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VERMILLION CLIFFS is an excellent example of a ANALEMMA within a TRAPEZOIDAL BLOCK of CRUST

The Paria PLATEAU is an ANALEMMA, divided in 2 parts: a FLAT-and-LEVEL CCW CELL, and a tilted CW CELL to the north- which is the smaller (larger/smaller RATIO is 1.6= RATIO of EARTH/VENUS ORBIT TIMES). This is duplicated on a small cycle, with the DRAGON MONOLITH at the highest elevation on the west side (DIVIDE of drainage and CANYONS). There is a vertical analemma at the divide monolith, and this etablishes a new feature- that of the gravitational influence of a small planet (MERCURY?). These SMALL analemmas are formed by the rotation of the EARTH-MOON-SUN COMBO annually, as the couplet gyrates around the circle that the BARYCENTER makes on its annual path about the ECLIPTIC (SLIGHTLY ELLIPTICAL PATH). The LARGER analemmas are constructed by the larger GRAVITATIONAL INFLUENCE of the ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM.

The Paria Plateau is an uplift remnant, since it stratigraphically correlates with the surrounding terrain. It remains because of its extra compaction due to its rotation (“twist”) of the feature within an isolated block of the CRUST OF THE EARTH. It is roughly in the shape of a trapezoid, which I have found has dimensions such that their ratio is 1.6 (see accompanying photo). The largest ANALEMMA (a figure 8) almost fills the trapezoid, with two arcuate features of RATIO 1.6. There are other smaller and younger analemmas than the largest one, and they all have the ratio of RISE/SINK DIMENSIONS of 1.6, when measuring at their widest diameter The Vermillion cliffs occur on the south side of the Plateau, and yield a rebuttal to unusual compaction, since they appear to be crumbly- not compacted, but this does not pertain to the interior- which is being sheared, rotated, and compacted. When one examines the edges, the immediate conclusion is that they are arranged in arcuate patterns: Milankovitch cells or cycles adjoining each other in an E-W ORIENTATION. The plateau is expanding with time- 10.24mm/year outwardly, and shoves the corners (SW and NW), creating thrust faulting locations at these with the stratigraphic bedding tilted upwardly to the exterior of the feature. This would be called “rollover” by oil geologists, and is caused by the outward expansion of the plateau- particularly at corners where the stress of the shove is accentuated.
Expansion outwardly with TIME of movement is due to the continual action of GRAVITATION- the attraction of the EARTH by the combined mass of the Sun, Moon, and Planets. The main culprit is the sun, and it has a constant effect of attracting the earth by 10.24mm/year. This happens because of the fairly constant separation of the earth from its STAR. This is not precise, since the earth is being moved outwardly in an elliptical configuration by the gravitational influence of other bodies in the solar system- planets mainly, but with large bodies such as asteroids (Ceres, the largest) also. I have found that are at least 10 orders of mass or size, which affect outcrops down to the smallest you can examine with your eye. Consequently you will measure larger movements than 10mm/yr, particularly when the arcuate patterns are convex to the west. Solar-generated movement arcs are convex to the east, and create the smaller movements- particularly when there is an offset of the westward movements to create canyons. The smallest NET MOVEMENTS are near zero, particularly for the ICE AGE, where I have found 1 mm/year for Whidbey Island near the last westward movement of the glaciers, at Penn Cove.
The next largest influence of mass and gravitation is the MOON. It is largest and closest in effect, because of its proximity, and it causes the EARTH to oscillate about the center of mass- the barycenter. This is about 1710 km below the surface of the earth, and is the point about which the earth and moon rotate around the circle WITHIN the ECLIPTIC PLANE of the yearly travel of the BINARY COUPLE of EARTH-MOON. The ratio of the radius of the barycenter to the radius of the earth Re/Rb is 6350/4640= 1.37, and this is significantly smaller than 1.6 = the normal ratio of RISE/SINK for features such as the Colorado Plateau/Basin & Range. The yearly oscillation of the EARTH-MOON ALONG the CIRCUOAR or ELLIPTICAL PATH creates a “sloshing” or gyration of water in creeks from one bank to the other, and this creates MEANDER-LIKE paths. The creation of ALLUVIAL FANS is anther result of thus periodic gyration of the earth (WOBBLE of the POLES), and this occurs in a roughly 25,000 year period. The movement from side-to-side is a gradual and continuous one, so that the erosion and deposition of sediments in a fan (or meander) is smooth. The possible exception to this is the time of reversal of the TILT of the POLES (CALLED THE ANGLE OF THE EQUINOX- currently about 23.5 degrees). This reversal creates a discontinuity or inflection in the shear pattern noticed in outcrops.
EQUINOX SHIFT of 3 degrees (21.5 to 24.5?) is measured between the GAKKEL and LOMOMOTOV RIDGES for the TIME INTERVAL of 41 m.y.; SINCE GAKKEL SPREADING RIDGE has HEAT EMISSIONS, this is PROBABLY the AGE also. I have found this TIME INTERVAL in many locations: the ALEUTIANS, CENTRAL AMERICA, OLYMPIC MTS, WA, and now at the CRITICAL LOCATION- the NORTH POLE!

The finding that there was a canyon and the PARIA DRAGON RISE at the maximum elevation of the House Rock Valley road- oriented E-W from each other- is significant. This indicates that there is gravitational influence at these rises, or uplifts. This was also observed at the Hurricane fault, near the southern border of the Sand Mountain uplift. There the maximum elevation (called the Divide) occurred between two volcanic intrusions (also called Divide Volcanoes). Between the two there was a spillover of basalt over Hf, directly in line with the two basalt craters. The dated flows should make an interesting comparison, to find the commonality:
PROPERTY COMMENTS: Correlations, Longitude, orientation
CATEGORY N-S Faults or Monocline boundary; Mz-Pz contact
Hf fault: valley in a saddle at 113 18”W; Mz to west; 1m.y. AGE;
Basalt has moved 2.6 km west (2.6 mm/yr); movement is LUNAR DOMINATED (reduced by solar offset)!

Paria: similar; Mz to east: 112 3’W- 113km/102 east separation;
NO Vulcanism, Canyon west and rotated uplift east; 1.5m.y ellipse Pk RISE centered about smaller ellipse at 36 50’54N 112 5’50W DRAINAGE DIVIDE (top of rise?); VALLEY is 1.12km wide, or 56k.y. expansion, with 48k.y. drainage arcs (14% diff.); Kaibab is moving eastward faster than PARIA westward, resulting in narrowing of valley at the highest elevation (24.5mm/year NET SE movement-analemma developing on Paria plateau). SOLAR DOMINATED, but likely 20.48mm/yr, due to measurements errors!

CHICXULUB EVENT shows the relation of GRAVITATIONAL WAVES to unusual events, such as the Clintonville, WI BANGS:

Below photo of the Yucatan Coast and bordering Gulf of Mexico exhibits the region of the 64 m.y. (65, by radio-dating) dinosaur extinction event. This event has been categorized by Dr. Alveraz and son as a Iridium-related site of an ASTEROID, dubbed the Chicxulub strike. It is named after a locality in Mexico, where a layer of Iridium was found at a shale measured by radioactivity. This site, which has been called an asteroid crater, is more likely the site of a DISCONTINUITY in the GRAVITATIONAL WAVES determining MOVEMENTS in the SOLAR SYSTEM* (the asteroid was a "TRIGGER", ACCELERATING EVENTS) in the rotation of the North American continent- an inflection in the rotation of the land mass according to the series 256, 64, 16, 4, 1 million years. The more general BINARY THEOREM series are abrupt indentations in the TIMES of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 m.y., on to 4096 m.y. or billion years- the AGE of the formation of the MOON (before which there was no lunar tides, either land or water). I have found that, not only were there extinctions in the 4x series, but that there were drastic events at each inflection: PTr event at 256m.y. at Cape Hatteras, Columbia flood basalts changes at 16m.y., creation of the NW passage at 4m.y. (Byam Martin Island), and rejuvenation of the rotation on the east coast at 1m.y.

*GRAVITATIONAL WAVES exhibited by Google Earth and the BINARY THEOREM
The record, as I interpret it, is that of gravitational waves (traveling at the speed of light) “working” outwardly from the SUN, and becoming lesser in effect with TIME and DISTANCE. We see that there were the most drastic events occurring early and these become of less importance with time; e.g. the best documented was that of PTr- where 90% or so of living objects (shown by fossil count) became extinct. The next discontinuity or instability resulted in the disappearance of DINOSAURS at the 64 m.y. AGE. This was not quite as severe, with more than half of life becoming extinct. Next in the progression of time was the 16 m.y. FLOOD BASALTS of NW USA, where a region was affected, but less obvious in the fossil record. Then there was the BREAK-UP of the landmass to the NW of Hudson Bay, centered at Byam Martin Island at 4 m.y. (as measured by the diameter of the island, since time interval is proportional to arcuate diameter).
It is easy to see in SPATIAL DISTANCE the “FORBIDDEN ZONES”, where planets do not survive in the asteroid, Kuiper, and Oort belts. More difficult to visualize is the progression of TIME on the surface of the EARTH. The FORBIDDEN ZONES on earth are the catastrophes occurring at 256, 64, 16, and 4 m.y., where climate, weather, evaporation, rotation of regions, and shear of outcrops occur in patterns of BLOCKS of CRUST, as with the PARIA PLATEAU shown above. Further, the reduction of SEVERITY of events occurs as TIME PROCEEDS. I have hints that the sequence continues at 1 m.y., for the next zone- that at Cape Hatteras (continuing the CW rotation around the NA Continent with intermittent “jerks”). I further observe this entity in small outcrops, where there occur linear separations in rocks and features at a linear DIVISOR. This occurs at the Hurricane Fault, which represents a continuation of the WASATCH LINE. This line represents a discontinuity in the STRATIGRAPHIC RECORD, as well as in the break in time.
The most fortunate aspect of the GRAVITATIONAL WAVE DISCONTINUITIES is the diminution of severity with time, where the “DIE-OFF” becomes smaller with time.

Now we see that Chicxulub is at the same longitude as the “BANGS” at Clintonville, WI. There are several possibilities for the anomaly in sound:
1. Two creeks junction at the town, and this creates a rise or geological anomaly at the junction. Not only is there a temperature rise, due to the friction of shearing below the creeks, but there is an uplift, according to the MILANKOVITCH cycles of 25 and 41 k.y.;
2. The N-S line connecting Chicxulub and the 40m.y. Hudson Bay is 4096km in length. This denotes that another event has arisen to move the line of shear toward Byam Martin Island, and this event is inflected by the 41 m.y. anomaly. This creates an ellipse for the NA continent with an E-W diameter of 4096 km, and a N-S (diverted to the NW) diameter of (1m.y. or 20.48km and 40 m.y. or 819.2km to the NW). This totals 839.68km, which added to the 4096km is the distance from the 41m.y. sediments of the Gulf of Mexico to the edge of the ELLIPSE of the NW passage; and,
3. The continent is expanding into an ELLIPSE- moving 10.24mm/year to the west from Mendocino, CA, and enlarging 6553.6km (1.6x) from Chicxulub to the north side of the NW Passage ELLIPSE. I may have an error, by using 1.6, rather than 1.62, as shown by the RATIO of orbit times for EARTH/VENUS

ANALYSIS of the 41 m.y. EVENT, DISPLAYED in many OUTCROPS The first notice of the 41 m.y. was found in the Kimmei Seamount- a fulcrum of the rotation of the HI-Emperor Chain. The rotation of the chain at that point is not precise, and the 45 degree turn takes a few million years to make the transition of the chain to one of roughly NW-SE orientation. This slow transition seems to be typical of these earth movements- where the PTr, or Permian-Triassic transition, (which left most fossils absent in the Triassic) required a few million years to allow the Petrified remains of trees to become obvious. Later, it was noticed that the calculated 41 m.y. event was found in the Aleutian Spiral, the Central American curlicue, the rise of the Sierras, the initiation of basaltic extrusion in the llano Quemado (Taos, NM), and the start of over-ride of the Olympic Peninsula. The 40N latitude Mendocino TRANSFORM connects with the large rotation at the Kimmei seamount, and this slice has replicated itself many times- calculated to have occurred since 192 m.y. AGE. There are as many as 5 slices parallel- roughly- to each other. Previously, I have indicated that the 41 m.y event is related to the change of the angle of the EQUINOX, from a smaller magnitude to that near the present 23.5 degrees, by the relation: 41m.y./2 m.y. ELTANIN EVENT= 20.5- a harmonic of the EARTH’S “ ringing” mechanism, where 360 degrees refers to a circumference of approximately 40,000 km (333.33 km/3 degrees of latitude- less than 20.6% deviation, from the 420 km- measured at the GAKKEL-LOMONOTOV separation). There is still doubt as to the applicability of the number 41, compared to 40.96 m.y., as would be indicated by the BINARY THEOREM. The hundredth harmonic of the series: .02, .04, 08, .16, .32, .64, 1.28, 2.56, 5.12, 10.24, 20.48, and 40.96 indicates that this should be the magnitude of such cycles as the MILANKOVITCH AXIAL ROTATION (k.y.), and the age of the MOON, in b.y. since the measured radioactivity AGES of such events as KT (65 m.y.) and PTr (251) have a less than 4% variation from the BINARY THEOREM (64 and 256 m.y.). I take this to be departures due to non-gravitational influences. These could be due to magnetic-electrical, thermal, or extra-SOLAR event, and I have made NO DETERMINATION of the one which is pertinent to GRAVITY ALONE. WE CAN EXPLORE the pertinence of both by use of RATIOS, such as the EARTH/VENUS ORBITAL CYCLES (days/year)= 1.62, from calculation, and from ccw features/cw rotations of crust- such as ANALEMMAS shown by the Aleutian Spiral, DAILY WEATHER LOW/HIGH PRESSURE CELLS, or by measured diameters of CP/B&R ARCUATE FEATURES in the EARTH’S CRUST. I have measured both 1.6 and 1.62, so that the evidence presents a MIXED BAG. CALCULATIONS YIELD: 40 k.y. AXIAL WOBBLE/25 k.y. PRECESSIONAL= 1.6, but the Precessional angle varies over a cycle from 21.5 to 24.5 degrees (literature reported), so that 40/21.5= 1.86, to 40/24.5= 1.63. The present calculation is: 40/23.5= 1.70- which yields NO CONCLUSION! ALTERNATIVELY, 40.96/21.5= 1.9; 40.96/24.5= 1.67, and these are close to: 41/21.5= 1.907; 41/24.5= 1.673. it appears that the RATIO 1.63, for 40,000/25.5 k.y. is closest to the 1.6 ratio I get from GOOGLE EARTH, so that I will continue to amass data which is measured, and NOT CALCULATED! Below is that for the COLORADO PLATEAU/BASIN and RANGE:

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