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Whidbey Island as a separate Earth TIDAL Illustration

SUMMARY: WHIDBEY Island, WA is an excellent EXAMPLE of a CRUSTAL BLOCK, which can be HIKED, analyzed, and used as a MODEL for Earth MOVEMENTS in a much LARGER SENSE! Regions or Continents' TIDAL influences may be antcipated with this 3 segment MODEL, which can be STORED in your head.

COLOR CODE interpretation: Red is for RISING or active; Blue, SINKING; Green, MEASUREMENT; Black, FACTUAL; and Yellow, LOCATION or Identification. Pink or Purple is for TENTATIVE or uncertain, and Grey or dark Green infers Information, either possibly true or Unknown.

A COMPARISON should be made between the PREVALENT use of the mantle to explain DYNAMICS of the Earth’s surface, and one which depends upon GRAVITATIONAL Lateral SHEAR. This pits internal versus EXTERNAL forces for Geological interpretation! Looking down rather than looking UP- Elusive Plumes and “Hotspots” versus Gravitational Force. Second Diagram Below is the MODEL, which will be checked for ACCURACY of PATTERNS  in a secondary MODEL for the next SMALLER Harmonic, the Hemisphere:

Below General 3 segment DIAGRAM is modified to account for the HEMISPHERE:

 There is no chance to Salvage the Mantle view. It is wrong in such a way that it CANNOT be made right. Conversely, the UP analysis pertains ONLY to the Crust, and progressively less so with depth of the investigated activity!
 The BASIS of the Gravitational Force position depends upon the Lateral and Vertical movement created by the Solar System Masses: planets, planetoids, asteroids, and comets- which ORBIT away from the Ecliptic Plane, and Which ATTRACT portions of the earth’s Crust part of each Earth year. This is done via the ATTRACTION of these masses yearly as they move away from the Ecliptic, separately from the equilibrium of these bodies with Sun’s gravity along the Plane. 

This creates UPLIFT for 2 or 3 months, lateral shift for half of the EXTERNAL Mass's year, and SINKING whenever these masses are in conjunction with the Sun. All masses have an Inclination ANGLE (green above) which is made with the ECLIPTIC plane, relative to the Earth, which is used as the BASIS of all our observations. The angle is smallest for Uranus (.77 degrees), and the LARGEST, so far, is ASTEROID Pallas (34 degrees); there may be those CLOSER to 405degrees- which is the LIMIT, since they would then be external to the ASTEROID BELT. Comets, although of SMALL MASS, are in a SEPARATE CATEGORY- "tidying up" the EXCESS ENERGY:

Angles ARE DEMONSTRATED for Planets along the Ecliptic, where the Sun to Earth PLANE is the starting REFERENCE. The Sun is TILTED 7.2 degrees, while Earth has 23.433 (determining the Tropics). ALL angular exhibits change with TIME, and this is termed PRECESSION. Earth and Sun should be TILTED away from each other, and the RESULT is 30+ degrees in LATITUDE SEPARATION!

 We will examine these two viewpoints, using MODELS:

I will be TESTING my MODEL for the 3 segment APPRAISAL of Earth TIDAL FEATURES, shown below (DEVELOPED from the Global Tidal MOVEMENT arrows):

We start with the most SIMPLIFIED 3 SEGMENT model:, for the HEMISPHERE

Below is the FIRST EXAMPLE, but as will be shown, this SLUMPING segment belongs to a LARGER 3 segment South BLOCK (Possession Point), which must be treated SEPARATELY. The DIVIDER, in yellow above, BLUE below, orients N-S, INDICATING that it is separate. E-W MOVEMENTS are analyzed with (90- R)/R equations, while N-S movements are understood with (180- R)/R equations. 

The R is a ratio or angular magnitude, either from Latitude and Longitude, Inclination, or Tilt angles, and INTERMEDIATE oblique variations are studied with (72- R)/R or smaller divisions of the Quadrant, such as 60, 45, 30 or 24:


PREVIOUSLY, the Honeymoon Trail SPIRAL, at the AZ-UT border, south of Hurricane Town and exhibited at Hf- the Hurricane Fault, was shown to EXHIBIT 3 ROTATIONS, and the differentiation may be made by MEASURING TILT of the strata; The "TIT" which is youngest, has the GREATER of the 3 tilts. Since Hf is a MAJOR MOVEMENT, it MUST be PROVEN whether this TRIFURCATION is universal:

Whidbey Island EXHIBITS all the features necessary, in order to CONFIRM the 3 segment MODEL:

Above DIAGRAM is a key to the MODEL exhibited in the South part of the 3 segments of Whidbey Island; the Double Bluff "TIT" denotes the Southerm BOUNDARY! EQUIVALENCIES (multiple HARMONICS) of Holmes Harbor in the below photo with the Atlantic are STRONGLY INDICATED:
WIDER VIEW, with an older "TIT". These are OUTSIDE the 3 segment regime to the north:

Possession SLUMPING occurs at the above Whidbey Island 'TIT' or ARC.

The Northern portion of the Island is more REGULAR, and it is ANALYZED first; this is shown in GENERAL for Whidbey Island (diagonal DISTANCE is 60km):
Devil’s Mt.- Darrington Fault, an E-W left lateral movement, similar to the Arctic Circle at 66.567N latitude (which allows the beginning of SCALING):

Whidbey Island, being an ISOLATED block of Crust, demonstrates that Gravitational SHEAR and ROTATION is effective on LANDMASS, and PENETRATES only to the SEA LEVEL for most distant Solar System Masses. That is, UPLIFT and SINKING occur on PROTRUSIONS of mass above the water, and it creates LANDFORMS which are DUPLICATED on the particular Crust protruded! These are REPEATED for small as well as LARGE Blocks:

Above is an ARTIFICIALLY-FORMED pond and DRAINAGE (via a dike to the east). This was formed within the last century, and is maintained below sea-level via a PUMP at the dike. Nevertheless, the pond aligns N-S with the "TIT" (in red) formed by UPLIFT, illustrating the 3 SEGMENT MODEL! Notice the calculated AGE, which is near the 40.96 k.y. AXIAL cycle of Milankovitch (Pre-last ICE INCURSION, indicating that movements occured BELOW the Ice, and that the Artificially-made Pond merely took the DEPRESSION or SINK already present):

Important CONSIDERATIONS for Whidbey Island:
1. It is an ISOLATED BLOCK of crust, with N-S features, ROTATIONS, and Arc -LINEARS;
2. It has at least 2 SEPARATE DIVISIONS, with a SLICE (divider) between the 2 at Greenbank Hancock Lake;
3. It is YOUNG, being only 15,625 years since the last ICE AGE; and,
4. It EXHIBITS sinks, "TITS", RISES, and Measureable E-W Inclination ANGLES:

Juan de Fuca channel is to the left, with Penn Cove to the upper right; notice that there is exhibited half of a Figure 8 (east end of JdF) at photo TOP:
Penn Cove is shown on LARGE and Small SCALES:
PENN COVE exhibits many E-W truncated linears:
Looking WESTWARD to Admiralty Passage, south of the Juan de Fuca Strait:
"JERKS" indicate that ACTIVE DYNAMICS are occurring since the ICE AGE! The LAST incursion was at 15,625 years (ago) AGE:

Lake Perego is near Penn Cove (west) and PERSISTS, above sea level. It is EQUIVALENT to the Central Valley, CA:

Honeymoon Bay, below, is EQUIVALENT to a MAJOR RIVER OUTLET, such as the Amazon on the World SCALE. It has drainages from the North, West and South, exiting EASTWARD:

Lake TRACE above is ARCUATE, with Holmes Lake and 3 other Ponds defining a CIRCULAR Rotation, where the direction of ROTATION is shown by the DIAMETER- largest is OLDEST (and which lie North and South of MIMA MOUNDS in a N-S arrangement, with the Honeymoon Bay between, as with the Great Lakes at 45 to 45N, dividing USA from Canada at the Puget Sound INFLECTION)! Mounds are seen as Mountains on the large scale:
Mima MOUNDS indicate alternate sinking-COMPRESSION; they occur both north and south of Honeymoon Bay, indicating a MAJOR INFLECTION (similar to the Amazon BASIN, which is an EXTENSION). Notice that stacked MOUNDS indicate a LATERAL SHOVING of one set against another, an INTERFERENCE ZONE:


CASES show them in an ELLIPTICAL PATTERN, usually with 6 or 12 isolated mounds:
Mounds occur on the UPPER LEVEL (Oval) also, but half as long in a N-S direction:

There are 2 SETS of Mounds, one set is half size, STACKED on top of the older, above (houses are located on scarps, Golf course on best FLAT land). COMPARE with larger ones found alongside the E-W projected TRANSFORM at Cape Arago, OR, and Roseburg:

 The SHOVE is to the East, as is SUBDUCTION and STRONG winds, and the inference is that the DEPTH of the MOVEMENT (by Venus) increases the EXTENT (FIELD) of the Mound REGION. Later we will find that the Sun's 7.2 degree TILT Cycle produces steep subduction dives, while RETROGRADE Venus and Uranus yield shallow angles of dive:

To be PROVEN is the TENET: SIZE of Mound Field (Diameter) = a FUNCTION of the SUBDUCTION Depth= constant x Solar System Mass/(separation from Earth) squared x Inclination ANGLE to the Ecliptic Plane, in RADIANS.

SUBDUCTION, related to Vertical Rotation of the Crust, Mathematically:
 Inclination of Venus from the Ecliptic Plane is 3.39778 degrees. Expressed in radian measure, this approximates sin Angle= tan Angle, by dividing degrees by 180/pi, or by 57.295. Then Inclination/57.295= 1/16.8626= .0593 radians.
 The last vertical rotation, according to the TRANSFORM from Mendocino to seamount Kimmei, began 40.96 m.y. ago; this allows the EQUATION:

 DEPTH of rotation= (rate) x Time x tan angle, or radian measure= .0593 x 10.24 km/m.y. Eastward x 40.96 m.y.= 24.87 km, to be SOLVED.
 Fortuitously, this is approximately the amount expected by the 1.625 ratio for Venus’s Earth days, 365.24/Venus orbit of its days yearly, for 1.625 x 24.87= 40.42 m.y. to create a Polar Shift of 400 km. This EQUATES Time and Space, as Milankovitch calculated. Venus can subduct a portion of the Crust each 40.96 m.y. to a DEPTH (Vertically DOWN) of 24 km. NO OTHER Planet can cause this movement, due to their large distance or small mass, according to Force= k(M1 x m2)/separation squared! This is partly due to the requirement of a RETROGRADE Movement to the east, which the Moon cannot do with its CCW rotation. The Sun could accomplish this with its 7.2 degrees TILT, and this must be explored! Should there be reversals of Sun CYCLES, there may be some periodic behavior which would effect SUBDUCTION; but this must fit the 41 m.y. criterion! 
A MODEL will help VISUALIZE the movements:

How can there be any other SUBDUCTION ANGLE?
 Should only RETROGRADE Masses produce movement to the east, there should be no STEEP Subduction dive towards the Mantle; that is, Uranus with .77 degrees (too small and too far away) and Venus with a maximum of 3.4 degrees, where both have SHALLOW Dive angles. There has to be a shove with LARGER DIP to effect the Geologists’ steep dive toward the Mantle. The solution may be found with the Western Pacific, where all movements trend toward the East, NE, or SE. I have calculated 30.72 degrees eastward for the Marianas, particularly near the Challenger TRENCH! This occurs because of the high movement rate in the SW quarter of any feature, mainly since the Tidal RATE is greater for downhill movement and CONVERSION of potential to KINETIC energy. It seems strange that this quadrant has 3 times the rate as the NE quadrant, but cases have demonstrated that this 3x rate has been accurate when cross-checked.
 The case of the Cascades demonstrates that the Venus 3.4 degree dive angle is reasonable. The distance from the Pacific Coast to the N-S line of volcanoes is near 400 km, and the Tidal Rate of 10.24 km/m.y. yields 420 km for Polar shift time of 40.96 m.y. for a 24 km DEPTH, as calculated for the Venus Inclination angle of 3.4 degrees. 

 How can the larger Inclination angles, similar to the 30.72 km/m.y. be attained? The ZONES of steep subduction occur in deep waters of the eastern Pacific, and the Potential to larger Kinetic velocities occur in SHALLOW waters such as the Southern Pacific. The case of shallow angle dive is noticed for the Mima Mounds of Whidbey Island, where the shallow angles allow a longer N-S array of Mounded TERRACES to underlie a shorter array.
First, look at OLDER (WIDER) mounds from my street:

A distant view of those above:

 A deeper SUBDUCTION can be developed by longer times, such as 2 or more CYCLES of 40.96, where the angle remains the same with the time as the Main VARIABLE! This does NOT solve the steep angle case. Chile exhibits vulcanism close to the coast, and this should be the case to investigate further.

ENLARGED, noting the CRITICAL Coordinates:

 Chile lies in the SW block, relative to the Hemisphere, and this can explain the DEEPER Dives at large angles. This must be ACTUATED by Gravitation, and Venus’s 3.4 degree Inclination angle must be AUGMENTED. The fact that the Subduction terminates BELOW the Tropic of Capricorn is a clue, and it is possible that the Sun with a TILT of 7.2 degrees is responsible. The Sun rotates CCW, and this may contribute in the Southern Hemisphere where the GLOBAL TIDAL arrows point to the east- yielding the necessary AUGMENTATION of Venus to effect LARGER Dive Angles. Chile coast is shown below, to indicate zones of SUBDUCTION, with the distance between coast and Vulcanism becoming shorter with APPROACH to 32.55S Latitude:
Chile subduction, Tropic of Capricorn:

SUBDUCTION off the South America coast starts at 15S and terminates at 33S, a variation of 18 degrees of Latitude (111/111 x 18 = 2000km- which is NEAR the Pluto transient of 1900 km= 17.14 degrees Inclination x N-S Conversion:

 The mountainous zone narrows to the indicated Subduction ZONE, and this Latitude is 9 degrees south of the 23.433N Tropic of Cancer (at 32.55S)! This is greater than the 7.2 degrees Sun Tilt, but is a possible factor.

LINEARS at sea bottom exhibit appropriate ANGLES, such as Inclinations above the Ecliptic Plane, INTERSECTIONS (critical coordinates of ANOMALIES), and RATIOS of Planetary DATA:

The Chile EXAMPLE has NOT been solved! The ENORMITY of the 2000 km of the subduction ZONE suggests that the Sun is likely the instigator, but there is still the MECHANISM to be found. The MOVEMENT must be to the east, and it is NOT POSSIBLE to invoke retrograde behavior! Considering that the Asian coast is almost entirely moving eastward (Ring of Fire proof), some LARGE ENTITY or Mass is the instigator. This means the Moon, Sun or Venus; of these, only Sun’s 7.2 degree TILT and Moon’s  5.145 degree Inclination angle seem likely to yield the INCREASED Angle of subduction. This infers that the LIBRATION (Rocking) of the Moon is the easiest to change. Search of this VARIABLE finds that there is evidence of a steady change of this Inclination- in effect a WOBBLING of the Moon!
 Wobbling is INSUFFICIENT for creating RETROGRADE behavior and eastward Subduction! There must be Precession, where the Inclination is not an illusion, as it is with Libration. Rocking must create an ANGLE CHANGE to effect an orthogonal effect (right angled or inverted behavior). I assume that the result is a slight WIGGLE, and that the Moon will induce a fairly ABRUPT Subduction Angle change, but SIGNIFICANT, with a ratio of 5.145/3.4= 1.514. This will be placed in the background, since the Sun’s TILT change fits with this N-S movement along Latitude lines for the Subduction in both North and South America. This is REGULAR, compared to the ARCUATE movement into Alaska.

The Coast of Chile, where the SUBDUCTION is pronounced, lies in the SE block of an ARC which has 2 MOVEMENT RATES: 30.72 as contrasted to 10.24 mm/year further east. Net eastward MOVEMENT is 17.48 mm/yr, and the LAG of the Continental portion is sufficient to effect SINKING and DRIVING the Oceanic PORTION underneath the slower Marine Block! The AVERAGE (estimated, since Mean rates should be used) is 23.48, compared to 13.24 for the SE, is 30.72/2= 15.36. Peak rate/Lowest rate= 30.72/10.24= 3, while the Average rate/smallest = 15.36/10.24= 1.5; average SW quadrant/SE Quadrant= 23.48/13.24= 1.773. None of these yield the anticipated 2 ratio, but this uses TRIGONOMETRY, where the Integral under the curve MIGHT yield the 2 ratio.
ALL ratios indicate that the Moon/Sun RATIO is not exactly 2.0. I have found  from LITERATURE, that the AVERAGE is near 2.15. More CASES are needed!

Below is a 3 segment DIAGRAM, which shows the Coastal Mountains as a TRIANGLE (TIT), with the Coast as a N-S LINEAR;  the Amazon Basin is the BLUE and the South America ORB is a RED circle. The EQUATOR is an E-W LINE, for orientation:

This DIAGRAM gives a CLUE that SUBDUCTION occurs along the Chile Coast, due to DIFFERENTIAL TIDAL RATES, when crossing the N-S divider (10.24 to the east and 17.48 km/m.y. when the FASTER MOVING block moves DOWNWARD with its greater DENSITY:

The Solar System MASSES were NOT INVOKED, but the 1900 km coast segment is EQUIVALENT to Pluto's 17 degree x 111.111km/degree Inclination angle! MOVEMENTS N-S along a meridian are functions of the Sun's PATH, particularly with the 7.2 degree TILT, augmented with other Planets and Asteroids:

Notice the SIMILARITY to the Caribbean Sea, for the ARC to the east south of Chile (south of Qsna COMPARISON):


 I have found that the 7.2 degrees of change between major TRANSFORMS in the Pacific is fairly consistent along the Continental coasts; further west the separation becomes LESS, and this hints that there is a change in the AXIAL TILT of the Sun with time. Searching the literature yields NO specific information, but by now, I realize that ALL masses in the Universe precess or exhibit CYCLICAL CHANGES with time. Google Earth reveals that SIGNIFICANT shift of the Transforms occurs since the 41 m.y. Kimmei Seamount, and this infers that Sun Axis is PRECESSING noticeably within this PERIOD (40.96 m.y. by the Binary Theorem). This is merely the UPPER LIMIT of the time interval, and the shift may be faster, as seen by the significant angular shifts between Kimmei and Midway island (15 degrees latitude between Mendocino, CA at 17.7 m.y. a difference of 23.26 m.y, yielding .645 degrees/m.y.= 1/1.55):

Midway Island in the central Pacific, which I used for REFUELING  in the"ol days":

TILT Precession for the Sun, from 7.2 degrees:
 The Sun creates TRANSFORMS adjacent to the Americas Continental West Coast, each 7.2 degrees of Latitude, from Mendocino, CA to incomplete E-W features below the Equator. The LITERATURE reports 7.25 degrees as the measured tilt, by GEOPHYSICS. The transforms become closer-SPACED as Google Earth is scanned toward the HI-Emperor Seamount Chain, at the western border of the Great ARC of Qsna- the North America Quadrant. This development has been calculated to move 86 mm/year, over the Radioactivity-measured ages of Extrusions along the path. This is equivalent to 86/111.111 km/degree= .774 degrees/m.y.
 I have used the Midway Islands to the Kimmei seamount ages at 40.96-17.7 m.y. (from the literature) to calculate the almost N-S track= 23.26 m.y. INTERVAL TIME. Latitude change is 7.37 degrees, yielding 7.37/23.26= .3169 d/m.y.


PRECESSION of the Sun TILT is 20.56 m.y. to offset the 7.2 degrees (which is a QUARTER of a CYCLE); after this interval of time, we now have 7.2 degreees. Prior, the PRECESSION produced REVERSE behavior!
MILANKOVITCH CYCLES pertain to the BINARY THEOREM and to the ANOMALOUS behavior of the Moon at 4.096 billion years AGE. Above LOCATION fits the Division of the Earth into FRACTIONS, which are those dividing 360 degrees into exact divisions of; 90, 45, 30, 24, 20, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2, where Midway lies at the Fraction 18= 1/20th.

 It took me seven years of trial and error, to solve one of the simplest of mathematical relations: the HARMONICS of the BINARY THEOREM and how they relate to the AXIAL, ELLIPTICAL, AND PRECESSIONAL CYCLES discovered by Engineer Milankovitch.
 Milankovitch contrived by mathematics the climate BEHAVIOR was derived from cycles of WOBBLES of the Poles, in 25, 41, and 100 kilo year periods. I have extended this to include the daily weather and the movements of the CRUST of the EARTH and the oceanic currents, which are on cycles determined by the relative viscosities of the atmosphere, water, and the crust; they are roughly 1:100:10 exponent 10 to each other.

 The basic start to understanding the BINARY THEOREM  is from the various extinctions noticed by paleontologists, from fossil counts in the sedimentary record. They are noticed as being in a series, approximated by the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16 (Columbia FLOOD basalts), 32, 64 (Chixculub), 128, 256 (PTr, Permian Triassic EXTINCTION), 512 (Burgess Shale), 1024 (Great Unconformity of the grand Canyon), 2048, and 4096 million years of AGE. There is a small percentage error (less than 3%), comparing these numbers to those in the fossil record- as measured in age by radioactivity, e.g. 65 KT, 251 PTr, and 505 Burgess Shale. However, it is expected that minor events, such as movements of comets and distant objects from the sun, and THERMAL, RADIOACTIVE events can account for the small differences.
 It is expected that the number 4.096 billion years is the AGE of an ANOMALY of the Moon's gravity, from an INTERACTION of a planetoid with the earth. Again, an error of near 2% may be expected. This age establishes the Binary Series initiation, which was determined by the binary relation of the EARTH-MOON, which is fixed by the gravitational influence of the solar system. The ratio of separation of the earth to sun to that of earth-moon is roughly 400:1  (392, more precisely)- which is also established gravitationally, and this number is important for later incorporation.
 The harmonics of the binary theorem are also important: 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560, 5120, 10,240, 20,480, and 40,960- the apparent number of years in the AXIAL CYCLE of MILANKOVITCH. 
 The next round of harmonics involves the numbers: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800 (related to the presently-sought Mastodon killer at 12,900 years AGE), and 25,600 years- the maximum time interval of the MILANKOVITCH PRECESSIONAL CYCLE. These are the approximate ages of ancient earthquakes, and for my local area, the Hurricane fault experienced two quakes separated by 90 years: 1902-1992. 
 Now we have a chance to determine which is more correct: is the AXIAL CYCLE 41k.y. or 40, 960 years? Further, is the ELLIPTICAL CYCLE 100 k.y. or 102,400 years, as would be predicted by the BINARY THEOREM? The first Google earth photo shows that there is a relation of the elliptical arrangement of protrusions in ZION National Park, which can be fairly accurately measured. 
Below is the INCIPIENCE of the HOLE-SLICE feature found in all parts of the Earth, with ALL SCALES, as with the Hudson Bay CIRCLE- James Bay SLICE (N-S ALMOST always)

This will be our starting point, where we will determine the relationship of all of these features (which are gravitationally-arranged by the earth, moon, and rest of the Solar system).

The NW Pacific Ocean exhibits SLICES (transforms) E-W, and the HOLE is shown as the DEEP part of the basin, with the HI-Emperor Seamount Chain as the PERIMETER:

Back to Whidbey, to the Mima Mounds north of the Honeymoon Bay DIVIDER:
Whidbey Admiralty Passage (shipping Lane) JERKS; these can be measured for SEPARATION DISTANCE, and calculated for INTERVAL TIMES This photo will help understand the
STACKING" of arcuate features (UPLIFT, or rise at the expence of reduction of LATERAL MOVEMENT):

Notice the OVERLAP, where OLDER is overlain by SMALLER ARCS:

TESTING the SUBJECTIVE longitude at the San Juan N-S Linear: (180- 123.804803)/122+= .4539= 1/2.2031, which is near N/U @ 2.29:
REFERENCE for Whidbey Island is Mt. Olympus, at 47.798179N 123.701541W, which is 46.1E of Prime, and is a NEW Zero REFERENCE for Latitude. This is for Puget sound north:

Mt. St. Elias lies at the CRITICAL 60N coordinate:

Latitude REFERENCES Mendocino, Blanco, Mt. Olympus, Glacial Bay, and Mt. St. Elias show a CIRCLE fractional PROGRESSION (showing 5 jutting Geographical POINTS out of 10, with 3 minor). Cape Arago, Long Beach, WA, and Cape Flattery are others:
 Starting with Mendocino at 40.4N Latitude (40.43222N ,more precisely), the sequence is as follows: Cape Blanco at 42.831094N, with 2.4311d change;
Juan de Fuca entrance at 48.378723N, with change of 5.54763d change, and 7.978723d TOTAL;
Vancouver western-most point at 50.10192N, change of 1.7232d, and 9.7019d TOTAL;
Mt. St. Elias (above) is more orderly, at 60.4N (20 degrees north of Mendocino), and the PROGRESSION is approximately 2 degrees of Latitude for each ANGULAR SHIFT! This is a forty-fifth of the 90 degree quadrant, with minor deviations, for each SIGNIFICANT shift!


Viewing the ARC SERIES from the North:

TESTS must be made for CONFIRMATION of the finding that the REFERENCE Latitude SHIFTS at FRACTIONS of the 90 degree QUADRANT:

Mendocino, CA is the PRIMARY REFERENCE for the INTERMEDIATE Latitudes until 45N Latitude, above, and the next significant JUT lies at Point or Cape Blanco:


Vancouver Island:

Glacier Bay:
Mt. St. Elias, AK, at the Canada border:

ANOTHER FINDING fits the 2x MULTIPLE: Vancouver Island and the Panhandle of AK continental SHELF is ARCUATE for 6 degrees of Latitude (even though it aligns to the NW)! This indicates that there occur 3 major divisions- 2 RISES, with an intermediate Bay (SINK). This agrees with the 3 segment MODEL, where 2 CCW features must be "SANDWICHED" about a buffer, which prohibits the "GRINDING of the GEARS" between adjacent rotations. These would create HEAT, and we will review TOFINO, which I visited for THERMAL bathing (almost at the seaside of the INNER PASSAGE)!

Tofino and Flores Island:
HOT SPRINGS occur whenever there are CONFLICTING RATES of rotation, and where MAJOR SHEARING exists at RISING-SINKING, or intersecting at cross-FRACTURING:
Above HOT SPRING is interesting, but you must take a boat from Tofino to reach it!

Pah Tempe HOT SPRINGS, Hurricane, UT:


Lake Hancock is a SMALL SCALE EXAMPLE, where Temperature RISES are no more than 8 degrees (this can be checked at the PUMP outlet at the Greenbank POND):

The "TIT" above I have located, but VEGETATION has found the MICROCRACKS first (since they thrive with sheared soil)!

Lake Hancock exhibits SHEAR LINES from currents, guided by LATERAL GRAVITATION MOVEMENTS:
Hancock Lake is EQUIVALENT (a category pursued in the next Blog) to Lake Nicaragua, on the 200x SCALE:
Hancock Lake Thrust PLATES disappeared within 4 years of my OBSERVATIONS, while hiking with the Maxwelton group:

Above view is north of the Thrusted ZONE watched and photoed over a 4 year interval:

There are PATTERNS in the yearly-changed DRAINAGES; these show RAPIDLY-FORMED Analemmas or Figure 8s, as well as others (which may yield RATIOS for identification, if put to MATHEMATICAL TESTS):

Notice the few LINEARS, indicating that minor Solar masses have been at work YEARLY; these may be related to the Mass's Inclination angle, by using d x(111.111 km/degree)= length of line (a HARMONIC or fraction will be indicated)! For example, .77d x 111.111= 85.56km, for Uranus, and 85.56m may be measured, indicating the 1/1000 HARMONIC! 144 meters shown is pertinent for Jupiter/1000. The 68m linear approximates U/1000 at 86km. This shows the ERROR created, when NOT using precision:

 A "TIT" is shown by the best Vegetation, above, and the THRUST seen over the years (while hiking) is shown below:


VERTICAL Rotation of the two nearby Planets: Venus and Mars, according to the Mass/separation squared equation:
 Venus with its RETROGRADE rotation (CW, reverse to other Planets, LOOKING DOWN at the North POLE), creates Subduction with its OPPOSITION to normal Earth TIDES. Uranus is also retrograde, but first compare Mars- the other nearby Planet.
Mars: 227,936,640 km is Average distance from Sun; and subtracting Earth distance of 149,597,890 km= 78,338,750 km.
CLOSEST distance occurs every 1.88 years, which is the Mars year. Mass= .107 x Earth= .107 x 5.9737x 10exp24= 6391.859x 10exp20 kg.
 Ratio of m/d squared: 1.04 x10exp+8, for Mars, at closest point.

Venus: 108,208,930 km, average distance from Sun, 41,388,960 closest to earth separation; squared= 1713.046 x 10exp+12;
Mass: .815 x Earth= .815 (5.9737)10exp24= 4.8685655x 10exp24;
RATIO= 2.84205x 10exp15, which is 2.73x 10exp7 times as LARGE in influencing the CRUST as Mars!
 Should Mars create the cm deep “TICS” found on the Pine Valley outliers, Venus can penetrate 273 km in Subduction ARCS! This depth has been indicated for the rise under the Cascades, and this would preclude Mars from penetrating further than 1 centimeter into the Crust! This is SPECULATION so far, and must be proven, for practical usage.
Uranus: 2,870,972,200 km average distance from Sun; 2,721.4 Kkm from Earth; squared= 7.40588x 10exp18; Mass: 14.37x Earth= 14.37(5.9737)10exp24 kg= 85.842x 10exp24 kg;
Ratio= 11.6x 10exp6, which is .1115x or about a tenth Mars’ influence (Mars/U= 104/11.6= 8.9655).
SERIOUS READERS may want to CHECK the Mathematics, since I do these calculations HURRIEDLY!

HIKING is simple on Whidbey beaches; there is NO change of Elevation, only occasional QUICKSAND, and FALLEN TREES:

CROSSING this drainage may be done ONLY at LOW TIDE!

Lake Hancock, MAGNIFIED, was fresh water- raising cranberries until 1910, when storms allowed SALT WATER to intrude:
Oak Harbor Kalamut I. seaplane base:
The STRAIT of Juan de Fuca is a DIVIDER between the USA Orb, which is between Mt. Olympus and the Canadian-Vancouver (OLDER and wider) together forming a Half Figure 8, including the CRATONS. Notice the INFLECTION at the Puget Sound, north of 45N:

Back to Juan de Fuca, which is a DIVIDER at a CRITICAL Latitude:

The RATIO of the 2 diameters of the 2 HALVES of the Figure 8 will ESTABLISH the entities creating this second order ANALEMMA, at the RED and Blue crossing on the right side of the photo, ABOVE (first is GLOBAL, and thirdly will be REGIONS):

Photo below shows SIMILARITY to that at the 90 degree shift at the CRITICAL COORDINATES for the Gulf Stream  south of Florida, at 80W Longitude (90E of prime):

Gulf Stream:

The ARCUATE movement of the Vancouver Island coast toward Mt. St. Elias is OBLIQUE, requiring an EQUATION of the type (72- 3)/3= 23, because it fits neither Latitude nor Longitude orthogonals. This is checked: (72- 24)/24= 2, which may be the Moon/Sun ratio. Considering that the points and heads along the path are separated by 2 degrees of Latitude, this confirms that the 2 ratio is REAL, but the ratio occurs so often that other possibilities are just as VALID! The 23 degrees may also be  23E of prime- which is located at 147W longitude (using a SIMPLIFIED 170W as the Prime meridian). This is shown on Google Earth, as: (60- 3)/3= 19E of prime, or 151W (which exhibits Major ANOMALIES), along the Mendocino TRANSFORM: 

Vancouver, BC, Canada exhibits TERRAINS (or Terranes, now in DISFAVOR), as well as the Compressional "JERKS" parallel to the coast, OFFSHORE. These jerks are SIMILAR to Mima Mounds, in that they indicate COMPRESSION:

These EXOTIC features have been investigated by Geologists, who relate that they come from "OUT THERE"! I will use their terminology and FIELD LOCATIONS, to show that these terranes derive from multi-million year "JERKS", which are ARCUATE and somewhat CONCENTRIC (the diameters increasing with INTERVAL TIME of occurence). They originate IN PLACE, from EXPANSION, as time passes. The most ACCURATE evaluation is that the CONVEX COAST LINE points to the direction of movement (to the WEST, in this CASE).

There are 2 GOALS:
1. Confirm that a MAJOR ANGULAR SHIFT occurs at the 45 to 48N latitudes (with Mt. Olympus as the FOCUS), and that above this Latitude there are SHIFTS different from the 7.2 degree INTERVALS shown by the MAJOR TRANSFORMS (in Mid-Latitudes until below the EQUATOR). Likely, the Sun TILT of 7.2 degrees is superceded by 2 degrees, with the Moon becoming increasingly DOMINANT (even above the Arctic Circle, where there is a Moon visable, but NOT seen is our Sun- which is below the HORIZON!). The MOON can exert ATTRACTION from ABOVE, but the Sun CANNOT;
2. CONFIRM the 2 RATIO for Moon/Sun TIDAL influence.

Proceeding with Whidbey Island:

It required 10 years to sort this ALL out, because of the SUBSEQUENT EVENTS distorting the ARCS, but now with the Universal "Hole-SLICE" guide, the circular configuration is ferreted out (with the Crescent Harbor name beating me to the punch). The CROSSING of the 2 yellow LINES is the original FOCUS; this has expanded in 4 directions to create the present Penn Cove and the waterway to the south:

Based on the RECOGNITION of Ala SPIT as a REDUCED scale Greenland, the 80 km N-S Whidbey island (I'll measure this more accurately) can be related to 1/200 x the 16,000 km Hemisphere of North and South America Continents:

Below is a 200 to one division, where the N-S GRAVITATIONAL PATTERNS are replicated (but NOT with the E-W dimensions):

Measuring at RIGHT ANGLES, the longest distance is near 60 km:

"JERKS" are obvious below, and indicate COMPRESSION or Shoving Laterally:
Smith Island lies offshore Whidney NAS military Reservation:
Smith Island lies on the SUBJECTIVE N-S Meridian from San Juan Islands to the west border of Whidbey; I will try to determine whether it is EQUIVALENT on a larger SCALE to the Channel Islands- formed by the Santa Barbara TRANSFORM and great E-W Fault (which points to Death Valley ANOMALY):

Death Valley Elderhostel
O, twas in the month of March
When the sands began to parch,
And the dainty evening primrose commenced to bloom;

I sashayed out to take a hike
With some citizens- elders like
Who would hope to meet their destiny,
Not their doom.

Now their souls were all aghast,
When the zephyrs began to blast
And the dust initiated havoc from the dunes;
But they maintained a steady gaze

Though their brains were in a haze,
And their faces reminded one of sub-sea level prunes.
When they climbed unworldly crests
With gamey legs and heaving breasts,

It struck me that there was not a trace of gloom;
But they all survived with mirth
Yielding fame and glee and worth,
As they weaved Death Valley’s patterns on her loom.
Harold L. Overton

EQUIVALENCIES are NOT shown or are PERTINENT for Fracture ANGLES, ORIENTATION of Figures (such as Smith Island), or E-W distances; ONLY N-S portraits are Equivalent to GLOBAL Features, by FRACTIONAL Latitude change!

Rocky Point is IMPORTANT, since it relates (EQUIVALENT, on a much smaller SCALE) to Mendocino, CA- which is a LATITUDE REFERENCE; it lies south of Frostad Basin, which is the E-W line of 40 to 45N lakes. notice that the marble-ized and silicated STREAKS point to west:

Google earth view of Rocky Point, which is part of the Naval Reservation allowing visitors to stroll the beach:

Hiking this beach for 15 years allowed notice of CHANGES:

Gravitational UPLIFT occurs on many SCALES, and solving the relationship on a HIKEABLE feature allows an ASSESSMENT of that which will occur on vastly LARGER SCALES. This yields ONLY the PATTERNS, but gives you the DIAGRAM  or MODEL for ANALYSIS of Major DYNAMICS!

It is IMPORTANT to realize that the ANALEMMA (PARTIAL Figure 8) is a SUBSET of the DYNAMICS, where the yearly ROTATIONS proceed to simultaneously form 2 CIRCULAR FIGURES, such as the Colorado Plateau of 40.96 m.y. and the Basin and Range of 25 m.y. (approximately, since PRECESSION continues to change the TIME INTERVAL)!

The ALEUTIONS form a Partial Figure 8, which is a part of a MUCH OLDER Archipelago.

The LONGITUDINAL REFERENCE, at 169.6W Longitude, passes through the Aleutians, and is PRIME for the Natural DIVIDER, or Meridian.

You see now that there is OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE, that the UPLIFT and SINKING derives from the Gravitational ATTRACTION when there is OPPOSITION with a Solar Mass and the SUN, whenever the mass is INCLINED from the Ecliptic Plane for a portion of its YEAR; CONJUNCTION does the REVERSE- pulls from the far side of the Sun, creating SINKS!

The following Blog shows that the Southern portion of Whidbey exhibits the EQUIVALENCE of larger FEATURES only to the southern part of Holmes Harbor; after that, there is a SUCCESSION of arcuate "TITS":

Photo above is ANOTHER EXAMPLE of a "TIT" jut, within a SINK, which is the South boundary of the 2nd CIRCULAR PORTION of the Whidbey 3 segment COMPARISON.

This jut or TIT may be easily hiked within 30 minutes; park at the Freeland Hall- which is a Park and Community Center. Low TIDE exhibits the TILTED down to the SOUTH RISE, which rotates CCW and exhibits the 3 SEGMENT MODEL excellently, looking south:
Holmes Harbor, above Google earth view, and below DIGITAL PHOTO, show an UPLIFT at the south end; this with the ABSENCE of Moraines, indicates that the waterway was FORMED SUBSEQUENTLY (mainly) to the GLACIATION:
Digital PHOTOS taken May 10/2014, above and below, show an UPLIFT on the west side of Holmes Harbot (lookong east); this fits the GENERALIZATION: an ARCUATE Scarp, CONVEX to the viewer, exhibits CCW rise, with tilt down away from the viewer.

Looking NORTH:
HIKING this feature will IMPRESS the model on your "blue cells"!
Mima Mounds lie 1-2 km to the SW, and it appears that the SHOVE to the south creates the mounds whenever there is SIMULTANEOUS movement to the north from the NEXT ANOMALY.

SW of the above Holmes Jut is a set of Mima Mounds, indicating COMPRESSION or shoving of 2 FEATURES at 48N Latitude:

Compare Mounds SW of Holmes Harbor to those West of the N-S inlet:
BOTH of these sets of Mounds are EXHIBITED in the 3 SEGMENT configuration!
The PROGRESSION is a SERIES of ARCS (TITS, to begin with), and they show that the movement is SE-ward, while the POSITIONING is to the NW! ARCS show the DIRECTION of EXPANSION- CONVEX to the SE, while SIZE is the AGE INDICATOR (Largest is OLDEST):
SLUMPING at the Possession cliffs indicates FULL MOON Extension:


NONE of the above FEATURES matches the Matsushima CONFIGURATIONS:


DOUBLE BLUFF is easily accessed at the Beach, for the Town of Freeland, being 2 miles to the south:

MEMORIZE this simple MODEL, which allows you to CORRELATE features in the field (OUTCROPS, Patterns of Hills and Valleys) in a LOCAL SENSE, divided by either a LINEAR or an ARC:

The Aleutian SPIRAL MODEL, drawn 7 years AGO, is still PERTINENT, with the 3 SEGMENTS:

Asteroid STRIKES are unnecessary, but may contribute, since they occur yearly, on a SMALL SCALE!

The Blue-tailed Fly (Jan 04, last 3 verses are mine)
When I was young, I used to wait
On my master and bring him his plate,
And Pass the Bottle, when he got dry-
And brush away the Blue-tailed Fly.

Oh- Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care, CHORUS
Jimmy crack corn, and I don’t care;
Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care-
My master’s gone away.

One day he bought himself a steed
To keep himself above the weed,
But the pony became a little shy
When bothered by the blue-tailed fly.

One day, he rode around the farm-
The flies so numerous, they did swarm-
One chanced to bite him on the thigh;
The devil take the Blue-tailed Fly.

The horse began to roll and pitch,
He threw my master in the ditch; 
He died and the jury wondered why-
The verdict was the Blue-tailed Fly.

They laid him ‘neath a ‘simmon tree-
His epitaph was there to see-
Beneath this stone I’m forced to lie,
The victim of the Blue-tailed Fly.

The moral of this story be
You might be bitten by a flea
But that won’t yield much more’n a sigh,
Compared to the bite of the Blue-tailed Fly.

Life might have its ups and downs
With Bearded Ladies and colorful clowns,
But that is naught in the by-and-by,
When face-to-face with the Blue-tailed Fly.

The Fly is a result of all you do
When livin’ Life with the ghastly Few
Who elicit your worst, but rarely die,
When under the SPELL of the Blue-tailed Fly.

Harold L. Overton

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