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Earth’s MOON is the most INFLUENTIAL in creating Geographical FEATURES on its PARENT Earth!

Pertinent Moon FACTS, which have been Calculated-Measured for the MOON: rotational PERIOD, for its ORBIT = 27.32 Earth days;
Mass is .0123 times Earth’s 5.9737 x 10exponent 24 kg= 7.34765x 10exp 22. This is small, in relation to Solar System Planets and Planetoids, except that it is the most massive (relative to Planet SIZE) of all Satellites.

Inclination ANGLE from the Solar System Ecliptic PLANE= 5.145 degrees.
 The SEPARATION distance between Moon and earth: 384,400 km, with a CENTER of rotation 1770 km below the Earth surface (Mantle), results in the OSCILLATION monthly of both around this point, and creation of MEANDERS in streams as the CENTER of GRAVITY shifts laterally!
 Moon’s equatorial RADIUS is 1737 km, which is near a fifth of Earth’s, and its ORBITAL CIRCUMFERENCE is 2,290,000 km. All of these arcuate CYCLES have INFLECTIONS, which create DISRUPTIONS in the Earth’s CRUST, and result in BOUNDARY EFFECTS noticeable on GOOGLE EARTH. There are several ANGULAR DEVIATIONS which may be seen on Earth STRUCTURES- the first of which is the 5.145 degree Inclination, shown in the DIP of STRATIGRAPHIC BEDS in the following Photo:
 Moon TILT angle is near 5 degrees:

Jurassic ANALEMMA can be hiked, above, and the HONEYMOON Trail SPIRAL is accessible by auto, below:


The INCLINATION angles are diagrammed below:

CONVERSELY, the AXIAL TILT of the Sun may be VIEWED in the Pacific Ocean:

There are OTHER ANGULAR exhibitions, and these must be SORTED:

Moon, above, EXHIBITS CRATERS, which may be SIMILAR to gravitational SINKS, as on Earth; the ARCUATE PATH is shown below:

Moon LIBRATION is a known VARIABLE; it varies from 6.671d Latitude (relative to earth) to 5.696d Longitude:

At first, it was easy to investigate the Pacific Ocean, but this does NOT YIELD the correct Longitudes, although the CRITICAL Latitude of 29N can be explored. EXPANDING:

RELATED to the MAJOR TRANSFORMS at Midway and Mendocino:

RELATIVE to the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount CHAIN:


(90- Latitude of a known FEATURE + 1)/{Latitude +1}= INDEX, such as 2, the RATIO of MOON/Sun's Tidal RATES:

ABOVE is a Major TRANSFORM, which will be analyzed below:

NOTICE the Polygonal PATHS; these are UNIVERSAL in the surface of the CRUST- particularly in OCEAN BOTTOM, where there is LITTLE EROSION!
TRANSFORMS Widen with TIME, showing that they are CONSTRUCTED by 3 mechanisms
1. E-W by the Sun;
2. N-S by the Moon, MERIDIANAL; and,
3. DIAGONALLY, by the INCLINATION ANGLES of the various MASSES large enough to effect ORBITAL PATHS that are DISTINCT, and where Inclination angles may be Measured:
POLYGONAL PATHS are Parallel, with the Largest being the OLDEST, and where the AGE or Time Interval may be calculated from: 12x length of a SIDE, for 30 degree shifts. This is approximately a CIRCLE, with Circumference/pi= DIAMETER, which divided by 18.98 km/m.y. for those pointing to the NNW is the TIME INTERVAL necessary to form the POLYGON with 12 LINEAR sides! the COMPLETED POLYGON IS NEVER FOUND, since a SMALLER One will be formed on one of the extrapolated sides:

SHIFTING to the East, to CROSS-CHECK the conclusions, at 35N 157W:
Shifting to the Mississippi River Meridian (89 to 90W:

The MOON/SUN Ratio of 2.0 is found from the EQUATION:
(90-60)/30= 2, but this requires that the digit 2 be used in the Latitude equation: (90-3)/3= 29, and the Latitude used must be APPROPRIATE for:
(180- 89)/89= 1.903 index. This index does NOT CONFORM, but fortunately a SPIT from the Mississippi DRAINAGE does!
This was found by TRIAL and ERROR from:


It has taken 4.45 m.y. to create the ARCUATE SPIT at the Mississippi River mouth; this indicates the INTERVAL TIME for the Moon/Sun CYCLE of 2x to repeat! Due to my errors in measurement, this is LIKELY a multiple of the Binary THEOREM'S 1.024 or 4.096 m.y. interval time (AGE for this on-going feature!
OTHER ANGULAR deviations are shown for my REGION:

A new CONSTRUCTION above Quail Lake shows FRACTURES in New ASPHALT- the result of shifts along the UNDER-LYING Gypsum layers. These are INDICATIONS of RECENT activity, and relate that the SINK (Basin or Lake) is SPREADING!

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