Friday, April 12, 2013


I have already found that the Atlantic Ocean exhibits a LINEAR to the EAST of the Continental Shelf and west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, MAR. This is shown, ORIENTED in an N-S DIRECTION as a 2048 km INCIPIENT TRANSFORM:

The Sahara, Africa exhibits a 2400 km LINEAR, yielding a 256 m.y. POLYGONAL DEVELOPMENT of a "RIP" in the CRUST, from the Atlas Mountains to the southern part of the AFRICAN BULGE! This is in a SERIES of 800 km MULTIPLES: Sierras, 800; Owen Stanley, 1600; Atlas. 2400, and 3200 km- to leave for your own WORKOUT:

The MID-ATLANTIC exhibits a CIRCULAR DEVELOPMENT of Volcanic Islands- lying on a CRITICAL LATITUDE:

Shown below is the UN-MARKED LINEAR, so that you can see this 2048 km line; I assume that it is exhibited because of the VERTICAL GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION- causing a "RIP" in the relatively undisturbed BASIN BASE-bottom:

From this display there are several MEASUREABLE VARIABLES:
1.    LENGTH;
2.    COMPASS BEARING from True North;
3.    Clarity, indicating RELATIVE AGE;
4.    WIDTH of the exhibit, and,
These displays require an UNDISTURBED BASIN FLOOR, where the measurements can be made, without interference from other UNKNOWN EVENTS. The first one investigated in the Pacific was near the Tonga TRENCH- which is oriented due north of the Mt. Erebus ACTIVE VOLCANO in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, on an island created by the EXTRUSIONS. This finding required that there be found a new NATURAL PRIME MERIDIAN, different from that shown for the North Pacific.

The TIDAL MOVEMENT RATES were expected to vary from those known in the North American Quadransphere, Qsna- which is 20.48 mm/year for the exact NW quadrant. This was found to be 30.72, and must be further solved for several cases, so that confidence can be attained. Difficulty arises from exhibits where there is an OBVIOUS ROTATION or spiral- which has large CIRCUMFERENTIAL RATES with near-zero at the FULCRUM, as in the case of Fiji:

Literature REFERENCES for Fiji GEOLOGY are scant, indicating that UPLIFT BEGAN in the LATE EOCENE, with VULCANISM in the Oligocene; this agrees with my calculations- which find near 30 m.y. for several NEARBY ROTATIONS. I'll use a TIDAL MOVEMENT RATE of 30 mm/yr TEMPORARILY, until finding a more accurate value from CASE HISTORIES. The Tonga TRENCH has been estimated as moving 30 cm/yr.
This TRENCH is currently being investigated by geologists, and can be expected to follow the PLATE DOGMA. Google earth will divulge the MECHANISM, and we just have to follow the CLUES!

An inquirer asked: “Why are you placing all this on the internet, when you will get NO RECOGNITION from the GEOLOGY CULTURE?” My answer is four-fold:
1.    This is a charitable donation; they need all the help that they can get, with their inability to make PREDICTIONS, EXTRAPOLATIONS, or find MECHANISMS- with their reliance on CLASSIFICATION-NOMENCLATURE as their main endeavor;
2.    They have NO TRAINING in using Physics as a base for Geology, and show no interest in learning how GRAVITATION influences the DYNAMICS of the EARTH’S CRUST;
3.    They have a STIFF RESISTANCE to my findings, because after all, THEIR OX is getting GORED; and,
4.    They have extreme difficulty in discarding all their FRUSTRATED EFFORTS in trying to make use of HOTSPOTS, MANTLE PLUMES and constantly-having-to-be-ADJUSTED PLATES.

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