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HONEYMOON BAY, WA developed POST-ICE AGE, at a 3 CREEK JUNCTION, 228 k.y. ago:

AGE of HONEYMOON BAY pre-dates the end of the ice age; this arcuate feature is fed by 3 CREEKS- hence can be expected to develop a THRUST (which can be seen in the scarp about mid-way to the end of the arc). There occur MIMA MOUNDS at the local RISES to the north and SOUTH, and the entire entity develops DIFFRACTION PATTERNS in the bottom of the PUGET SOUND to the east.
I have analyzed all this before, but will incorporate recent findings of VARIABLE GRID SPACINGS- which occur whenever there is "CHATTER", the 2nd derivitive of acceleration, derivitive of(dJERK/dT)dt; NOTICE the ELLIPSE CONTAINING KETTLES (this indicates that these are formed by EARTH TIDES CHATTER- NOT JUST ICE ALONE):
The CHATTER is the equivalent of that which occurs behind a BARRIER- DIFFRACTION ARCS which indicate interfering WAVES proceeding from one wave train in front of the barrier to multiple trains behind the barrier:
HONEYMOON Bay is in between the two sets of MIMA MOUNDS, and is of an AGE GREATER than the mounds- which originated as the ICE AGE was terminating, shown by the abrupt turn at right angles of PENN COVE (to the west, creating KETTLES- the reverse of MIMA MOUNDS):
Several more views and calculations for HONEYMOON bay and lake are shown to show the various ROTATIONS involved:
VIEW of the CLIFFS SHOWS the THRUSTING (circular shear features) in these Pleistocene sediments:
AGE MEASURED by geologists varies from 1/4 m.y. to 14,000 years,for PRE-STONE found on the island, south of the METASEDIMENTS at DECEPION PASS ; this includes PEAT BEDS, 3 RETREATS of the ICE, and sand-gravel:
ABOVE IS A SEISMIC-DETERMINED MAP OF WHIDBEY ISLAND, which can be used to check my work (using MILANKOVITCH CYCLES and LATERAL FAULTS from shearing rotations). BELOW is the map at right angles to NORMAL (NORTH is to the left); this can be used to get the BIG PICTURE" of CIRCULAR FEATURES (rather than the inferred straight line faulting, which is the usual interpretation by GEOLOGISTS):
I had to change my outlook, being influenced by GEOLOGICAL DOGMA, to look at the CRUST of the EARTH in a completely ORTHOGONAL VIEW, to get TRUTH, as shown by google earth and DIGITAL PHOTOS of the "DIRT GEOLOGY" (as explained to me by the PRACTICIONERS):
The key to understanding the movements of the EARTH CRUST lies with the finding that MIMA MOUNDS are the initial movement created by "JERKS" of the earth. These later become larger, as the earth erodes along-side them. They are not lifted, but appear to RISE, as they are TWISTED by CCW ROTATION, as the earth REBOUNDS BELOW THEM. Essentially they rise, but it is not noticeable to those nearby, since the REBOUND is on a large enough scale that the terrain appears unchanged. Notice in the photo below that for this REBOUNDING, UNLOADING, SHEARING, ROTATING, and SOLAR OFFSETTING of LUNAR TIDES, that GRAVITATIONAL INFLUENCE is turning the direction of shear in 3800 years. I have been trying to determine the scale of TIMED MOVEMENT of the Mounds and their larger relatives (such as the CHECKERBOARD MESA in ZION NP, UT), and here it lies on the island where I live. The rotation of mounds is significnt enough for VEGETATION to profit from the micro-fractures, and we can enjoy the blossoms (such as EDIBLE CAMAS and GOLDEN PAINTBRUSH) but man is too huge a creature to observe it on his SCALE:
PENN COVE is shown in an island PERSPECTIVE, with the RIGHT TURN (250W) from the main N-S GLACIAL GROOVES; this is due to the beginning of the TERMINATION of the ICE AGE, at the end of the PLEISTOCENE. There are arcs older than the 15,625 year "last SURGE", hence the MILANKOVITCH CYCLES were working UNDER THE ICE. This one of about quarter million years may be during the INTERSTAID- where the glaciers retreated (I think that GRAVITATIONAL CYCLES WORK for only a few thousand meters depth- as indicated for the elevation to the top of CONTINENTAL SHELVES :
There are abandoned drainage channels trending N-S (created by EARTH TIDES, which establish the GRIDLINES). These may be seen on the north side of Penn Cove, east of the CANOE PORTAGE at the SNAKELLUM ROADSIDE PARK:
CLIFFS bordering Penn Cove are SCARPS, which develop from ARCUATE ROTATIONS of MILANKOVITCH CYCLES:
ABOVE PHOTOS of the WEST INDIES show the MOVEMENT EAST- CREATED by SOLAR TIDES OFFSETTING the normally dominant LUNAR TIDES which only push 20.48 mm/year WESTWARD a quarter of the time: The CENTRAL AMERICAN CURLICUE is similar to the ALEUTIAN SPIRAL, in that it has had a history of BOTH LUNAR AND SOLAR TIDES DOMINATING at separated times (BOTH have had the 41 m.y. EVENT INFLUENCING ITS SHAPE:
AGES OF ACTIONS which have determned the ARCUATE SHORELNES are shown for the ISLAND of CUBA (remember the RULE: NE CORNERS of BLOCKS OF CRUST are moving 10.24 mm/year, EASTERLY, while others have LUNAR TIDES of 20.48 mm/year, WESTERLY):
ABOVE IS A GOOGLE PHOTO of the KLOOCHMAN ROCK, to set the stage for understanding this EARTH TIDE ANOMALY. The remnant lies on the north side of Penn Cove, hiking about 2 miles east from Monroe Landing. This is a boat ramp and roadside park, at the south end of Monroe Landing road. The AGE is about a quarter million years in the making, and is lies at an INFLECTION in the MILANKOVITCH AXIAL CYCLE. It has formed simultaneously with the INTERSTADES of the ICE AGE, and one feature I hope to fathom from this is "whether GRAVITATIONAL ANOMALIES work deeper than the depth to CONTINENTAL SHELVES (about 1-2 km depth). I suspect not, but the movements near Whidbey Island should clarify the situation. BELOW is a blowup of the ANOMALY:
GRID PATTERNS are anomalous (less than 10.24mm/year, SOLAR) for this waterway, since the whole island UNDERGOES REBOUND- where mass has been transferred from ICE to the SALTWATER (and has moved out to the Pacific Ocean). This results in "CHATTER", or the 2nd derivitive of acceleration- visulalized as a change of JERK of your neck as you accelerate your auto unevenly. It is RHYTHIMIC, in this case- resulting in MIMA MOUNDS, KETTLE SINKS, and DIFFRACTION PATTERENS SUBSEA (east of the sound, in shallow water off SILVER LAKE and near HONEYMOON BAY):
SCENERY NEAR MONROE LANDING (Snakelum Park, a Native canoe putout) is historical, with shell MIDDENS, PORTAGE WATERWAYS, and ARTIFACTS:
ABOVE IS A SEISMIC-DETERMINED MAP OF WHIDBEY ISLAND, which can be used to check my work (using MILANKOVITCH CYCLES and LATERAL FAULTS from shearing rotations). BELOW is the map at right angles to NORMAL (NORTH is to the left); this can be used to get the BIG PICTURE" of CIRCULAR FEATURES (rather than the inferred straight line faulting, which is the usual interpretation by GEOLOGISTS):
I show old analyses, to indicate that the analysis is improving with TIME:
There is an error in the CAPTION: AGE should be 24k.y., NOT 24m.y! PHOTO BELOW IS AN OBLIQUE, TO ALLOW THE READER 3D VIEWS:
ABOVE IS A GOOGLE PHOTO of KOOTCHMAN ROCK, taken from the south; this is an EXOTIC (brought in by a glacier), but one which is influenced by the INFLECTION CONNECTED with the change of the direction of movement by the ICE AGE (near its termination, after 15,625 years (PRIOR to now). INTEREST in this "PLANTED, DIFFICULT-to-move HOUSE-SIZED BOULDER" is for the determination of how GRAVITATIONAL WAVES have positioned this rock at a CRITICAL POSITION in the FRAGMENTATION created by SOLAR TIDES (as they interfere with the normal LUNAR TIDES- to divert the N-S TROUGHS for the ice, to a new path: 250W. This probably should be DUE WEST, from previous experience in use of the CARDINAL POINTS for gravitation history in the QUADRANSPHERE, Qsna).
The rock, although introduced by glaciation, has developed SOIL ATOP, and has LATER COMPACTED with the ROTATION CCW, in the intervening 8000 years, since positioning. I will take photos of the young FRACTURES shown by the SPLITTING POST-POSITIONING. There is a fellow up the cliff named Jack, who has built a TRAM, saving the 4 mile round trip hike, from the SNAKELUM ROADSIDE PARK, at Monroe Landing.
EARTH TIDES EXHIBIT N-S GRIDS, SEPARATED BY the critical-to-measure distances established by EARTH "CHATTER" or mass transfer of ice to water to the west. This 2nd derivitive of acceleration, d("JERK")/dt) is determined entirely by gravity, called REBOUND by geologists, and in the process MIMA MOUNDS, DIFFRACTION PATTERNS SUBSEA, and OFFSET of LUNAR TIDES are fixed:
ACROSS the WATERWAY, there occur THRUSTS DEVELOPED by the N-S LATERAL MOVEMENT of BLOCKS CREATED by the MILANKOVITCH CYCLES. These are determined by the time interval between AXIAL, ELLIPTICAL, and PRECESSIONAL CYCLES (NORMALLY 25, 41, and 100 k.y.- yielding the connection between TIME AND SPACE):
SEEMING LIKE SCIENCE FICTION, the entire arangement is determined by the OFFSET of LUNAR TIDES by SOLAR TIDES, with some uncertainty created by the larger PLANETS: VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, AND THE GASEOUS LARGE PLANETS, in the order I have arranged them:


Dr. Diego Lucio Rapoport said...

Hi Harold, a lot to digest for a non-geologist reader, one question, does the derivative of acceleration works as a control variable?

Harold Overton said...

"Chatter" or d(JERK)dt, is a result of LATERAL MOVEMENT of ICE, as it becomes seawater and moves outwardly. This "UNLOADING" results in small POLAR WOBBLE and unstable rotation of the EARTH (2nd DERIVITIVE). Normal LUNAR TIDES are reduced, with this acceleration change, and SOLAR OFFSETS LUNAR. This is not to say that the rotation reversed, but that that there was a temporary RATE REDUCTION. This yields THRUST FAULTING and LINEAR, NOT CURVILINEAR, SLICING (HENCE TRAPEZOIDAL and blocks of crust- which are separate entities)! What is difficult for GEOLOGISTS to understand is that this occurs on many scales- I have counted at least 10, and if these are harmonics with 12 half notes, they affect stone-size to continental ELLIPSES. The 12 occurs, because of there being at least 12 FULL MOONS/YEAR. JUPITER has this harmonic also- being 12x EARTH ORBIT YEAR.