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CENTRAL AMERICA is the SOUTHERN END of the n-s gravitational LATERAL DISRUPTION of Qsna


The NORTH AMERICAN Quadransphere, Qsna, is an ELLIPSE, proceeding CW around the North American continent. It has GAPS, WHICH are exhibited from Hawaii to the Central American coast. There are others, including that from the PUERTO RICO TRENCH, but this article pertains to that at the Central American curlicue. Preceding analyses and submissions are brought up-to-date, to make more accurate the conclusions and findings for North America.
(NOTICE in the large view photo, that there is a LINEAR DIVIDING an 80 m.y. from a 157.5 m.y. FEATURE. This indicates the error of this type of ANALYSIS! It should be 80 and 160 m.y., ACCORDING to the BINARY THEOREM! The SOLAR PORTION SHOULD BE A HALF of the LUNAR PORTION- THIS IS A 1%+ ERROR!).

 There is no information for the CCW rotation from Hawaii to the west coast of Guatemala, and for the Atlantic Ocean from the Puerto Rican trench to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, MAR. These regions are called GAPS, BECAUSE of the paucity of data which can be translated into the general analysis.  Some inferences can be made for the Atlantic portion- from features shown subsea, but the East Pacific is so deep, that conclusions are lacking SE of the EARTH TIDAL changes shown for the SE block off the big island of Hawaii. These GAPS are now known to be similar to the valleys between linear mountain ranges in the CW Precessional cycles of the ANALEMMA for the Colorado Plateau-Basin and Range, CP-B&R, Province. The analemma, created by the gravitational arrangement by the EARTH-MOON-SUN is the dominating factor for the whole earth, and it has harmonics at smaller scales- one of which is the Kimmei seamount to HI line. The analemma for the whole earth is subtle, and does not exhibit the 1.62 ratio of diameters of AXIAL/PRECESSINAL CIRCLES normally calculated, but is found from the PEAR BULGE (an added amount for the diameter) of the South Pacific Ocean islands- compared to the slightly smaller diameter for   the rest of the globe.

As shown in the above GOOGLE PHOTO, Central America is the FOCUS of several movements:

1.    Starting at 418 m.y., the Isthmus began to spiral. This was likely subsea, and it has recently risen above sea-level. This is equivalent to ten 41m.y. cycles (2% error), reinforcing the notion that the 41 m.y. event is continuing (and IMPORTANT to global exhibits). It represents a time period when reversals of the west LUNAR TIDES occurred (offset by SOLAR 10.24mm/yr. tides). This has been shown in earlier blog- to occur at the Kimmei seamount- fashioning several MENDOCINO TRANSFORMS throughout time;

2.    The land above sea level has continued to spiral, and calculates the latest 41 m.y. TIME INTERVAL. This reinforces the finding that time intervals are NOT THE SAME AS AGE of rocks, or of regions!

The divisor of North and South America has remained prominent since Paleozoic time (and I suspect since the 1.024 b.y. GREAT UNCONFORMITY, found In the GRAND CANYON);

3.    That the 418 m.y. arc is found on both sides of the isthmus indicates that they once were connected. The arrangement makes this difficult to see, but this may become clear as we find additional clues;

4.    The fashioning of SHELVES indicates that the land mass which slid over them was variable in thickness: 400 to 800 meters, becoming larger in thickness with movement to the WEST. This may indicate that the land mass was rising faster with time- creating thicker layers of SHELF.  I will find shelves with multiple ARCS and LAYERS, so that a graph may be fashioned of thickness vs. time- to determine the regularity of SHELF FORMATION (measured to the east: 34 ft./km traverse, and 1 ft./km/m.y. TIME of west traverse); and,

5.    The net rise, or thickness of shelf, was 47 feet/km of shelf, for this region where there is a reversal of movement due to SOLAR OFFSET of LUNAR tides.

 This writing pertains only to the CENTRAL AMERICAN portion of Qsna, and will be added to the BLOG for WWW.QUADRANSPHERE.BLOGSPOT.COM

 After getting sidetracked by the MAYANS, I have returned to analysis of the ANALEMMA! Notice in the attachments, that the EQUATOR plays an important role. At the Galapagos Islands, there is only a half arc to the south and several PARABOLAS on the north side of the equator! Further west, the equator divides two separate analemmas (the smaller inside the larger- which is split by the WASATCH LINE and the EQUATOR, and it appears that CORIOLIS ROTATION CREATES the various analemmas (or vice versa)! That may be the reason why the ALEUTIAN SPIRAL is so pronounced. The analemmas become more SUBTLE closer to the equator, disappearing entirely at that LINEAR (in 2D). This hints that EARTH is in the SPACE-GRAVITATIONAL zone where DESTRUCTION OCCURS at times or extremities of land masses ONLY PART of the TIME!

 Further insight is provided by the SPIRALING SPECTACLES, north of New Guinea (Irian Barat and Papua- my old “stomping ground”- west Irian and Sukarnopura). I still regurgitate BAHASA INDONESIA, when I try to speak in Spanish, Turk, French, or Nihongo. Notice that the features are NOT ABLE to cross the equator, and I conclude that the analemma and Coriolis rotation are intimately connected- physically related!

Solving the various GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL and VERTICAL MOVEMENTS requires that a simple case of known GEOLOGY (field familiarity) be documented. (see attachments):

1. The older MOGOLLON RIM- which rotates CCW (same as the CP, along which the rim rotates) drags the adjacent CRUST in a CCW movement. This is simultaneous with a “LIPPING” up of the rim, so that drainage is to the NW, except for canyons which are due to later MILANKOVITCH ROTATIONS (smaller diameters);

2. This creates ELLIPSES, and later ANALEMMAS- which have both rises and sinks. I can see the double radius, but the separation along a WASATCH LINE is subtle. These develop adjacent to the rim, where the maximum DRAG OCCURS;

3. This action occurs younger than the RIM, and continues in “JERKS”. THE CCW ROTATION creates RISES, and GOOGLE EARTH allows the elevation to be measured. The jerks are in groups of 16, and then a larger phenomenon occurs- a canyon or thermal event is developed. The circular development of the ellipse creates both lateral and vertical shear (uplift or a RISE);

4. After several episodes, a complete circular shearing develops to the north (this should be checked for sinking to the south, and the Tonto Park should be checked to confirm). After 10 shearing actions, the Meteor Crater drops. I can see several different diameter arcs in the lip, but not 10- which is the indicated number (2.5m.y./10x4= 62.5 k.y.). The NUMBER 4- in the BINARY THEOREM of 4, 16, 64, 256 up to 1-024 m.y. series- occurs WHENEVER GRAVITATIONAL DESTRUCTION TRANSPIRES (CRUST is REMOVED in this case- compare to the major GREAT UNCONFORMITY in the GRAND CANYON, for the 1.024 b.y. ejection of a half billion years of deposition); and,

5. This represents a VERTICAL LOOP of TRANSFER of mass from the crater to the ELLIPTICAL RISE, near the Mogollon Rim (a 3D circulation in a N-S DIRECTION). Possibly the MATH is simple for you!


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