Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This is "All for the Birds'

• As luck would have it, I finally found the long-sought Locus of the stress changes in Death Valley, by chancing upon the Raven perched above the Artist’s Route just above the lowest point in the valley. The Raven had undoubtedly felt the Karma associated with the vortex created by the intersection of the two dynamic systems, and had attempted to relay this location to me via perching upon the appropriate signpost (this might be supposed to be a Bust of Pallas, just above my Camera Door). I was instantly aware of his epiphany, by feeling the cosmic vibrations which are associated with the great sidereal movements upon which Time is commonly reckoned.
• By looking at the accompanying maps, photos, and 3-dimensional drawings, one can see that indeed the Raven had perched above the location on the scarp below to the west, where there is a major change of orientation of the Death Valley by an amount of at least 30 degrees (from about 165 degrees from north to about 135 degrees for the older further-north fractures and faults) The orientation of the faulting can be directly measured by noting that the fault has sliced through a young volcano- denoting its path and orientation.
• Harold L. Overton