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Making a new INTRODUCTION, there is a partly-solved relation of Vertical ^ features and Lateral (Horizontal) ,< > 10,000 km apart, creatimg an association of  Volcanes or Spalling Glacial ice (as at Antarctica) with Earthquakes 10 Kkm distant. Example is for a quake at Kirakira, Solomons and a Vertical shown below:

The SEQUENCE OF ECLIPTIC movements, shown in N-S Latitude changes on the Earth’s crust: 1. The LARGE PLANETS: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus (BUT NOT Mercury and Pluto), in addition to the Moon’s 5.151 degrees, exhibit deviations of INCLINATION, from the Sun’s ecliptic plane. This is 23.5 degrees for the EARTH’S ROTARY AXIS of rotation, and is shown by measurements created by the individual planets as they orbit about the sun; Venus 3.39, Mars 1.85, Jupiter 2.49, .77 Uranus, and Neptune at 1.77 degrees inclination to the ELIPTICAL PLANE: 2. The sum of all these LARGE PLANETS’ INCLINATIONS is 11.58 degrees, and this “fixes” the Latitude of the Mendocino transform EQUATORIAL BULGE north boundary at 23.3 Tropic of CANCER) + 5.2 (Moon) + 11.58= 40N Latitude, approximately; 3. The individual large planets add north progression according to their mass/distance squared, and this creates INFLECTIONS at the equivalent latitudes, in order of MAGNITUDE: Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus (most NOTICEABLE, with its ratio of 1.6 to 1.625). Drastic GEOLOGIC ANOMALIES occur at each inflection, e.g. the E-W fault through Southern California; 4. The Moon is smaller and with less mass, but it is closer, and augments the NORTHERN PROGRESSION as shown at the CA coast.

 There are 2 possibilities for the ECLIPTIC DEVIATIONS for the MAJOR PLANETS: A: the largest masses with large ANGULAR DEVIATIONS obscure the smaller ones with larger deviations, so that they occur to the south. This requires a search for longer N-S linears near Mexico, with the smaller near Mendocino. This is shown for the Uranus ELIPTIC DEVIATION, near 40N latitude:

ECLIPTIC DATA for the SOLAR SYSTEM PLANETS, Planetoids, and Asteroids:
BODY    ANGLE  1st Change 2nd Change REMARKS (Eccentricities, Irregularities)
Mercury:7.0056d+ from Mendocino 778.3944 km N-S (x 111.111 km/degree)7th
Venus:  3.39d START Large pl.: 376.6666 km, ratio= 1.6, 1.625 RETROGRADE; 6th
Mars:  1.85d, -1.54d first moon, -2.07d; 205.5555 km, ratio= 1.88 or 2.0; 4th
Jupiter: 1.31d,- .54d, -1.0d, 60+ moons; 145.5555 km maximum BULGE, 2.5 ratio
Saturn: 2.49d, +1.18d, +1.72d; rings; 1.25x= 3.125;276.6666 km; SIZE ORDER: 5th
Uranus: .77d: -1.72d; +.54d; 85.5555 km; south of Mendocino, size 1st
Neptune: 1.77d: +1.00,; + .46d. Net= -.35d, 4 planets; -.0875 ave., 3rd
Pluto: 17.151d: +10.145d from Mercury; 66N latitude at Great Bear Lake, last
MOON: 23.43754d Tropic + 5.1450= 28.5825d at Baja offshore: 3175.8333 km

RE-TABULATION with 4 significant figures PRECISION:

ECLIPTIC DATA for the SOLAR SYSTEM PLANETS, Planetoids, and Asteroids II:
BODY    ANGLE  1st Change 2nd 3rd REMARKS (Eccentricities, Irregularities)
Mercury:7.0056d+ yields 778.3944 km, the Mendocino to Mt. Olympus segment
Venus: 3.3918 -3.61375 deg., 376.8667 km, 31.9743N lat. (San Clementi Basin)
Saturn: 2.4942d -.8976d, + 2.71615d, 277.1333km,
Mars: 1.85187d, -.64233d, -.25527d, -2.46088d, 205.7633km
Neptune: 1.7700d, -.08187d, +.56046d, +.81573d, 196.667 km
Jupiter: 1.2986d, -.4714d, +.55327d, -.00719d, 144.28889 km
Uranus: .7729d, -.5257d, -.0543d, -.60757d, 85.87778 km: Mendocino south 1st
LARGE PLANETS: net -2.6189d FRICTION; +3.52031d; +2.25991d 3rd derivative
2nd derivative is increase of friction by Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter’s Moons-rings. 3rd derivative indicates an ACCELERATION of ejection of mass!

RATIOS of the NET CHANGE MAGNITUDES are: 1.16, 1.34, and 1.56, which are approximately the NUMBERS in the SERIES n2= 1.25 n1= 1.024, 1.28, 1.6, 2.0, and 2.5 for Jupiter, with the exception of 1.16- which is 1.024/.88276 ( near the harmonic of .77d Uranus: 85.877km). This is only a HINT, but indicates the INTER-CONNECTION of mathematics and GRAVITATIONAL WAVES! Even the INDIVIDUAL ECLIPTIC PLANES are "fixed" by GRAVITY!

It is apparent that the ECLIPTIC DISPLACEMENTS are NOT in a regular order for the LARGEST MASSES! It is a combination of mass and the PROTRUSION ANGLE MAGNITUDE, possibly m/distance from EARTH squared- m/r exponent 2. This can be solved, by analyzing a sufficient number of CASES! There is DUPLICATION shown in the above N-S deviations:

There are at least 8 variables- combinations of the ECLIPTIC DEVIATIONS for the major planets (Venus to Neptune); RETROGRADE Mercury and Pluto are in a separate CATEGORY, creating REVERSE TIDES (subduction) and ANGULAR ROTATION from the PRIMARY CONTINENTAL MASS (Quadransphere "TITS" such as Alaska)!

BODY separation, km Separation2 km2 MASS x 1022 kg Mass/r Mass/r2 REMARKS
MOON.3844x 106 km .14776x 1012;7.348x 10 22 kg: 19.1155kg/km ;49.729kg/km2
VENUS 149.6- 108.2 x 106 km = 41.4; 1713.96 km2, 486.85x 10 22 kg;.28405kg/km2
MARS: 227.937-149.6=78.337Mkm; 6136.69km2 , 64.185kg; kg/km2= .01046,27th
JUPITER: 778.412-149.6=628.812Mkm;395,404km2 189870kg;.48kg/km2 (1% m)
Moon is 100 x Jupiter, 175 x Venus, and 4754.2 x Mars!

17 degree PLUTO ECLIPTIC INCLINATION exists side-by-side with 7d Mercury and 3.39d Venus, so that these are PROGRESSING E-W by earth TIDES:

The Mendocino, CA Transform is the North BOUNDARY of the Equatorial BULGE, which slices the Crust Eastward on the north side- creating Subduction from the Mercury ECLIPTIC 7.01 degree INCLINATION:
 Photo below shows:
1.     The S-N ROTATION (CCW) of the figure- shaped similarly to the State of Idaho- indicates a WEDGE starting on the south side at the calculated AGE of 30.32 m.y.;

2.     Although the Ecliptically-instigated UPLIFT was initiated by the Pluto ecliptic inclination at 17 degrees (nearly 80 m.y. ago), it did NOT create Subduction north of Mendocino until augmented by the Pluto inclination;
3.     The WEDGE has moved NORTHWARD since Pluto time, augmented by Venus 3.99d and smaller inclinations; these ALL move northward, but in other cases are ROTATED with TIME (as with the various LINEAR Mountain chains of Atlas, Owen Stanley, Sierras, and Andes Mountains in Chile). The ROTATION RATE is near 1 degree/time unit (each m.y. for older chains, but 1d/k.y. for small islands), and,
4.     Part of the rotation is effected by the EARTH’S CURVATURE, where meridian convergence shortens the distance between meridians. This creates the curvature towards the west.
What is creating this SLICING-ROTATING of the earth’s CRUST? My ASSESSMENT so far:
a.     The SOLAR SYSTEM MASSES mostly lie along the ECLIPTIC PLANE of the sun, but there is a JUTTING of the individuals’ ORBITAL PLANES into the zone ABOVE the sun’s plane. This creates added GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION, Vertically, which creates regional UPLIFT- separate from that of the SUN’S “FIXING” the various masses in their primary ORBITS!
b.     The S-N movement, in addition to the uplift, is proportional to the JUT MAGNITUDE, and case histories have shown that this ANGULAR INCLINATION is the same on the CRUST, in degrees, radians, or any units- so long as they are the same. 3.39 degrees inclination of the Venus ECLIPTIC PLANE is equivalent to a S-N angular shift on the 360 degree Latitude SCALE (3.39 degrees LATITUDE, but NOT in Longitude) for EARTH! This creates regional UPLIFT and simultaneous SHIFT NORTHWARD!
c.      The UPLIFT is offset partly by EROSION, and is expressed by the SMALL ANGLE EQUATION: RISE= constant K x tan angle= K sine angle= (K angle, in RADIANS) – erosion, where the rise is never completely offset. For example, 5.73 degrees= 1/10th radian, and UPLIFT for a 636.66km segment (111.111 x 5.73d)= 63.66 km- which never exists on earth, since erosion occurs faster for large uplifts (10 km for Mauna Kea is the highest)! However, on unwatered planets there occur much higher mountains.
Vesta- a CRATERED Moon:

Jupiter RED SPOT:

Kepler’s Korollary:
 Use of RATIOS allows inspection of the EARTH without regard to dimension. For example, the 1000 ratio occurs frequently in the DYNAMICS of the Earth: 100 years for Major CATASROPHIES (1811 New Madrid super-quake, 1908 Tanguska BLOWDOWN in Siberia, and the simultaneous Haiti and Economic wipe-out of 2008); 100,000 years for the Milankovitch ELLIPTICITY CYCLE, and 100 m.y. for the Mid-Cretaceous UNCONFORMITY!
 The Series-Equation for the LINEAR CLASSIFICATION noticed on Google Earth is a RATIO-a DIMENSIONLESS way of categorizing N-S features in the Earth’s Crust:
N2= 1.25 n1, for the series starting with 1.024, 1.28 (Mercury), 1.6 (Venus), 2.0(Mars), 2.5 (Jupiter), 3.125 (Saturn), 3.90625 (Uranus), 4.8828 (Neptune), 6.1035 (Pluto). 1.024 is the base, and the others have ratios of d/degrees, orbital days for Earth/Venus, mass ratio for Jupiter, and ecliptic measurements, as follows:
1.28/7.0055 Mercury Ecliptic INCLINATION= .18271d/d- which is a HALF CIRCLE/1000.
1.6/3.3978 Venus= .470893; orbital time ratio= 1.6 to 1.625 earth/Venus
2.0 Mars/1.8587d= 1.07602= ratio of
2.5 Jupiter/1.2986= 1.92515= ratio of Ellipticity of Jupiter/10 to Earth (19.36); mass 2.5x
3.125/2.4942 Saturn inclination= 1.2529 ratio of ring/planet diameters.
3.90625/Uranus .77298= 5.0535 ratio of radii x 1.2529 = 6.3315, 1/3rd Jup.
4.8828125/ Neptune1.77= 2.75865 (5.0535/2.75865= 1.832, which is near Jupiter ratio

SATURN’S  2.4942 degree ECLIPTIC Inclination, and its RINGS. Do the rings contribute to GRAVITATIONAL UPLIFT on Earth?
Saturn has a MASS of 568.36 x 1024 kg- which is 95.16 x Earth’s mass. SEPARATION from the Earth is 1.426725, average, with CLOSEST of 1.349467 x 109 km (9.177 x EARTH distance from the sun). Distance squared is: 1.82106 x 1018  km 2 and kg/km 2 = 312.1kg/km squared ;MASS/Separation2= 568.36/1349.467 2 = .3121 x10 6, closest, and 568.36kg x 1024/1426.7252 x10 6 = .00027922 x 10 12km/kg2 = 2.792 x 10 8 , average. This is 49.729 x 10 10/2.792 x 108 , or 1781, MOON relative to Saturn! CHECK this AGAIN! The moon is MORE FORCEFUL than Saturn, since there is a great difference in SEPARATION from Earth –even though it is much LESS massive).
The RINGS are an ENIGMA! They are             perpendicular to the planet, and can be expected to place mass above the Sun’s Ecliptic plane (which would create UPLIFT on earth, according to the inclination). This is NOT MEASUREABLE at present, and is similar to that of the moons- which would form a separate ECLIPTIC PLANE. There are 62+ moons, of which Titan has been found to be the LARGEST. Ellipticity is .09796- which is 29.24 x Earth’s, and this makes it SUSPECT as creating the ICE AGE (since its GRAVITATION would pull earth into a DISTORTED DISTANCE from the sun)! This results in APHELION being 9.886 x earth’s, and PERIHELION of 9.177 x earth’s.

Saturn’s 3.125 ratio/ECLIPTIC 2.4942d= 1.2529- which is near the CONSTANT 1.25 in the Trial and Error EQUATION: N2= 1.25N2, or 1.25 Jupiter’s 2.5 mass ratio= 3.125 for Saturn. Further, the MASS/km2 is 3.121 x 10-4 –leading to the HINT that the EQUATION is GRAVITATIONALLY-CONNECTED.
Let's TEST this finding on the Indian Ocean 90E Ridge:

Venus is a MAJOR DEVIANT in this exhibit- it has RETROGRADE BEHAVIOR, relative to earth, and it CREATES ROTATION-shear on the EARTH'S CRUST!

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