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PLAYA LAKES, being dry or shallow, display EARTH TIDES ANALEMMAS and LINEARS excellently:

Goose Lake, OR is a large PLAYA- sometimes dry, but shallow enough to DETER MAN'S ACTIVITIES (artificialities). I worked there, as a YOUNG LAD, in the backwoods of California. I stumbled upon many ARTIFACTS- such as a long AX, a GOLD PAN, and PURPLE BOTTLES (from the ultra-violet rays, now produced almost instantly by RADIOACTIVITY in NUCLEAR REACTORS, which I witnessed at Argonne Nuclear Facility in the Chicago suburbs- Napiervile, IL) Consequently, the EARTH TIDES, WAVES, and CIRCULAR FEATURES show up, when they are obscure in OCEANS and on UNEVEN TERRAIN. Below is the introduction to ANALYSIS, where the TIDAL RATES are checked by using the AGES CALCULATED for 2 separate EARTH-WOBBLE TRACES. The FULCRUMS may be used for a DISTANCE SEPARATION, and the AGE DIFFERENCE allows a RATE CALCULATION:
RATE= DISTANCE (fulcrum separation)/TIME INTERVAL= mm/year (km/m.y.), and this may be INDEPENDANTLY ASSESSED by trigonometry- where 10.24mm/yr is the rate for due EAST, and by use of 30 degree increments- where sine 30 degrees = 1/2, and which may be added to the east component. The calculated ERROR is only 2% or less, and this is within the ERROR OF THE PROCESS:


DETAILS of the NORTH SIDE allow determination that the DRAINAGE is exhibited for the MIDDLE of the CIRCULAR FEATURE (LARGEST ANALEMMA), and this is typical of TIDAL INFLUENCES for OUTCROPS of all sizes:


I will EXPLORE this lake on the way to my SUMMER WORK, but there are others of somewhat SIMILAR SIZE-SIGNIFICANCE presented below. First, some EXHIBITS of very SMALL SIZE:

Pyramid Lake is another GRAVITATIONALLY-INFLUENCED Lake, where the ARCS, LINEARS, and rotations about a FULCRUM may be measured. The rates from CASE HISTORIES are not those predicted from simple EARTH TIDES; they are essentially zero at the center of rotation (ENERGY is expended in raising the TERRAIN), and EXCESSIVE at the PERIMETER. Notice the results from Pyramid Lake:

The PENTAGON was expected to be a POLYGON of 8 or more sides, but we can use the subsidiary information provided by the indicated FULCRUM:

The LONGEST EXTENSION is yielding something of WORLD-WIDE VALUE; the exact 1000 meters and the 2048 meters LINEARS indicate that these result from a RAPID MOVEMENT (60 mm/year) in an E-W DIRECTION. This hints that all such LINEARS are due to PERIPHERAL FAST ROTATION about a FULCRUM! This is NOT a regional, but a LOCAL CELL ROTATION; this establishes a CRITICAL LATITUDE-LONGITUDE about which the CRITICAL TIME creates a LOCAL ANOMALY! This will have to be categorized, to establish the REPEAT-ABILITY of such triple conjunctions. This one is on a NON-SIMPLE SET of coordinates- 39 50'51"N 119 26'14.37"W, and will be compared to others in the nearby EVAPORITE BASINS (which are EXHIBITED adjacent to the NW corner of the Basin and Range province), and which is probably related to the STRING of Rhyolitic EXTRUSIONS at the ID, NV, OR, and UT borders. I will EXTRAPOLATE the WHITE LINES.
The CRITICAL TIME may be 41,000 (40,960 by BINARY THEOREM) YEARS- which is the AXIAL WOBBLE CYCLE found by Malinkovitch. This could be somewhat confirmed by the APPEARANCE of an adjacent 100,000 year cycle (102,400?). This is investigated below:

EXTRAPOLATED to adjacent Basin and Range PLAYAS:

Noted above is the NEW PRIME MERIDIAN for the extension of the Pyramid Lake EXTENSION; it does NOT TREND N-S, but is on a CRITICAL LATITUDE-LONGITUDE-TIME position (41N 119 40'W, which is 50E of the original 169 40'W NATURAL MERIDIAN (at Diomede SEPARATION). This will not fit anywhere else, since the LINEAR does NOT ORIENT N-S! However, the length indicates 41 k.y., which is a CRITICAL TIME- that of the POLAR WOBBLE CYCLE COMPLETION of Milankovitch!
I will re-draw it to orient N-S:

The extension south terminates on the CA Coast, at Santa Barbara, at a LINEAR DISTANCE of 730 km, or 45 m.y. SEPARATION. This MERIDIAN may NOT be APPROPRIATE, and I will have to investigate other EVAPORITIC BASINS:

TOTAL MAXIMUM TIME PERIOD is 53 m.y., by this METHOD, and this is OLDER than the Colorado Plateau (Paleocene), where fresh water lakes were "CROPPING UP" throughout the region after UPLIFT BEGAN.

Anaho Island is a "RISE WITHIN a sink"- which is common for ATMOSPHERIC and EARTH TIDES. These develop CONTINUALLY, and for the WEATHER, you recognoze them as a LOW PRESSURE CCW-ROTATING CELL within a COLD CW BLUE SKIES FEATURE. Normally HIGH and LOW PRESSURE CELLS exist adjacent to each other, but OCCASIONALLY they OVERLAP- yielding a STAGNATION!

Above and following PHOTOS are courtesy of USGS:

Tufa- a CaCO3 DEPOSIT- is common for the lake; it is formed by the PRECIPITATION of dissolved Ca and HCO3 ions as evaporation ensues. This is all exagerated by the GRAVITATIONAL SHEAR-ROTATION of the CRUST whenever there exists ABNORMAL STRESS around the PERIPHERY. The MAIN CLUE that this is ABNORMAL is found by measuring the distance of the FULCRUM of the Island from the LAKE WIDTH-  it is 1/4th of the width at the E-W SEPARATION:

VIEWING ATMOSPHERIC TIDES- which follow the rules for EARTH WOBBLE, ROTATION, SHEAR, and TIDAL SHIFT,S are shown in the HEMISPHERE PORTION found in a LINK printed further down:

These are REGULATED by the SHEAR and "RIP" developed by the GRAVITATIONAL HORIZONTAL-VERTICAL INFLUENCE of the Sun and Planets. Look for the ratios ASSOCIATED WITH THEM: 1.6 Venus, 2.0 Mars, and 2.5 Jupiter. There are others for Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus, but they are not SIMPLE INTEGERS, and I have to DOCUMENT them:
1.28 RATIO for Mercury, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.125, and 3.90625 for Uranus. NOTICE the MATHEMATICAL SERIES: 1.25(N1) = N2- which is a CORELLARY of the KEPLER FINDING.

I saw MIMA MOUNDS from Freeway I-5, near Roseburg, OR, and will take photos of them upon returning; they would NOT be RECOGNIZED, since they are HILL-SIZE, and Geologists have not yet understood the ones in MIMA MOUND STATE PARK WA, let alone the ones which have undergone SIGNIFICENT EROSION at their base (causing them to remain as mounds higher than TERRAIN). The MOUNDS STAND OUT, and are "TWISTED" CCW as they rise relative to the region (NOT LOCALLY); this HARDENS the sedimentary rock, eventually INITIATING SHALLOW METAMORPHISM! 
These MOUNDS-TRAPEZOIDS-LINEARS are associated with COMPRESSION- creating the CHATTER = d(JERK= d{accelleration}/dt)/dt. This is SIMILAR to IRREGULAR BACK-and- FORTH JERKING of your head, when you unevenly accelerate your auto. This changes the SIMPLE JERK to a  SINUSOIDAL CHATTER!
This ANALEMMA on the Umpqua River, at Roseburg, OR, traces a PARTIAL FIGURE 8, in an "S" shaped configuration. This infers that the northern part is RISING, while the south segment is SINKING CW. Since the water flows downhill, this is true, and we have to prove that the EASTERN CHANNEL is actually RISING NOW! This is proven, by noticing that the "TICS" and DIVIDING LINEARS are exhibited to the east. A DIVIDER SEPARATES 2 ARCS, one of which is CONVEX EASTWARD, the other WESTWARD. Between the two, the TRANSITION ZONE is subject to RAPID SHEAR- creating the "JERKS", CHATTER, and MOUNDS. 

Let's check all this CATEGORIZATION of LINEARS, ARCS, LENGTHS, and RATIOS at the Mid Atlantic Ridge, MAR, to determine the SEQUENCE of events with time:
West side of MAR moves at the NW rate (Qsna is the NW continent): 20.48, while the east side moves at the NE rate: 10.24 mm/year, so that the result is an OPENING at the MAR! These rates are only APPROXIMATE and must be made as accurate as possible to determine why the MAR ONLY EXHIBITS EXTRUSIONS OCCASIONALLY! This 10.24 mm/year difference (about 1/3rd inch) should result in an OUTPOURING of Lava somewhere, besides Iceland!
Below is my most careful ANALYSIS of the VARIOUS MOVEMENTS; these exhibit linears and ARCS of the RATIOS: 1.6, 2.0, 2.5- relating to the GRAVITATIONAL INFLUENCES. They may be further dissected with use of angular changes, DIVIDERS, and spreads:
I will magnify the Google earth traces as much as possible; the DETAILS ALLOW a more DEFINITIVE ANALYSIS:

STAY TUNED, since this has proven to be more fruitful than for Dry land OUTCROPS!

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