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SOLAR SYSTEM GRAVITATION- How to use ENGINEERING for a PRACTICAL evaluation of the DATA you are being TAXED to measure!

Gravitation- vertical and LATERAL- affects your daily lives; in man’s LIFETIME, it INTERACTS with LIFE, not only favoring some LOCATIONS, but making it difficult for others! Below is a CASE where asphalt of 20 years AGE is currently being buckled (geologists might want to foist this off on the Sun's HEAT, but you will see that this is beside a RISING-EXPANDING MIMA MOUND):

This is beside Holmes Harbor- a N-S TRENDING former Glacial LOBE:

You can even look inside one of these mounds, alongside Hiway 20- at Coupeville, where the TILT ANGLE is subtle. These mounds are GRAVITATIONALLY-FORMED, and they expand and HARDEN with TIME:

Notice the PARALLEL LINEARS pointing to the set of MOUNDS of interest:
The Holmes Harbor MOUNDS are on ELLIPTICAL TERRACES (2), and they exhibit SCARPS alongside and WITHIN the terraces:
They form PATTERNS of 6 or 12 hills/Set:

These are MIMA MOUNDS, which are rising now under COMPRESSION from Lateral EXPANSION of Holmes Harbor- expanding 1.75 km in 100,000 years (the Milankovitch ELLIPTICAL CYCLE)! The sidewalk is rising in a CIRCULAR SHEARING CONFIGURATION, as the Mound increases in DIAMETER.

MIMA MOUNDS are an excellent target for MEASUREMENT of EARTH TIDES’ UPLIFT RATE, since they exhibit DIAMETER INCREASE while RISING! The example of the Holmes Harbor Golf Course, near Honeymoon Bay Road from Freeland, WA can be used to “HOME IN” on the MECHANISM and RATES found from this STACKED ELLIPTICAL SET of 2 young features:
Using the average PRESENT DIAMETER of 5 meters (5000 mm), the dome has increased by at least 1 mm/year (1.024 by BINARY THEOREM). This yields an INITIATION TIME (start of the UPLIFT CYCLE) of no more than 5000 years (ago)! This is well past the ICE AGE, which is CONFIRMED by the EXOTIC BOULDER surrounded by the later mounds. The boulder would not have been dropped from sliding ice should the mounds have been present- since sliding ice would have “PLANED” the landscape!
This calculation informs me that the Mounds have nothing to do with the ICE AGE directly, and considering that the UPPER ELLIPTICAL ARRAY of smaller mounds (YOUNGER) has uplifted at half of the 1 mm/yr. expansion rate. The calculation yields 10,000 years- several thousand past the last stage of ice!
You might remark that I usually invoke the EARTH TIDAL rate of at least 10.24 mm/yr. for calculations (20.48 for NW movements). True, which is correct for LATERAL movement, NOT UPLIFT. Appropriate uplift relates to the expansion=UPLIFT of the CONTINENTAL ORB- which I have found for 3 cases is 1.024 km/m.y. for NA, SA, Australia and the African continent west of the RIFT ZONE.

The result is that the 1.024mm/yr. DIAMETER INCREASE is likely appropriate, and that the (BINARY THEOREM) AGE is 4096 years since the mounds started to rise! What would occasion this? Alternatively, what about the Holmes Harbor N-S movement is of this age? Holmes is NOT the last lobe- being followed by westward-moving Penn Cove- and it is near 1.75 km wide, resulting in a CALCULATON of 1.75/17.48 km/m.y.= 100,000 years (Milankovitch’s Elliptical cycle) AGE.

GRAVITY is commonly thought of as a SIMPLE RELATIONSHIP: F= Mass x G= M1 x M2/r2 where M1 and M2 attract each other. This works excellently, since its USE has returned men from the Moon! There is ANOTHER COMPONENT- that of the LATERAL INFLUENCES that the attraction (UPLIFT) between EARTH and masses orbiting above the Sun's ECLIPTIC PLANE create! This can also be MATHEMATICALLY-CALCULATED for use on Google Earth: N-S SHEAR is calculated by: INCLINATION above the Ecliptic is in degrees above the PLANE (for other major Solar Masses), or,
INCLINATION x 111.1111 km/degree= 17.141 x 111.111= 1904.555km for Pluto. This relation is also QUANTIFIED by the m1 x m2/separation distance2, so that small masses or large distances have LESS UPLIFT and less PENETRATION into the EARTH’S CRUST. The relation 40,000 km earth diameter/360 degrees yields 111.111 km per degree latitude.
ASTEROID Ceres is much closer than Pluto, and creates LINEARS 1175km in length (111.1111 x 10.58 degrees INCLINATION from Ecliptic Plane of the Sun):
COMPARISION to Earth and its Moon:

This can be SIMPLIFIED for MEMORY, by use of the BINARY RELATION (multiples of 2):
TIME INCORPORATION, where 2, 4, 8, 16 m.y. Columbia Flood basalts, 32, 64 Chicxulub extinctions, 128, 256 PTr great extinction, 512 Burgess Shale, 1,024 GREAT UNCONFORMITY, 2048, and finally 4096 m.y. - the LUNAR GRAVITATIONAL INSTIGATION.

MASS INCORPORATON, where the Sun has 1,989 x 1027 or 2 x 1030 after observing the mass EQUIVALENCE of the VARIOUS Magnetic fields, Cosmic emissions, and SOLAR DUST. Jupiter EXHIBITS mass of 1.893 x 1024, or a RATIO OF 1047th of Sun’s mass.
Considering the NON-INCORPORATION of Jupiter’s MOONS, this will be 1024th of SUN’S MASS, and this fits in the GENERAL BINARY RELATION- where the NUMBER 1.024 is the BASE to remember. MULTIPLES of 1000 and 1.024 RECUR REGULARLY in the CIRCULAR UPLIFTS, SHEARING CYCLES, and EXHIBITS on Google Earth! For example, the CIRCULAR ORB of North America- which is the LATERAL EXPANSION of the CONTINENT since initial uplift is 4096 x 1.024= 4194.3km, from Mendocino to Cape Hatteras:

ERROR is 4222.2- 4194= 27.9 km, or 6/10th % (acceptable for ENGINEERING, considering the MULTIPLICITY of UNKNOWNS!).
Last RATIO INCORPORATED is the INCLINATION above the Solar Ecliptic PLANE, where, e.g. Pluto planetoid/Asteroid Ceres= 17.141/10.58 degrees= 1.62. This hints that even the MINOR MASSES have been GRAVITATIONALLY POSITIONED by the SUBTLE gravitation FIELD!
NOW CONSIDER a Geyser created by man in his lifetime; OIL-DRILLING TEST north of Pyramid Lake, where an ANALYSIS has found a N-S Meridian (Ridge) between the Lake and one to the east: Lake Winnemucca (mostly dry playa). Scroll back to see how this feature "fits" with the location of the FLY GEYSER:  
This test opened into the ARTESIAN-PRESSURED water aquifer, and its casing ruptured after abandonment. Consequently it has continued to drain the HIGHLY-MINERALIZED WATER, and reveal its CONTENTS via COLOR and terraces- whch are EXPANDING RINGS from LATERAL GRAVITATION EXPANSION! This is for the TIME INTERVAL of 20 years, and the expansion rate may be calculated. It is faster than EARTH TIDES, because of the WATER MOVEMENT EASE (much lower viscosity than ductile limestone).

I will plot the GPS COORDINATES, as soon as they are available:

Larger view, showing ERROR of my Winnemucca LINEAR:
Man's ACTIVITY has formed an ELLIPSE within a few years, NORMALLY requiring 100,000 years in the EARTH'S CRUST (the Milankovitch PRECESSIONAL CYCLE):

BINARY (x2) RATIOS: Planets, Planetoids, Asteroids
Aphelion distances: Uran/Saturn= 3,005/1,506= 1.99
Inclination deg: Merc./Venus= 7.006/3.398= 2.06
These indicate that Solar System Gravitation is a BINARY ENTITY, but there are other RATIOS just as PREVALENT:
Earth/Venus ORBITAL DAYS (1.625)- OBVIOUS:
Aphelion: Pluto/Neptune= 7377,/4538,6= 1.625
Neptune/Uranus= 4,538,6/3,005= 1.51, apprx 3/2, which is a "locked in" dependancy!
Inclination: Pluto/Ceres= 17.141/10.58= 1.62


The Venus ROTATIONS are sliding, the Jupiter "JERKS" are PARALLEL TIC MARKS, and the ones oriented away from N-S may be Venus, Mercury, or Pluto (SO FAR):

 The Mayan MATHEMATICIANS noticed that there was a relation between the YEARLY CYCLES of Earth/Venus; it is 1.625, in days/ORBIT around the Sun= 1625/1000, or, dividing by 125= 13/8. This ACCENTUATES that there is a FUNDAMENTAL GRAVITATIONAL DEPENDANCY of one planet to the other! Venus orbits 13 times, while Earth REVOLVES 8. Since this RATIO occurs for other ENTITIES, this yields INSIGHT into SUBLETIES of the GRAVITY FIELD! 
 The RATIO 13/8 occurs for other MEASUREMENTS- such as the the Orbital Plane INCLINATIONS of Pluto/Ceres= 17.141/10.58 degrees= 1.62, indicating that MINOR PLANETOIDS exhibit the relationship. The Gas GIANT of Neptune/Pluto= 1.625 also, revealing that there is an ORBITAL DEPENDANCY for these 2 disparate bodies.
 Since we have long ago measured such features as the COLORADO PLATEAU-Basin and Range and the ALEUTIAN SPIRAL, and found that the DIAMETER RATIO of the side-by-side Arcs is near 1.6, this indicates MAJOR INFLUENCE on the DYNAMICS of the Earth's Crust!

The RETROGRADE BEHAVIOR is a VITAL FEATURE for the CIRCULAR DYNAMICS of the CRUST- as it is SLOWED by the other SOLAR SYSTEM MASSES (RELATIVE to the Mantle).Tentatively, the REVERSE MOVEMENT of the Crust in SUBDUCTION, FAULT REVERSAL, and E-W quakes (Haiti's 2010 KILLER shake) are CORRELATED with this ABNORMALITY!
  Such EARTH CRUST DIVISIONS as the position of the 45N Latitude Caspian Sea- relative to the NATURAL PRIME MERIDIAN= 1.6 (in terms of LONGITUDINAL FRACTIONS)- hints that GRAVITATIONAL WAVES occur on earth at CRITICAL GLOBAL FRACTIONS (45/360= 1/8th, and 360 degrees longitude/1.6= 225 degrees for positioning of MAJOR GEOLOGICAL ANOMALIES)!
 What is this EXOTIC RELATION, where even the Placement of MAJOR LAKES occurs at GLOBAL LATITUDINAL FRACTIONS? From the Great Lakes, NA to Asia, the largest lakes lie along this 45N Latitude! The relation occurs at OTHER FRCTIONS also- such as Lake Victoria at Zero latitude and Nicaragua at 12N (1/30th). The CORRELATION fades away in Asia proper, where ELLIPTICAL DESERTS occur instead! Even in the Southern Hemisphere, as for Australia, great Playas occur at latitudunal fractions. This must be a FUNDAMENTAL OCCURRENCE for GRAVITATIONAL WAVES!
 The EARTH ITSELF is PEAR-SHAPED, resulting from a LARGER SOUTH HALF, with the BULGE occurring for the RISING SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS! This does NOT INDICATE a 1.6 ratio division, since the earth would violently DISINTEGRATE! The Diameter of EARTH at the S. Pacific is slightly larger than for the North! This INSTABILITY is gradually being OFFSET by the MOVEMENT NNE-ward of Australia, bordering on the TONGA TRENCH!


 My TENTATIVE ASSESSMENT for all this Venus-inflicted MOVEMENT relates to the MAJOR INSTABILITY of 1024 m.y. ago (3072 m.y. from inception- TOTAL TIME INTERVAL  of 4096 m.y.). The GREAT UNCONFORMITY found in the Grand Canyon occurred at the time of a CAST-OFF of Earth Crust for some Precambrian deposits, and a CLOSE APPROACH of Venus. These might have been MOONS initially, which were later incorporated into Venus- resulting in a reversal of revolution (RETROGRADE orbital movement). This could simultaneously result in other GRAVITATIONAL ADJUSTMENTS- such as the change of other Planetary INCLINATION PLANAR ANGLES!

Our MOON has its own ORBITAL PLANE- some 5.15 degrees INCLINATION from the Sun's ECLIPTIC PLANE.
This is 2.49424/5.15 degrees= 2.065 RATIO, for Saturn! Similarly, for the ASTEROID Ceres, the ratio is near 2. This indicates that SMALL SOLAR MASSES may create UPLIFT-SHEAR in the Earth's Crust!
The SUPERMOON is closest to earth, and is FRACTIONALLY LARGER in View:

Let's EXPLORE Gravitational Waves; they are connected with the EARTH TIDAL MOVEMENTS and the EXPANSION of the continents with TIME! These cause the Qsna continent to EXPAND-RISE in the 4096 m.y. by a MULTIPLE of 1.024= 4194.3 km width, from Cape Hatteras to Mendocino, CA!
Below is a GOOGLE EARTH photo, showing that the CONTINENTAL ORB not only expands and RISES, but it ROTATES at a rate we can measure through the 4096 m.y. TIME INTERVAL!

The MEASUREMENT from the FULCRUM of the great lakes is shown as ROTATING CW (notice the OBVIOUS TREND of the lakes as a whole). The measured distance to Mendocino, CA is 3567.4 km (with an ERROR from the expected 3600km of 1.3%). 3600 km is 9 cycles of 400 km (TILT SHIFT CYCLE at each 41 m.y. interval) of the 1% of the EARTH'S DIAMETER (also 1% of 360, or 3.6 degrees of Latitude). 3567.4/111.1111= 32.1 degrees- which is almost 9 x 3.6= 32.4 (1% error again). This relates that Qsna has experienced 9 waves of 400 km each, and that the NA Continent has experienced a TOTAL of thirteen 41 m.y. EXPANSIONS over the PERIOD of 533 m.y.! This is near the MAJOR interval of the Burgess Shale PROLIFERATION of 512 m.y.- by the BINARY THEOREM= 8 x CHIXCULUB extinction of 64 m.y., and this is my USUAL ERROR of at least 1%!

SHELF to SHELF DISTANCE is 4482 km, NOT the 5200 km necessary for 13 CYCLES. I expected that the RATIO 13/8= 1.625 WOULD OCCUR! This deviation of 718 km is the SUM of Mars + Jupiter + Venus INCLINATIONS x 111.111 km/degree from the Ecliptic Plane!

At this juncture, it is BEST if the GEOLOGY CULTURE would abandon their view that this is all Part of ASTROLOGY, and start to incorporate it into ANALYSES of the DYNAMICS of the Earth! This eliminates the NECESSITY that they continue to "ADJUST" the Tectonic Plate FANTASY, and stop their INCOME DERIVATION from such activities as MANTLE PLUMES, HOTSPOTS, and VOLUMINOUS TERMINOLOGY formulation!

You will be able to REMEMBER these KEY NUMBERS if you think in terms of the BINARY THEOREM- the sequence of 2x MULTIPLES: 2, 4, 8,16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and on to 1024 and 4096, the INCIPIENCE of the Moon's Gravitational Attraction for the Earth!

ABOVE is a GRAPH of the Orbital Plane INCLINATIONS of the measured Planets; this indicates that RETROGRADE VENUS is NOT in HARMONY with the other MAJOR PLANETS. We'll explore how this creates SUBDUCTION, reverse movement, and offsets NORMAL EARTH TIDES.

 WEATHER and Atmospheric TIDES:

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