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Major DRAINAGES, Rivers, and Canyons, e.g. Mississippi, Nile, Rhine, even Whidbey Island’s Holmes and Maxwelton Creeks, move along north-south LINES (Meridians). Why then does the Grand Canyon orient E-W along its GREATEST DEPTH? It does drain southward on its lower AZ border; there must be a Latitude location ANSWER!

COLORADO Plateau initiates the River, AFTER forming the Green:

The COLORADO diverts after the "CHATTER" at the Lake Powel Canyon:

Song of the Colorado River

Relentless, forceful, surging- goes the prelude
When I listen to the sounds
Of the Premier Western river, as it hastens ever seaward
On its annual cleansing rounds.

It has a duty, never ending
As it drives on to the sea,
To disperse the excess baggage
Which Living Things have caused to be.

How it sings about its’ seasons
As it goes about its’ chores-
First a whisper, then a babble,
Then a splashing along its’ shores.

Soon it’s surging, then it’s roaring-
As it widens in its' prime-
Giving life to myriad creatures,
And a setting for a rhyme.

How it fits into the psyche
Of the artist on its’ bank-
Annual Rhythm, cleansing Ritual,
Life Renewal, Canyons dank.

But its’ Song is more possessing
For the Spirit of mankind
As it stimulates the Vital- 
At the center of our mind.

No! The very Core of our existence
Which is very rarely struck,
Is soon singing with the River, 
As our heartstrings get a pluck.

Finally, there’s a crashing- yea, Crescendo,
As the cataracts soon give way
To the Bedrock of the lake beds, where 
Serenity (and Life) manifests a final say.

Harold L. Overton

Mississippi River drains SOUTHWARD, with many SUBSEQUENT E-W diversions:

Nile River, to the West of Red Sea:

Lower Colorado River

Notice that the LINEAR, N-S, encompasses 2 ARCS.

Above DETAIL shows that 36N latitude is a CUTOFF; the SHIFT occurs below this parallel!
The DIFFERENCE is that the Longitude controls the Lower Colorado, and a MODIFIED Equation determines the DIAGONAL PATH! This will require a NEW MATHEMATICAL Equation!

This is by TRIAL and ERROR, and it appears that RETROGRADE Venus has an INVERTED RATIO of the yearly orbit to Earth! I'll have to TEST THIS with other cases, before accepting it!
If TRUE, the EQUATION (60- Latitude +1)/Lat +1}= Venus/Earth orbital days

EASILY SEEN is the OBLIQUE ANGLE made by the RIVER PATH, where the river does NOT follow a Meridian or a parallel of Latitude, above.

Whidbey Island is EASY to hike, but stick to the BEACHES:

Whidbey Island Holmes Creek DRAINAGE, above, and Maxwelton, below:

Holmes Harbor also ORIENTS N-S, yielding ORTHOGONAL LINEARS:

FAINT yellowish ORTHOGONALS show minor shifts E-W:

We will INVESTIGATE the RELATION between the Moon/Sun 2 RATIO, and the lessor canyons vs. the MAJOR CANYONS in Sand Hollow- Sand MOUNTAIN, UT near St. George:

Should you NOT have understood the IMPORTANCE of the ANALEMMA, it is a Figure 8 (always with a small portion od one lateral side missing), I present the BEST I have found in the FIELD:

You can see the SMALL CONNECTION of the analemma which connects with the YOUNGER "tit" forming on the north side. The tits will always be younger and smaller, but they will EVENTUALLY dominate, as the OLDER erodes away (FIRST).

ANALEMMAS are UNIVERSAL, but may be difficult to recognize, except for COAST LINES, RIVERS, or ARCUATE FEATURES:

RECOGNIZING a large Feature, especially when the SEAFLOOR is not visible, is more DIFFICULT:

SE Asia exhibits half of a GIANT ANALEMMA; this is NOT the largest, which is an ENTIRE CONTINENT!

Australia, South America, and North America ALL exhibit DIAMETERS across the WIDEST traverse of 4096 x 1.024 km, leading me to believe that this was the INSTIGATION of the RISE of these Continents. Photo below shows that the Canadian CRATON is OLDER; 4.287 vs. 4.165 b.y. for Qsna. My conclusion was INCORRECT, since the craton is at least 122 m.y. older! There is quite a LARGE ERROR in calculation, but the relative numbers show that the Craton is OLDER:

The Canyons tracing E-W should be developing HALF as fast, or as DEEP, as the N-S features, since the Moon Meridianal MOVEMENT is 2x the Sun's E-W DEVELOPMENT! This will be tested on Sand Hollow EAST, compared to to Sand Mountain SOUTH:

You can VISIT an outcrop-SCARP, with little hiking, at the Honeymoon Trail SWIITCHBACKS at the AZ border:

 Diagram 2 photos above, is TYPICAL of SCARPS which TILT away from the Hurricane FAULT- the OPPOSITE of NORMAL FAULTING (MASS closer to the GRAVITATIONALLY-ATTRACTING Solar body rises more than the DOWNTHROWN side or SINK):

The various COMPASS ANGLES may be measured on Google Earth, or by COMPASS, in the field (Google earth has capability of 4 significant figures, while the Compass has only a fraction of a degree possible, with an UNSTEADY HAND):

HIKING is permissible near the Hurricane Airport, seen above.

These CANYONS are shallow, compared to the BOX CANYON at the SOUTH-western side of Sand Mt:
PHOTO taken Feb 26/2014:
FRACTURES above CONTRAST with those found in a BOX CANYON on the south side of San Mountain- a RISE with shear vertical walls, which exhibit the "JERK" angles for a CCW rotation in an UPLIFTING ellipse:

COMPARE the Flat WALLS ("Jerks") above with those in HONEYMOON Spiralling CANYON:

These JERKS have VARIABLE N-S distance; these were measured with a tape, and from this you can calculate the AVERAGE DISTANCE, ANGULAR SHIFT and calculate the CIRCUMFERENCE (pseudo) to find the DIAMETER= C/pi, and from that calculate the TIME INTERVAL (AGE for this ongoing case), by Diameter/16.24 mm per year, for the SOUTH-GOING case!

This HIKE is possible, by following the ORV trails near the NEW Airport road to the St. George Municipal.

Google Earth PHOTO, above, shows the WOBBLING PATTERN of the Earth's Poles.
ARCUATE Outcrop has been shaved by the road grader, REVEALING the ARC which may be used to CALCULATE the CIRCUMFERENCE and Diameter, from which the TIME INTERVAL may be calculated= DIAMETER/17.48 km/m.y. for a N-S oriented arc.

Graded road EXHIBITS the CURVILINEAR of the CCW ( Rising) Sand Mountain OUTCROP above.

Above DIAGRAM shows the relation of OBLIQUE ANGLES to the Meridians and PARALLELS (red), proposed for the Influence of RETROGRADE Venus.

Photos show the RISES-SINKS first hand:

Digital photo from the WEST:
CANYONS above appear BENIGN, but they are DEEP and BOX-LIKE, with dead ends and SHEAR CLIFFS:

WALLS above are sheared across the GRAINS, similar to those exhibited at the Hurricane Fault, Hf; this is produced by LATERAL gravitational SHEAR, from Solar bodies ORBITING away from the Sun-earth ECLIPTIC PLANE:

The COMPASS ORIENTATION may be used to determine the Lateral DIRECTION of shear; it usually is TILTED, because of the UP-to-the-West INCLINATION ANGLE of the Solar MASS producing the MOVEMENT:
RISES produce shear walls, CONTRASTING with SINKS- which have SOFTER and less resistant OUTCROPS:

SLICKENSIDES are slick, have FACES (sides), and exhibit both COMPASS DIRECTION and ANGULAR TILT- which is the INCLINATION ANGLE for the Solar MASS producing them:
ENTRANCE to Honeymoon Canyon:

PRELIMINARY for the Grand Canyon, which CUTS the Kaibab Plateau (RISE):

It has taken 10 m.y. to FORM 2  "Tits", which are terminated north of the CRITICAL COORDINATES 36N 112.6W (57E of Diomede Prime Meridian). This yields (180- 58)/58= 2.103448, for the INDEX (close to the 2 ratio for Moon/Sun)! Considering my ERRORS, this LOCATION can be assumed to CONSTRICT further movement, BUT something MORE is involved! What is the AGE or TIME INTERVAL for the RISE of the Kaibab Plateau? This would be YOUNGER than the traverse, and can be estimated with the FOLLOWING:

The CONSTRICTION is the Latitude, which at 36.4N is 4 south of the Mendocino REFERENCE! 
In the Pacific, the SPACING is 7.2 degrees for the Major TRANSFORMS, but there are Lesser ones at 4 degrees (= 360/4= 90). This is shown below:

(90- 5)/5= 17, which is the Pluto INCLINATION angle to the Ecliptic. But this is EXHIBITED N-S, while we are referring to Latitude. (90- 18)/18= 4, checks! Exhibited is a DIAGONAL and it is NOT on  Latitude LINE!
Back to the Grand Canyon:

CALCULATED TIME INTERVAL= 134.88km/29.22mm/yr= 4.616 m.y. This is less than HALF of the INITIAL DIVERSION due to Latitude CONSTRICTION.

The Green (visibly noted as the Brown)

There was an old man from AZ,
 Who thought he would just take a spree;
So he cleaned out his flat, 
 And lost all his fat- just to make ready, you see.

With copious enthusiasm he planned;
 All superfluous motions he banned-
He filled out his beard,
 E’en his toenails he sheared (all for a spree on the sand).

Twould be in the year ninety-seven,
 That the fling would be made to his heaven;
He would drive to the Green, 
 And hope to be seen, with a crew of 3 plus eleven.

He would throw all his cares to the winds,
 Would abandon all his graces for sins;
He would have a great time-
 Even fashion a rhyme, and much later do his amends.

The first evil omen he found
 Was that raindrops were coating the ground,
And the crystal clear stream-
 Being the heart of his dream- had turned up a chocolate brown.

The sand which was central to Grace,
 Was nowhere to be found in that place;
But not to be daunted,
 All the elements he taunted- his ashes now reside in a vase.

The boat promptly sub-marined down
 Causing all the mosquitoes to drown;
But it took our ol’ man,
 With his expression dead-pan, to Davy Jones’ locker in Brown.

It was never quite clear, how his spirit so dear
 Remained ever so strong in that  realm;
But a smile on his face, remained TRANSFIXED in all space-
 When his corpse was found strapped to the Helm!

                   Harold L. Overton

CLOSEUP of Mt. Trumbull- which is near Hf and the Grand canyon, above.

Features tracing E-W are rare, and I will use the Black Sea, at 45N, as a GUIDE. The Black Sea, similar to most INLAND bodies of water (mediterranean included) lies along the 45th PARALLEL This indicates thatt this QUARTER of the distance between poles is IMPORTANT GRAVITATIONALLY speaking. Gravity WAVES occur for FRACTIONS of the 180 degrees: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 30, 36, 45, and 60, e.g Lake Nicaragua at 12N:

ANALYSIS of this ANALEMMA (Figure 8) is shown relative to the Colorado River:

I did the work for the Geothermal well, between Izmir and Afyon (Kizildere, near Denizli) for UNESCO, with Drs. Domino, an Italian geochemist. I left the equipment with the team, and wonder if that program is still operating? It was foot locker size with sieves, a potentiometer for measuring mv., and screens, etc. The Roman ruin was just a few km to the east, and I wandered around the Hot Springs, Caskets made from the travertine. This developed into a Steam production for Electricity, but was discontinued after I left (1970-72). 

The COMPARISON suggests that the 2 half ellipses are separated by a DIVIDER- a Linear which is 30 degrees from N-S (60 from E-W), and that a third MECHANISM is operating, STRONGLY INDICATING that a Mass other than Moon and Sun is controlling the NON-ORTHOGONAL development of the Grand Canyon!
 The ASTEROID Ceres has an Inclination angle of 44.19 degrees, and this may acccount for the angle of the DIVIDER. This is the largest of the ASTEROIDS, and is closer than Pluto, so is more likely to SLICE the canyon. This largest of all Land Canyons on Earth somehow seems DOWNGRADED by a MERE Asteroid! I'll analyze further!

 We need INPUT from the Sand Hollow E-W Canyons in order to reinforce the TENTATIVE CONCLUSIONS:

Sand Mt. HIKE:
HIKE into this highest ELEVATION exhibits a STONEHENGE-LIKE display:

The Sand Mt. RISE is near the CRITICAL COORDINATE for Latitude, with use of the EQUATION:
(60- 370/37= .6216, which is the Venus/Earth RATIO of ORBIT days

PHOTOS above and below show how we may INCORPORATE the Oblique angle EQUATION:
(90- Latitude + 1)/{Lat +1}= an INDEX, 1.1 ratio, for this SE Corner KNOB of the Sand Hollow, Mountain COMPLEX! Cases will add confirmation, as the INVERTED RATIOS of known astronomical data are pursued.

SE side of Sand Mountain-Sand Hollow is SIMILAR to the 0FF-ANGLED path of the Colorado River, which has been TENTATIVELY related to Venus via the EQUATION:
(60- x)/x= INDEX, where the result has been equated to an Inclination angle (ORBITING away from the Ecliptic Plane). These angles have NO DIMENSIONS- being a fraction or part of the 360 degree circle. That is, there is no spatial or timed units, ONLY those of RATIOS or INDICES! Consequently, I am using the RECIPROCAL as a dimensionless entity also, and these are tentatively shown as EQUIVALENT to portions of a 360 degree circle also! This forms a CONTINUUM of a circle and an INVERTED CIRCLE, where the binary is used either inverted or normal.
 Now, view the SE knob of the ELLIPSE as a “TIT” protruding into the Warner and Hf Valleys, where the above EQUATION may be valid:

Notice that the ELLIPSE of the 2 MAJOR PARTS of the Sand Mt.- Hollow FEATURE is irregular in the south portion; this is the location of THRUST FAULTING, where there is CONFLICT between the oppositely-rotating features! The conflict is created by DIFFERENT RATES of rotation. West moving TIDAL RATES are greater than East moving, due to the Moon having the DOMINANT INFLUENCE!

Juan de Fuca :JERKS" are a MAJOR CLUE to the shift of LINEARS at CRITICAL COORDINATES:
RATIOS, such as 11.86/1.88 for Jupiter’s/Mars’ years relative to EARTH’S year, require an equation (90- 10)/10= 8, and (90-9)/9= 9. This is similar to the (72- 8)/8= 8, and (72- 9)/9= 7 (difference of 1 degree latitude), which yielded an ANOMALY at Central America: (72- 36)/36= 1, the initial start of the cycle. The total SPREAD of 2 degrees incorporates the TRANSITION ZONE 1 degree of latitude PRIOR to the ANOMALOUS SPREAD, where the Grand Canyon for example occurs at am OBLIQUE ANGLE to both Latitude and Longitude. This is shown for Panama:

Panama, with its CRITICAL COORDINATES 8 to 9N, "fits" the EQUATIONS:
(90- 9)/9=9, and (72- 9)/9= 7, The last equation can pertain to Mercury's Inclination of its ORBITAL plane to the Ecliptic PLANE, SO THAT IT SHOULD MORE LIKELY APPLY!

The Longitude in the EQUATION:
(180- 114.43655)/114.43655= .57292, the RECIPROCAL of 1.7454, within my errors for the Neptune Inclination of 1.77 degrees.

1. FEATURES (such as the Virgin ANTICLINE and River) which are DIAGONAL to the Longitude and Latitude SYSTEM, require an EQUATION using Inclinations between the Moon's Meridian and the Sun's Parallels;
2. This one was derived for the Planet Venus, and it is possible that others are necessary for the FURTHER DISTANT Planets; and,
3. So  far, there are ONLY 3 CATEGORIES of equations: N-S, E-W, and DIAGONALS.

The GRAND CANYON is formed as an IRREGULAR, by RETROGRADE Venus, which has irregular ORBITS, relative to earth! It has WIDELY-VARYING SEPARATION with our Planet and is the CLOSEST LARGE MASS, relative to Mercury and Mars. Further, it has NO MOONS (indicating no bulge), and it probably re-formed with ADDITIONS from earth, during the GREAT UNCONFORMITY of 1024 m.y. AGE (as seen in the Grand Canyon UNCONFORMITY of some billion years of stratigraphic column that is MISSING!

The Earth Tide MOVEMENTS should be incorporated in the Earth Scientist’s Workbook! It yields so many SOLUTIONS to problems which the Geologist will be able to SOLVE. Above, the dating of the opening of the Grand Canyon can be found (100,000 years since the WEST FLOW was captured). One just has to MEMORIZE a few important numbers- such as TIDAL RATES, the BINARY THEOREM’S numbers and DATES, Planetary Inclinations from the Ecliptic Plane (available by Googling Planetary DATA), the ORDER and separations of Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, and other MAJOR Planets, and RATIOS of measurements of the various Solar System Data (Mass, Inclinations, and sometimes Aphelion/Perihelion). Make a LISTING of the measurements and their RATIOS on a Hardy CARD; then place it in a readily available FILE, so as to procure the numbers or ratios NECESSARY when trying to understand a LINEAR or CIRCULAR  FIGURE (ARC) on Google Earth. You will find that INTRACTABLE problems relating to the DYNAMICS of the Earth’s Crust are readily solved!

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