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SUMMARY, to be continued:

Deception Pass lies along a SPLAY of the DEVIL’S MT. (Darrington, WA)LATERAL FAULT. It exhibits a path- according to the various half-moon bays and ARCUATE RISE- which is northward, then westward, and now closing to the SW.
This will be checked further in the field, using FRACTURE PATTERNS, DISPLACEMENT ALONG FAULTS, and RELATIVE UPLIFTS-SINKS (Goose rock and Cranberry Lake). The importance of this is related to the time since BRIDGE construction (at least 70 years, 1935), since the normal earth TIDES should have enlarged the channel by more than a half meter. Since the movement is now shrinkage of the channel, this takes the “pressure” off the expectation that the BRIDGE SPAN should exhibit OPENING fractures.

We have already found that CANYONS are formed by the DIFFERENTIAL SHEARING ROTATION of GRAVITATIONALLY-DETERMINED EARTH TIDES (e.g. in the DeSoto Canyon of the northeastern Gulf of Mexico). Now let's analyze one we can INSPECT IN THE FIELD: DECEPTION PASS AT THE NORTHERN PART of Whidbey Island:

Before proceeding, view the DYNAMICS of the CAPE BLANCO, OR TRANSFORMS to the west:

Previous analyses show that Whidbey Island is an excellent BLOCK of CRUST to observe the SHEAR, ROTATIONS, and VERTICAL MOVEMENT of easily-hiked beaches. The sediments (PRE-STONE) are easily shoved- due to the low viscosity of PEAT, TILL and Pleistocene GLACIAL REMAINS. We will measure, orient, and anayze the various features, by using COMPASS, PHOTOS, and DISTANCE-UPLIFT measurements:

This was an analysis made 3 years ago, before I realized that EARTH TIDES WERE RESPONISBLE FOR MOST of the CRUSTAL MOVEMENTS  (exceptions occur with the SUN and RADIOACTIVITY: thermal, and magnetic-electrical).
ARCUATE BAYS and WATERFRONTS are indicators of the direction of movement. Use the RULE: CONVEXITY EASTWARD INDICATES TEMPORARY CRUSTAL ACCELERATION (due to the New Moon and Sun pulling together- COMPRESSION- as contrasted to convexity westward, when the full moon EXTENDS the CRUST-DECELERATION (SLOWING, earth pulls away from the sun):
Below is  SERIES of photos of the SHEAR and ROTATIONS of features, near the LATERAL FAULT dividing Pleistocene Whidbey Island from the DEVIL MT. (Darrington) Mesozoic METASEDIMENTS:


 As shown in accompanying photos, there are arcuate shear indications. I have found shear circles of variable diameters, and these may be concentric or cross each other. These should be analyzed in at least 2 classes:

1.    Vertical arcs (orthogonal to lateral exhibits) indicate that EARTH TIDES with increasing TIME INTERVALS (concentric arcs) persist over significant time periods. These are discrete features, which have replicated in “JERKS” or truncated waves. An ARC DIAMETER of 41 m surrounded by a larger one of 82 m indicates that a time period of 4 to 8 k.y. has transpired, with 4 k.y. between CYCLES. Visualizing 2 gears rotating in inter-locking harmony, the vertical gear must be rotating orthogonally to the horizontal one. Consequently, the rule for CCW RISING features is true only for the lateral or horizontal ARCS. The vertical CCW will indicate that the overlying HORIZONTAL gear is rotating CW (sinking); and,

2.    ARCS which cross indicate that 2 separate features in time and space occur- one of which OVERPRINTS THE OTHER. There can be no rise for a vertical section; rather, the arc is expanding laterally. Gravitation spreads the arc along the outcrop (but not necessarily vertically), and if the arc occurs as a half circle, there will occur both a RISE and an EXPANDING WIDTH LATERALLY (a hill is enlarging- opposite to that with erosion).

LATERAL GRAVITATIONAL ENLARGEMENT is surprising, but is strongly indicated by the observation that Australia and Na both exhibit 4096 km diAmeters, over a 4.096 b.y .time period (since original initiation). they have expanded laterally, since the influence of moon’s gravity was initiated: at 1 mm/year.

BELOW are the results of FIELD INVESTIGATIONS, GOOGLE EARTH ANALYSIS, and INCORPORATION of EARTH TIDES, using ARCUATE ROTATIONS to check the first impression shown at the top of this submission:

Cranberry Lake is a SINK, where it counter-balances the UPLIFT to the east (SCARP above CORNET BAY); this also partly confirms the ROTATION throughout TIME (half million years) of the Devil's Mt. lateral faultiing, CCW, or RISE of the METASEDIMENTS found there. Notice that the coast is a LINEAR (separation of the sea from the freshwater 3 FOOT ELEVATION Cranberry lake), and that this represents a N-S path of the SHEAR LINES which directed the path of GLACIERS, during the ICE AGE. So far, there is agreement with the  INDICATED PATH of the deception Pass ROTATION, which is now closing the DECEPTION CHANNEL. We should be able to check this with GPS measurements of the BRIDGE SPAN, for both sides. Visually, the shear walls of the channel agree that EROSION is NOT KEEPING UP with the N-S movements! 

OBLIQUE VIEWS allow an almost 3D assessment of the whole area. Notice that there are several ANALEMMAS- in the form of twin-ARC ISLANDS, and that their ROTATION yields clues TO the relative lateral movements. Both MOUNDS on either side of Deception Pass are rotating CCW (rising), and the PASS ISLAND ANALEMMA absorbs the Differential tidal friction of both (an intermediate CW COG-GEAR, BETWEEN 2 CCW RISES). Although this area has a NET LEFT LATERAL FAULTING (Vancouver Island is moving to the NW), there are several reversals of smaller effect! 

Pass Island ANALEMMA indicates that the calculated TIDAL MOVEMENT RATE is 34mm/year, and this is unacceptable, with an error of 11%. However, the positive finding is that the 30.72mm/yr. rate only occurs for the SW corner of a block of crust (PASS ISLAND, in this case). This confirms that current shrinkage of Deception Pass channel is occurring. The PRECESSIONAL CELL of Pass Island occurs to  the east, with an AXIAL CYCLE TO THE WEST , since this direction moves the cliffs near the bridge abutment to the SW.
Magnifying the GOOGLE EARTH view of the island, we find additional information:

I have re-calculated and up-dated the PASS ISLAND ANALEMMA, to obtain information about the OLDER, WIDER AXIAL WEST SIDE. This finds that the TIME INTERVAL is near 80 k.y., indicating that the age of the east side is near 50 k.y. (1.6 RATIO). This reveals that there have been 2 rotations of MILANKOVITCH'S PRECESSIONAL 24 k.y. CYCLE, rather than one as shown before (I have previously found that one ellipse may be "stacked" on top of the older-wider one- energy is absorbed by elevating the last ellipse, so that there appear "WAVES" OF ARCS). This allows TIME for development of minor features- such as half-moon beaches or coves and SLIDING NORTHWARD of the island OVER TERRACES (AWAY FROM shelves):

a.     The island is divided by a WASATCH LINE, such that PRECESSIONAL and AXIAL CELLS are separated in TIME and DISTANCE. Division occurs EAST of HIWAY 20 (the part on the east side, EAST of where the parking is allowed);

b.    The Precessional part exhibits LAND WAVES, where these ARCS are separated by 4000 years of TIME;

c.     Rotation is shown by the development of offshore TERRACES and BAYS, where land mass moves away from them. An abandoned terrace indicates the location of PREVIOUS CLIFFS;

d.    The larger AXIAL FEATURE moves slower than the PRECESSIONAL 24 k.y. cell. Its rotation rate is some third less;

e.     There occur only four 4000 year movements of the PRECESSIONAL CYCLE, which indicates that this LAST 24 k.y. MALINKOVITCH PRECESSIONAL cycle is in progress; and

f.       The AXIAL feature is not only wider, but taller than the developing PRECESSIONAL FEATURE. There is quite a bit of significant measureable information about EARTH TIDES shown in the above photo, and I will make another field investigation of this feature. The significance of this ANALEMMA is that it is exhibited in an isolated CRUSTAL BLOCK, where it moves in reaction to the SURROUNDING LATERAL FAULTING. Determining the small movements on Pass I. will yield information about the larger lateral movements to the NW. This island is an INDICATOR of the movements occurring and bordering at the contact of Pleistocene ICE AGE pre-stone and Mesozoic metasedments, as they ROTATE NW-erly from the 41 m.y. THRUSTING occurring at the Olympic Mts.

Campbell Lake (along Hiway 20) is an excellent example of GRAVITATIONAL WAVES. Not only are there lateral (HORIZONTAL), but also VERTICAL WAVES EXHIBITED. What is named UNDULATIONS by geologists are waves at the SHALLOW CRUST of the earth. These are similar to Rayleigh waves found with EARTHQUAKES; they can be analyzed similarly with WATER WAVES- which appear at the sea surface, and do NOT MOVE WATER either vertically or horizontally, EXCEPT FOR THE UPPERMOST 2 meters or so. I anticipate that EARTH WAVES, INCLUDING MIMA MOUNDS, WATERWAYS, and SLICKENSIDES ARE ALL SHALLOW FEATURES- ALSO INFLUENCING ONLY the SHALLOW CRUST (this includes SHALLOW METAMORPHISM, which develops from the smaller mounds over millions of years):

LAND TIDES should follow similar behavior with WATER TIDES or WAVES. We will investigate whether we can MATHEMATIZE the VERTICAL WAVES (SIMILAR TO UNDULATIONS in CLIFFS), so that predictions may be made for UPLIFTS, RISES, SALT DOMES, and PLATEAUS. There also occur LATERAL WAVES, and these may exhibit their own RULES (keep in mind that a day of WATER tides is approximately equivalent to 100 m.y. of TIME INTERVAL (NOT AGE). This now yields a way of finding what happens on the million year scale, right in front of your TV SCREEN- from SPACE SATELLITES, WEATHER CELL MOVEMENT:

COMPARE WATER TIDES at the NEW MOON, ABOVE, with the FULL MOON TIDES. HEREIN lies the MATHEMATICAL SOLUTION to the REGULAR BI-MONTHLY CYCLE of LUNAR vs. SOLAR OFFSETS. Follow the  lower cycle as the MOON TAKES PRECEDENCE from the regular dominance of the sun:

land WAVES cycles at double bluff, whidbey island, wa:

 double bluff is a set of two southward protrusions (scarps, or cliffs-heads) jutting into admiralty passage- the main deep water shipping channel from strait of juan de fuca and the pacific ocean. it is adjacent to strong tidal scouring action, but it persists (remaining or keeping ahead of erosion to the north). it juts southward faster than yearly storms can eliminate it. it has some cohesion, so that the slope is greater than 45 degrees.

 the inflections shown on google earth yield a traverse of  approximately 900 m, and it has risen above its previous peat beds (near sea level) in 291 k.y. this yields a cyclical rate of 3 mm/yr. the upward rise can be calculated at 100m/291 k.y.=1/3rd  mm/yr, but erosion causes this magnitude to be too small. i have found this to be generally true, that uplift cannot be relied upon to indicate rise rates. pass island calculates 4000 years per land wave, and double bluff between inflection points (907 m), at 2.2 mm/yr. yields 412 k.y., or a 100 x multiple (harmonic) of that at pass island.
The OBLIQUE allows an almost 3D exhibit of the WAVE LENGTH surrounding DOUBLE BLUFF. The protrusion has occurred over a GEOLOGICALLY-MEASURED (radioactivity) interval of about 371 k.y., found from a CLAY (NOT GLACIALLY-COVERED ), indicating that the glacier had temporarily withdrawn (interstade), and that the depoition was near sea level. The CRUST is OSCILLATING UP and DOWN at least thrice each million years. 

PHOTO BELOW indicates the careful measurement and ARC ANALYSIS, for fair accuracy of TIME INTERVAL CALCULATION:

 Below is an example of INTERPRETION of GOOGLE EARTH DATA (for DOUBLE BLUFF near Freeland, WA), where the appropriate divisor (10.24, 20.48, or 30.72) is uncertain; the correct one can be found by TRIAL and ERROR. First, guess at the QUADRANT- where the arc to be used is located near the intersection of 2 quadrants (SE at 10.24, or SW at 30.72mm.yr?). Then, LOCATE the FULCRUM for the radius of the arc (the center of the circle subtended by the arc). When there are 2 arcs to be used, there will be 2 FULCRUMS; this allows the distance between the two to be measured with the Google distance tool. This distance divided by the TIME INTERVAL associated with the 2 arcs, allows a calculation of TIDAL MOVEMENT RATE: separation/time interval= TIDAL RATE. When this rate is unreasonable (140 mm/yr., for this case), then either the measurement or the calculated time interval is inaccurate. This case proved that the 10.24 tidal rate should have been used. Once confidence is obtained, other useful information can be found in the vicinity:
1.    There is a LINEAR DIVIDER, which shows that DB exists due to COMPRESSIONAL UPLIFT, EXTRA COMPACTION, and interference between the 2 lunar-solar OFFSETS;

2.    There is gradual change across the SW to SE border, such that the last TIDAL RATE is 14.5mm/yr.- about half way between 10.24 and 20.48mm/yr. and,

3.    The DB area has been active since the 2 m.y. AGE (ELTANIN EVENT), showing that the ICE AGE influenced the movements during that TIME INTERVAL. DB is a feature which exhibits quarter million year silts and peats (NON-GLACIAL), and these can be examined in the cliffs. Further, the tidal terrace should exhibit PRE-STONE as old as 2 m.y. Other interesting features include: soil liquefaction (compressional squeezing), peat fragments transported from older interstades (intervals between glaciations), and arcuate curvilinears in the tidal zone.
Below are shown GOOGLE EARTH PHOTOS of the larger region. This is a regiom where the 41 m.y. EVENT (40.96 of 4.096 b.y. ORIGINAL RESONANCE), reproduced 100 such events since the ORIGINAL MOON INCORPORATION:

This has produced a PARABOLIC THRUST to the ENE, resulting in a FULCRUM, about which the region rotates 45 degrees (influencing the CRUST all the way to Alaska):
I have instigated a search, to find whether there are OLDER 41 year TIME INTERVAL EVENTS- such as 82, 123 m.y.- which have been preserved in GOOGLE EARTH VIEWS. I have found one in the TIBETAN PLATEAU, but I cannot explore it; another exists in ANATOLIA, TURKEY, where I have done considerable field work, but it has been overlain by many younger events, so that this one is not useful either. WORKERS WHO BELIEVE THIS ANALYSIS SHOULD EXPLORE GOOGLE EARTH and forward areas of these 7.2 degree rotations or those with an ARC DIAMETER of 810+ km (3.6 degrees is 1/100th of the earth circumference, or 400+ km). Please comment in the box at the base of each rendition.

This can be seen as a part of the older HIMALAYAN UPLIFT, but the 123 m.y. requires that the SW Quadrant's 30.72 mm/yr DIVISOR-TIDAL FRICTION must be used to make the CALCULATION:

LOCATING HARMONICS of 41 m.y. in previous EVENTS (82 and 123 m.y.) preserved on GOOGLE EARTH:
NOTICE that the 41 m.y. event is represented by an ANALEMMA of two islands: Corsica and Sardinia. They are aligned almost N-S, and are formed by the northerly expansion of part of the MEDITERRANEAN. The ratio of the islands' northern extents is 1.6- which is typical for ANALEMMA FORMATION by GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL MOVEMENTS. There is an abundance of smaller, later events- such as landmass moving away from CONTINENTAL SHELVES and Bays. This is now predictable, so that SUBJECTIVITY can be eliminated for these interepreted motions.
We will incorporate AFRICA in this analysis, but above, you can see that what is called a meteor strike by GEOLOGISTS is a center of AFRICAN NORTHERN HEMISPHERE ROTATION (creating the SAHARA, north of the EQUATOR). This influences the SHAPE and MOVEMENTS of the Mediterranean Sea:
Although 114 to 117 m.y. is calculated in 2 separate trials (because of personal errors-SUBJECTIVITY), there is a great likelihood that the LARGER ARC RELATES to the THIRD OLDEST 41 m.y. (123 m.y.) CYCLE, back through time. Because of INCREASING VAGUE-NESS, I will not SEARCH further back in time:
The 3.6 degree, or 400+km, RESONANCES (1/100th) of the initial 4.096 b.y. SHOCK are gradually over-printed by later and smaller arcs throughout time. I am searching for these throughout the globe, with the intention of determining their CLARITY, REGULARITY, and PRECISE-ARITY. The Mediterranean Sea exhibits both the 41 and 82 m.y. events, but intervening events- such as sliding over CONTINENTAL SHELVES, BAY FORMATION, and later RISE of ISLANDS- makes this appear subjective. I can allow for these known entities, but can any other analyst?  Above are shown those for the Mediterranean,and Anatolia, Turkey (with its indications, becoming more VAGUE with TIME of 41, 82, and 123 m.y. EVENTS):
Gravitational LATERAL ADJUSTMENT OPERATES on many scales; below I have portrayed Central America via its lakes and waterways movements. The land could be categorized similarly, but it is difficult to find the shear lines, compared to GOOGLE EARTH ROTATIONS in seafloor and river paths:

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