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SEARCH for the impetus for the earth-shaking created by the projected event, which eliminated many large mammals, devolves into two lines of investigation:. The extinctions were the result of an asteroid strike, which created sufficient havoc to “wipe out” such animals as the Wooly Mammoth, mastodons, saber-toothed tigers, giant sloths, and possibly a significant number of pre-historic men. This could have happened due to a temporary elimination of food-prey, but the elimination of cats indicates that it was not a vegetarian “wipe out”. It would have been a field day for them to forage carcasses- at least for a while. Erect creatures' disappearance hints a blast of some sort- killing ALL large creatures. However, as we have seen lately, nature causes die-off with many actions: tsunamis, large quakes, fire, and drought. It is possible that the die-off occurred over many years. Since some large animals became extinct for the entire world, this was global unsettling. This asteroid postulate seems more and more unlikely:
2. The BINARY THEOREM, which is formulated from the observation that extinctions occur in a timed sequence: 1/8, ¼, ½, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512 million years occurrence. This correlates with confirmed extinctions at: 12,500 (x 10 to yield 125k.y.), years, 2 (Eltanin, Antarctica), 16 (Miocene flood basalts), 32 (Midway seamounts), 64 (KT dinosaur wipe-out), 251 m.y.(Ptr- greatest extinctions), and the Cambrian transformation. This observation has little to do with asteroids, but the largest risk of encountering strikes would have occurred at large elliptical elongations of the annual revolution of the earth around the sun, where the largest diameter asteroids would have been encountered early- eliminating them- and then encountering EARTH progressively with smaller masses in space near the largest elliptical orbit (created by alignment of the large outer planets- to increase gravitational attraction of the earth towards Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune: J, S, U, N). This seems to be a possibility, but my analysis indicates that strikes are a “TRIGGER” which makes more drastic what has been occurring on a more subtle scale. It is likely that the earth has instabilities, due to its various changes in wobbles, mass re-distribution, shift of mass with tidal influence, and Coriolis rotations.
The literature indicates that the ICE AGE is correlated with the Eltanin strike of 2.15 m.y. and that it terminated in north America circa 14,000 years ago. It is PROPOSED that the 12,900 year event transpired AFTER the melting of ice, and that the ice age was terminated by shifting of the alignment of the large planets to allow a more circular orbit of the earth about the sun. This REQUIRES FURTHER ANALYSIS, since there was a vast amount of time previously to incur OTHER ice ages and their terminations with movements of the large planets. The 12,900 year event likely occurred due to mass transfer of solid water to the oceans- causing an opposing force to the normal tidal movement west. This has been documented for the Penn Cove area, where Mima Mounds have formed both on land and sub-sea near the island. Tidal shift was reduced from 20 to 1 mm/yr for this elliptically-arranged movement, creating the mounds by resonance of the crust. It is further documented for the San Juan Islands, where the rise of mounds and shearing of terraces is noticed on a larger scale:

Analysis of the arcuate features shows that San Juan ellipse has rotated CW during the Cretaceous, and later. continuing CW, has moved southward on the north side (from expansion of British Columbia mainland) and SW-ward on the south side of the feature:

This makes it appear that the thrusting has occurred both during the Cretaceous, and continuing after KT. The rate of 4km/m.y. is indicative of “chatter” both during and after KT. That is, there were asteroid strikes which resulted in reduction of the normal 20km/m.y. westward TIDAL movement and that they actually reversed the movement, NOT ONLY IN CRETACEOUS TIME, BUT SUBSEQUENT TO KT. Presently, the net movement is toward the south and west with the CW rotation of the whole set of islands. Stage 3 above shows that the entity sits in a BASIN, which is rotating CW, but within which there is intrusion of Mt. Constitution and other granite-like features. Presently the CW rotation continues, as evidenced by the trenches on the NE and SW sides. This results in an abnormal movement, from eastward in the Cretaceous and now SW-ward in the Tertiary. This is determined by the CCW rotation of the Olympic Mountains with the rebound from the ice age, and the left-lateral rotation of the Vancouver Island.

This also occurs on the west side of Vancouver Island, where lesser thickness of ice was formed during the ice age, and where the tidal shift was reduced to 2mm/yr.

I have found areas in UT, where the 12,900 year event left its arcuate trace, and this leads me to believe that the event occurred in ice-free areas. However, the crust would have shifted for the entire globe as the continental mass decreased. Again, this would have nothing to do with asteroid strikes, but small strikes might accentuate or trigger the changes.

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