Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Respects to the Premier River of the West

Song of the Colorado River

Relentless, forceful, surging- goes the prelude
When I listen to the sounds
Of the Premier Western river, as it hastens ever seaward
On its annual cleansing rounds.

It has a duty, never ending
As it drives on to the sea,
To disperse the excess baggage
Which Living Things have caused to be.

How it sings about its’ seasons
As it goes about its’ chores-
First a whisper, then a babble,
Then a splashing along its’ shores.

Soon it’s surging, then it’s roaring-
As it widens in its' prime-
Giving life to myriad creatures,
And a setting for a rhyme.

How it fits into the psyche
Of the artist on its’ bank-
Annual Rhythm, cleansing Ritual,
Life Renewal, Canyons dank.

But its’ Song is more possessing
For the Spirit of mankind
As it stimulates the Vital-
At the center of our mind.

No! The very Core of our existence
Which is very rarely struck,
Is soon singing with the River,
As our heartstrings get a pluck.

Finally, there’s a crashing- yea Crescendo,
As the cataracts soon give way
To the Bedrock of the lake beds, where
Serenity, as Life, manifests its final say.

Harold L. Overton