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Gulf of Mexico after the 64 m.y. CHICXULUB EVENT:

The Gulf is a SINK, exhibiting many SUBSEQUENT FEATURES: SALT DOME RISES, PROTRUSIONS- such as the Mississippi River mouth delta, Canyons, Geopressure (unusually high pressure gradients), mud diapirs, and the GLOBALLY-IMPORTANT GULF STREAM. All of these are the result of lateral and vertical GRAVITATIONAL ROTATIONAL MOVEMENTS.

The Gulf has gradually expanded with time, mainly since the KT (Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary) event, and it has been dominated by the LUNAR-SOLAR ANALEMMA development. It is an excellent example for the determination of EARTH TIDAL RATES, and it exhibits not only the analemma shape, but also ellipses which either surround the oldest analemma or are contained within it (as younger features). Since most of STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY results from these movements, this is valuable for measurement of rates, rotational shearing, uplift-sinking rates and magnitudes, and catastrophic events such as earthquakes, geothermal expressions (hot springs, seeps, vulcanism, and solubility changes of chemicals- producing slickensides), faulting, and EXTRUSIONS-INTRUSIONS.
The MISSISSIPPI RIVER is particularly interesting- exhibiting ARCUATE DISTRIBUTARIES, MUD VOLCANOS, and elliptically shaped LAKES (Ponchartrain and Borgne):
Mississippi River, being ASTRIDE the N-S line from CHICXULUB to the Hudson Bay (and incidentally the center of the MAYAN RELIGIOUS CULTURE of TIKAL), lies on a MATHEMATICAL LOXODROME. This feature is normally oriented along MERIDIANS, but can develop SPIRALS under the POLAR INFLUENCE. This is an IMPORTANT GLOBAL FEATURE, forming N-S orientation of SPITS, TOMBOLOS, FLORIDA, and the CLINTON SOUNDS (BANGS) of Clinton, WI this year (MUCH LATER than the NEW MADRID GREATEST QUAKE in the USA- which ALSO lies on this line):
 It also exhibits an ARCHIPELAGO of at least 1 million years in the making:
Houston and Trinity Bay expansion E-W with time:
Since I lived within 50 km of Trinity Bay for 30 years, I annually harvested “BLACK MALLARDS” and snow geese in the TIDAL MARSHES of the bay. “Blue Northers” and other bizarre tidal occurrences were witnessed in these backwaters.
  The shape of the bay and the ARCUATE SHORELINES relate that a measurement of the TIME INTERVAL DEVELOPMENT for TRINITY BAY can be calculated from the TRIGONOMETRIC SINE WAVE EQUATIONS, that I have previously discovered. Trinity Bay has developed, starting about 4 m.y. ago, and it has expanded both east and westward since then. The calculated eastward rate of the oldest movement is 10.79 mm/yr, which is within 5.4% of the SOLAR TIDAL RATE of 10.24 mm/year. Note that this is reverse to the normal LUNAR TIDAL DIRECTION to the west, and this indicates that the EXTENSIONAL TIME, during the ICE AGE, is reverse to what is expected. The ice age occurred during a period when the earth was further from the sun than normal (THE SUN WAS LESS DOMINANT)- probably due to an ASTEROIDAL GRAVITATIONAL EVENT, initiated at 2-4 m.y. AGE. Trinity bay says the reverse- that the sun’s tidal rate was indicated, when the gravitational system produced the LUNAR EXTENSION. Remember that the Full Moon pulls the earth away from the sun (LUNAR EXTENSION in earth's CRUST, indicated in Trinity Bay), while the New Moon combines with the sun to shorten the distance from earth to the sun to create compression on earth and a shorter day.

The LINEAR DIVIDER (WASATCH LINE) in Trinity Bay exhibits the N-S line where LUNAR WEST TIDES separate from the SOLAR EAST TIDES; this is the west extent of the TRANSITION ZONE, with the east extent shown as a BLUE LINE. The RATIO of distances along the RED LINE to the SE shore of Trinity Bay separated by the blue line is 1.6- which is the usual ratio of diameters of AXIAL/PRECESSIONAL MILANKOVITCH CYCLES (40/25). The Axial cycle lies west of the blue line, and the Precessional cycle lies east of the blue line. Altogether, the result is to PRODUCE EXTENSION (BASIN DEVELOPMENT) and an environment with low pressure gradients which draw oil, and not high pressure gas. Bays, basins, and grabens are produced by crustal EXTENSION, and NOT BY COMPRESSION. Conversely, high pressure gradients are produced by compression, as the crust is forced to the SE by GRAVITATIONAL MOVEMENT toward the center of the Gulf of Mexico. This case represents one where there are two influences- deep and shallow- and where the deep COMPRESSION DOMINATES the eastward tidal rates and direction.  THIS CASE INDICATES HIGH PRESSURE GEOPRESSURE, Gp, which is caused by the SLIDE of HIGHLY PRESSURED ISOLATED SHALE BLOCKS toward the GULF CENTER. This zone is normally at least 3000 meters depth, so that we have a clue as to the influence of the SOLAR GRAVITATIONAL ZONE DEPTH. Deeper than 7000 meters. the zone may be hotter than normal- greater than 1.3 degrees F/100ft- but at normal pressure (.465 psi/ft x depth).
Above is the PROLIFIC PETROLEUM PRODUCING AREA around the Galveston-Trinity Bay, where oil is produced from normally-pressured SALT DOMES and STRUCTURAL TRAPS, and gas from more DEEPLY-BURIED ABNORMALLY-PRESSURED STRATIGRAPHIC TRAPS (Gp at twice normal gradients-.465 to 1 psi/ft. occasionally).
Next is the ENLARGEMENT, to the SE, where the SOLAR TIDES PRODUCE 10.24 mm/yr eastward EXTENSION with CANYON FORMATION, GRABENS, and basins:
The CHEMICALLY-REDUCED ENVIRONMENT is such as to develop a calcite layer which contains the unusually high pressure and exotic minerals (sulfides, high potassium ion concentration-low SODIUM, and GAS); this was named AL'S CAP, at the time we discovered this boundary in a WILDCAT WELL. You can research all this by searching the WELL LOG ANALYST periodical files, under the authorship of Harold Overton.
Continuing, look at the BASIN DEVELOPMENT in the south Louisana coastal area (Cw rotation of SINKS):
CHECKING the 41 m.y. Polar angle change (each 41 m.y, 3.6 degrees change, and 410 km of orthogonal shift) can be done by finding the 410 km EXTENSION of the deep water zone in the Gulf:
Let's follow the Mississsippi River, since it is on the N-S LOXODROME (exhibiting the KT event, the infamous New Madrid greatest quake in NA history, and the Clinton, WI "SOUNDS" of 2012):
Taking the small portion which contains the BIG LAKE, AR GRABEN (bordering my farmlands), there is a great ELLIPSE, containing the white-lined LINEAR. This is an ANALEMMA, when viewed from a large perspective:
This region is the INTERMEDIARY between the CCW rise to the east, the CW lowlands to the west, and the GREAT ARC SOUTHWESTWARD to Hot Springs, AR. This arc leads to the diagonal crossing OK and TX- a much older entity. It is another TRANSITION ZONE, similar to that betweeen the "Wasatch Line" of UT and the Parashant fault of AZ-UT:
This is viewed in CENTRAL TX to the Gulf - a movement from 100 m.y. to 72 m.y., revealing that the Cretaceous of TX has "enveloped" the later KT formation of the Gulf, under varying TIDAL RATES from 5 mm/yr in the Gulf center, to large at the extremity (indicating that the Gulf is SPIRALING DOWNWARD at a faster rate than normal:
This will all 'impinge" on my AR farm, where a GRABEN has formed before and after the great New Madrid QUAKE of 1811-12 (200 years ago, and a fore-runner to FUTURE TOWN-KILLING SHAKES).
A NEW REFERENCE for the North American QUADRANSPHERE- Qsna, is shown BELOW to indicate that added information is found by the DAILY SATELITE WEATHER GLOBE, from ATMOSPHERIC TIDES- which perform simiarly to EARTH TIDES. This can be used in a GENERAL SENSE, to obtain movements from day-to-day that would occur on a million year SCALE in the EARTH'S CRUST:

The UNLINED VERSION shown below can be used to eliminate my ANALYSIS:

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