Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This is all "For the Birds"

Upon arising the first morning, it was quickly found that some raucous fowl had bombarded the hood of one of the team members automobiles. This was not a subtle endeavor either, since there were large globs of yesterdays digestion left unattended on the bare metal. I gave thanks that my auto had escaped detection, and laid this fact off onto the thought that I had made homage to the ebony bird, by focusing a previous BLOG (see Archives on the Blogspot) on the karma created by Edgar Allen Poe’s creation of the same name.
The eyes which have all the seeming of a demon that is dreaming were, nevertheless, focused on my campsite- evidently being kept under surveillance for greater things by the Fowl which was perched upon a limb of Tamarisk just above my camera door.

As long as I remained in the National Park, I was kept under watch by the attentive birds, not only by the various Corvus members, but also by the Beady-Eyed Brewer’s Blackbird. This compassion was evidently a result of the previous tourists’ disdain for the warnings of the Park Service to avoid feeding the various animals (to keep them from becoming slothful and reliant upon the largess of the visitors). The fowl were fed sufficiently to insure that later arrivals would be enamored by the antics of the birds (due to the habits of dispensers of leftovers and even to the mainstay of the meals of others).