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The MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE, MAR, north of the EQUATOR, results from LATERAL GRAVITATIONAL MOVEMENTS, starting with the BULGE OF AFRICA and expanding westward at 20 km/m.y:

Africa tidal quadrant movements:

Starting with a LARGE VIEW of the MAR, the feature is almost concentric with the AFRICAN COASTLINE; this is not exact, since there is a PROGRESSION of TIDAL MOVEMENT RATES from 20.48 in the NW corner of the block of crust, to 30.72 mm/yr in the SW corner. Additionally, since this is a trigonometric SINE FUNCTION, there is gradual change of the INTERVAL TIME= DIAMETER/TIDAL RATE. This results in a RAPIDLY-MOVING BOUNDARY just north of the equator, vs. a movement NO MORE THAN 2/3rd of that rate in the NW corner:

Near 30N, there is a REVERSAL of the WESTWARD PROTRUSION, becoming EASTWARD. The CONVEX ORIENTATION consequently changes, indicating that the EARTH'S CRUST TIDAL RATES are influenced by the North American QUADRANT, Qsna- which is rotating OPPOSITELY TO Africa (ccw, rather than cw for the African portion north of the equator). Notice that the MAR has shifted from moving westward to eastward):

  The maximum movement is NOT at the equator, but in the SW corner of the exhibited portion of the globe. Thereafter, the TIDAL RATE DECREASES from 30.72 to 16.24 mm/yr at the Equator (considering that this a simple sine function for a CIRCULAR GLOBE). This may be calculated according to the EQUATION:

Rate = 30.72- 20.48(SINE Angle) = 10.24mm/yr at the SE corner (not shown), and 30.72- 20.48(sine 45= .707)= 16.24 mm/yr at the south border (NOT EXHIBITED).
 As close as I can measure, the INDICATED CALCULATED TIDAL MOVEMENT RATE is near 14 mm/yr (NOT 16.24). This means one of two possible features:
1. Measuurements were made NOT at the south border, but further to the  east- at about the SSE LOCATION (the indicated latitude, although at the equator, is NOT AT THE EARTH MID-POINT, due to the PEAR-SHAPED EARTH), or,
2. The simple sine function is not entirely appropriate. (NATURALLY, I CHOOSE THE FORMER)!
ABOVE, the RATES are calculated for the zones north and south of the EQUATOR, finding that the first TRANSFORM NORTH is separated from that to the south by a 41 m.y. "JERK"! THIS REPRESENTS 3.6 DEGREES of POLAR TILT CHANGE (with the usual 400+ km of associated novement to the North (refer to GAKKEL RIDGE near the NORTH POLE). Also discovered is 64 m.y. of westward shift (KT, or the interval time of the 64 m.y. Cretaceous-Tertiary DINOSAUR EXTINCTION!). Now it is OBVIOUS that AGE CALCULATION REQUIRES CAREFUL POSITIONING of the ARC to be used for the equation: TIME INTERVAL= DIAMETER/TIDAL RATE. The tidal rate can only be found from the VARIABLE 10.24 = ( 1+SINE ANGLE), WITHIN 2 degrees of the COMPASS BEARING! NOTE: These times are intervals, NOT AGE of rocks, deposition, or anything but the time passage for the arc development! They occur at many LOCATIONS, and with many different FEATURES SIMULTANEOUSLY!

The MAXIMUM EXPANSION WESTWARD is exhibited at the 15N 48W coordinates (latitude and Longitude). The minimum is shown at 40N 30W, and all of the variation occurs in 40 degrees of latitude, where 15N is approximately in the SW corner (20N is the MIDPOINT of the portrayed portion of MAR). The 30N latitude is an important segment of the GLOBAL 360 degrees, and it is shown for the AZORES CHAIN:

Azores chain large view:

North of the Azores, there is another INFLECTION, and the MAR comes under the influence of Qsna- the NORTH AMERICAN QUADRANT. This segment is in the NE block of Qsna, and has proceeded since 100 m.y. ago.

Azores near 40N:
Cape Verde Islands AGE, LINEARS:

There is a change in the MAR, east of Newfoundland; this allows a CALCULATION of TIDAL RATES, so that we can determine ACCURACY. This has occurred at 100 m.y., and the AGES INDICATE CW ROTATION on the east side (CCW for Qsna):

An interesting ASIDE, is the ANTIPODE to the AZORES- which is located in SW Australia, with the N-S LINEAR (LOXODROME) passing through a BASIN NEAR the MARIANAS TRENCH:
I have measured the EQUATORIAL BULGE THICKNESS SIMULTANEOUSLY- according to GOOGLE EARTH. This bulge thickness varies, according to the LATITUDE where it is measured. It should terminate at the MENDOCINO 40N TRANSFORM, where a SCARP DEVELOPS. It varies from 1-10 km across the 40N-38S BULGE:

Notice the RISE on the south side, compared to a SINK on the north (where SUBDUCTION TRANSPIRES- an arcuate ROTATION DOWNWARD to the east, according to LATITUDE, where larger latitudes create larger depths of rotation). Incidently METAMORPHISM is then greatest at greatest latitude of downward rotation (compare Mendocino vs Cape blanco, and there is greater downard rotation!).
 The downward rotation will be 1/50th of the TRAVERSE, e.g. 32 km basment for a 1,600 km spread, from the coast to the rise of a MIRROR-IMAGE Mountain chain. (Bitterroots- this was solved from the TRANSFORM SEPARATION of 7.2 degrees latitude along the Pacific coast bordering the NA land mass- which is 1/50th of the 360 degree circle of 40,000 km CIRCUMFERENCE of the earth, 800 km from Mendocino to the E-W Santa Barbara lateral fault). When there is a SEMI-CIRCLE, the downward movement would be 1/50th of the DIAMETER of the ROTATION.

The MAR allows an EVALUATION of earth TIDAL RATE MAGNITUDES predicted by the TRIGONOMETRIC SINUSOIDAL VARIATION, with angular positioning within an ISOLATED CRUSTAL BLOCK (e,g. Whidbey Island or the PARIA PLATEAU):
The separation of Atlantic TRANSFORMS is NOT ALWAYS 400 km, since each AXIAL HARMONIC is followed by a harmonic (one x thousand times) of the MILANKOVITCH PRECESSIONAL- which I have determined to solve for these ANCIENT TIMES. It is 25+ m.y. (greater than 25 degrees angular position of the EQUINOX- presently 23.5 degrees, approximately). NOTICE that the 25 m.y. ARC occurs adjacent to the 41 m.y. separation, and that they are offset by the ORTHOGONAL 64 m.y. westward "jerk". The BINARY THEOREM PREDICTS that the MAGNITUDE 40.96 appears many times in the record: 40.96 k.y. AXIAL cycle, 40.96 m.y. POLAR SHIFT, 4.096 b.y. instigation of LUNAR TIDES, and 4.096 years for the minor EARTHQUAKE CYCLE. There evidently is a 102.4 year (quarter) cycle of CATASTROPHIC EVENTS, with the 1911+- Tanguska event and the 1811 New Madrid quake. HARMONICS of the other movements' tidal rates and times occur at least 10 times in the record: 1 year, 10, 100 (destructive earthquake cycle), 1000, 10 k.y., 100 k.y. (MILANKOVITCH'S ELLIPTICAL CYCLE), 1 m.y. (half of the ELTANIN EVENT), 10m.y., 100 m.y. (Cretaceous unconformity), and 1 b.y. for the GREAT UNCONFORMITY found in the Grand Canyon. This is subject to my USUAL 4-5% ERRORS! Now look at the adjacent TRANSFORM NORTH of the Equator from the fast-moving lateral shift of the African half sphere near the EQUATOR:
The TIDAL MOVEMENT RATE agrees within 10% with the predicted 10.24 mm/yr EASTERN QUADRANT RATE, from the BINARY THEOREM. This is not quite accurate enough, but sufficiently close to ensure that the procedure and mechanism are APPROPRIATE! The "BIG PICTURE" exhibits the relation to the REVERSAL of the trend of the MAR at 30N Latitude, where the 16.48 mm/yr from the north border of the quadrant may be compared:
This calculation indicates that the BULGE WESTWARD INITIATION was 160m.y., whereas I have previously found that it was 256 m.y. I'll check this further!
ACCURACY IMPROVED, by enlarging and more careful positioning, increases the CALCULATED AGE of the MAR at its most westward extension is 320+ m.y.- doubling the AGE! This indicates that the idea is correct, and the doubling refers to the LUNAR VS. SOLAR TIDAL RATES: 20.48 vs 10.24mm/yr.
Although I epected that two adjacent TRANSFORMS were separated by 41 m.y. of time and 400+km of N-S distance (3.6 degrees of latitude, 1/100th of the circumference of the earth, and aligned with a N-S LOXODROME), this was NOT THE CASE- since the MAR SEPARATES the Qsna west hemisphere (10.24 mm.yr, in the eastern half) from the African BLOCK (20.48mm/yr, at least), and the TIDAL ROTATION RATES are as much as 2x in magnitude! But the MAIN CONCLUSION HOLDS: This portion of MAR represents a Qsna-Africa BULGE JUNCTION, where the contact ROTATES CW on the African side and CCW on the Qsna side. This has to "SQUARE WITH" the following OTHER WORKERS' FINDINGS.
1. Magnetic striping occurs on either side, with the AGES MATCHING for ORTHOGONAL EXTRUSIONS (Africa bulge is expanding westward, faster than Qsna- which is TIDALLY SHOVED WESTWARD);
2. There are ACTIVE VOLCANICS at some locations along the MAR (local younger MILANKOVITCH ROTATIONS DISTORT the small scale);
3. ICELAND is the most ACTIVE SITE for the entire globe- matching the HI-Emperor seamount chain (Iceland is motivated by the PRECESSIONAL CYCLE HARMONIC, while Hawaii chain moves CCW in an ELLIPTICAL AXIAL CYCLE); and
4. Iceland is now moving eastward, while MAR is moving westward (Iceland is located at the MAR DIVERGENCE of 2 OPPOSING CW vs. CCW MOVEMENTS). 
Viewing the region near 30N and the MAR, the portion to the east estabishes that the TRANSFORMS SEPARATE by 3.6 degrees (1/100th of the earth's 360 span- about 400 km/POLAR SHIFT each 41 m.y.), This  contrasts with the Pacific Ocean, where there are EXHIBITED 7.2 degrees between MAJOR TRANSFORMS. Why the 2:1 contrast? The North Pacific is in the NW block with its 20.48mm/yr TIDES, while the NE Atlantic is in the NE block of Qsna, with its 10.24mm/yr, on the west side of the MAR. Whereas NORTH PACIFIC is moving westward by 20.48 mm/yr, the North Alantic is moving Qsna 10.24mm/yr. We have to reconcile this with the east side of MAR MOVING 20mm/yr westward- causing BUCKLING, COMPRESSION, and RISE along the RIDGE. 

Some of these can be viewed (with CONSIDERABLE VAGUE-NESS) on the daily SATELLITE WEATHER MAP. Look for LARGE-SCALE TRENDS, to determine what happens on a daily basis, compared to that ON A MILLION YEAR SCALE for the EARTH'S CRUST:

 GENERALIZATIONS are exhibited by the DAILY WEATHER SATELLITE MAP. Below is shown an example of LINEAR adjacent to SPIRALING:

Continuing in REAL TIME:
ANALYSES are developed by Harold L. Overton, and are useful for GROSS CLASSIFICATION, OCCASIONALLY yielding information pertinent to the EARTH'S CRUST- such as the angular movement DIFFERENCE of SA from NA (10.8 degrees, or LAGGING in WESTWARD TIDAL SHOVE, by 41 m.y. x 3= 123 m.y.). I have found that the POLAR TILT ANGLE CHANGES 3.6 DEGREES EACH 41 m.y!

ATMOSPHERIC TIDES indicate that the MAR has been separating Africa from NA for at least 200 m.y. (angular separation/3.6 degrees x 41 m.y./m.y.). I think that it ismore likely from the PTr EVENT OF 256 m.y. and we'll check this by calculating the ARCUATE-CALCULATED TIME :
Below is the CALCULATION for the African arcuate BULGE:
This 246 m.y. CALCULATION is within 5% of the EXPECTED 256 m.y. PTr event, and the SUBJECTIVITY ACCOUNTS for this- since I had to SMOOTH the MAR (which is quite jagged). We are comparing this to that found on the SATELLITE WEATHER MAP, and this is remarkably close! It exemplifies that the daily SATELLITE map is "WORTH ITS SALT!"

We will PROGRESS to TOMBOLO FORMATION and that of larger CAPES- such as Good Hope and Mendocino, NEXT. Those who EAGERLY AWAIT THIS must appreciate the FIELD WORK!

 The SPIRAL Nature of the westward-moving coastline is shown below, to show the possibility of using LOXODROME MATHEMATICS- where a linear finally results in a spiraling at its most northern movement:

MY INTENTION is to determine the reasons (rather than a simple MAGNETIC STRIPING) for the CONTINUOUS FOLLOWING of the AFRICAN BULGE with the WESTWARD TIDAL SHOVE of Qsna. The main OBJECTION BEING that Qsna exhibits the 2 eastern QUADRANTS, where the tidal rate whould be 10.24mm/yr- not quite offsetting the African TIDAL RATE of 20.48 or more (COMPRESSION, BUCKLING and uplift WOULD THEN ENSUE!)




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