Monday, April 2, 2007

Inuksuk (Inuit Icon)

INUKSHUK- Man (rock) like

Its stony countenance made me wince,
As its penetration of my psyche (with its hints)
Reminds me it’ll supercede me many years.

Throughout the ages, many men
Realized the longevity, above the din,
Of Rock and Petros- which rolled forward all their fears.

Muscle, Grit, and artist’s Care
Performed their tasks (co-ops now rare)
Leaving legacies for all the mortals which will come.

“Like a Rock” its sometimes said,
Of man and institutions long since dead,
Indicating temporary artificialities which soothe some.

Tashkent, Rockville, Petra, and many more
Show the Reverence- indeed the Core-
Which we place on icons, in Emotions we imprint.

If stony Silence were just Real,
Iconoclasts would find it easier to peel
The false gods and taxing images which we vent;

Then we’d serve not hidden Man
But Truth and Spirit- devoid of plan-
Which thrusted leaders’ subterfuges subvert as Core.

We might discover Stone-age mate and wife
Longed for Spirit- Laughter, Love, and Life-
Often missing in our quest for material store.
Harold L. Overton (Sept. 29, 04)