Thursday, April 26, 2007

Glenn's Early Art

INUKSHUK (Glenn Wassom, Sept 04)

The wilds of the North my feet have trod,
On distant lands known but to God;
How great the hubris to explore,
Where no man’s feet have gone before.

How astonishing then, it was to see
A marking cairn that startled me;
It appeared from nowhere, a stone mirage-
One carefully built of bricolage.

That stack of rocks had a human look
Which I later learned was an Inukshuk;
It clearly signified a human code
To knowing ones who used this road.

Danger ahead? A good hunting spot?
A gathering place that time forgot?
What mysteries these stones conceal-
I’d love to learn what they’d reveal.

But one thing I learned from that effigy,
I was not the first this route to see.
It intrigues us all, to know the past-
I thought to be first, but was really last.