Monday, April 2, 2007

Other Inuksuk, from Inuit, Canada

Inukshuk #400
Kearney Lake

Inuksuk (18 Sep 04)
From Rock and Landscape. we oft' find
The soul and Touchstone of Mankind;
The hurried traveler may pass by,
But those with spirit feel the Why

Of Life's Emotions kept so deep-
Which from facial features rarely creep-
But nontheless they guide the Mind
In outward actions, raw and blind,

Which may not be confused as true
By those proceeding, who imbue
In casual onlookers thoughts so bland,
They never grasp the Vital strand;

But what I feel most likely missed
Is the touch of Woman, deeply kissed,
Who reaches out to embrace the Man
To seal Life's Purpose- if she can.
Harold L. Overton