Thursday, February 6, 2014

The MUSIC of the Earth:

 Once within a Moonlit Canyon, Surrounding an EXOTIC Banyan
I could see the Silver streaming through;
It all gave my flesh a Tingle, Causing me once more to Mingle
With the STILLNESS of exotic early morning dew.

Even though the Moon’s Libration yielded NOT a stark Sensation, 
 I could sense the Gravitons (Me renew).
My SPIRIT readily made Alignment, creating Reprieve and Remind-ment
 Of my SOUL and lofty Spheres within the view.
                             Harold L. Overton

The earth surface on which we live has CONTINUAL MOVEMENTS- determining the LAND FORMS, geography, and features we see around us every day. The LOCATION of DRASTIC movements may be determined by the use of 2 coordinates- Latitude and Longitude, with the use of two simple EQUATIONS: LATITUDE change = (90- X)/X= RATIO, in degrees or compatible units, and LONGITUDE SHIFT = (360- x)/x= ratio, or index, in similar units (must be consistent).
 The change is in REFERENCE to some RECOGNIZABLE FEATURE- the Mendocino, CA westernmost jut of land at the pacific Ocean at 40.4N Latitude), and the separation of Asia and Alaska at the Diomede Islands, at 169.6W (Longitude).

ABOVE is a SIMPLIFIED 170W, and below is the more CORRECT 169.6W:

 The equations can be rearranged to SIMPLIFY: 90/latitude shift= 1+ X;  there is the unit 1 NECESSARY to SOLVE the location. For example, the Moon has an ORBIT of 13.18 degrees daily, and the Sun 14.18, yearly, making you realize the IMPORTANCE of the UNIT 1. 
 Longitude SHIFT of a MOVEMENT is 360/(1+x)= 13.18 for the Moon's influence, and 345.82/14.18= 24.388 RATIO, and this has been MEASURED-calculated for the Sun as the years/earth year to COMPLETE an ORBIT. In other words, the Sun and our Moon have a connected RHYTHM!
NOTE: for the Moon/ Sun RATIO of 14.18/13.18= 1.07587253, note that 
Sun/Moon -1= .07587253, where 1/{RATIO - 1}= 13.18, or the degrees/day for the Moon! This is MAJOR INDEX, and (180- 14.18)/14.18= 165.82/14.18= 11.693935, which subtracted from the 169.6 Diomede Prime NATURAL Meridian= 157.906065W Longitude. For Latitude: (90- 14.18)/14.18= 5.3469656, and subtracted from Mendocino, CA reference= 35.053032N Latitude, or possibly added to it, yields 45.7469676N. 

  The EQUATION 1/(Ratio of 14.18/13.18- 1)= 13.18 is shown to introduce a TYPE Equation: (90- Latitude)/latitude= INDEX, which for this case = 13.18; solving for the number 13.18 yields (90- 14.18)/14.18= 5.3469756N. This subtracted from the Mendocino REFERENCE 40.4N YIELDS 35.053N. This is a latitude, which combined with a Longitude solved similarly, LOCATES a position on the Earth where an ANOMALY formed by the Sun and Moon is located. The TYPE Equation may be rearranged to form: (14.18- 13.18)= 1, which is obvious, but NOT TRIVIAL! It shows that the Sun and Moon CYCLES are INTER-RELATED.

 Latitude shift of an event is 90/(1 + X)/X= degrees of SHIFT of the Sun, during the travel throughout the year. This is at most 23.433 degrees in a half year- the time between Winter and Summer. This has been Measured-calculated also as 7.25, and 7.2 degrees, by my appraisal of Google Earth- where 360/50= 7.2 (1/50th of the circumference of earth or 800 kilometers). Transforms, such as the OBVIOUS Mendocino shear zone, occur for each 7.2 degrees of Latitude shift southof Mendocino in the North Pacific.

 You can see the results of these movements all around us, even in the ROCKS outcropping on your daily walks- such as the below rock with its movement-produced FRACTURES:
ROCK, fallen from a conglomerate:
PHOTOS above and below show SHEAR-ROTATION results on HAND SAMPLES, and these are NOT the SMALLEST EXAMPLES!

 The REVERSE of the EQUATION is useful. An EXAMPLE is the RATIO 1.88 for Mars- the ratio of days in a year, compared to Earth;
(360- 2.88)/2.88= 124, which is the Longitude LINE 124 degrees from the Prime NATURAL Meridian of 169.6W, or 45.6W. Then, PERPENDICULARLY, (90- 2.88)/2.88= 30.25, which is the Latitude of an ANOMALY associated with the 45.6W Meridian. This is shown below:
Ratio Anomaly, MAR:

ANOMALIES exist at the INFLECTION POINT in the Mid Atlantic Ridge, MAR, and its IMPORTANCE requires that the Latitude be SOLVED, using the (90-X)/X equation. I leave that as an EXERCISE for the reader! Latitude must be determined with REFERENCE to Mendocino 40.4N.
Below is another ANOMALY SOLVED with the same procedure:

Above is the ANOMALY derived from the FOLLOWING: 

 Choosing the SIMPLEST NUMBER 1, the Location exists at 179W, which is at 9.4W of Prime, and 44N, or the LOCATION below:
Ratio line, Mercury 44N 179W
This is a LINEAR with an 8 degree deviation from N-S, which refers to 7d INCLINATION for Mercury.
TENTATIVELY, ratio 1 refers to the first possible CASE for analysis!
 Altogether, the EQUATION can be used to find the LOCATION of an INDEX or Ratio (such as Mar's 1.88 ratio) or to FIND a Latitude or Longitude of an ANOMALY to determine which INDEX or Ratio created it!


An exercise for myself uses the NUMBER ZERO, 0:
(360-1)/1= 359, which is an index of Longitude. (90-1)/1= 89, which is Latitude near the north pole. The 359 is 1 E of 170 (simplified), and this location is shown BELOW:

LOMONOTOV Ridge, above is now quiescent, yielding to the GAKKEL GEOTHERMALLY-ACTIVE Ridge. This was an anomaly, UNKNOWN by me NOW! They are separated by 400 km- the separation asssociated with the 40.96 m.y. TILT SHIFT of the POLES!

No One caught the ERROR ABOVE, and I will find the corrected Latitude from:
(90- 1)/1= 49, and from Mendocino REFERRENCE at 40.43847, 8.86153N (south of the Mendocino TRANSFORM). 

This LOCATION is shown below, using the tentative UNCORRECTED 169.6W Longitude:

Above Prime NATURAL Meridian (white), is EXHIBITED near a Mars LINE, has a 32 m.y. AGE, and has an INCOMPLETE ANALEMMA. This indicates the RATE of formation of these SEAMOUNT features- which form in "JERKS: 1.6 m.y. apart in TIME on average. 
This ANOMALY has been located in reference to the zero REFERENCE of the Prime Natural Meridian, and yields information about the PROGRESSION of the CLOSING of the Pacific Ocean. The analemma is DOMINANT on the east side of Prime- indicating that the WEST SIDE is slower moving. This AGREES with the observation that TIDAL RATES are GREATER for west-moving Crust (20mm/year) than for east-moving at 10 mm/year!
The 200km Mercury LINE has moved WESTERLY in 8 m.y., yielding 25mm/yr, which is near the EXPECTED 24.1 mm/yr in a WNW direction (derived from TRIGONOMETRY).

MORE CORRECT ( for this CAE) Prime NATURAL Meridian is ORIENTED N-S at 169.3W. We'll use this until further CORRECTIONS are confirmed! Keep in mind that this is only a small SEGMENT of the HEMISPHERICAL LINEAR.

This ANALYSIS has proven to yield such valuable information, that I will analye the Hf, Hurricane Fault- near my hiking trails:

I have chosen a SMALL LINEAR PORTION of Hf, so that it will NOT be "ROUNDED OFF". It shows a portion at the alignment with the main highway, and yields INFORMATION (3.18 degrees daily movement) confirming that the moon has contributed to form this small LINEAR (13.18d- 10, for Ceres). Other Solar masses contribute, as shown by the RATIOS, ANGULAR SHIFTS, and Lengths of individual straight lines:

Yellowstone INTRIGUES Geologists, and it will be exhibited, below. Notice that the Moon and Pluto "FIX" the N-S border of one POLYGON shown in the Lake at Carrington Island:

A larger view of Lake Yellowstone:
POLYGONS magnified:

These PHOTOS, and ANALYSES are telling us that the MOST-FEARED EVENTS are created by Solar System GRAVITATION ATTRACTIONS- both LATERAL from Planets and asteroids in the Sun's CONTROL, and VERTICALLY from the DEPARTURES of masses from the Ecliptic Plane, according to the INCLINATION ANGLE away from the Ecliptic!

An ANALEMMA is an OMNIPRESENT FEATURE of the Earth's Crust, forming YEARLY by the Figure 8 PATH of the Sun. This one is about 10,000 years in the making, calculated from E-W cross-section/17.48 mm/year MOVEMENT RATE:

It is HIGHLY UNUSUAL to find a Figure 8 developed on all sides. This one has only a 10 meter ridge connecting the NOW-FORMING "TIT" to the north from the OLDER southern part.

These MOVEMENTS, both VIOLENT and benign, are PREDICTABLE, and I am slowly MATHEMATIZING them. HLO

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