Friday, November 13, 2009

Model, Horizontally (Hf) and Vertically (Wasatch), for Coriolis rotation around a Linear

The model shown above stands alone, and is actuated for the CRUST of the EARTH by an independent mechanical or thermal movement. The precursor LINEAR may be the Latitude line above which there is a lesser slowing of the EARTH’S SPIN (40N or 41S), compared to that in the EQUATORIAL BULGE, or it may be a smaller entity- such as the Hurricane fault operating on a local scale to produce circular river valleys and canyons.
Above is the unbiased google Earth photo of the B&R-CP couplet, for a comparison with the model (uninfluenced by my interpretations).
Below are illustrated the rotation of both the CP regional and Hurricane fault local cells:

This model works on a vertical as well as a horizontal view, so that there is a gradual change in the location and elevation of the Colorado Plateau and associated Basin and Range province (vertically, where the Wasatch line is the divider). Similarly, there is a horizontal circular rotation about a sinking or rising magma chamber to produce an inscription about a centerline fault or other linear.


You are the Ground beneath my feet
You are the dust for all of LIFE;
Although you move with waves that meet,
Mankind’s precursors need the strife

Which e’er results from passage deep
Of heat and stress that strains us all,
You ne’er desist from dreamless sleep
While you move on this terrestrial ball

Designing now both rock and clay,
Which slowly change throughout the year
By the great turns of Moon and Day
From pulls of Sun whose sounds we hear

As multiples of your great rounds
Yield concordance with our own small waves
And surge of sunlit days for Males
While efforts are in tune ‘fore graves
But slight diverge from Moon’s Females.

You save our bones in your great rifts
Where Time may glimpse them when exhumed,
By seasons long and cyclic shifts
So we peruse them where they bloomed.

And E’en in death, we haunt the waves
Which saved us in your cyclic realm
And we record your moves from graves
Which all of life will ne’er o’erwhelm.

Harold L. Overton

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