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Arcs, LINEAR features, and the INTERSECTION of these on the Earth's SURFACE are created by the Moon- VERTICALLY, the Sun- Horizontally, and the Planets- DIAGONALLY: the importance is determined by the Mass/ Distance squared and the individual's Inclination from the Ecliptic Plane.

The Mendocino, CA TRANSFORM allows an excellent opportunity to EXAMINE the ORTHOGONALITY of the features exhibited within this WIDE Transform. The PERPENDICULAR linears and ANGULAR INCLINATIONS may be measured and related to the INCLINATIONS of the Planets (AWAY from the SUN'S Ecliptic PLANE):

Note that Pluto angles away from the Ecliptic most of the year, and that it ATTRACTS a portion of earth ONLY part of the time (creating a RISING block of CRUST). Otherwise it travels PARALLEL for a few months- yielding LATERAL MOVEMENT. LATER, it moves BEHIND the Sun- yielding COMBINED ATTRACTION in the opposite direction (SINKING).

CROSS FRACTURES show how the Sun and Moon create ORTHOGONALITY (perpendicular SHEAR LINES in Transforms, OUTCROPS, and REGIONS). There is still some UNCERTAINTY about the correct RATIO, and this will be pursued:

The Sun's CYCLE and the Earth's TILT angular DIFFERENCE:

The Sun's Latitude, AXIAL TILT EQUATION: (90- X)/X= INDEX, with the Equinoxial - Sun's TILTS, yields: (90- 17.233)/17.233= 4.22538, and checking: (90- 5.22538)/5.22538= 16.233 (don't forget the unit 1, which is also the DIFFERENCE between 14.18 degrees/day for the Sun's rotation yearly and the Earth's Moon DAILY (13.18). The DEFICIT for this latitude is 40.35816945- 16.233= 24.12517 degrees. The ratio of 40.43847N Latitude/23.43741N = 1.7, for the combination of Tropic of Cancer and 7.2d.  This can be viewed via the above DIAGRAM, where the Sun's 7.2 Axial TILT contrasts with Earth's 23.433 degree tilt (+ 16.233 degrees for the ORBITAL difference= 39.666, the action creating the 7.2 Latitude  Mendocino. CA TRANSFORMS' separation).There is a small ERROR, and I will "home in" on the correct REFERENCE of 40.4N:
Above shows that the Latitude is 40.438469N (the BASE Latitude REFERENCE), and the DIFFERENCE must be RECONCILED with the CHOICE of feature to use as a REFERENCE!

Below this is ANOTHER Sun ANOMALY- a FOCUS along a N-S MERIDIAN:


SELECTED BELOW is a segment of the Mendocino TRANSFORM, where the RATIO of N-S to E-W DISTANCES ,may be measured; this may solve the 2 to 1 Moon/Sun TIDAL RATE accuracy:
MAGNIFIED below, to COMPARE orthogonal RATIOS:

Comparing the Planets' SIGNATURES with the Sun's:

Above, Mars leaves an IMPRINT similar to Sun's! The RATIO of Venus/Mars is 1.8- very near the 2.0 expected for MOON/SUN!

BELOW is the RATIO for Hudson Bay HOLE, at 2.085:

The SINK (HOLE), COMPARED to Greenland RISE:

The RATIOS above are very NEAR 2.0, and ithe MOON/SUN ratio APPLIES both to RISES and SINKS! See NOTE at the bottom of the Blog- SCROLL DOWN!

The ORDER of ORTHOGONAL development may be seen by the relative extent of the North to South dimensions of the Continents compared to East to West, where N-S/E-W distances are GREATER than ONE for North and South America and Africa (ELLIPSES). This RATIO reflects the Moon/Sun's influence- which is near 2! The ORTHOGONALITY of the FRACTURE PATTERN in bedrock reflects the ORIENTATION of the Sun (along latitude lines), versus that of the Moon (along Meridians), while DIAGONALS are created by the various Inclination angles of the other Solar Masses. Venus is NEXT, with its proximity and 3.4 degree inclination, while the others vary with the smaller angles and larger separations from Earth. Masses- such as Mercury, Pluto, and the Asteroids- have larger inclinations from the Ecliptic, but this is OFFSET by their small masses and larger separations; they create Protrusions- such as Florida- which orient at angles determined by their Inclinations. 
Florida 800km tit:

 The RETROGRADE behavior for Uranus and Venus create REVERSALS- such as SUBDUCTION- and the DEPTH is related to the MASS of the Planet/separation squared (Venus is the MOST EFFECTIVE, being closest and most MASSIVE of close Planets).
Consequently, there occur MANY PERTURBATIONS in the FRACTURES, Linears, and Arcs exhibited in the outcrops.
Rock subject to ROTARY CRUSHING:

NOTICE that the LONG AXIS is near TWICE the short; the CONTINENTS of NA, SA, and Africa are SIMILAR, with the N-S dimension GREATER THAN the E-W!

The RATIO of N-S/E-W is near 1.5 for North American CONTINENT, and this is COMPARED to SA:

I have incorporated continental SHELVES in the MEASUREMENT, and this incurs personal ERROR! The comparison of 1.5 to 1.48 has a DEVIATION of 1.5%.

VIEWING the Sierras:

The Santa Barbara CHANNEL TO Mendocino REFERENCE does NOT produce a recognizable Inclination angle! This should be compared with the Sierras 800 km LINEAR Mt. Range. The 34 degrees is near that of a Minor Asteroid- Makemake (28.96d), but this is too much VARIATION!

Above is a POLYGON found along the Mendocino TRANSFORM. AGE is calculated from:
number of SIDES x average length= CIRCUMFERENCE (Pseudo); C/3.1416= diameter, and D/13.24 km/m.y.= AGE; this will be INCORPORATED into the evaluation of the POSITION of the transform in the E-W development of the Mendocino REFERENCE. Still to be found is the reason for the OFFSET of the EQUINOCTIAL-FORMED linear. it does not reveal how the transform is exhibited north of the Tropic of Cancer!

Above AGE CALCULATION is somewhat INACCURATE, since the POLYGON is NOT  a true circle; it has 12 sides (360/30= 12), and EXHIBITS a DIVIDER between 2 SEGMENTS. CASE HISTORIES have found that circles and ARCS are composed of LINEAR SEGMENTS between ABRUPT ANGULAR SHIFTS! This is likely true for EARTHQUAKE-PRODUCING EVENTS! Binary THEOREM indicates that 125 k.y. is a NATURAL PERIOD of the Earth, and 1.25 m.y. would be a HARMONIC of this TIME INTERVAL.

 The SCALES of these features vary from mm to centimeter to decimeter to meter to decameter to 100 meters to km to the MAXIMUM of the Circumference of the Earth- 40,000 km; there are at least 10 scales, seen in pebbles to Continents to the entire SURFACE of the Earth!

NOTE: The Prime NATURAL Meridian lies between the 2 Diomede Islands, BETWEEN 169.6W and 169d 40'W, a DIFFERENCE of .0666 degrees (4 minutes of Longitude, or 1/15th). The Meridian may be made MORE PRECISE, by referring to other CRITICAL COORDINATES, in locations such as Greenland- where the Moon LINE dividing the Island at 44W longitude yields a RATIO of 2.0 at 46.754W, AFTER a CORRECTION for the CRITICAL COORDINATES for Mars. This was indicated by the ratio 1.88- which is the Mars/Earth year ratio.

 Putting this in the EQUATION: (360-2.88)/2.88 = 124 degrees from the location at 45W, yields a CORRECTED Prime NATURAL Meridian of 169W longitude, relative to Greenwich. Remember that the Greenwich Meridian is ARBITRARY, while the Diomede Islands Meridian is a NATURAL DIVISION of the Earth's Crust, where the two CONTINENTS are approaching each other! 
 The CALIBRATION may be further compared, by using the SINK at Hudson Bay. This location has CRITICAL COORDINATES of 60N 80W- which is 90 degrees from Diomede Islands, 170W, APPROXIMATELY. The comparison will make this more accurate!
Hudson Bay 2.0 RATIO:

There is a 12 km ERROR (1.2%)!

ERROR of the PROCESS is produced in the LAST 1.25 m.y.: this indicates that the Prime Meridian LINEAR is a SLOW-MOVING FEATURE,  for the TIME INTERVAL for moving the Diomede REFERENCE!

Above, the Siberia ELLIPSE IS 1.29 m.y.- which is the AGE found for the ERROR in the Hudson Bay ANALYSIS!
 I have solved this by TRIAL and ERROR, with the CRITICAL COORDINATES used as GUIDES. This entails ENLARGING the Photo as much as possible and finding the coordinates "fitting" the BINARY THEOREM. Both the procedure and the location are somewhat in ERROR so that the COMBINATION of Coastline, Coordinates, and WIDEST or LONGEST EXTENT becomes apparent, using this METHOD!

BELOW is the RATIO for Hudson Bay HOLE at 2.085:

The SINK (HOLE), COMPARED to Greenland RISE:

The RATIOS above are very NEAR 2.0, and ithe MOON/SUN ratio APPLIES both to RISES and SINKS!


I long had the AUDACITY
 To impugn Geological VERACITY;
Soon, this produced a singular VERITY,
 That one should now exhibit TEMERITY,

And manifest cheek (AFFRONTERY) 
 By using Mathematical CONFRONT-ARY,
To offset Publications- NUMINOUS
 Showing their Classifications VOLUMINOUS!

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