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TIDAL FRICTION during the HEIGHT of the ICE AGE- 62,500 years AGO:

Northwest North America continent experienced the ICE AGE from about 2 m.y. (2.048?) until 15,625 years ago, at which time the ice turned westward (N250 degrees west in Penn Cove, WA) and gradually abated as shown in the outcrops there. Before the orthogonal turn, it left records in both the cliffs and in the sub-sea bottom sediments. Many of these remain, showing arcuate rotations, shear, and sinking-uplift.

The accompanying Devil Mountain lateral fault left visible movements in the sea bottom, and these are shown for a first analysis below:

Dugualla Bay was one of the entrants for the Darrington fault, and this shows calculations from ARCUATE SHEARING that indicate the ICE MAXIMUM. The analysis shows a period of extraordinary TIDAL SLOWING of the earth. Normally, the magnitude for tidal friction is 20-30 mm/yr. for slowing caused by the combination of sun and moon tides; this case calculates magnitudes of 4mm/yr- which indicates that the earth was slowing due to the unusual thickness of the ice (larger than normal earth diameter).
This would occur whenever the earth slows due to tidal friction, moves into a larger orbit around the sun, and opens the crust to form grabens and sinkholes. These are shown in the expanded circular exhibit near Goat Island- which was formed as an ANALEMMA with the lateral movement of the great fault there.

GRIDLINES show that the shear was oriented N274W from Goat Island, and this is more than the N250W exhibited at Penn Cove, WA (to the south 16 km). This represents a 24 degree CCW shift during the TIME INTERVAL of 62,500 to 15,625, or 46,875 years (.5 degrees/k.y. or 3.6 degrees/7.2 k.y.). I archive these ratios, hoping to find the relation to the repetitive 100:1 ratio of 3.6 degree polar shifts each 40.96 m.y. (with the original at 4.096 b.y. instigation).
I have re-worked this exhibition, to determine whether the half ellipse shown west of goat Island is part of an ANALEMMA, which has the southern part rising relative to the sinking half in Skagit Bay:

ROTATION of the SHEAR CIRCLES are found by finding "tic marks" made by the SLOW JERK of the crust as a MILANKOVITCH CYCLE continues. A RISE occurs with CCW rotation, as time transpires. This is checked by drawing the smaller circles (ARCS) with smaller diameter tics, and finding the progression of arcs with time (becoming LARGER for OLDER EVENTS); this helps eliminate SUBJECTIVITY, where the wrong tic may be selected. This illustrates the WAVE NATURE of the GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL MOVEMENT!

This changes the analysis significantly, since I previously thought that the diffraction arcs were sinking. They appear now to be similar to MIMA MOUNDS- which are land waves, similar to
Rayleigh earth surface-transmitted waves.

Why is the diffraction wave pattern enclosed in a circular configuration? This portion, or half of the ellipse, is due to the rotation of the 100 k.y. feature- which is an expanding-contracting entity during the 100 k.y. time interval.

The PROPELLOR-SHAPED start of an ANALEMMA ON LAND at the Dugualla farm and NAS airstrip is a duplicate of that seen by SATELLITE for the WEATHER over the Pacific Ocean, as shown below:
Notice that the PROPELLER-SHAPED ANALEMMA INITIATION is made of two actions:
1. SOLAR (upper of the two parts) shifts the LO PRESSURE CELL to the east, while
2. LUNAR CW ROTATION (western lower part) shifts the HI pressure cell to the west, remembering that CORIOLIS ROTATION is opposite in southern latitudes!
The mushroom-shaped mixed-weather FEATURE is yielding a new-born CW rise in the eastern half- illustrating that GRAVITATIONAL FRAGMENTATION, or birthing, never stops! The smaller feature is always the younger.

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