Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Puzzle: Cat scratches in PVM Monzonite

Below is the pattern of fractures (trending NE-SW) found in a block of PVM Monzonite which has been moved by the great B&R fault (rotating CW around the state of NV and part of UT. This is the frame of reference for the puzzling "cat scratches" shown in following photos.

Below is a Google close-up photo of the isolated block of monzonite from the Pine Valley intrusion:
And below is a photo of another separate block, some 5 meters to the east, to show that this is not a artificial "fluke":
NOTE: 1. There is almost a regularity of the separation of the individual chisel marks;
2. All trends are parallel, for both separate monzonite blocks; and,
3. The whole sequence occurs between two saddles, which are aligned SE-NW (perpendicular to the trend of the main fractures). A new rule I follow, after "for every valley there's a stream" is a corallary "for every SADDLE there's a fault"

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