Friday, April 6, 2012

FLORIDA has ABNORMAL Qsna EARTH TIDES of 30.72mm/yr. which partly determine the ENTRY of HURRICANES in the Gulf:

Similarly to Australia, Florida is moving EASTWARD and NORTHWARDLY, reverse to the trend of most of the North American QUADRANSPHERE. This movement is shown by the trench occupied by the GULF STREAM- which lies close by to the east. Conversely, the FL west coast has a shelf which has been vacated by the east-moving landmass. This occurs due to the EXPANSION of the Gulf of Mexico, which enlarges with time as EARTH TIDES enlarge all ANALEMMAS- such as the GULF of MEXICO, the Colorado Plateau and Basin & Range Duo, and the Aleutian Spiral. These ARCUATE FEATURES normally have a diameter, km, which if divided by 10.24 km/m.y. yield the age in million years. This occurs when the arc is fully formed, for Qsna, but which must be referred to 30.72km/m.y. when calculated for Asia- where movement is also eastward. The divisor is found by referring to the convex arc, which is eastward, when the movement is eastward. Most of America has convex to the west coastlines, such as CA, OR, and WA, and indicate that west earth tides occur (20.48mm/yr). LUNAR TIDES, which occur only part of the time, are twice SOLAR TIDES: 20.48 vs., 10.24mm/yr or 20 km/m.y. There is a cyclicity to all of this, and the PATH of Hurricanes is determined by the GRAVITATIONALLY FORMED Tides, Polar Wobble, and Milankovitch Cycles. I will leave the patterns to NOAA or OCEANOGRAPHERS, who hopefully will not be as enamored by their VAST TERMINOLOGY as the GEOLOGY CULTURE- who cannot understand that most of structural geology is determined by the GRAVITATIONAL CHANGES brought about by inter-relationships of the MOON, PLANETS, and the SUN. OTHER SCIENCES have relinquished all this to geologists, who have dropped the ball- ignoring the influence of GRAVITATION. I am not divulging the influence of gravitation on HURRICANE PATHS, AND WILL WAIT on other workers- OCEANOGRAPHERS- to check the past paths to find the cyclicity of the PATHS. FOR COMPARISON WITH OTHER CONTINENTS, VIEW AUSTRALIA- WHICH WAS SPLIT AT 256 M.Y. AGE; IT HAS DEVELOPED A WASATCH LINE, AN ANALEMMA CONTAINING CCW RISE/CW SINK, AND A DIAMETER OF 4096 KM (ENLARGEMENT SINCE LUNAR CAPTURE):
ABOVE is a GOOGLE EARTH PHOTO of the Florida eninsula, which is a TONGUE of sedimentary UPLIFT, PROCEEDING from the POSTLUDE of PTr and KT EVENTS. This is now a classic ENTITY- occurring in the ATMOSPHERIC WEATHER CELLS, where the CELLS may be watched daily. This tongue turns into an ANALEMMA ON SUBSEQUENT DAYS (A FIGURE 8), and the progression of events may be observed in days on SATELITE VIEW, as occurs on a million years basis for HIGH VISCOSITY ROCK (the ratio of viscosities is a measure of the Ratio of TIMES- roughly 10exp 10 X).

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