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The GEOLOGY CULTURE’S contribution to EARTH SCIENCE is a VAST TERMINOLOGY, with a HALF-VAST set of THEORIES: Mantle Plumes, Hotspots, and continually-adjusted PLATES. These can be DISCARDED and replaced with the Physics of GRAVITATION:

 These must be discarded (NOT just adjusted), and REPLACED with GRAVITATIONAL ROTATING-SHEARING MOVEMENTS- which are more accurately a series of LINEAR JERKS, defining MULTI-SIDED POLYGONS:
CIRCULAR NIPPLE, from the Watchman trail, Zion NP, shows the TOP of a ROTATING UPLIFT- which is the FULCRUM of a SPIRALING RISE. This has fallen from the PINNACLE, but not before it INCURRED NORMAL FAULTING (rotations typically exhibit a SPLIT through the middle, and the BEGINNING of this is a CIRCULAR HOLE near the center:

Sand hollow and Mountain is an easily-hiked PROTRUSION  and it appears benign; it is NOT, SINCE there occur DEEP BOX CANYONS- formed by EARTH WOBBLE and GRAVITATIONAL SHEAR:
When you find LOOSE SAND in an old OUTCROP, it has been sheared by the CIRCULAR SHEARING ROTATIONS:

CURVILINEAR, above, is a SERIES of LINEAR JERKS, when inspected at CLOSE RANGE:

GOOGLE EARTH Sand Mt-Hollow photo above, is not only FLESH-COLORED, but exhibits an INVERSE NIPPLE; it is SHOVING towards Ft. Pierce Wash to the South:
The CIRCULAR HOLE above is a SINK- SINKHOLE, which lies at the DRAINAGE BOTTOM, and is not filled by debris because the DEVELOPMENT is faster than EROSION! Notice the circular path of the loose sand from the Jn Jurasssic Navajo formation. It blows to the south in WINTER, AND RETURNS in the summer. Consequently, a backhoe must be kept there for grading the sand off the road. The loose sand depends ENTIRELY on the GRAVITATIONAL SHEAR:
There are deep SHEER-WALLED BOX CANYONS in the distance:
Below is a trail made by the hiking group:
Should you look CLOSELY, you will see the LINEAR JERKS- which can be measured by compass, to determine the CIRCUMFERENCE, DIAMETER, and AGE= diameter/EARTH TIDAL MOVEMENT RATE:

The TYPICAL CENTER HOLE is shown below:

LARGER ENTITIES show that LATERAL GRAVITATIONAL SHEAR-ROTATION operates on many scales: meter, km, 1000 km, and 10,000 km- the one showing the EARTH CIRCUMFERENCE of 40,000 km:

WEATHER PATTERNS follow the EARTH WOBBLE RULES, also- above. Below is the google earth view, showing that ALASKA is a YOUNGER PROTRUSION ("TIT") than the CIRCULAR ORB- which proceeded from the ORIGINAL UPLIFT of the CRATON:


You should ask "How is that UPLIFT has a MOVEMENT RATE of 1km/m.y. (mm/year), whereas the NORMAL TIDAL SHIFT is 10.24 to 30.72 mm/yr"?
I will answer this with case HISTORIES of Canadian SHIELD (CRATON) and the Australian WESTERN CRATON:

Whereas the Canadian CIRCULAR ORB-UPLIFT is near 2 b.y., the Australian case is near 3 b.y.! This relates that Australia formed first and the NA Continent later!  This is true by GEOLOGICAL RADIOMETRICAL MEASUREMENTS, and is indicative that the SEQUENCE 4096, 3072, 2048, and later the 1024 m.y. TIME INTERVALS (according to the BINARY THEOREM) are PERIODS of GREAT CHANGE in the EARTH'S CRUST!

How can we tell these GREATLY-DIFFERENT RATES (1 vs. 20.48 mm/yr, for NA) apart? The older ORBS are circular, and leave a FAINTER TRACE due to the VAST AGE. The CRATONS are nevertheless still EXPANDING, but have been offset in the UPLIFT by EROSION. My tentative measurements indicate that UPLIFT= HALF the WIDENING. It is interesting that the CRATONS are NOT HIGHLY ELEVATED, and are also GRANITE-LIKE, due to not having been significantly influenced by LIFE PROCESSES! An interesting GPS MEASUREMENT would be to measure the vertical uplift.


South America Amazon Basin:

The ANTIPODE to the South American DEPRESSION is the Island of Kalimantan (Borneo)- which is a RISE surrounded by LINEAR JERK ISLANDS and shallow seas:

A note about an ANTIPODE- which is the opposite side of the earth from a FEATURE: these do not have to involve the MANTLE-CORE, since the EARTH is similar to a POOL BALL. The GRAVITATIONAL WAVES creates HIGHS and LOWS around the earth- similar to RAYLEIGH WAVES. A shock wave creates LAND WAVES, and the most researched of these is the 16 m.y. BASALT WAVES of the Columbia Flood Basalts. These are not water waves, as has been speculated by GEOLOGISTS (from the spilling of an immense lake to the east), but are WAVES of EXTRUSIVES.

Shown above is the South American ORIGINAL ORB of 4096 km, which has expanded 1 km/year since GRAVITATIONAL inception- at a rate of 1 mm/year. Appraisal of the CIRCULAR CONTINENTS shows that Africa, North, and South America have risen and expanded in ALL DIRECTIONS until EROSION has offset the RISE (steady state, in engineering parlance). This results in 2 MOVEMENTS, which have to be DISTINGUISHED: Upward-expansive and SIDEWAYS-LATERAL. The Lateral occurs with EARTH TIDES (similar to oceanic tides, slower due to the MUCH GREATER VISCOSITY of the EARTH’S CRUST), and the UPLIFT, due to VERTICAL ATTRACTION of Moon and Sun. The CIRCULAR ORBS have been moved by both GRAVITATIONAL INFLUENCES, and it is only where they can be distinguished by the “round” portion that we can separate them. 
 In CANADA, the original orb is called a CRATON- similar to that in Australia; it is OLDER than all else on the continent (because it preceded all APPENDAGES, called “TITS” which are smaller and younger). It is “round” but gradually becomes ELLIPTICAL as it extends N-S with time.
 This occurs with GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL MOVEMENT (in addition to the VERTICAL ATTRACTION), and these extensions allow the differentiation to be determined. NOTICE the LARGEST ORB has later-formed APPENDAGES (PROTRUSIONS, or "TITS"), and these form a PATTERN for the entire EARTH (including the ATMOSPHERE, LOOP CURRENTS, and CRUST of the earth):

The Canadian SHIELD-CRATON is composed of several ARCUATE FEATURES- showing that it has been LATER MODIFIED, after the 2 b.y. INITIATION.
The North African CRATON has been greatly modified  so that considerable SUBJECTIVITY is exhibited! We can get added information from the KAMIL CRATER. Finding that these craters are located in CRITICAL GRAVITATIONAL TIDAL LOCATIONS (according to the BINARY THEOREM), puts a NEW INTERPRETATION on what is ACCEPTED as METEORITE CRATERS. My belief is that meteorites fall yearly  and when they strike an ALREADY-STRESSED location, they "TRIGGER" a COLLAPSE- SIMILAR to SINK-HOLES in Karst-sensitive areas. These are generally EXHIBITED in ELLIPTICALLY-FORMED LINEAR-JERKS:

KAMIL CRATER is located at an ARCUATE TIDALLY-CALCULATED fulcrum in Egypt (notice that it has created a BULGE- GREAT MEANDER- in the Nile River):

Europe is DIFFERENT from the other ORBS; it is the COUNTERPART of the RISING (think CP) CIRCULAR flat WOBBLE CYCLE- being the equivalent of the Basin and Range (tilted, irregular, faster moving, TIDALLY) which is more difficult to decipher:

Now we have a handle on the ANOMALOUS CASPIAN SEA- deepest, reverse ANALEMMA, LARGEST VOLUME, and which feeds the Karabogas EVAPORATION BASIN. It DIVIDES the Asian from the European CRUSTAL BLOCKS. We can proceed to DECIPHER the ORB of ASIA:

The INTERESTING FINDING for Asia is that it is YOUNGER than the other CIRCULAR FEATURES:
1. Asia at 1.024 b.y. was the latest CONTINENT to rise;
2. North America and Africa rose intermediately; and,
3. Australia is the OLDEST, while South America is still an ENIGMA, since it has a DEPRESSION (Amazon) instead of a rising ORB!
This yields some ideas on CONTINENTAL EVOLUTION- that Australia was directly UNDER the Moon-Sun CONJUNCTION initially; It THEREFORE  has moved in an ARC to near ANTARCTICA and later northward (NOW), creating the TONGA TRENCH with it fastest TIDAL MOVEMENT RATE! The arc should be ANALEMMA-SHAPED, creating the South Pacific Islands RISE and a SINK oppositely to the rise:

Don't forget Antarctica, where the AGE is 2,048 m.y. ALSO:

Above was a 2nd TRIAL; the first found a YOUNGER ORB, where the CIRCULAR Uplifts are STACKED!

This is DIM, because the ICE covers most of the RECORD; however, we know that Paleozoic COALS have been found- meaning that the continent was in the Temperate zone at the time of pre-256 m.y. (Mississipian to Pennsylvanian) The LITERATURE reports 3 b.y. outcrops, and I have found that the analysis yields a 3.072 b.y. ORB. This all developed before the GREAT UNCONFORMITY of 1.024 b.y., so that the CONTINENTAL MASSES were still EXPANDING in all directions, simultaneously with EARTH TIDAL MOVEMENTS of at least 10.24 km/m.y.!

 Along the way I found a MISSED 1024 km DIVIDER in the Atlantic- west of the MAR, and this PROLONGS my WORK:

STAY TUNED, for more EXCITING developments; I have NO IDEA where this is leading!

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