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Jupiter's GREAT RED SPOT, GRS, has remained "FIXED" at 22S Latitude, since it was first viewed by Telescope! When photos see the GRS, it "sees" Earth, although it is Larger at (Estimated) 16,000 km, than our Earth's,40,000/pi Diameter! This 123 km Size decrease, yearly, Correlates with an Improvement in Earth's weather since the Little Ice age of 1850 termination. Explored is the connection between Jupiter's GRS and Earth's WEATHER, realizing that Venus has 2/3 of Jupiter's mass/(separation Squared) ratio.

SUMMARY: Jupiter's Great Red Spot has INFLUENCE on Earth's WEATHER, but is complicated by smaller effects of Mars and Venus. Several CORRELATIONS are shown to allow CYCLES of GRS and Jupiter to show BROAD TRENDS of our Weather! 

Great Red Spot, GRS, in the Southern Hemisphere of Planet JUPITER:
Detailed VIEW , for WEATHER use LINK:
SHAPE changes from almost TRIANGULAR to OVAL, according to Jupiter's YEAR relative to  Earth's (11.86 x our 365.24 day year). NOTICE the CCW  rotatiom, which is the REVERSE  from Southern Hemisphere on Earth for RISING:
COLOR is an INDICATOR of HEAT (Qualitative), and the most TRIANGULAR Configuration  yields the DARKEST BROWN- indicating that the GREATEST HEAT occurs whenever the LaGrange STATIONARY TRIANGLE incurs the GREATEST FRICTION!
Jupiter Planet is 1/1000 th of the Mass of the Sun, and 317 x Earth's mass- being 2.5 x all other Solar bodies (except our Sun). It would be a Star, except for the lack of sufficient mass to create Fusion, and that it Orbits our Sun (could still be considered part of a Binary System). With its 60+ Moons, it has Atmospheric Latitude bands- which are Gaseous, but regular! Its Great Red Spot, GRS, is larger than Earth, but shrinking, and it Is TRIANGULAR on one corner- hinting that the Discoloration derives from Heat of Friction! Its 22S Latitude is inverse to that of our Atlantic 22N Hurricane inception and should be investigated for correlation.
PLANE of REFERENCE is an E-W presentation of the LONG AXIS of GRS:
Above BORDERS of GRS are more TRIANGULAR than OVAL, and the ROTATION is determined by the Direction of "DRAG" of the ADJACENT Atmosphere; White CLOUDS are in the Configuration of a THRUST FAULT on the NW side! Base of the Triangle is a Yellowish LAYER at the top of the LIGHTER-COLORED Triangle on the South side. The COMBINATION of both is a "FIGURE 8" distorted by the teardrop edges. BOTH cells of the Figure 8 are "FIXED" in Jupiter's SPACE, and this fits the LaGrange STABLE POSITION (Point #1)! COLOR is determined by the introduction of HEAT from FRICTION with moving boundaries. LARGEST (previous) SIZE of GRS is reported as 40,000 km.
Above LIGHT BLUE LAYER, above GRS, is MOVING to the RIGHT at 22S Latitude. CONVERSELY, BROWN LAYER at GRS Latitude is moving to the LEFT; friction wth this border would make GRS move CCW (sinking in south hemisphere).  Light color agrees, but  smaller INNER LAYER of GRS has reddish color and is  rotating CW (RISING)! BANDS of  COUNTER-ROTATING Features require explanation! 
Literature reports that use of LIGHTNING determines that ATMOSPHERE is 50 km deep!
EARTH has BANDS of weather also, where 90 degrees Latitude north or South of the Equator produces at least three 30 degree divisions. WINDS change direction at the interface, but they are GRADUALLY-REDIRECTING such Features as HURRICANES and Major STORMS to right angled turns (ORTHOGONALLY-such as South-Eastward to North-Eastward)!

REMARKS below show the TRANSLATION of Planetary GRAVITATIONAL  Attraction REGIONALLY, on portions of Jupiter- the GRS feature and its immediate SURROUNDINGS:
LIGHTER-COLORED OVAL south of GRS yields 3 MEASUREMENTS for determination of its PROGENITOR:
1. MOVEMENT relative to GRS;
3. RETROGRADE rotation, relative to GRS (Not the combo BA, in Literature).
Faster ROTATION, 1.6 RATIO, and RETROGRADE ROTATION "belong" to Venus!

SIMULARLY, Mars will yield an OVAL, which is SLOWER, RATIO of 1.88, and "OUTSIDE" of the GRS Earth-Venus FIGURE 8.
NOTE the OVAL south of the Venus Ellipse; it should "belong" to Mars, since it is Further out, is slightly smaller, and is ALIGNED (temporarily)  similarly as along the ECLIPTIC PLANE!
COLOR-ENHANCED, for DETAIL; NOTE that GRS and Lighter closer OVAL are now arranged N-S (Meridinal); this would occur whenever Venus is aligned E-W of Earth, as just before SUNRISE, or after SUNSET (ORTHOGONAL Relationship to Earth's with GRS)! RED COLOR is more pronounced, indicating HEAT INCREASE with ALIGNMENT along the LINE leading to LaGrange POINT #1 (Apex of the TRIANGLE and source of MAXIMUM FRICTION with bordering TRIANGLE):

3 ovals along a Latitude LINE are BA in the Literature, which LATER COMBINE to form  a single entity (Moons Phobos and Deimos?).

SEARCH for GRS Photo which exhibits a VERTICAL ELLIPSE:
Below PHOTO, from Year 2010, has 45 degrees SHIFT to the LEFT (CCW rotation). It is VERY DARK RED in the CW Spiral  INTERNALLY! This indicates that the HEAT is generated from RISING, and not from SCRAPING EXTERNALLY! Literature reports Diameters 9000 km by 5000 km , with 5 to 6 days ROTATION PERIOD.  Although "fixed" in Location, the DYNAMICS are rapidly CHANGING!
RISE is most likely from  GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION, possibly from Earth. ANGLE of 45 degrees, plus a RISE, reinforces the notion that EARTH is the IMPETUS!
SPIRAL is surrounded by GRAINY CONCENTRIC ARCS, and this will be investigated!

Orbit of Europa changes the ANGLE from 60 to 45 degrees, for the LaGrange TRIANGLE!
Above 1989 photo is INVERTED, but the 45 degree ANGLE is unaffected!
Europa has changed the LaGrange solution to 5 body, decreasing the 60 degree EQUILATERAL to 45 (still maintaining the Longitudinally-Stable position! If CORRECT, this introduces the 15 degree shift into the Mathematics! RETAIN THIS, for use whenever there is found a 15 degree regularity (as with the Antilles Islands, separated by 15 degrees- using the Focus as a Reference for the Rotation!

From APHELION (furthest) to PERIHELION, Jupiter orbits from 4.35 to 5.2 AU, earth to Sun SEPARATION (Astronomical UNITS):
WOBBLE of the SUN, as seen on Earth, is shown as a 12.5 year CYCLE- correlated with the SUN SPOT CYCLE of 11 years (22 years, considering the POLARITY SHIFT).

Presently Jupiter is in OPPOSITION, being seen at Sundown in the EASTERN SKY, to Morning (when the SUN RISES). Both SUN and Jupiter are ATTRACTING EARTH, from DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS, so that  DENSE COLD AIR MASSES will be attracted from the Aleutians!

GRS photos show that the AXIS  (along the longest DIRECTION) shifts 45 degrees during Jupiter's 11.86 Earth year ORBIT of the Sun! This CONTRASTS with Earth's SHIFT of 135 degrees from WINTER to  Summer.  Hurricane, UT has North to SW winds, and Gulf Coast has North to SE winds. RATIO of 3:1 may correlate with the 3.39/1.04 ratio of INCLINATIONS from the ECLIPTIC= 3.26 (10% VARIATION), and VENUS has OFFSET part of the effect!

The  YEARLY SHIFT of 135 degrees, fom Summer to Winter (observed by me) may OCCUR MAINLY at CRITICAL LATITUDES, and those I observed were at 30N and 48N, EVEN FRACTIONS of the 90 degree QUADRANT (90/48= 15/8= 1 and 7/8ths= 1.875).
Latitude of Hf, the HURRICANE FAULT where the SEASONAL CHANGE of WINDS is 135 degrees, also (from NORTH to SW in the Summer):
Latitude is NOT a simple FRACTION of the quadrant; LARGER VIEW:
LITERATURE is in a STATE of FLUX  (from several different  presentations), and I will make my own ANALYSES!

SUMMARY: Jupiter's 11.86 year CYCLE appears to correlate with the SUN SPOT CYCLE- which affects Earth's WEATHER in a General way! This is subject to the Cycle of Venus, which is 8/13 years by SIMILTUDE. 

Mark Twain commented: "Everyone talks about the Weather, but no one does anything about it!"

I'll CONTINUE, using INFORMATION known to the Science Community, and with PHOTOS as they become available. Weather by NOAA, use below LINK:

When COMPARING WEATHER to Features on Earth's Surface, watch the PATTERNS (arcs, linears, and Spirals) and NOT the individual LOW PRESSURE CLOUDS!

Jupiter's GRS appears to be a MIRROR IMAGE of Earth's ATMOSPHERIC TIDES! This  evaluation will be used for ANALYSIS of the GRS, with a Goal of Determining ALL of the ROTATIONS, LINEARS, and DIRECTIONS shown on the DARKEST RED PORTION by The SPEAR RULE (movement DIRECTION is shown by the spear POINT- which is the YOUNGEST, not yet expanded). DARK RED is moving CW, while lighter color is moving CCW (Sinking in the Southern Hemisphere of Earth)!:
2. LIGHT-COLORED OVAL below is ROTATING  CCW (sinking);
3. DARK RED HALF is rotating CW (Rising in S. Hemisphere
3. RISE and SINK are separated by a LINEAR (almost straight line);
4. DARK RED Portion is adjacent to a CCW Sink, with RATIO= 1.5; and,
5. APPEARANCE is that of the SAND MTN.-SAND HOLLOW feature, so that the findings for that feature will be used to INTERPRET the MOVEMENTS!

We will START with Galileo and use of the TELESCOPE to "see" GRS:
TELESCOPE used by the Jupiter ANALYST:
DIVIDER (Canyon below TERRACE) is shown above, and SAND LINE- which is a DIVIDER, is shown below:

DIVIDER is the RED LINE oriented towards the SAND HOLLOW Lake, where the ANGLE from N-S is near 17 degrees (Pluto's INCLINATION):
GOOGLE EARTH "big PICTURE". NOTICE the CORRESPONDANCE between SAND MTN.-Little Creek Mountain and  GRS-Venus FIGURE 8:
DIVIDER above is ORTHOGONAL to the Latitude divider south of GRS!
PREVIOUS Analysis:
BLUE LINE of the OUTLINE shows the MODEL for GRS, considering that ATMOSPHERIC follow the same RULES as EARTH TIDES!
I have selected Sand MOUNTAIN because it displays 2 major TERRACES, which is a change through TIME, similarly to the GRS  decrease in SIZE with the 265 years of TIME since observations began!
The DIVIDER Sand Line is the line in RED, which is equivalent to the GRS line between UPPER and LOWER internal ARCS! RATIO of INTERVAL TIME of the terrace/265 years can be calculated from the above MEASUREMENTS: This is shown in the following BLOWUP:
RATIO of INTERVAL TIMES for Sand Mountain to Hollow/GRS observation TIME= 3000 to 1, approximately!
This is NOT the Viscosity RATIO of ROCK/AIR, but is DIMINISHED by the RATIO of Jupiter DIAMETER/Earth diameter= (139,822km/40,000) x pi= 10.98!
Ratio = 3,635 for the E rock/GRS air MULTIPLIER!
Little ICE AGE terminated in 1850, for a 265 year CHANGE, yielding  a CONTRAST with OLDEST Sand Mountain RISE of  706,000 years/265= 2664.15!
Jupiter's ATMOSPHERE is more DENSE than Earth's, and the RATIO of diameters yields a MULTIPLIER of 10.98 x 2664.15 with a 29,252 MULTIPLER, compared to EARTH'S  10 exp5, for Viscosity of ROCK/WATER! Jupiter's GRS ATMOSPHERIC DENSITY makes this Ratio IMPRECISE!
A "MINIATURE" of the model is shown for the SE edge:
Above ORTHOGONAL Miniture MODEL may be hiked and inspected for:
1. RED-LINED cliffs, which are similar to the GRS and adjoining OVAL;
2. N-S Meridians (shown as NATURAL FEATURES);
3. Half FIGURE 8, which is along a Meridian, instead of a Latitude line;
4. Progression of PARALLEL MERIDIANS, and,
5. COLOR CHANGE, which is REVERSED (DARK is in the SINK,) with Light for the RISE, or Uplift!
Additionally, a Third CIRCULAR FEATURE is found to the West, and this is EQUIVALENT to MARS! ALL 3 Planet translations are VISIBLE, and this allows the IMPORTANCE of each to be examined. The one labelled Earth is a COUNTERPART of that seen on GRS, and is the one EXHIBITING a shift in the ANGLE of the LINEARS! The AGE should be CALCULATED from  its EXTREMITIES, so that the 5 km LENGTH sould be less for the smallest TIME!

AGE calculated for the Venus TRIANGLE= 10.78 k.y., which is near a HALF  Precessional Cycle of 24 k.y. by Milankovitch!

ENLARGED to see DIVIDE Volcano and Little Creek Mointain (which has a FLOW VENT ATOP):

We will COMPARE GRS to the features shown for SAND MOUNTAIN, SAND HOLLOW.
MODEL for PLANETARY influence of Earth, Mars, and Venus at Sand Mtn. SE
RATIOS of the DIAMETERS of Planets (Literature) are compared to those obtained with Google Earth MEASUREMENTS. A LaGrange TRIANGLE is superimposed for ANALYSIS of the GRAVITATIONAL RELATION between the CLOSEST PLANETS!

INDICATIVE of GRS's Mirror Image of Earth's features are those found near Hf!
MIRROR IMAGE of Virgin Partial Figure 8 where UPSTREAM the Canyon Bends to the EAST:
BLUE Partial Figure 8 MIRRORS the Upstream Red FORWARD "S" (RISING Feature):

GRS has been PHOTOED from 1979 to 2014, and has SHRUNK NOTICEABLY:
RATIO of smallest DIAMETERS is near 2 (Mars year= 1.88 Earth's),  while LARGEST Diameters have near 1.5 Ratio, and this is one of the SIGNATURES for Venus! These RATIOS indicate that Mars and Venus are "Rounding up the USUAL SUSPECTS for influence on WEATHER", in addition to JUPITER!

OLDER, above and Latest, below:
SCHEMATIC above has a SINGLE ROTATION, but GRS is SPLIT and has SEVERAL ROTATIONS. These are SIMILAR to Earth, but REVERSED (MIRROR IMAGE)! Just as the USA is rotating CCW east of the Mississippi River, with CW to the west (Bluffs on the east side, and Rice fields to the west)! This ASSUMES that 8000 km is the present DIAMETER.


AVERAGING, 27% in 35 years= .77% per year, for 8061.7km= 61.7 km/yr, but the CHANGE is NOT LINEAR, and is ACCELERATING!
POSITIONING, relative to Jupiter, with 27% SHRINKING in the 3 photos on the RIGHT:

GRS is LARGER than Earth:
Above COMPARISON makes it appear that GRS is 3 to 4 times the DIAMETER of Earth! This would make the RATIO of Jupiter/Earth at least 30, and NOT the 10.98 calculated from the LITERATURE! Possibly the DIAMETER of Jupiter is measured from an INNER, MORE DENSE Layer!

TILT of Earth is 23.439 degrees from the ECLIPTIC, and when Earth is between Jupiter and the Sun (OPPOSITION), the 1.304 degree Inclination of Jupiter yields a DIFFERENCE of 22.135 degrees. This is the Latitude presented for the GRS, inverted! RESULT is an INVERTED MIRROR IMAGE of the GRS with Earth, when in OPPOSITION:

When EARTH and Jupiter are in CONJUNCTION, both the Sun and Jupiter are ATTRACTING EARTH (on the same side, TOGETHER)- creating a TEMPORARY BULGE on Earth and a VERTICAL SHIFT of GRS!
This RESULTS in a SHIFT of Latitude for GRS! FIGURE 8 will become more N-S oriented:

REMINDS me of the days of presenting SLIDES! You could put them in the Projector BACKWARDS, UPSIDE-DOWN, or SIDEWAYS!

1. GRS pressure= 100,000 Pascals (one Atmosphere on Earth);
2. Hydrogen and helium are the DOMINANT COMPONENTS;
3. Temperature of GRS= 200K to 300K:
4. OVAL BA (south of GRS) ellipse formed in year 2000, from 3 White ovals:
5. Minor composition includes: AMMONIA,  METHANE, H2S, WATER with traces of Oxygen, NITROGEN, SULFUR, and NOBLE GASES (3x solar values)!
6. DIAMETER= 10,250 miles= 16,400 km (25,500 miles in 1900);
7. SHRINKAGE (last calculated)= 580 miles/year= 928 km, or 1/10th  yearly; and, 
8. GRS is progressing from an ELLIPSE to a CIRCLE, but the BOUNDARIES remain TRIANGULAR- indicating that SPATIAL LOCATION is STATIONARY! ROTATION RATE is 6 days.

A. Similar to EARTH, Young ARCS are CIRCULAR, becoming elongated with TIME, but in the N-S Meridianal ORIENTATION. This Earth Comparison is again ORTHOGONAL to GRS, which was elongated E-W!
B. ATMOSPHERE is more FLUID-LIKE than it is like our AIR;
D. COALESCENCE of cells is REVERSE of Earth's "SPLITTING OFF", and,
E. DIAMETER RATIO, for GRS/Earth= 2.5, which is the ratio of Jupiter's MASS/Others, excepting the Sun!
F.  Rotation RATE= 60 x Earth's rate! 
Eliminating DIMENSIONS, this is:
a. Triangle's 180 degree/3 sides= 60 degrees per CORNER;
b. 6 days is one FIFTH of our Moon's Cycle (Measurement is IMPRECISE);
c. 7.2 days is 1/50th of a 360 day CIRCLE;
d. Jupiter's (11.86 Earth years x 365.24)/6 days= 721.96;
e. Jupiter's INCLINATION= 1.304 degrees, which is 144.89 km for Earth's Longitudinal translation. This divided by 800 (Reference most usually-OCCURRING on Earth)= 1/5.5215, and refers possibly to our MOON again, where the INCLINATION is 5.145 degrees, and,
f. MOST LIKELY is the 5 to 7 DAY PERIOD, which is a HARMONIC of Jupiter's year of 4331.746 Earth days/5.4147= 800. This REQUIRES more PRECISION!

AGE of GRS can be estimated, using the LaGrange TRIANGULAR relation:
Age, on Earth= [8000 km x sine(60)}/27.72= 250 m.y., BUT  Jupiter's MASS is 317.826 x Earth's; DIVIDING by this Gravitational RATIO= 786.39 k.y., or near the DOWNTURN of the ICE AGE!  What HAPPENED during this AGE?
Literature lists the Pastonian STAGE at 600 to 800 k.y. or the PRE-ILLINOIAN Stage in North America. Sea LEVEL was falling at the 786,390 years AGO (AGE) time!

Jupiter has a ROTATION Time of 9.93 hours, which DIVIDED into 5.4147 x 24 = 13.08 ratio.
This is NEAR our Moon's  CYCLE or the number of FULL MOONS per year.
ALL of these ratios and calculations accentuate that there is ALWAYS  a small ERROR involved! I accept a 3% error, but not more than 5%!
Use of the BINARY SET of numbers has shown a SIMILAR RESULT; their use makes an EASILY-REMEMBERED arangement, but the SOLAR SYSTEM doesn't quite "FIT"!

The OPPOSITE of a BULGE (such as the GRS) is a "HOLE" or Sink, such as the Light-Colored feature, attributed to Venus! These occur on many SCALES, with an EXAMPLE of the Mars MOON PHOBOS- which has a RADIUS of 11.2667 km:
NOTICE that the "HOLE" is distinguished by a SLICE, the most prominent of which is toward the CENTER! These have various explanations, meaning that the INVESTIGATORS have NOT recognized the HOLE-SLICE PHENOMENON:
CRATERS are of three VARIETIES, apart from the VOLCANIC:
1. Space STRIKE Craters (without the slice);
2. SINKHOLES,  circular with Limestone DISSOLUTION; and,
3. ARCUATE SHEARED Holes, with a Slice in the CENTER, or toward the EDGE!
The SLICE, ftrom Photos and Google Earth, progresses away from the Center with the INTERVAL TIME of development!

GRS has been followed by many SCIENTISTS, and PHOTOS are available, along with GRAPHS of the DECREASE of its' DIAMETER! GRS has ACCELERATED its DECLINE in the last 5 years- yielding a VIEW of an OMINOUS WEATHER Change! It appears that 2015 will be a CRITICAL YEAR, and February 10/2015 is a date to watch, since that is the DATE of closest approach of Jupiter to Earth! The S IZE is now down to 5000 km. and the ROTATION PERIOD is 3.6 Days:
Above is a SQUARED TIME Function, with RECENT TIME at the LEFT!
BARRING interference from VENUS, MARS,  GRS will shrink to "zero" during 2015!


Video of GRS movements, with TRIANGULAR BORDERS:


GREAT DARK SPOT in the North:
DARK SPOT increases while GRS decreases- POSSIBLY a CORRELATION? Also notice the BLUE RINGS- which are 160 degrees apart (360/160= 9/4= 2.25 Ratio:


TEST below LINK for present WEATHER:

GRS faces Earth, and is LARGER, so that a MIRROR IMAGE relation is established, and the REMAINING QUESTION is: "Do Mars and Venus (with the COMPLICATION of the ASTEROIDS) make a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the resulting WEATHER on Jupiter and EARTH?"

(Whidbey Island Life-to the cadence of Sullivan’s “A Modern Major General”)

A Fight Song
We trod the beaches of the land, with footprints so magnificent,
We take good care and prudence, since we’re seemingly significant;
We are geological, with thoughts so ecological-
We solve the island’s many myths, with motives almost nearly always logical.

We step o’er rock and fragile stone, with boundless love resilient,
Our thoughts, forever prime, are always bordering on the brilliant-
We zig and zag, it’s in the bag, the secrets of a stratigraphic crag,
Our yards are always full of Nature’s bounteous anticlinal swag.
We look at cave and cliff, for clues that often are mysterious,
We form our explanations, which then sometimes are delirious;
We’re ever right, with thoughts so bright, the clays we test with subtle bite,
The Mastodons we lately seek, are almost always out of sight.

We sniff the waters of the seeps, which are mostly full of Carbonate,
We draw straight lines on maps, over which we then can fulminate-
We look not for the animal, not vegetable, but mineral,
We seek to find the local sense of Earthy Science-in-General.

We find the island’s many faults are certainly near left-lateral
The moraines make Points, but Heads (Tombolos) are quaintly mostly platter-al,
We are Geological, with thoughts so ecological-
We solve the islands many myths, with motives almost nearly always logical.

Our rare scientific group is most certainly gregarious;
With the exception of a stately few, they are hardly e’er nefarious-
They most certainly show attentiveness, to the total group’s inventiveness
They never forget a single clue, keeping constant retentiveness.

We’re constantly amused almost, by the manly interaction,
Of the way they stand their solid ground, while their stomachs are in traction-
While some will look at cuttle fish, rarely they’re rebuttal-ish,
They follow simply to a man, the leader’s every whim and wish.

They never waste a word or deed, showing ultimate economy;
They incorporate all useful fields, even invertebrate Taxonomy-
They map all Points, align all Joints,
Whenever it is possible, they listen to whomever USGS anoints.

We march out in the sand-filled fields, with ultimate sobriety;
Then we announce our final facts, with tremendous notoriety;
We use all of our abilities, with promising agilities
Before there is a final loss of all of our facilities.

We incorporate every certain fact, remaining ever all aghast;
With completely serious rectitude, we follow an iconoclast!
We are Geological, with thoughts so ecological-
We solve the islands many myths, with motives nearly always almost logical.
Harold L. Overton

WIND in Intersteller SPACE is an ELECTRICAL entity:

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