 6.8 to 7.2d SEPARATION, but not larger!:

Transform SPACING in the South Pacific:

Smaller DIVISIONS-detail:

TRANSFORM 1.8d South of Mendocino:

Transform SEPARATION of 1.8 degres (7.2/4= 1.8d) yields a QUARTER of a SEGMENT= 1/16th CYCLE, above. This should represent 81.92/16= 5.12 m.y, and is a TRANSFORM in-the-making!

2. ACCELERATION, dV/dt, is measured by the separation of adjacent LINEARS; velocity must be calculated as above, and the Perpendicular separation DISTANCE allows the Time Interval to be calculated, e.g. 90 degrees to NW is NE, with its divisor of 13.86 km/m.y.

3. JERK, dA/dt, is a Series of “TICS” in a straight line, where they show EVENTS at intervals of TIME. When TICS are displayed in an ARC, or non-linear, they represent chatter:

4. CHATTER, dJ/dt, is a TRIGONOMETRIC display, where the pattern of Jerks is SINUSOIDAL or oscillating.
 You now can CLASSIFY the Google earth ANOMALIES in advance of measurement! This is shown for the ANOMALY off the coast off Chile, where 2 types of Earth DISRUPTIONS are displayed:
A. 24S Latitude, is a fifteenth of the 360 degree circle, where exact FRACTIONS (1/15th in this CASE) can be expected to indicate an ANOMALY:

B. The Tropic of CAPRICORN is the southern-most location where the Sun appears directly overhead (Summer SOLSTICE in the north Latitudes, and vice versa in the south). The Sun cannot MAXIMALLY gravitationally-attract PORTIONS of the earth’s crust OVERHEAD, south of Tof Capricorn, ToC, while it maintains EQUILIBRIUM with the whole earth, below this 23.433S Latitude! The Sun can attract at an OBLIQUE angle, which diminishes the overall ATTRACTIVE FORCE, and an EQUATION of the TYPE (72- {angle + 1})/[angle + 1] must be used. Case studies show that this DIMINUTION occurs ONLY for 2 degrees Latitude, in the direction of advance.

This 25.38787 year ROTATION cycle, with its 7.2 degree TILT (and associated multi-million year PRECESSION) creates the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain and the OLDER Aleutian Archipelago chain, and may be measured on Google Earth. These EXHIBITS are diminishing in a noticeable (Mathematical) order, as the separation is MEASURED to the WEST of the Continent, and we will incorporate the Florida Keys (chain), and the Indonesian Archipelago, as COMPARISONS, using their variable diameters and centers (Foci) of rotation:
 The Hawaiian-Emperor chain is displayed from 33.23 to 25.78N Latitudes, from Kimmei Seamount to  Midway Island (above), for a difference of 7.45 degrees.
Notice the TRANSITION from a N-S series of SEAMOUNTS to a MORE SCATTERED distribution to the SE, over a TIME INTERVAL of a few million years! I term this a POLAR SHIFT, as compared to a continuous Precession, below (and I will attempt to Determine which is CORRECT, or if they are identical):
The "Big Picture" shows the ANGULAR SHIFT of Seamounts to a new EXHIBIT to the SE, a change from N-S to a LINEAR arrangement (my CHOICE of a progression of the seamounts in a REGULAR direction; this will be explored further, since this is NOT shown as a continuous Precession!) Readers should NOTE the ALMOST CONTINUOUS Track north of Kimmei, COMPARED to separated SEAMOUNTS to the southeast.

 QUESTION: "What is the difference between PRECESSION (Milankovitch's 25 k.y. CYCLE, creating the Earth's Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, BOTH separated by 2 x 23.433 degrees of Latitude), the TILT of 23.433 degrees from Vertical, and the AXIAL cycle of 41 k.y. of Time for a 360 degree WOBBLE cycle?" The Precessional CYCLE is SHORTER, FASTER-moving, and has a SMALLER presentation on Google Earth, COMPARING the Basin and Range Province, NV, to the Colorado Plateau:

Kimmei to Midway is separated by1800 km/121.72 degrees. This Latitude difference of 7.45 degrees/(40.96- 27.7 m.y.)= 7.45/13.26= .5618d/m.y., requires 12.815 m.y. (going BACKWARDS in Time) to OFFSET the Sun’s PRESENT 7.2 degrees Tilt (reversing TIME back to a ZERO angle, where SUN AXIS of rotation exhibits no TILT), prior to which there was Eastward MOVEMENT. This is approximately a third of the Earth’s 40 to 41 m.y. POLAR SHIFT and numerically .3133 of the 1/1000th HARMONIC of 40.96 k.y. Polar Shift CYCLE of Milankovitch, a WOBBLE of Earth's Poles, NOT a Precession
 I will use a QUARTER CYCLE, a segment, for the Sun’s quarter TOTAL cycle of at LEAST 7.2 degrees to Zero TILT, to ZERO out the 7.2 degrees (look backwards in Time, at the Axis Tilt, when there was NO Tilt); PRIOR to this there was a Subduction quarter CYCLE of 20.48 m.y. The total CYCLE would be completed in 4 quarters, or approximately 90 m.y. (81.92 m.y. would be predicted by the BINARY THEOREM a 2 to 1 ratio, COMPARING Sun to Earth)!
Let's INVESTIGATE whether the Seamount can make a Precesssional ARC, which would solve the QUESTION of PRECESSION vs. Polar SHIFT.  I will answer the QUESTIONS, after presenting the following SEAMOUNT development:

ARCS, which are SUBJECTIVELY SELECTED, indicate that there may be HALF CYCLES (tilt changing from 0 to 7.2 or to -7.2) of the Sun's 7.2 to minus 7.2 degree TILT with a calculated 81.8 million year cycle. Bingo!

My INTERPRETATION of events, as seen on the Aleutian SPIRAL, is as follows:
View to Kamchatka Peninsula:

1. Eighty m.y. PRIOR to now (rounding off the times, for simplicity), a TRANSITION occurred in a new -7.2 degree segment of the Solar TILT cycle, to commence the EASTWARD tides; this requires a few million years to push exactly eastward, and the CURVATURE of the SPIRAL is indicative of the tidal magnitude (south movement has NO east tides). 3.6 degrees is a QUADRANT on Earth, or a 1/16th of the 80 m.y. cycle; this is equivalent to 400 km, in a N-S movement on Earth (1 percent or 1/100th of the 40,000 km circumference of Earth, as is 3.6 degrees) ;
2. 60 m.y. ago, eastward tides were MAXIMUM (SUBDUCTION was in full force), and this can be viewed from Mt. Lassen- the southernmost extrusion at 40N Latitude, to Mt Olympus, WA. 

The INTERVAL to the south of Mt Lassen exhibits non-subduction, and is parallel to the HI-Emperor chain moving Southeastward (the quadrant with NO vulcanism, from Lassen to Santa Barbara, 800 km N-S distance);

3. Subduction continues until 20 m.y. prior to now, having created Basin and Range in NV to UT, after which the east TIDES terminated;
4. Movement westward on the south side of the Mendocino, CA transform is initiated at 20 m.y., and the Midway Islands exhibit an INFLECTION of the HI-Emperor track (at 16.7 m.y.). The distance between the chain and the CA Coast remains approximately constant, as the Sierras maintain a NW-SE orientation (there was uplift, but no subduction and NO eastern vulcanism). This establishes the Latest Sierras RISE at no more than 20 m.y. although there would have been previous 80 m.y. cycles!
5. The Solar TILT SEGMENT at +7.2 degrees tilt is seen at the CA Coast, but becomes less to the west, since the tilt has been increasing from ZERO since Midway Island. This will continue until zero TILT occurs again (precessing towards -7.2 TILT), when subduction will re-commence south of the Maui inflection.

 How does Hawaiian VULCANISM fit in this sequence, since there have been eruptions continuously (Jerks of m.y. separation)?
Each time the chain makes a small ANGULAR Change, there occurs an ACCELERATION, d(dv/dt)/dt, creating HEAT. This is SIMILAR in appearance to the Red Mountain, Leeds Vulcanism, which incurs an OCTANT (eighth) circular turn. 

This occurs in Hawaiian VULCANISM for 2 tracks, since the Rotation RATE is less on the west side, creating the FRICTION from Jerks= d(acceleration)/dt.

ANSWERS:It is TRUE that Precession is FASTER, has a SHORTER Time Interval, and has a SMALLER diameter than the WOBBLE CYCLE for the Earth; the Sun has 333,000 times the MASS, and is MUCH more Difficult to MOVE in a PRECESSIONAL CYCLE than Earth! It is possible that the TILT CYCLE of the Sun is the same as its WOBBLE Cycle, BUT the wobble is PARALLEL to the Ecliptic Plane for the earth, while the Precession CYCLE is at an ANGLE to it! In the Sun's case, the ROTATION cycle of 25.4 years has a MUCH shorter TIME INTERVAL than the Wobble from an AXIS of 7.2 to -7.2 degrees. I will attempt to resolve this UNKNOWN, via a Google Photo of the CP, Colorado, YELLOW LINED (Basin and range is the Series of N-S rises): 

This DOWNPLAYS my observation that the Sun may move in JERKS, occasionally. Now if we can find that the Earth's Polar SHIFT follows at 40.96 million years, with a 3.6 degree PRECESSIONAL change, as the Sun PRECESSES towards either Zero or -7.2, we will have proven that the Earth's Canyon development, Miocene N-S Valleys in Nevada, and SUBDUCTION are all instigated by the Sun's PRECESSION from -7.2 to Zero TILT  to +7.2 degrees (with westward TRANSFORMS). The previous eastward SHOVING period from 40.96 to 20.48 m.y. would have produced the RISE of the Nevada Ranges- which would have TILTED up to the West with STRETCHING to the east by Solar TIDES! Lunar tides would expand the VALLEYS to the west, requiring 1-2 m.y. each to do so! This created OPENINGS at the Idaho border, with Rhyolitic EXTRUSIONS each million years (13 altogether, culminating in Yellowstone, moving EASTWARD)!
"Why NOT 20 Ridges and Rhyolitic EXTRUSIONS?" There may be 20 ridges, since there are some MINOR ONES (FRAGMENTARY or irregular) which I did not count! Also the Rhyolitic extrusions may have some overlapping of EVENTS, as can be seen for the Yellowstone exhibits on Google earth!

An ANALEMMA is shown for the Lake ARRANGEMENT:
Note that the Yellowstone Lake exhibits 2 analemma-shaped bodies of water (one with half the other's measurement), 90 degrees to each other, indicating that there have occurred 2 CYCLES of ROTATION, one of which is half the time interval of the other! It is known that there have occurred at least 2 VIOLENT EXTRUSIONS in this area!

Back to Florida:

Florida KEYS are shown below; Latitude VARIATION= 2 degrees, with 2 degrees of Longitude SPREAD for the continuous portion:

The Keys have an AGE of approximately 41 m.y, hence have a SIMILAR CYCLE as the Colorado Plateau. This is near HALF of the Sun's TILT CYCLE! 
NOTE: Change of the Tilt ANGLE is Precession of a WOBBLE AXIS angle! The Ecliptic PLANE is shown below, as the GREY, and the Inclination Plane in white or TAN (Inclination Angle is in GREEN), with the ROTATING WOBBLE arrow in RED color. Earth wobbles PARALLEL to the reference Sun-Earth ECLIPTIC Plane, while other Solar System Bodies wobble in REFERENCE to their Orbital PLANES, in BLUE. Change of the wobble angle is PRECESSION, and it is a MUCH SLOWER process than the wobble, for ALL bodies, EXCEPTING EARTH- our reference, along with the Sun's Ecliptic PLANE, which has PRECESSION FASTER than Axial WOBBLE (ALL rotating CCW,  also excepting Uranus and Venus- which have RETROGRADE ROTATIONS (CW) in their CCW orbits about the Sun)!

There are 3 DIMENSION-LESS angles:
1. Inclination of Solar masses above the Ecliptic Plane (similar to Latitude and TILT for Earth and the Sun);
2. Longitude, which occurs PERPENDICULARLY to Latitude on Earth; and
3. Direction, or the angle made from North, for movement direction of any FEATURE investigated.

There are 4 RATES, and these have DIMENSIONS of  reciprocal Time:
A. Precession, or the CHANGE of an angle with TIME, e.g. 3.6 degrees/40 million years- I find this to be a POLAR SHIFT, for the Lomonotov to Gakkel Ridge in the Arctic (400 km separation);
B. ROTATING RATE, such as a 360 degrees, 24 hour rotation/day, for Earth;
C. Orbital RATE, one revolution of 365.24 days yearly, and,
D. Wobble Rate, e.g. 40.96 k.y. by Malinkovich's AXIAL Wobble, and the 1000x HARMONIC of 40.96 m.y. for a 360 degree ROTATION (similar to a WOBBLING Toy Top), regardless of Precession- this may be REDUNDANT, since Precession and the TILT cycles may be SYNCHRONOUS! I have found that the Polar Tilt ANGLE is 3.6 degrees for each cycle- which is HALF of the present Sun TILT Angle. Unknown is whether this angle is REVERSED for a following cycle. FOSSILS of warm climate LIFE, found at the NORTH SLOPE, indicate that the POLES have shifted more than 3.6 degrees; 10 continuing SHIFTS could move over a 36 degree LATITUDE span, moving the Sedimentary column from warm to COLD climates!
The four Solar System RATES may be treated with Newtonian EQUATIONS:
A. Velocity, such as the 17.48 mm/year west movement below the Mendocino, CA 40.4N latitude, is dS/dt (distance/unit time):

B. Acceleration, such as the change of tides from zero at the Equator to Larger magnitudes north or south (creating Galapagos Vulcanism); this may be hiked and viewed at the Leeds Volcano-Red Mountain pop up (a kick up or pop up is similar to making a Left Turn SHARPLY in your auto-kicking up the gravel to the right), adjacent to the Virgin River on the north side, dV/dt; the Mountain to the RIGHT is a CONCENTRIC ARC with the one on the Left- this is a "JERK" or disconnected rise from the one to the left. Hiking this RISE allows the Lateral sliding SEPARATIONS to be measured. Jerks are shown on a small SCALE below (2nd photo down), for a meter-sized block of Monzonite rotated from the Pine Valley laccolith:
C. Jerk, dA/dt, is the change of acceleration, creating spaced Tic Marks, as on the Pine Valley Monzonite outliers at the Anderson Junction of the I-15 Freeway, on the north side about half a km from the feeder road:

D. Chatter, dJ/dt, is the change of jerk, such as the movement BACK and FORTH of your head when you accelerate YOUR AUTO unevenly; this can be viewed closeup with Mima Mounds- which are sinusoidal displays of rising and sinking earth surface:

All of these VIEWS are made digitally at the Holmes Harbor Course, where MOWING makes them more NOTICEABLE!


 These derivatives, in Mathematical notation, may be used with math INTEGRATION formula, to produce distances, velocities, spaced ANOMALIES, and sinusoidal WAVES, when the Time INTERVAL is independently calculated, e.g. Distance along a linear, such as the length of the Mendocino undeviated Transform when NO inflections or CURVATURES are noticed.

OIL deposits are found in the COMPRESSIONAL WAVES formed by the alternate SHOVE- EXTENSION Cycles:

Primary starting REFERENCE is the Aleutian SPIRAL, in the Alaskan Aleutian CHAIN, and this is seen readily on Google Earth:

COMPLETION of a 180 degree TURN, (a REVERSAL of tidal DIRECTION) of the ANOMALOUS disturbed SEA bottom, is seen above in a 2 latitude degrees REFERENCE; and to proceed , we will have to pull ourselves up by "OUR BOOTSTRAPS" because of the VAGUE lateral presentation. The disturbed sea bottom, as with Continental SHELVES, is indicative of acceleration creating "plowed ground", which is JERK when there is separation of ARCS, above:

The Prime NATURAL Meridian is still VALID at 169.6W Longitude, as another REFERENCE, and we will use it until proven incorrect!
Below is shown the Greenwich Zero Meridian, which was selected by Man, and it exhibits a concurrence with the Natural meridian, at 169.6W (Diomedes separation of the Conntinents). I thought that this concurrence was FORTUITUOUS, but as seen below, there is a GREAT MEANDER on the Thames in london. This makes the choice of the observatory, which I have straddled in my Navigation Experience, PRESCIENT! Using 170W as the easier choice for the Natural Prime may be FORTUNATE, with the Hole and SLICE in the Thames MEANDER, for the Prime Greenwich Meridian selected to portray ANOMALOUS EARTH SCIENCE features for the entire earth:

The CENTERLINE of the GREENWICH Meander of the Thames River is at the .0551W Meridian, which is 6.122 km west of Greenwich. This can be found by the EQUATION, upon ADDING the unit 1: 
(180- 1.0551)/1.0551= 169.599943W, which is the Diomedes Islands Prime NATURAL Meridian! Use 169.6, or 170W when speed is necessary, since this Location is SUBJECT to unknown ERROR!

CONSIDERING that the Greenwich LOCATION was politically-motivated, this CHOICE of the Zero REFERENCE is certainly PRESCIENT, since it "JIVES" with the NEXT most important REFERENCE of 90W, at the Mississippi River average Meridian (90 degrees is an important fraction of the 360 degree CIRCLE, and this Meridian is the LOCUS of: Chixculub, the New Madrid 1811-12 Great Quake, the Clinton, WI Bangs of 2010, the SLICE through Hudson Bay and its associated N-S SINK of James Bay, and the Mayan TIKAL supreme TEMPLE)!

LARGER VIEW of 90.4W Meridian, in BLACK, 90W in Yellow:

Latitude changes have been PROVEN to be PERTINENT for the Sun, since it creates TRANSFORMS along Latitude lines in the Pacific (BUT not necessarily in the Atlantic):

Aleutian Half Figure 8 in the Pacific;

DIVERGENCE starts at 55N 17.2E coordinates, for a SMALL Segment in the Archipelago, and at the Kimmei Seamount (going southward), and for SUBDUCTION to the east under the NW American Coast:

The Aleutian SPIRAL is LARGER than 2 degrees of Latitude N-S, with 3.24d and 10.6 degrees of LONGITUDE variation:

It lies E-W along Latitude PARALLELS, and is amenable to USE with the following equation, for features along Latitude Lines (90 degrees- {angle + 1})/[angle +1]:
(90- 8.25)/8.25= 9.090909, for Literature's 7.25 degree TILT! If using 7.2, the solution is 9.97561, which IF applied to Mt. St Elias's 60.4N latitude = 70.3756098. Adding 9.97561 to Mendocino Latitude of 40.4 yields 50.37561N.  This Latitude is shown below, after applying the
50.3756N ANOMALY (if you look closely, you will see an ALMOST COMPLETE Circle to the North):

Above is a MINOR INFLECTION- the most SOUTHERN location of a Canyon in the SCARP (indicating EXTENSION in an E-W direction)! This will exhibit SHIFT to the EAST, as occurs with SUBDUCTION:

There is a LACK of data for the canyon, and I will have to use the rise-SINK indications with the Google Earth PATH TOOL:
SUBJECT to large ERROR, the INTERVAL TIME is near 5 k.y., and this extends over the PERIOD of our lifetime, including the Mt. St. Helens ERUPTION of 1980:

 This is SUBDUCTION on a small feature, of small duration, but ILLUSTRATES that Sun's Precesssion creates LOCAL VIOLENCE along a Latitude Parallel! This will occur along a N-S Meridian, whenever there occcurs an ANOMALOUS EVENT which changes the SUN'S Tilt-Wobble TEMPORARILY (as with Solar FLARES, Magnetic deviations, or BURSTS of Plasma)!

The MOON DOES THE REVERSE- creating N-S anomalies with COMPRESSION during the New Moon PHASE (e.g. BUCKLING of Santa Clara blue clay  Streets), and N-S EXTENSION during the FULL MOON Phase, e.g. N-S landslides!

N-S FRACTURES and BUCKLES (Waves) at Santa Clara Earth TIDE DISPLAY:

The MERIDIAN passing through Meteor Crater, AZ is shown below, for REFERENCE of a HOLE, sliced N-S:



The Aleutians Islands, AK, are OLDER than the Spiral, as evidenced by the Larger Archipelago ARC. First estimate was 192 m.y., but there is a large DIAMETER feature to the east which has been ERODED or has sunk into the Pacific SINK (BASIN deep):

Kodiak Island, with CALCULATED AGE of 107.7 m.y., should be OLDER than other arrays, and is a "TIT" younger than the ARCHIPELAGO (which has been separated by extension from the Mainland) as shown by the smaller DIAMETER ELLIPSE below:

 CHANNELS, Anticlinal Extensions, TRENCHES and Sinks ALL have the East scarp moving EASTWARD under the INFLUENCE of the Sun's Quadrant of approximately 20 m.y. Precession!

Above is  a SMALL PORTION of the Aleutian Chain, which is YOUNGER THAN the larger Archipelago. Use it as an INDICATION of RELATIVE AGE for the Sun TILT Precession ANALYSIS. There should be HARMONICS of the 20.48 m.y. QUADRANT.

A CHECK of the Moon/Sun RATIO is shown for the Aleutian SPIRAL.  As found in my first APPRAISAL 10 years ago, the calculatiojn is 1.67, which is the RATIO previously shown as the Venus SIGNATURE (1.6 to 1.625 is more ACCURATE):

Indonesian ARCHIPELAGO may be more amenable to ANALYSIS for the 40.96 m.y. Half CYCLE of the Sun’s 7.2 degree TILT (2 quadrants), for measurement of the expected 81.92 m.y. full cycle. This can only be calculated in REVERSE, since the Sun is now rotating CCW and creating TRANSFORMS to the west; previously (20.48 m.y. AGO, by the Binary Theorem) the sun tilted in the opposite direction, creating SUBDUCTION. This would have happened for two quadrants (40.96 m.y.) after starting the REVERSAL. THEORIZED is a cycle completing in 81.92 m.y., creating west-moving TRANSFORMS for 40.48 m.y. and vice versa (as now occurs westward). The great Miocene EXTENSIONS would have occurred from 40.96 to 20.48 m.y. ago, and LATER they would be discontinued. This is all predicated on the Binary Theorem, where events are in cycles, and in MULTIPLES of 2- such as 2 x Axial Earth cycle Polar SHIFT of 40.96 m.y. for Sun's TILT from zero to zero Tilt CYCLE= 81.92 m.y.
 A KEY objection may be raised: “why does subduction occur at present, considering the Mt. St. Helens ERUPTION of 1980?” Considered will be the smaller INTERFERENCES caused by Venus or Uranus, which are RETROGRADE and create lesser reversals.

A portion of the South Java region of the Indian Ocean is SELECTED for the AGE near the expected 81.92 m.y. TILT Cycle of the Sun!

Krakatoa, the Violent ERUPTION in our HISTORY of Indonesia (anak means son in Malay, and is the LATEST Eruption):

Enlarging to show EAST MOVEMENT:

This shows Java moving EASTWARD, relative to Sumatra to the North, causing SEPARATION of the 2 islands; this is an example of a Widening HOLE, with a N-S Slice, and the VIOLENT Krakatoa- the WORST in Man's written History; this hole is NOT ROUND, exhibiting SAW-TOOTH Oceanic features. REMEMBER this INDICATOR-WARNING:

The Tilt change above is SUBTLE, and now let's view Sulawesi (Celebes) with its OBVIOUS 90 degree rotation of the DISPLAY: 

The ANGLE SHIFT occurs in 1.474 degrees of latitude:

The Center of ROTATION is at the Equator, and this appears to be related to the Sun's TILT CHANGE, but this ASSUMPTION must be CONFIRMED separately!

Photo shows 2 Inflections, or 3 quarters of a 4 Quadrant CYCLE, and all that remains is to find the TIME INTERVAL to yield:
4/3 x inflection time separation= Tilt CYCLE in million years!

"Homing in" on the CRITICAL PORTION:

ENLARGING the NE segment:
POSSIBLY the Focus can be seen on the seafloor, as a SEAMOUNT:
ERRORS shown above are INDICATIVE of the faintness of the Ocean floor SEAMOUNTS:

Turquoise Blue- the Peacock Subtlety
You strut inside my Mind‘s Eye, with the softness of your Youth. How the shimmer penetrates my smallest Neurons!
I long to envelope your rare Radiance- elusive and Shadowy! 
You dare to tempt my deeply-buried self.
But the Color disappears, with the angular shift of Moonlight.
 And I know that you will return. HLO

What have we found, in RELATION to the Moon/Sun ratio?
1. There is a MERIDIAN, N-S, across the Equator, which could represent the TRANSITION of Sun's TILT, with NO Transform E-W; but this ALSO could represent the Moon's influence, which normally creates N-S LINEARS (Meridians)! LOOK at the NW corner of Sulawesi:

RATIO of 2.03, if PERTINENT, is as close to the EXPECTED 2.0 as I have found! BUT this cannot be considered FINAL, as it MUST be CONFIRMED with other cases!
2. Crossing the EQUATOR reverses the CW Sinking in the Northern Hemisphere to CCW in the Southern;
3. The "TITS" occur on the north and the INFLECTION is on the south side of the Equator! Tits represent RISES, and Inflections are EXTENSIONS or SINKS. the tits are LARGEST FURTHER NORTH, INDICATING  that the ONE SOUTH of the Eq. incurs a SHIFT of the Equator (which would happen with an Earth Polar TILT change). This HINTS that Polar Precession FOLLOWS the Sun's Tilt PRECESSION! and,
4. This Island is CRITICAL, in terms of the 90 degree SHIFT, which should incur a LARGE CHANGE in the Sun's normal 7.2 degree TILT. However, there are NO volcanoes on Sulawesi, those occur around the Indonesian Archipelago of Sumatra, Java, Bali, on to the East!

NOTICE that there is DIVERGENCE to the SE (Timor, Moluccas, etc), and this bears on the Moon/Sun RATIO, since the MOVEMENT is to the East; You can see a Figure 8, for the DEEPEST Waters versus the Islands and their SHELVES. This means that there is a Sun TILT REVERSAL in this 81 m.y. array:

SMALLER ARCS show the OLDEST to the West (LARGER is OLDER for arcuate features), indicating that the DEVELOPMENT is to the EAST! OLDEST AGE is shown by the Diameter of the Figure 8, which is 88.44 m.y:

This AGE of 88.44 m.y. is near the EXPECTED 81.92 my.y Sun CYCLE; THE RATIO 88.44/81.92= 1.08 (RELATION between the 2), indicating that the Moon/Sun RATIO= 2.16, which is near the Literature value! Another way to calculate this is 88.44/40.96= 2.159 (the Sun's TILT Cycle/Earth AXIS Precession? of the Wobble CYCLE). This is PROBABLY as good as I can get, unless I find another ARCHIPELAGO making two 90 degree TURNS.

Back to the Florida keys:

A quarter of a turn (81.92 m.y.Tilt CYCLE/4) is shown, to determine whether this occurred in 20.48 years:

A quick CALCULATION, using a quarter turn of the CYCLE, yields 100 m.y for COMPLETION; this is in the "Ball Park" and must be plotted more PRECISELY!

SEGMENTATION, or separation of the Land Mass into Keys or Mass above water is NOT the true indication of RISE! The continuous shallow area is the BEST MEASURE of rising Earth; when there is SEA LEVEL RISE, the dry land is determined by LARGER DYNAMICS! We'll measure the CONTINUOUSLY Silted portion:

Dry Tortugas Island is SEPARATED from the main ARRAY of Islands, indicating that it is YOUNGEST. It exists west of the Sun QUADRANT of 20 to 25 m.y., and is expected to display the TREND of INCREASING Sun Tilt angle (yielding westward SHEAR, as with Pacific TRANSFORMS now).

I have selected a PORTION of the Keys ARC, which occurs over a 20 degree span; this should be more ACCURATE (35 m.y.), for the MID-SECTION:
Above allows me to EVALUATE myself, since I have leeway to select the ANGULAR SPREAD! Previous calculations yield 41 m.y., and one CONCLUSION is that the ELLIPTICAL DIAMETER enlarges with TIME. I know this to be TRUE, BUT now we have 2 variables, my skill-intellect and the ELLIPTICITY of the Sun- Earth system!

Interestingly, the DIVIDER (shown by the white line) has an ANGLE of 66.567 degrees- which SUBTRACTED from 90 degrees is the PRESENT Tropic of Cancer Latitude! This hints that simultaneous with DEVELOPMENT of the Sun's Tilt CYCLE, the Earth has shifted its Polar TILT as well. This is 23.433 degrees, and UNEXPECTED! The PRESENT Tropic of cancer is shown below, in yellow:

The INTERSECTION of these Natural LINEARS should exhibit something of VALUE for the History of the earth:

The INTERSECTION occurs at the CENTERLINE of a Basin ELLIPSE, at the Quarter of a Figure 8 (which appears to measure the 1.5 RATIO of Diameters):

RATIO is 1.15, which is for Jupiter's ap/perihelion. This in NOT the influence of Venus, BUT that  ONE which has been augmented by the Moon or the Sun!
The Florida Continental SHELF is moving eastward on the East side:
 The TIT seen on the edge of the shelf is an INDICATOR of movement to the east, and this occurs due to the EXPANSION of the shelf plus the exposed land mass. Regardless of rising sea levels, the entire ELLIPSE is rising to elevate the REGION, after the protrusion of the Peninsula (post Appalachian Orogeny). The peninsula orients 17 degrees from N-S with the Gravitational attraction of Pluto, as it Inclines 17 degrees from the Ecliptic PLANE. This is similar to other Tits, such as Chilean Andes at 7 degrees, and this occurs on vast as well as local SCALES!
 The east side of the Ellipse is moving faster than the west, seen by TRENCHES on the side opposite to the fast-moving Tit; this is normal for BASINS, as compared to RISES, consequently the peninsula is EXPANDING more to the east than westward- producing BASINS in the Gulf of Mexico as it likewise expands.
Tamu Dome, at 13 degrees Latitude South of Mendocino, CA- a RISE adjacent to a Basin, exhibiting E-W Linears by the Sun's normal TILT Angle at an AGE greater than 64 m.y. Notice the Incomplete Figure 8:

 This produces Geopressure, Gp (ABNORMAL for .5 psi/foot or GREATER), as the northern shoreline moves north or northwesterly, creating a SE movement of the Stratigraphic Column (particularly for the fine-grained SHALES and Silts!). This ENVELOPE of shales and fine sediments creates an ENVIRONMENT for hydrocarbons, as they are trapped by the vast enclosure containing Life REMAINS or chemical compounds. Drilling into this envelope produces BLOWOUTS when the High Pressure is not offset by weighted drilling fluid!
 The question to ask is: “does the multi-million year Precession of the Sun’s TILT Angle (shoving the Florida Peninsula eastward) produce all of these effects?” If so, the Gulf must be expanding on the east side, but LESS than the expansion on the east side of the Florida continental Shelf! Normally, the east Tidal RATES are low, some 10.24 mm/year, but the shelf is NARROWER on the west side of Florida, compared to the east. I have found that Lateral Tides are reduced when there is SIGNIFICANT Uplift.This is shown in a Google Photo:

 Above photo reveals that the critical COORDINATES of 24N 80W produces a CONSTRICTION on the movement of the Gulf Stream and the DYNAMICS, creating a NARROWING for the Gulf Stream. This is the OPPOSITE of EXPANSION- which occurs with a BASIN. Notice the RISE developing there:


Cay Sal banks, with Elbow Cay above sealevel, shows that there is a DIM ARC associated with the CRITICAL COORDINATES 24N 80W! These banks are composed of OOLITIC grains, made from precipitation of Calcareous ions from the DEEP COLD Gulf waters, as they drop out of solution with decreased P and increased Temperature with RISING (lighter color is SHALLOWER water, with largest RISE on the west side of the banks).

Larger VIEW finds a LINEAR to the NW of Elbow Cay:

Since I have found at least 10 different SCALES, look at Whidbey Island (Scroll down to the earlier Blog submission for background information on W.I.):

Above is Dines point, a TIT enlarging to the east, hence amenable to E-W ANALYSIS. This should pertain to the first derivative of VELOCITY, or acceleratiom, when measured against one FURTHER SOUTH:

Above is measurement of Small DISTANCES, separated by small Latitude increments. Careful measurements MUST be made, and they will pertain to the DIFFERENCES in INCLINATION Angles- likely as a Planet is PERTURBED by close association with others in nearby ORBITS!
To find the probable MASSES, you must find the MEASURED Orbits with observed ANGULAR DEVIATIONS from Comets, Planetoids, or Asteriods (likely interfering with the Moons of Jupiter). A SEARCH will probably be tedious, and should be accomplished by ASTRONOMERS!

East shore of Whidbey Dines to Bakke Point is SIMILAR to Florida’s east Coast, with a 23.46 degree angle to Admiralty Bay, Scroll down 2 photos.

 The possibility that the PRECESSION of the Inclination of Pallas ASTEROID was pertinent to the Latitude change between Dines and Bakke Points is evaluated, since it has the LARGEST Inclination ANGLE of 30+ degrees (Bakke is named after a residence, which is south of Honeymoon Bay), was pursued. Below are Literature DATA for Pallas:

Inclination angle: 34.8d, with 33.2d PROPER; 173.72d Longitude; PRECESSION 1.335 arc seconds/year, MINIMUM; tilt= 78d; Mass is 2.111 x10exp20 kg= 7% of asteroid total mass; 4.613 year ORBIT proper.

 Using Literature data, the .0258 degrees of Latitude change between Dines and Bakke x 3600 sec/degree= 92.88 arc seconds, which requires 71.45 years to EXTEND N-S between the two. This is FAST! The AGE of Holmes Harbor N-S Salt Water ARM could be calculated similarly, measuring the Latitude change, BUT NOT with Pallas, since it has now exhausted its energy on this location!

NOTE that the 23.5 degree EQUINOXIAL Angle is of the correct Magnitude, but it is now at RIGHT ANGLES to the Florida CASE (ROTATION from 90- 23.433d to 23.5 degrees from E-W! This CIRCUMSTANCE has been observed across the Continent for other ANALYSES!
That MOVEMENT is rapidly occuring LOCALLY was found with 2 SLUMPS on the below LOT, accessed by me during a 4 year PERIOD:

The Admiralty Bay to Dines Point DIAGONAL shows that the MOVEMENT ia to the east, but there is still the MATHEMATICAL SOLUTION of the AGE to be calculated!
Since we are evaluating a HARMONIC, probably of 1/1000 ratio, The Holmes Harbor DEVELOPMENT is near 125 k.y., so that there MUST be cycles of 81.92 k.y. and the movement must have been INITIATED less than 125/4= 31.25 k.y. ago?

Holmes Harbor AGE lies between 100  if westward and 195 k.y. if the movement is DOMINANTLY eastward, and movement occurs in BOTH DIRECTIONS; PRELIMINARILY, use 150 k.y., since OUTCROPS have been found of 125 k.y. age.

Considering that the Holmes Harbor is a N-S feature, produced by an EXTENSION along the meridian, and AUGMENTED by the Ice Age movement following TROUGHS created by E-W MOVEMENTS, how do we appraise it in terms which will help evaluate the PRECESSION of the Sun’s 7.2 degree TILT? It is impossible that TIME INTERVALS of 20.48 m.y. are exhibited on Whidbey Island, and from case studies, the choice of the 1/1000th HARMONIC, or 20.48 k.y. seems likely to APPLY! Proceeding with this interval, the formation of Holmes Harbor must have been INITIATED after the oldest OUTCROPS, or 125,000 years AGE, were emplaced. I have shown the calculations of 100 to 195 k.y. to determine the SPREAD of possible ages, and this is subject to use of correct TIDAL RATES! East movements are PROBABLY 10.24 mm/yr, as compared to 17.48 mm/yr West RATES, and the overall result depends upon the DIVIDER. Should it occur at the MID-POINT of N-S Holmes Harbor, the average would be 17.48 + 10.24)/2= 13.86mm/yr. This rate with 2 km WIDTH yields 144.3 k.y, which is REASONABLE. Using separation of silted areas on both sides of 1.8 km, yields 129.87 k.y. and this is most LIKELY. We’ll use this AGE, since it is closer to the oldest outcrop age.

Expansion of Holmes Harbor, E-W, must have started immediately after the N-S Slice was initiated, and this would have been “FIXED” by the 7.2 degree 1/1000th HARMONIC of the Sun. This reasoning infers that there were 2 cycles of 2 x 81.92= 163.84 k.y. and therefore 2 intervals of REVERSAL! Viewing Holmes Harbor as a N-S feature reveals that there is a BIFURCATION:

Above BIFURCATION occurred at 120 k.y. AGE, which agrees with OUTCROP AGES! This determines that there were 1.5 Sun CYCLES of 88.44 k.y. Closer is 120/80 = 1.5 cycles, and this can be CHECKED by measuring the RATIO of the North feature/south in meters. The MIDPOINT of the DIAGONAL will be used, preliminarily:

RATIO calculated from a N-S Inflection N43 degreeE. DIAGONAL is 1.46! This variation of 2.5%, as is the 43d from expected 45d diagonal, is INDICATIVE of the "homing in" process! Now there are:
1.5 CYCLES of approximately 80 k.y. each;
2. Cycles are HARMONICS of the 88.44 m.y. Sun TILT cycle;
3. Two QUADRANTS of the precession move EASTWARDLY, and 2 move westerly, creating each of the ROTATIONS (ARCS) found for Holmes Harbor. Stating more clearly: NW and SW arcs are moving westerly for the 2 quadrants of 20 k.y. each; NE and SE arcs are moving easterly for 2 more quadrants. These TOGETHER form the EXPANSION E-W of Holmes Harbor. I have photos of the BLUFFS at the south end of Holmes harbor, and they show a SCARP and ROTATIONS inside the scarp (shearing):


Above is the west LOBE of Holmes Harbor, looking eastward, and below is the larger view:

The TIT is shown from 2 PERSPECTIVES:
Google Earth, above and Digital Photo below- near the Freeland Library:

 It appears that the 1/1000 HARMONIC is CONFIRMED! But what about 1/10 and 1/100? Are we ENAMORED with the m.y./k.y.= 1000 RATIO? Tentatively, I have found that:
A. b.y. pertains to the ENTIRE EARTH;
B. 100 m.y. pertains to CONTINENTS;
C. 10 m.y. refers to REGIONS; 
D. 1 m.y. pertains to Basins;
E. 100,000 years indicates LOCAL Features, such as Holmes harbor;
F. 10,000 years, to Uplifts;
G. 1000 years, to Violent Quakes, such as the Haiti RECENT; 
H. 100 YEARS, to quakes along the Hurricane fault (which are very noticeable);
I. 10 years, to local SLUMPS, Slides, and Rock fall!

 Subduction, and the Volcanic Cascades, occurs from Mt. Lassen- Mendocino at 40.4 degrees Latitude, to Mt. Olympus, WA at 47.6N. This 7.2 degrees change is the TILT of the Sun’s Axis, and the angle Precesses over a CYCLE of 88.44 million years to -7.2 degrees, and for an inferred return to +7.2 degrees. The AGE of the most southerly boundary of subduction (an easterly TIDAL movement) is found from the Kimmei Seamount at 41 m.y. (40.96 by the Binary Theorem), which is the start of the NON-SUBDUCTION portion, until reaching Santa Barbara, CA at a N-S distance of 800 km (equivalent to 7.2 degrees). This occurs along the Midway TRANSFORM (of 17.7 m.y. AGE), and establishes the Rate of precession, from 23.26 m.y. change, as a QUARTER of the total cycle (the non-subductive quadrant). 
 North of the Mendocino transform, until Mt. Olympus post-Eocene, the TIME interval is approximately of Miocene age, or 20 m.y. (literature reports 19m.y. in sandstone by fission tracks). These two Quadrants account for a change from -7.2 to +7.2 degrees, or 14.4 degrees. Should this progression continue for 14.4 degrees in the total cycle, the cycle would transcribe 4 quadrants down to 40.4- 21.6 degrees, or 18.8N Latitude.
Sun cycle, 3rd segment:  


GRIDS are shown to determine the BOUNDARIES of the four 800 km SEGMENTS Solar 7.2 degree cycle:

Southern BOUNDARY of the 28.8 degree (4 x 7.2 or 3200 km N-S separation) CYCLE:
Incomplete ANALEMMA (Partial Figure 8) indicates a FEATURE in PROGRESS:



Once within a Moonlit Canyon, Surrounding an EXOTIC Banyan
I could see the Silver streaming through;
It all gave my flesh a Tingle, Causing me once more to Mingle
With the STILLNESS of the MYSTIC morning dew.

Even though the Moon’s Libration yielded NOT a stark Sensation, 
 I could sense the Gravitons (Me renew).
My SPIRIT readily made Alignment, creating Reprieve and Remind-ment
 Of my SOUL and of the many lofty Spheres within my view.

Harold L. Overton


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