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MIMA MOUNDS at the south of HOLMES HARBOR are older and larger than those at HOLMES GOLF- west of the WATERWAY and for PENN COVE

Near the SOUTH END of Holmes Harbor- a TROUGH of the Pleistocene GLACIER- THERE OCCUR  a series of MOUNDS, which occur in an ELLIPTICAL ARRANGEMENT that convinces me that they are TRUE MOUNDS of UPLIFT  CREATED by the STRESSES of ROTATION DURING INTERSTADES of the glacial RETREAT-ADVANCE. There should be 12 of these mounds (according to the MOON-SUN influence on EARTH EACH 12 months). There sometimes occur 12.5 of these, because of the RATIO of orbit times: 365.24/29 days for the two DOMINATING MASSES DETERMINING the gravitational re-arrangement of the EARTH'S CRUST:

WHAT CONCLUSIONS ARISE from the UPLIFT of MIMA MOUNDS at Freeland, WA- south of Holmes Harbor?

1.    The taller, wider MOUNDS, by the BINARY THEOREM, suggest that the mounds increase in size with TIME! This is not due as much from RISING of the ISOLATED MOUND, as to rise of the landscape; the higher landscape creates increased EROSION (and there are deep adjacent arroyos or gullies here); they are taller since the CRUST is eroding increasingly at the base)!

NOTICE the RATE CALCLATIONS (which should be between 10 and 20 mm/yr, from EARTH TIDES). These yield a check on the accuracy of my work! I am solving the EARTH TIDE MAGNITUDE at the same time that I am USING it! Consequently, I have to constantly check with some other method, to determine the CORRECT MAGNITUDE!

2.    Holmes Harbor is older than Penn Cove- which orients to the west and obviously occurs AFTER the older N-S movement of the Pleistocene glaciation. The 50 k.y. calculation indicates that the GLACIAL PROGRESSION-SHEAR LINES ORIENT N182 degrees (we must check to find the GLACIATION AGE of Freeland moraines). This finds that HOLMES HARBOR is aligned with the MIMA MOUNDS, and is associated with their creation, and that MOUNDS are a result of “CHATTER”- which is the 2nd derivative of acceleration- d(jerk)/dt, where JERK is the first derivative: d(acceleration)/dt- the EARTH’S CRUST temporarily encounters less LUNAR TIDAL SLOWING, creating BUCKLING or chatter in DIFFRACTION PATTERNS (see the classic arrangement at the TOP PHOTO- which was taken from the LITTLE ROCK MIMA MOUNDS STATE PARK);

Artificial EARTH WORK, or grading of roads and lots, creates a chance for error due to mis-interpretation of GOOGLE EARTH slicing, lateral movement, ARCS, and RISE-SINKING. Above photo shows the later history from the straightening of tree trunks, after SLUMPS have caused the trees to lean away from the RISES. I have digital photos I will insert to show the slumping which allows the TOP OF THE RISE to be identified.


3.    The age of the CONTOURED ARC (to the south of Lot 14) is approximately 1/4th of that found to the west. Again, the BT has regular changes with x2 intervals, and MAJOR CHANGES with x4 multiples; the 4:1 ratio for the western feature indicates that the SPACE-TIME ROTATION is CW, with the mounds forming in a CW ORIENTATION with time (a DOMINATING ELLIPSE, formed by the MOON-SUN TIDAL OFFSET-COMPETITION); AND,

4.    Should these interpretations be correct, the CW ROTATION is against the trend of RISING CCW mounds, and must be incorporated in ANALYSIS. A similar occurrence is that of the CW ROTATION of BASALTIC EXTRUSIONS (east to west with time) around the Colorado Plateau, while the CP rotates CCW. This is created by the "RIP" induced by EXTENSION of the CP, as it RISES WITH TIME (visualize two waves enlarging with time, with the outer wave creating a GAP between the SPREADING WAVES- similar to a piece of cloth pulled apart at the LEADING EDGE.
These MOUNDS are formed with the COMPRESSIONAL FORCE CREATED by the SHRINKING EARTH as the ICE AGE ENDED- earth becoming closer to the sun. VIEW the SIMULTANEOUS RISE of Mt. Erie, as it aligns with Holmes Harbor along a N_S meridian (loxodrome):
ABOVE IS THE SMALL VIEW and below is the "BIG PICTURE" of the area near USELESS BAY, showing the GRAVITATIONALLY-FORMED ELLIPSE of 125 k.y.

Double Bluff is a set of cliffs to the SW of the Freeland-Fish mounds area. It should yield insight into the relation between the mounds, island dynamics, and GRAVITATIONAL SHOVE of landmass to the west and south. DB consists of two CCW rising cliffs, separated by a sinking CW small arcuate rotation (somewhat similar to 3 gears meshing- with the middle gear counter-rotating between the 2 larger outer GEARS). Though they protrude into the Admiralty Passage, and have GREATER storm erosion as a result, nevertheless they remain. This indicates that they move to the west faster than erosion can remove them. They are rising CCW, so that the older PEATS and Till may be viewed. Photo below shows the 3 arcs:
We can check the TIDAL MOVEMENTS RATE, by calcuating the AGE of regular arc features- by using the appropriate QUADRANT, and then measuring the separation of ARC CENTER LOCATIONS. Above is one such, first showing that the AGE is generally less than 1 m.y. for all features near the south end of the island. Above separation is near 30.72 mm/yr, with a 4.5% error. 
DOUBLE BLUFF is a result of earth waves- in this case about 5 km in extent, and at least 125,000 years in construction (geologocal age dating). this yields a time interval of 125km x 365.24 days/yr= 45.65 million days.  should the waves have a separation of 5 million mm= 5 km,the ratio of upward movement is near 10 mm/yr, as predicted by the binary theorem.

we will work with the calculated 4000 year cycle for deception pass island, to determine its ratio of occurrence, in relation to gravitational influence:
using the moon cycle of a half month,

4000 years x 365.24 days/year= 1.46096 million days, and comparing this to the half month= 14.5 days, the ratio is 100,000 to 1. therefore, the 4000 year land wave is equivalent to a half month water wave. this indicates a viscosity ratio, (10)exp 5, similarly, and you should wonder why this is not the (10) exponent 8 for water, found from the colorado plateau. this demonstrates the one-thousandth harmonic of the 41 m.y. feature, and i have previously found harmonics of 1/10th, 1/100th, and 1/10,000th.
 there occur other waves in the cliffs of whidbey island, which are generally smaller: 1000, 400, down to 320 years. hence there are smaller waves, which are due to smaller entities- such as small planets. these will induce land tidal waves of smaller length.

This region shows the VARIOUS FEATURES- such as SUN-MOON ANALEMMA (Sandy Hook), RISES, SINKS exhibiting 125k.y. PEATS, and a LINEAR DIVIDER (in white) which occurs near the previously-investigated LOWER MAXWELTON CREEK FAULT. This is an excellent area to attempt to correlate the various GRAVITATIONALLY-MOVED FEATURES, so that the SPACE-TIME RELATION rotating, vertically-moving, and shearing entities may be better undertood!
This is enlarged below:
NOTE the SHEAR ALONG the white line- TIDAL DIVIDER- which separates LUNAR fron SOLAR TIDES. This is smilar to the WASATCH LINE- which separates the RISING CP from the SINKING B&R, at a much more MAGNIFIED SCALE:

The larger ellipse- surrounding the top of the hill, just above LOT 14- has a DIAMETER of 1.28 km, yielding 125 k.y. AGE. This has occurred since an INTERSTADE- an ICE RETREAT- but  the retreat should not be construed as being the cause of ELLIPSE FORMATION. Rather, they both are formed by the GRAVITATIONAL CYCLE of the opposite of EXTINCTION (distinction- 2x intervals which are sandwiched between MAJOR 4x EVENTS)! The interval of 49.8 k.y. to 15.625 k.y. (43, 175 years) is the last ICE AGE ADVANCE EPISODE, according to the BINARY THEOREM. Local geological field work, dating PEAT BEDS, has established this age of the last INTERSTADE. It can be seen south of this ELLIPSE near the MAXWELTON BEACHES. Cycles of SINKING-UPLIFT can be viewed in the cliffs; currently, the PEATS are ROTATING CW- SINKING! I will hike to this area again, to see the CYCLES OF RISING-SINKING in the CLIFFS. Anyone interested in this 3 mile total HIKE, SEND MESSAGE to

Double Bluff- Deer Lagoon is another ANALEMMA (RISE-SINK COUPLET) which bears on the exhibit of MIMA MOUNDS in the Freeland area. Notice that the largest AGE CALCULATED is 100 k.y.- the MILANKOVITCH CYCLE noticed since the beginning of the ICE AGE (2.048 m.y.?). Overall, Whidbey Island has been formed in that TIME INTERVAL, exept for the Deception Pass METASEDIMENTS. The white LINEAR is a demarcation-SEPARATION (WASATCH LINE) of CIRCULAR FEATURES- which have different TIDAL MOVEMENT RATES (SOLAR, 10.24 and LUNAR of 20.48mm/yr). These are pertinent except for SW QUADRANTS- which exhibit 30.72 mm/yr.

Hiking again this peat-strewn beach, the following CONCLUSIONS are reached:
1.    There is a PERIODICITY to the lateral measurement of the UPLIFTS-SINKS in a N-S DIRECTION (LAND WAVES): measurements (separations of CLIFFS’ MAXIMUM HEIGHT-EXPOSURE) are near 1920 (overall) to 330 (smaller waves) meters;

2.    Peats increase in thickness in the cliffs, and with MORE loose occurrence, to the south- where the SPALLING is most obvious (47 55'19.9N 122 26'34.4W);

3.    The ESPERANCE SANDSTONE (iron-stained sedimentary layers) rises generally to the south, interspersed with inflection-related seeps and rivulets. A photo of ESPERANCE (hope) is shown below:
Notice the ANALEMMA of SANDY HOOK at Possession point:

4.    Cliffs and tree-filled slumps (exhibiting seeps and water flow) alternate; and,
5.    There is a DISCONTINUITY in the cliffs (fault?) immediately preceding MAPLE POINT.

Digital photos show the MIMA MOUNDS, which my wife indicated were plain ol' KENTUCKY HILLS! Watch for these in your travels, where you are not biased in advance, to find the regularity (they are in ELLIPSES of 12+ mounds each!

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