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Fragmentation, in the form of ISLAND ARCS, removal of segments of LAND MASS from continents, and development of ELLIPTICAL ARRANGEMENTS of expanding segments occurs in all continents.
ABOVE PHOTOS of the WEST INDIES show the MOVEMENT EAST- CREATED by SOLAR TIDES OFFSETTING the normally dominant LUNAR TIDES which only push 20.48 mm/year WESTWARD a quarter of the time:
The CENTRAL AMERICAN CURLICUE is similar to the ALEUTIAN SPIRAL, in that it has had a history of BOTH LUNAR AND SOLAR TIDES DOMINATING at separated times (BOTH have had the 41 m.y. EVENT INFLUENCING ITS SHAPE: AGES OF ACTIONS which have determned the ARCUATE SHORELNES are shown for the ISLAND of CUBA (remember the RULE: NE CORNERS of BLOCKS OF CRUST are moving 10.24 mm/year, EASTERLY, while others have LUNAR TIDES of 20.48 mm/year, WESTERLY):
It is particularly noticeable in ISLAND GROUPINGS- such as the WEST INDIES, formed after KT EVENT of 64 m.y. (65, according to radioactivity measurements) West Indies:
THE EVOLUTION is shown, ABOVE and BELOW, to illustrate how it is related to the KT EVENT of 64 m.y. and earlier. This EVENT is not isolated from the rest of Qsna, being due south of Hudson Bay, the GREAT QUAKE of 200 years ago, and the "NOISES" of Clintonville, WI (all in a N-S alignment)GULF OF MEXICO:
Gravitational WAVES are noticeable, first, in the arrangement of belts of ASTEROIDS, such as that between Jupiter and Mars, and the Oort and Kuiper belts. These are “FORBIDDEN ZONES” where planets cannot remain, because of ejection or breakup of mass by GRAVITATION FRAGMENTATION. It was next obvious in the GREAT UNCONFORMITY of the Grand Canyon- where some half billion years of deposition has disappeared. The BINARY THEOREM holds that this fits into the sequence of EVENTS, where DISRUPTION occurs at regular intervals: 4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, and finally 4096 million years- the AGE of CAPTURE of the MOON (4.096 b.y.). Although the literature reports that the age is something near 4.6 b.y., workers have been adjusting this downward, to near 4.3 b.y. (not yet accepted). The sequence I have noticed includes FRAGMENTATION of continents, loss of CRUST- which has been transferred to ELLIPTICAL ARRANGEMENTS of islands, and expansion of the ATLANTIC (while shrinking the PACIFIC) :
This is shown by the timed venue of DISRUPTIVE EVENTS: A. 1.024 b.y. ago, the GREAT UNCONFORMITY resulted in a loss of half billion years of deposition. I estimate that the column was one sixteenth that which developed by expansion of the continent: 1/16th x 1 mm/year, or 1/16 x 4,096 years = 256 million mm= 256 km. This represents 40,960/pi (13,037.9 km)- 256 km= 12,781.9 km (40,155.6km circumference), for NORTH AMERICA. This is large, compared to the literature measurement of 40,080 km (+75.6 km), but may represent the LARGEST BULGE for earth. The PEAR-SHAPED BULGE, near the SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS, may exhibit an additional 30 km; B. 256 m.y. ago, the Permian Triassic extinction (PTr), caused the loss of some 90% of marine LIFE, by FOSSIL COUNT. This was reported as occurring at 251 m.y. but the 2% error is acceptable; C. 64 m.y. ago, the KT extinction resulted in the loss of large dinosaurs. This was a long process, where the next FOSSIL TREES- in the CHINLE FORMATION- occurred several million years later; D. 16 m.y. ago, the Miocene FLOOD BASALTS created waves of basalt-covered mounds, stretching along the COLUMBIA RIVER. These have been reported as due to the release of flood water in the eastern WA and ID, but my analysis shows that this was another GRAVITATION DISRUPTION; and, E. 4 m.y. ago, the NW Passage continued to enlarge about a 40 km wide island (Byam Martin I.), indicating that the 4x disruptions continue. F. And this is continued, with the finding that the 15,625 year date (1/4th of 1/4th of 1/4th of1/4th of 4 m.y) represents the termination of the ICE AGE, as shown by Penn Cove, WA- where the ICE made an abrupt turn westward (from the otherwise omnipresent N-S gouges). There are other FRAGMENTATIONS, such as the ARCTIC (384 m.y. DEVONIAN), the Aleutian Islands (192 M.Y.) and the 96 m.y. POST-PTr PENINSULA of FLORIDA, KEYS (islands formed in the TERTIARY). Although these are not in the MAIN DISRUPTIONS, they fit a pattern of 2x divisions.
ABOVE is a map of Scandinavia- which is an ARCUATE GROUPING of islands and a detachment from the MAINLAND, and which has incipient detachments, such as FLORIDA- which has risen in the aftermath of PTr, the PERMIAN TRIASSIC EVENT issuing from the southern coast of AUSTRALIA, and forming the APPALACHIAN OROGENY. BELOW are analyses of this PALEOZOIC FEATURE, which allow calculation of the AGE and view of the ANALEMMA FORMING WITHIN:
THIS IS SIMILAR TO THAT of the RISE of Florida, which is a TONGUE OF SEDIMENTARY ROCK formed after the PTr EVENT. This type of feature is UNIVERSAL, OCCURRING in the AFTERMATH of major destructive events occurring at the SOUTHERN TIP of continents (AUSTRALIA at PTr, CHICXULUB at KT, and TIERRA del FUEGO at a MIOCENE EVENT)
Antipode to the ELTANIN EVENT is shown to indicate the connection of this ICE AGE ANOMALY to events occurring elsewhere in the QUADRANSPHERE, Qsna:
ANALYSIS INDICATES THAT the FLORIDA KEYS are of TERTIARY (APPRX. 27 m.y.), and are developing a canyon or TROUGH for the GULF STREAM, from the offset of LUNAR by SOLAR TIDES.
FLOOD BASALTS of the Columbia River are shown above. BELOW IS THE FRAGMENTATION of NE EURASIA. NOTICE that the progression is from north Europe (large islands) to ASIA (CW- smaller fragments):
ABOVE IS A SEISMIC-DETERMINED MAP OF WHIDBEY ISLAND, which can be used to check my work (using MILANKOVITCH CYCLES and LATERAL FAULTS from shearing rotations). BELOW is the map at right angles to NORMAL (NORTH is to the left); this can be used to get the BIG PICTURE" of CIRCULAR FEATURES (rather than the inferred straight line faulting, which is the usual interpretation by GEOLOGISTS):
I had to change my outlook, being influenced by GEOLOGICAL DOGMA, to look at the CRUST of the EARTH in a completely ORTHOGONAL VIEW, to get TRUTH, as shown by google earth and DIGITAL PHOTOS of the "DIRT GEOLOGY" (as explained to me by the PRACTICIONERS):
The key to understanding the movements of the EARTH CRUST lies with the finding that MIMA MOUNDS are the initial movement created by "JERKS" of the earth. These later become larger, as the earth erodes along-side them. They are not lifted, but appear to RISE, as they are TWISTED by CCW ROTATION, as the earth REBOUNDS BELOW THEM. Essentially they rise, but it is not noticeable to those nearby, since the REBOUND is on a large enough scale that the terrain appears unchanged. Notice in the photo below that for this REBOUNDING, UNLOADING, SHEARING, ROTATING, and SOLAR OFFSETTING of LUNAR TIDES, that GRAVITATIONAL INFLUENCE is turning the direction of shear in 3800 years. I have been trying to determine the scale of TIMED MOVEMENT of the Mounds and their larger relatives (such as the CHECKERBOARD MESA in ZION NP, UT), and here it lies on the island where I live. The rotation of mounds is significnt enough for VEGETATION to profit from the micro-fractures, and we can enjoy the blossoms (such as EDIBLE CAMAS and GOLDEN PAINTBRUSH) but man is too huge a creature to observe it on his SCALE:
ABOVE IS A GOOGLE PHOTO of KOOTCHMAN ROCK, taken from the south; this is an EXOTIC (brought in by a glacier), but one which is influenced by the INFLECTION CONNECTED with the change of the direction of movement by the ICE AGE (near its termination, after 15,625 years (PRIOR to now). INTEREST in this "PLANTED, DIFFICULT-to-move HOUSE-SIZED BOULDER" is for the determination of how GRAVITATIONAL WAVES have positioned this rock at a CRITICAL POSITION in the FRAGMENTATION created by SOLAR TIDES (as they interfere with the normal LUNAR TIDES- to divert the N-S TROUGHS for the ice, to a new path: 250W. This probably should be DUE WEST, from previous experience in use of the CARDINAL POINTS for gravitation history in the QUADRANSPHERE, Qsna).
The rock, although introduced by glaciation, has developed SOIL ATOP, and has LATER COMPACTED with the ROTATION CCW, in the intervening 8000 years, since positioning. I will take photos of the young FRACTURES shown by the SPLITTING POST-POSITIONING. There is a fellow up the cliff named Jack, who has built a TRAM, saving the 4 mile round trip hike, from the SNAKELUM ROADSIDE PARK, at Monroe Landing.
EARTH TIDES EXHIBIT N-S GRIDS, SEPARATED BY the critical-to-measure distances established by EARTH "CHATTER" or mass transfer of ice to water to the west. This 2nd derivitive of acceleration, d("JERK")/dt) is determined entirely by gravity, called REBOUND by geologists, and in the process MIMA MOUNDS, DIFFRACTION PATTERNS SUBSEA, and OFFSET of LUNAR TIDES are fixed:
ACROSS the WATERWAY, there occur THRUSTS DEVELOPED by the N-S LATERAL MOVEMENT of BLOCKS CREATED by the MILANKOVITCH CYCLES. These are determined by the time interval between AXIAL, ELLIPTICAL, and PRECESSIONAL CYCLES (NORMALLY 25, 41, and 100 k.y.- yielding the connection between TIME AND SPACE):
SEEMING LIKE SCIENCE FICTION, the entire arangement is determined by the OFFSET of LUNAR TIDES by SOLAR TIDES, with some uncertainty created by the larger PLANETS: VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, AND THE GASEOUS LARGE PLANETS, in the order I have arranged them:

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