Saturday, March 10, 2007

Forerunner of Evil Days to come (ca. 30 Mar 05)

Ides of March- Can April be far behind?

The middle of March had just expired, and no longer was there full employment for accountants. I’d have gladly not experienced it if I’d known that I’d be eyed because of all of my investment Ideas. Not only I’d been concerned about ID loss, but I wath hide-bound about these taxing times. Come April, all of this gas about Rendering unto Caesar was behind me, and I could resolve to think in All-true-istic terms again. (This all reminds me of that old song “I'da read, Ida Red, I'd just got crazy about Ida Red!”).
Nevertheless, I expressed a sigh of Relief, as it was springtime, and I felt outgoing. That is, I was going out (springing, downhill) to enjoy the Dixie countryside. All was greening, due to the many springs this time of year, and the word for the Spanish season- Prima Vera- formed on my aerial passageway.
I felt good- as if I were in the prime of Life. “Primo” I repeated heartily to all passersby, elevating them temporarily to Relative status. I had slept well, and the spring in my step was partly due to the season, but also because of the furniture dealer having installed new mattresses and springs in my bedroom. Spring had sprung early because of the moderating effect of spring rains- which were now feeding many springs.
I reflected on another Spanish word Ojo- the eye- which is also a spring (the eye of the Earth, and if hot “Ojo Caliente”). Curiously, the idea and the words behind it are the same in Turkish- Sijak gözü- the “Hot Eye of the earth”. Even though Türk is in a different family of languages (Altaic- Altai Mtns. Sinkiang), the idea is the same- The eye of the earth allows the mirror of its soul to divulge its’ contents (its’ secrets are found in the constituents of the water).
But enough of this “soul food”- it is the first day of April, and there are many chores to perform. Annual rituals must be respected and re-enforced. Since I have now been here more than one year, I can look askance at the many newcomers, who have not yet learned to correctly pronounce Hur-kin. Surprisingly, they build their future nests all about me- ten within one block of my house, in the last year- without asking my approval or forgiveness. Obviously these new “constituents” have not had gall bladder removal operations. At our age, attention must be paid to all of the various bladders, and develop hope that we do not become blotters for bleeders of bladders. I sometimes suspect that even myself has a bit of “Gall” remaining, even though I never considered that I was a “Gaullist”.
But I digress!