Friday, February 20, 2015

Earth's MOON has a regularity to its LIBRATION ("Rocking"), and the Locking of the its Bulge with the Earth has produced Quarterly INSTABILITIES with the Earth's Crust: 1024 m.y. capture, 256 PTr (Permian-Triassic orogeny), 64 KT extinction, 16 Columbia Flood basalts, 4 m.y. NW Passage opening at Byam Martin Island, 1 Cape Hatteras Eastward protrusion, 250 k.y. Mississippi Delta southern movement, 62.5 k.y. Mendocino westward, and 15,625 year Last Ice Age advance. Regularity also occurs with the CW rotation of the Location, from NW shove of PTr, N-S of KT through 89.9W longitude (80E of the Prime Natural Meridian, PNM), Westward of basalts, N-S of Byam Martin, Eastward of Cape Hatteras, Southward of the Delta! Discovery of an INTERACTION of a passing Galaxy at 70,000 years (ago), rises the QUESTIONS: Is the 70,000 more accurately 62,500 years, and Is there a REGULARITY with the Quartering of the Libration CYCLE?

The KT cycle, MEASURED by Geologists is 65 m.y. by RADIOACTIVITY, and 64 m.y. by the PROGRESSION with the BINARY THEOREM (by DIVISIONS of 4)! This is most viewed in the Gulf of Mexico "HOLE" with the SLICE at 89.6W Longitude, where the slice occurs from the TIKAL marker to Yucatan, to the CENTER of the Gulf, to Lake Ponchartrain, to the 1811 to 1812 New Madrid QUAKE, to the Clintonville, WI "BANGS" to the Hudson Bay HOLE:

DETAIL East of the 89.6 Meridian:

DIAGRAMS of Oort and Kuiper BELTS: 
Oort Cloud


There are SEVERAL 62,500 year AGE "HOLES" along the Mogollon Rim, indicating that this NW-SE scarp was prominant during the EPISODE:
LAKE STONE,MAN, off !-15:

Dante descent:

AGE of 62,500 years is CALCULATED from the PROGRESSION: 16 m.y.; 4, 1, 250 k.y.; 62.5 k.y., by NOTICING the QUARTERING PROGRESSION!
QUESTION arises: "How confident are the CALCULATORS for the 70,000 yeasr CLOSE ENCOUNTER?

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