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Cornet Bay, Whidbey Island, WA EARTH SCIENCE HIKE and Photographs:

 Preparatory to hiking and viewing the interesting beaches surrounding  Cornet Bay, I will post the GOOGLE EARTH photo of the SPIT near there and the TIDAL CHANNELS shown in the bays and surroundings:
Camano Island is part of the INVESTIGATION:
Dark zones CW in the Bays indicate CW SINKS, part of 4 QUADRANTS: 2 rising and two sinking: 

The location may be accessed via Cornet Bay Road, and by Troxell Road to view and hike the ALA SPIT:
Here are the PHOTOS made during the hike of 16 Aug/2012:
Above photo is poor, but shows the COORDINATES for GPS, or for use with GOOGLE EARTH.

ALA SPIT is my next TARGET, and will be hiked to see the ARCUATE SCRIBINGS PORTRAYED on the sands.

We will PROGRESS to TOMBOLO FORMATION and that of larger CAPES- such as Good Hope and Mendocino, NEXT. Those who EAGERLY AWAIT THIS must appreciate the FIELD WORK!

SIGNIFICANT CHANGES OCCUR in the ATMOSPHERE, which would happpen on a KILOYEAR BASIS on the EARTH'S SURFACE. Consequently, we can view the PROGRESSION of ARCS, CIRCLES, ELLIPSES, and WHOLE CONTINENTS during a day's viewing!
Continuing for a DAY'S VIEWING:
COMPARE ATMOSPHERE TIDES with earth tides which have formed the PROTRISION (TIT) south of Dugualla Bay:

Below is the GOOGLE VIEW:
And the CIRCULAR POND (artificially-formed in the last century) has been contrived by LATERAL GRAVITATIONAL ROTATION:
Stay Tuned!
The PRACTICAL SOLUTION found here is the CONFIRMATION of the existance of the ZION NATIONAL PARK SPIRAL- where the feature is RISING, ROTATING CCW, and shearing on a 1 m.y BASIS: 

 These waterways are ANALEMMA-SHAPED, and this means that they are in the configuration of a FIGURE 8- which is composed of two CIRCLES SEPARATED by a line (I call it the WASATCH LINE) that divides the circumferences into 2 circles with a DIAMETER RATIO of 1.6. The ANALEMMA is common for rising parts of the Earth’s crust- such as the many islands found in this region:

There are generally 12 rotations in an ISOLATED BLOCK of crust, since that is the number of FULL MOONS/year.There are 13 in odd years, and the average to be isolated are 12+. This is exhibited, due to the CYCLICAL INFLUENCE of rhe Moon (exhibited in kilo-years):

One of the islands is further analyzed for its TIME INTERVAL, to determine whether we are investigating INDIVIDUAL ICE SURGES, or whether the overall average TIDAL MOVEMENT of about 5 mm/yr. is the result of the  AVERAGE REDUCTION of tidal friction with the closer position of the earth to sun (acceleration offsetting lunar friction, as the earth moves toward the sun). This would require that COMPRESSIONAL FORCES (SUN TIDES) DOMINATE- yielding THRUSTING and not extensional grabens. ICE SHOULD FORM with EARTH SLOWING (EXTENSIONAL), and INTERSTADES would form DURING COMPRESSIONAL EVENTS:

The configuration develops from the GRAVITATIONAL MOVEMENTS instigated by the MOON-SUN SYSTEM, as the earth is attracted or repelled by the two bodies, during the monthly FULL MOON-NEW MOON TIDAL CHANGES (requiring kilo years to fully develop). I will show how the Gravitational attraction forms uplifts, and how the reverse occurs: a ROTATIONAL BASIN DEVELOPMENT, in the shape of a SINKING ANALEMMA. Below is Ala Point- which is a SPIT, developing and rising on a kilo year basis:
Determining the SMALL (young) ROTATIONS:

TIDAL RATES vary within a given BLOCK of CRUST; the best method of determining the limits of a block is to find the isolated land (above sea level).  This infers that GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL MOVEMENT is accentuated for that part protruding the most. The islands of Fidalgo or of Whidbey move the most (large TIDAL RATES), compared to channels and river valleys. The DIVIDER is the Deception Pass between the two islands- together forming an ELLIPSE (containing a SINK AND a RISE).

ABOVE PHOTO presents my INTERPRETATION: SEPARATION of land masses by waterways- which have established the path of the GREAT DEVIL'S MT. (DARRINGTON) FAULT. This forms an ELLIPSE, which passes under the NAS Oak Harbor runway. I have enlarged the CONCRETE RUNWAYS, but there have been too many patches, and all I see are rubber skid marks on the landing strip and taxi-ways. This is the same path as the Dugualla lowlands (showing that it is a SINK), and the width of the sink N-S/tidal rate yields the ROTATION TIME: about 100k.y.
NAS Oak Harbor (Ault field) lies ATOP the E-W fault splay passing through Dugualla Bay and Pond. The enlargement of the valley is proceeding N-S, perpendicular to the fault and the width of the valley is proportional to the AGE of the widening FEATURE. This TIME INTERVAL is near 100 k.y., and I am trying to find why this is equal to MILANKOVITCH'S CYCLE. It seems very fortuitous that this TIME INTERVAL shows up so regularly. The literature reports from ICE CORING, that the 100 k.y. cycle was rare before the ICE AGE. The 2 m.y. EVENT PRODUCING this HARMONIC must have been a one-time GRAVITATIONAL ENCOUNTER!

GEOLOGISTS would likely ignore the circular paths of these features, exclaiming "MAN has placed an artificial dam and pump next to these lowlands; you are just looking at ARTIFICIALITIES!" My RESPONSE: GRAVITATIONAL MOVEMENTS AFFECT WHATEVER IS THERE- WHETHER ARTIFICIAL or NATURAL! Hiding behind such ASSERTIONS will never improve their lack of ABILITY TO PREDICT, MEASURE, and UNDERSTAND the GREAT MOVEMENTS of the EARTH! 

Meanwhile, NEW POSTINGS from EARTH SATELLITE SHOW TIDALS MOVEMENTS as of NOW!  Notice the GIGANTIC FIGURE 8, ANALEMMA, near ANTARCTICA in the Southern Ocean. This is concomitant with a SMALLER ANALEMMA over the Western USA and the East Pacific Ocean. Should you look closely, you can see the ELLIPSE SURROUNDING the NA CONTINENT! The bare spot is the western USA, where a HIGH PRESSURE, CW ROTATING, DRY, HOT Region is in play. In FUTURE, use BAJA PENINSULA just below the SW USA as a reference for LOCATION (the slot in the upper center of the photo).
 My FINDINGS about ATMOSPHERIC TIDES help in understanding EARTH TIDES:

stay TUNED!

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