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Whidbey Island’s Kloochman Rock is a GRAVITATIONAL ANOMALY, at 7,812.5 years AGE (5,800 B.C.)

You may be able to view ADDED PHOTOS, by accessing the following WEBSITES: repeatr or SUMMARY: LATERAL MOVEMENTS due to GRAVITATIONAL WAVES 1. Dissipation of ice after the ICE AGE has created DIFFRACTION PATTERNS, in MIMA MOUNDS and SUBSEA EQUIVALENTS- ELLIPTICALLY ARRANGED SEAFLOOR RISES (an exhibit of lateral gravitational movements: ice to seawater). This occurs in the RESONANCE CHAMBERS created in SINKS between Puget Sound ISLANDS. Sinks exhibiting these features lie on the east side of the remaining islands, whereas the INVERSE KETTLES lie on the west side of resonance chambers- such as PENN COVE, WA. The corollary to this development lies in the Gulf of Mexico, as DIFFRACTION PATTERN-ARRANGED SALT DOMES, and the INVERSE occurs as karst sinks in CENTRAL AMERICA. The features near the south point of the continent orient N-S, whereas the ice age features orient E-W.

2. MIMA MOUNDS and KETTLES are arranged in ELLIPTICAL PATTERNS by the GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL MOVEMENTS in association with the YEARLY 12.5 FULL MOON OCCURRENCE. Consequently, there occur 12 and a half kettles in an elliptical pattern west of PENN COVE (there occur several ellipses, similarly to that in the INVERSE PATTERN of mounds in ZION NP, UT). Mima Mounds occur in elliptical arrangements at HOLMES GOLF COURSE, WHIDBEY ISLAND, WA. Ellipses are sometimes “stacked” as they form atop each other. 3. There is ROTATIONAL SHEAR and LATERAL SHIFT with GRAVITATIONAL FRAGMENTATION (dis-integration). Klootchman Rock- across from Coupeville, WA- exhibits this shear in 3 or more splits (oriented N-S for this EXOTIC, placed at the INFLECTION of N-S and E-W ice lobes), and, 4. These ANOMALOUS GRAVITATIONAL MOVEMENTS operate on many scales: HAND SAMPLES OF ROCK (see this in the third photo in the BLOG:, as well as on CONTINENTS.

ABOVE IS A GOOGLE PHOTO of KOOTCHMAN ROCK, taken from the south; this is an EXOTIC (brought in by a glacier), but one which is influenced by the INFLECTION CONNECTED with the change of the direction of movement by the ICE AGE (near its termination, after 15,625 years (PRIOR to now). INTEREST in this "PLANTED, DIFFICULT-to-move HOUSE-SIZED BOULDER" is for the determination of how GRAVITATIONAL WAVES have positioned this rock at a CRITICAL POSITION in the FRAGMENTATION created by SOLAR TIDES (as they interfere with the normal LUNAR TIDES- to divert the N-S TROUGHS for the ice, to a new path: 250W). This direction probably should be DUE WEST, from previous experience in use of the CARDINAL POINTS for gravitation history in the QUADRANSPHERE, Qsn, but irregular north and south coastlines of PENN COVE creates this uncertainty). SEARCH FOR PHOTOS in the BLOG SHOWN at the top of this missive. You will have to read the INSCRIPTIONS on the INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS.
The rock, although introduced by glaciation, has developed SOIL on its TOP (showing that the main island has moved NW away from the ROCK, or that the rock has moved SE), and has LATER COMPACTED with the CCW ROTATION, in the intervening 8000 years, since positioning (after the ICE AGE has terminated, with GRAVITATIONAL INFLUENCE). I will take photos of the young FRACTURES shown by the SPLITTING POST-POSITIONING. There is a fellow up the cliff named Jack, who has built a TRAM, saving the 4 mile round trip hike, from the SNAKELUM ROADSIDE PARK, at Monroe Landing.
EARTH TIDES EXHIBIT N-S GRIDS, SEPARATED BY the critical-to-measure distances established by EARTH "CHATTER", or mass transfer of ice to water to the west. This 2nd derivitive of acceleration, d("JERK")/dt) is determined entirely by gravity, called REBOUND by geologists, and in the process MIMA MOUNDS, DIFFRACTION PATTERNS SUBSEA, and OFFSET of LUNAR TIDES are fixed:
ACROSS the WATERWAY, there occur THRUSTS DEVELOPED by the N-S LATERAL MOVEMENT of BLOCKS CREATED by the MILANKOVITCH CYCLES. These are determined by the time interval between AXIAL, ELLIPTICAL, and PRECESSIONAL CYCLES (NORMALLY 25, 41, and 100 k.y.- yielding the connection between TIME AND SPACE):
SEEMING LIKE SCIENCE FICTION, the entire arrangement is determined by the OFFSET of LUNAR TIDES by SOLAR TIDES, with some uncertainty created by the larger PLANETS: VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, AND THE GASEOUS LARGE PLANETS, in the order I have arranged them:
ABOVE IS A GOOGLE PHOTO of the KLOOCHMAN ROCK, to set the stage for understanding this EARTH TIDE ANOMALY. The remnant lies on the north side of Penn Cove, hiking about 2 miles east from Monroe Landing. This is a boat ramp and roadside park, at the south end of Monroe Landing road. The AGE is about a quarter million years in the making, and it lies at an INFLECTION in the MILANKOVITCH AXIAL CYCLE. It has formed simultaneously with the INTERSTADES of the ICE AGE, and one feature I hope to fathom from this is "whether GRAVITATIONAL ANOMALIES work deeper than the depth to THE CONTINENTAL SHELVES (about 1-2 km depth)". I suspect not, but the movements near Whidbey Island should clarify the situation. BELOW is a blowup of the ANOMALY:
GRID PATTERNS are anomalous (less than 10.24mm/year, SOLAR) for this waterway, since the whole island UNDERGOES REBOUND- where mass has been transferred from ICE to the SALTWATER (and has moved out to the Pacific Ocean). This results in "CHATTER", or the 2nd derivitive of acceleration- visualized as a change of JERK of your neck as you accelerate your auto unevenly. It is RHYTHMIC, in this case- resulting in MIMA MOUNDS, KETTLE SINKS, and DIFFRACTION PATTERENS SUBSEA (east of the sound, in shallow water off SILVER LAKE and near HONEYMOON BAY):
SCENERY NEAR MONROE LANDING (Snakelum Park, a Native canoe putout) is historical, with shell MIDDENS, PORTAGE WATERWAYS, and ARTIFACTS:
ABOVE IS A SEISMIC-DETERMINED MAP OF WHIDBEY ISLAND, which can be used to check my work (using MILANKOVITCH CYCLES and LATERAL FAULTS from shearing rotations). BELOW is the map at right angles to NORMAL (NORTH is to the left); this can be used to get the "BIG PICTURE" of CIRCULAR FEATURES (rather than the inferred straight line faulting, which is the usual interpretation by GEOLOGISTS):
The NE CORNER of crustal blocks has proven to be a location where SOLAR TIDES become dominant over LUNAR TIDES. This KLOOTCHMAN case involves a location where the block is an anomalous BODY of SALT WATER: PENN COVE, WA. This is a SINK, where the NET TIDAL MOVEMENT is near 1 mm/year, and where there occur nearby KETTLES, MIMA MOUNDS, and IRON SPRINGS (cementing a portion of beach on the south side of PENN COVE). This is telling us that some GRAVITATIONAL EFFECT is occurring POST-ICE AGE! The BINARY THEOREM (series of multiples of 2, e.g. 2, 4, 8, 16, on to 4096 m.y. (the CAPTURE AGE of the MOON,) has shown that DISRUPTIVE EVENTS OCCUR in a subset of this series: 4,096, 1,024 (Grand Canyon GREAT UNCONFORMITY), 256 PTr, 64 m.y. KT, 16 (Miocene FLOOD BASALTS), 4 (Byam Martin- NW Passage), 1 m.y., 250 k.y., 62.5, 15,625, and here- approximately 7,812.5 years prior to now (5800 B.C.). This is the approximate date of the Chinese-reported SUPERNOVA (5700 B.C, anecdotal)! This would all be in the REALM of ASTROLOGY, EXCEPT for the findings made already for PENN COVE: 1. MIMA MOUNDS and their counterparts- KETTLES without exotic stones in them (NO moraines),; 2. RATIO of GRIDLINES measurements, of 1.63; 3. Rare GOLDEN PAINTBRUSH VEGETATION- indicating exotic minerals; 4. UNUSUAL IRON CEMENTATION on the beach; 5. Thrust faulting near the Coupeville Wharf; and, 6. Departure of the MOVING ICE TRACE for Penn Cove (from the usual N-S to west-moving). The ANALYSIS shown at the start, above, in the GOOGLE PHOTO, INDICATES that Kloochman Rock has been preserved as a separate entity (MOVED LATERALLY and TILTED) for some 8000 years. This is near half of the DISRUPTION AGE of 15,625 years. MY ERRORS account for the disparity (approximately 8000 - 7,812.5 years, or near 2% ERROR), and there is significant departure from a pure ARCUATE ARRANGEMENT of the shown TIMED TRACE. THE FOLLOWING FACTORS bear on a determination of the GRAVITATIONAL DISRUPTION (or FRAGMENTATION) shown: a. A rise incurs CCW rotation- the rise occurring due to REBOUND of the whole area, so that the ROCK will appear to be STRATIGRAPHICLY CONSISTENT; b. THE RELATIVE RISE will “twist” the outcrop, so that it compacts with time. It remains, because it is more resistant to EROSION; c. INTERVENING BETWEEN SHORE and Kloochman is a space- indicating that the shoreline has moved to the NW (or that the ROCK has been translated to the SE). this is opposite to that expected for CONVEX to the SE CURVATURE. WE have SOLAR TIDES INVOLVED, and not only can we expect unusual movement, but we have to doubt the AGE CALCULATION; d. The fact of SOIL OCCURRENCE ATOP KLOOCHMAN means that it was previously attached to the main island. This is added indication that both ROCK HARDENING and shoreline movement to the NW occurred; and, e. Kloochman is located at an INFLECTION- where the ICE TRACES have departed from the NORMAL N-S MOVEMENT to the westerly direction. Overall, we have a MAJOR ANOMALY- REQUIRING ADDED FIELD WORK! The area can be accessed via Monroe Landing, at the BEACH PARK BOAT RAMP. Hike easterly along the old MIDDEN-LADEN canoe portage (log-filled), used by the SNAKELUM TRIBE.
ABOVE and BELOW are photos of KLOOCHMAN ROCK, to give a perspective of this gravitationally-placed EXOTIC. It is viewed from the COUPEVILLE WHARF, using telephoto, to show the rare POSITIONING of this GLACIALLY-TRNSPORTED PRE-TERTIARY DEPOSIT- which has been moved from the mountains to the north and east by CONVEYOR BELT ACTION of ICE. ALTHOUGH THIS OCCURRED in the Pleistocene, photos will show that it has been re-positioned in the QUATERNARY (fractured, rotated, and translated):
PENN COVE has been shaped by MALINKOVITCH CYCLES, AXIALLY (41 K.Y.), ELLIPTICALLY (100 K.Y.), AND PRECESSIONALLY (apprx. 25 k.y.). This has yielded EARTH TIDES of considerably reduced magnitude than the usual 10.24 or 20.48 mm/year noticed in the Northern Hemisphere, Qsna:
The reason why the tides are reduced occurs because of the TRANSFER of ICE from the land to the SEAWATER, CREATING REBOUND and "CHATTER" = d("JERK")/dt= 2nd drivitive of acceleration (a type of irregular jerk, as with your head, when you accelerate your auto unevenly, producing changing "JERK". This chatter is sinusoidal, creating arcuate diffraction patterns:
INTERVAL TIME of the various rotations and shearing may be measured with the GOOGLE EARTH MEASURING TOOL, by finding an evenly-sheared arc (which may be used to find the diameter of the AXIAL CYCLE- with which the CIRCUMFERENCE and TIME of FORMATION-DIAMETER/k.y. per time interval, are PROPORTIONAL- a constant relationship):
I was highly suspicious of the GRAVITATIONAL FRAGMENTATION shown by shifting of mass at the extremities of land or CONTINENTS, but the evidence is overwhelming for this PECULIARITY of the WAVE NATURE of gravity. It not only has produced the GRAND CANYON GREAT UNCONFORMITY, but also the EJECTION of mass from EARTH to the MOON and speculatively to VENUS- causing it to become RETROGRADE, and to continue to exhibit ANOMALOUS BEHAVIOR:

Kloochman Rock is an EXOTIC in several ways: 1. It has been transported from north of Whidbey Island by Ice during the 2 m.y. GLACIATION;
2. It is older, by SCRATCH TEST (HARDNESS), than the greenstones and other metamorphic rocks found north of the DECEPTION PASS-BARRINGTON Fault;
3. It has been placed at an anomalous location by GRAVITY- RIDING the RAMP DOWNSLOPE from the north in a groove fashioned by EARTH TIDES. I have found that the N-S grooves have been oriented and sliced by the LATERAL MOVEMENT of two adjacent blocks of crust; they "PRECEDE" ICE riding DOWN the RAMP or trough;
4. More IMPORTANTLY, for the GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION-FRAGMENTATION ANALYSIS, the rock has been placed at the edge of the TRACK by a “JOSTLING” INTO POSITION by competing forces of eastward SOLAR vs. LUNAR TIDES and the normal downslope sliding. This has been shown for the offshore PUGET SOUND, to the NE, in a previous GOOGLE-CACULATION (left turn from SW to SE, over the time interval of 58 to 47 k.y.);
5. As noticed for smaller boulders in DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK, the rock has been shoved to the east (or SE) by GRAVITATIONAL FRAGMENTATION, and has fragmented or split into several parts- 2 of which are parted as shown in a digital photo. The DV case is much simpler, since the boulders lie on a silted almost-level outwash plain- which allow GEOLOGISTS to argue that they were moved by the wind or winter STORMS;
6. There are similar sized boulders in the town of Coupeville, and they show that the ice covered a zone larger than PENN COVE. The waterway is merely the track EMPHASIZED by GOUGING along a PRE-EXISTING WEAKNESS in the CRUST; and,
7. The LOCATION NOW of Kloochman Rock is the result of shifting of the mass to an EXACT INFLECTION POINT on the edge of the present waterway, REPRESENTING PRESENT FULCRUM of N-S and West movements. In short, this represents a FINDING of EXOTIC ROCK PLACED ACCORDING to 3D GRAVITATIONAL FRAGMENTATION-ATTRACTION (predicted by the BINARY THEOREM).
 COMPARE Klootchman  rock with another glacier-borne exotic - adjacent to the MAIN STREET of Coupeville;

I will post photos take of the "downtown BIG ROCK" below, to show the fractures measured up close. Mostly the rock is coverfed by English Ivy, but one place remains for viewing. The rock has a sink to the immediate EAST, and the TIME OF EMPLACEMETN CAN BE CALCULATED from the fractures, arcs, and rotations shown there (it is about 150 k.y.- one of the INTERSTADES):

BELOW ARE DIGITAL PHOTOS of the COUPEVILLE "BIG ROCK" which lies south of the WHARF- on Main Street, near Hiway 20:

"BIG ROCK" is an exotic, "GLACIERED IN" previous to the termination at 15,625 years of the ICE AGE. It HAS BEEN SHEARED, SLICED (fractured) and squeezed to create an adjoining SINK or half-circular DEPRESSION in the last 8000 years, or half of the BINARY THEOREM AGE of the end of the ICE AGE!  There may be an error in the 50 cm shown for the arcuate shear! I'll have to measure this again, and re-calculate.


  In the introductary BLOG- REPEATR are photos, taken in the field, showing the FRACTURE ANGLE created by GRAVITATIONAL SHEARING-FRAGMENTATION-ROTATION. THIS indicates that the DESTRUCTION is decreasing with TIME SINCE LOCATION in the main FORBIDDEN ZONE. THE WORST CASE would have been at the AGE when the MOON was captured (4.096 b.y. or at the EARLY GREAT BOMBARDMENT, by the BINARY THEOREM): I have EXCEEDED my quota for photos, so you may be able to access them at the top of this BLOG, or at the site: Below is the PROCEDURE I am following: 1. At zero time (arbitrary TIME INTERVAL), gravitation initiates an ANALEMMA, in the shape of a PROPELLOR), which later expands into a figure 8. I am using the parenthesis(((, since the pair, ONE ABOVE THE OTHER, is somewhat similar to the propeller, but the transmission may move the relative portions- so that one may not lie below the other, for 2 lines of type; 2. As time proceeds, the FIGURE 8 becomes FULLY-FORMED, with the exception of an ORIFICE- into which a smaller insertion is made. The time interval is less than 1 day, for the ATMOSPHERE, and 41 m.y., for the COLORADO PLATEAU (40?). The ratio of viscosities is on the order of 1000 trillion- 10exp+12 for CRUST/AIR; 3. TIDAL FRICTION (LATERAL MOVEMENT) causes the figure 8 to move relative to the earth: eastward, for the case of LOW PRESSURE AIR (SOLAR CCW CELL of BAD WEATHER, in the Northern hemisphere), and westward, whenever the FULL MOON DOMINATES (LUNAR); 4. This cycle is completed in 1 day for the atmosphere and in 41m.y. for the Colorado Plateau on the earth’s crust, and I find that vulcanism started on the east side of CP at 41 m.y. This proceeded CW around the southern edge of CP until a few thousand years ago, in my winter home in UT (I have a dormant crater just 1 km behind my house); 5. This feature is CYCLICAL (a sine wave?) and must be arranged MATHEMATICALLY (MULTI-ply), so that it occurs on a tiny as well as on a global scale. Time limits are arbitrary, since cycles occur in REAL and ANCIENT TIME, as well as BEING LATERALLY and VERTICALLY ADJACENT; 6. The PROCESSION is NOT MONOTONOUS, but develops circular shear while expanding. The individual ARCS are ROTATING IN HARMONY, but they rotate at disparate rates (one being smaller- CW- than the other). This creates SHEAR at the common boundary, and HEAT or ORTHOGONAL MOVEMENT TRANSPIRES. The process develops ORTHOGONAL LINES, parallel to each other, and the trapezoids develop circular features between them (with younger SHEAR LINES). These are the smaller ANALEMMAS! ; and, 7. The whole ENTITY PROCEEDS INTO SPACE, with no definite termination. 8. Similarly to the expansion of the UNIVERSE, the WAVES TRAVEL OUTWARDLY. Their presence becomes too vague to decipher! I can determine measureable features out to a half billion years on GOOGLE EARTH. At the last photos on repeatr, there is an anaysis of the KARST TOPOGRAPHY of the Mayan Central America area (SINKHOLES- the INVERSE of MOUNDS). It is amazing that the MAYA civilization's primitive scientists- which died out by 900 B.C.- were able to watch the planet VENUS through cracks in rocks (which is what I do- a little more sophisticatedly), and to make PROGNOSTICATIONS about MALINKOVITCH CYCLES. They were able to find the DUE N-S line from CHICXULUB, Yucatan to the NEW MADRID QUAKE ZONE, to the Clintonville, WI "NOISES", and finally to the sink at Hudson Bay. Furthermore, they built their most SACRED SITE along this N-S line (TIKAL), and sacrificed their citizenry to appease the gods of Venus. Since they have calculated that the GREAT CYCLE of PRECESSION would terminate this 2012 year, and since they have been successful in finding what it took me 7 years to determine, I will investigate further their suggestion that 2012 would be a year of TURMOIL! There are many ways in which GAIA (MOTHER EARTH) can eliminate people: Tsunamis, tornados, Hurricanes, FLOODS, QUAKES, and forest fires. BE ON GUARD!
 Now I find that the MAYAN SCIENTISTS had "gotten WIND" of the Elliptical ARRANGEMENT of MOUNDS around the MOST SACRED SITE of TIKAL! They proceeded to erect subsidiries on these slowly-moving (Coriolis) RISES, and these accentuate the slight UPLIFTS, by adding to the height of the TERRAIN (remaining above the trees, and this is how the sites are located today- by seaarching for tree-covered RUINS).

 All this PREHISTORIC MAYAN ANALYSIS makes me realize that they understood the relationship between the GRVITATIONAL LATERAL MOVEMENTS and FRAGMENTATION better than our CULTURE TODAY! They discovered the ratio of EARTH/VENUS = 1.62 (which yields MALINKOVITCH CYCLES), THEY PUT TIKAL on the N-S line from CHICXULUB to the great QUAKE of New Madrid of 1812 (200 years ago), and they now have found the ELLIPTICAL ARANGEMENT of MOUNDS which surround IMPORTANT FULL MOON-SOLAR OFFSETS (12.5/year, due to the orbital ratio of EARTH/MOON= 365.24/29). WHEW! I'm having a  hard time getting to the undertanding that they had 1300 years ago!

ANALYSIS of the disappearance of the MAYAN CULTURE:

 A precedent for the TIME-LINE and CARDINAL POINT N-S DESTRUCTION occurs with the EGYPTIAN MONOTHEISM of 3906.25 years ago:

There is a CW rotation of the GRAVITATIONAL DESTRUCTION about North America. This happened at 4 m.y. at Byam Martin Island in the NW Passage (north fragmentation of islands), 1 m.y. at Cape Hatteras (archipelago), 250 k.y. at FL (Keys), 62.5 k.y. at CA west coast (Mendocino), 15,625 years at end of ICE AGE, in Puget Sound, 3906.25  years- east coast again. This corresponds to 1894 B.C. for the Nile Valley, (if the AFRICAN continent has similar GRAVITATIONAL DESTRUCTION) when Ak’naten instituted MONOTHEISM- which was transferred to Judaism, after Ak’naten died and his eastern empire was “hatcheted” by the surviving HIGH PRIESTS (re-instituting POLY-THEISM). Although the people survived, the CULTURE DID NOT! NOTE: The date of Akneten's death was 1346 B.C., and we have a disparity of about 512 years from the "throwing out the old, and bringing in the NEW"! This means that the CULTURE that was destroyed was the one preceding Akneten.

 The Mayan culture did NOT SURVIVE the 976.5675 year= 3906.25/4 next DESTRUCTIVE CYCLE to the south. Although the people faded into the jungle, the CULTURE DISAPPEARED! SPECULATION by archeologists that DROUGHT, OVER-POPULATION in the sensitive Mayan area, rejection of the oppressive BRUTAL HIGH PRIEST DOMINATION, or War brought its demise have not been confirmed. Information from GOOGLE EARTH and its N-S measurements indicate that the MAYAN SCIENTISTS had analyses of the Moon, Venus, N-S orientations of GRAVITATIONAL DESTRUCTION, and the MILANKOVITCH CYCLES of SPACE-TIME. A new mathematical calculation, which could be performed in the head (or on primitive “BLACKBOARDS”) is strongly indicated. Dr. Richard Feynman may have found this in his studies and “CRACK of the MAYAN CODE”. It is known that they had a different numerical base (8 multiples). NOTE: the culture had been eliminated by 1100 A.D. with the populace desicrating the monuments.

 I believe that this is a slow process, over many years, and NOT due to an single incident (such as an ASTEROID).  

  You can follow, secondarily, my developing ANALYSES. Each week I post new findings on the blogspot but now GOOGLE has curtailed my photos, so that you will have to enter the repeatr link at the introduction, to see new PIX. I add writings on the faces of Google earth photos, so that will be the only interpretations you can read. Even Milankovitch only considered CLIMATOLOGY as a use for his findings! Incidentally, the MAYANS were as advanced as I at this point! They had found the EARTH/VENUS orbit ratio= 1.62- so predicted the GREAT CYCLE of 23.5 k.y., and had placed TIKAL (their most sacred temple) exactly on my connections of N-S CARDINAL POINTS for North America (Chicxulub, Yucatan to New Madrid, MO 1812- great QUAKE to the Clintonville, WI “NOISES”- THIS YEAR, to the KT SINK at Hudson Bay) - see map in repeatr. My next investigation will be to find if they realized the ELLIPTICAL ARRRANGEMENT of MOUNDS, on which they would have placed other minor temples. This distance is about 50km for BELEN, and you can contribute by searching for others in GUATEMALA. GOOGLE EARTH places markers on popular spots, but otherwise search for MAYAN RUINS, AND GET THE LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, so that it can be found on the map. We must ignore this for the simplest case, and the complication may be seen daily on the SATELLITE WEATHER MAP. In addition, there is both “JERK” and “CHATTER” with time, and this can be seen for the Colorado plateau in the ABOVE attachment. This is equivalent to lateral shear- appearing as an increasing ORTHOGONAL magnitude WAVE on GOOGLE EARTH:

Solving the various GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL and VERTICAL MOVEMENTS requires that a simple case of known GEOLOGY(field familiarity) be documented. (see attachments):

1. The older MOGOLLON RIM- which rotates CCW (same as the CP, along which the rim rotates) drags the adjacent CRUST in a CCW movement. This is simultaneous with a “LIPPING” up of the rim, so that drainage is to the NW, except for canyons which are due to later MILANKOVITCH ROTATIONS (smaller diameters);

2. This creates ELLIPSES, and later ANALEMMAS- which have both rises and sinks. I can see the double radius, but the separation along a WASATCH LINE is subtle. These develop adjacent to the rim, where the maximum DRAG OCCURS;

3. This action occurs younger than the RIM, and continues in “JERKS”. THE CCW ROTATION creates RISES, and GOOGLE EARTH allows the elevation to be measured. The jerks are in groups of 16, and then a larger phenomenon occurs- a canyon or thermal event is developed. The circular development of the ellipse creates both lateral and vertical shear (uplift or a RISE);

4. After several episodes, a complete circular shearing develops to the north (this should be checked for sinking to the south, and the Tonto Park should be checked to confirm). After 10 shearing actions, the Meteor Crater drops. I can see several different diameter arcs in the lip, but not 10- which is the indicated number (2.5m.y./10x4= 62.5 k.y.). The NUMBER 4- in the BINARY THEOREM of 4, 16, 64, 256 up to 1-024 m.y. series- occurs WHENEVER GRAVITATIONAL DESTRUCTION TRANSPIRES (CRUST is REMOVED in this case- compare to the major GREAT UNCONFORMITY in the GRAND CANYON, for the 1.024 b.y. ejection of a half billion years of deposition); and,

5. This represents a VERTICAL LOOP of TRANSFER of mass from the crater to the ELLIPTICAL RISE, near the Mogollon Rim (a 3D circulation in a N-S DIRECTION). Possibly the MATH is simple for you!

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